***CLOSED - NO New Entries*** Week 9 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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Week 9.png

It's time to highlight 2 high quality blog posts from steemians who's reputation score is level 50 or below and 1 steemian of your choosing who has shown to believe in the Pay It Forward Mentality. This contest runs until June 2nd at Midnight.

This contest is open to All Reputation Score Steemians to Enter!

Week 9 Entry Post Format (No Changes)

For week 9 and future weeks you will need a curation style entry that includes 2 High Quality Original Content Blog Posts from Level 50 or Below Bloggers.

  • Curation Style Post of 2 Bloggers who are posting Quality Original Content
  • Link to 1 recent blog post per featured blogger. Keep in mind that many will follow this link and upvote so pick a post that isn't close to payout!
  • Include a link to this contest in your entry post
  • The 2 bloggers you curate Must Be Rank 50 or Lower!
  • You need to comment on this post with a link to your post, this is how I track everything!

Optional: Themed 3rd Featured Blogger (New Theme)

New Theme for the Optional Featured Blogger! This week besides your 2 Mandatory Featured Bloggers the bonus Feature spot will be one for someone that has a Pay It Forward Mentality. You can feature any Blogger out there and help share with the community why you feel they are helping Pay It Forward.

You are free to feature those who give back to their local communities, maybe a teacher or active service member, or those who give back to the steemit community here on steemit, but they need to have a recent blog post to be able to link to.

This blogger can be Any Reputation Level! So it's just the opportunity for you to showcase someone who you know is helping Pay It Forward. This is a great way to say thank you to them and write a few nice words letting them know that their efforts are appreciated.

I personally want to thank @surpassinggoogle for stopping by last week's winner announcement post and rewarding all of those who had commented. This gave a nice boost to many of the contestants and the added vote to the post helps offset the drastic drop in post rewards over the last week so all prizes will remain the same. Anyone that has a free witness spot @surpassinggoogle's witness account is @steemgigs. He is someone that has been on my list of witness votes for some time now and worthy of your vote.

👉👉Clarification for Quality Required for valid Entry👈👈
We are looking for Quality Original Content. We want to see no less then 200 words of original written content. So a single photo is fine as long as there is 200 words with it.

To make it easy to estimate 200 words figure there needs to be 12 lines of content.

Posts from Parley and dmania are not acceptable.

Prizes: Steem Basic Income

This week at least 6 winners are going to get a sponsorship for @steembasicincome!
There will be 1 SBI Sponsorship per 8 entries into the contest on a random basis (minimum of 2).
There will be 4 Judges Choice SBI Sponsorships awarded based the quality of the bloggers you feature in the eyes of our Judges, @erodedthoughts, @lynncoyle1, @energyaddict22, & @wolfhart.

@steembasicincome is run by @josephsavage and is a great program designed to provide a lifetime income to members who have SBI Shares.

Prizes: Steem-Bounty

@steem-bounty of 3 SBD has been created. I will only upvote entries for the Author's 80% of the Bounty. No other comments will be upvoted as the goal is to reward those who enter the contest.

@steem-bounty is run by @knircky and I'd like to ask that you set steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Contest Date Range

To make sure that there is time for all entries to be viewed and the featured bloggers all get the exposure which this contest is designed to provide we will be only taking entries from Tuesday- Saturday 11:59pm CDT (CDT is Central Daylight Time). Need this time to revolve around my time so I can make changes to the posts at a set time for me, midnight.

If your unsure how CDT converts this link should show you your local time for 11:59pm.

Week 8's Winners Post will be on Wednesday May 30rd 12:01am CST US.
Week 9's Winners Post will be on Wednesday June 6th 12:01am CST US.
Week 9's Contest will start with a post on Tuesday June 5th 12:01am CST US.

** Fair warning I will flag you if you are trying to boost your comment to get more of the bounty. This includes use of paid votes to increase your portion of the community side of the bounty.

Current Entries - Please Visit!!!

This is the real purpose of this contest, visit these posts and help upvote the bloggers featured. This list will be updated as new entries are added. Please check back during the week!!

BloggerCuration Entry Post
@insideoutletEntry #1
@cicisajaEntry #2
@zanoniEntry #3
@tryskeleEntry #4
@permieemmyEntry #5
@freedomshiftEntry #6
@reonlouwEntry #7
@imagendevozEntry #8
@viking-venturesEntry #9
@headchangeEntry #10
@angelroEntry #11
@trincowskiEntry #12
@bengyEntry #13
@thelaundryladyEntry #14
@buckarooEntry #15
@victorsilabEntry #16

Featured Blogger SBI Share Bonus

The featured bloggers of the Judges Choice winners will all get an SBI share! A total of 8 SBI shares will be awarded to these minnows! Below are the sponsors of this Bonus!

@wizardave - 1 Share
@andrewharland - 4 Shares
@bengy - 1 Share
@dynamicgreentk - 2 Shares


Entry #4

So is this a first that you aren't on the last 24 hours...lol

The planets must have aligned LOL

no, it is what you did and what you are doing. And, in return, I have just "kicked you upstairs". 👍 😎 🌄 🌈

All the best! 🐟 🐬

I love how you put that!! And thanks for putting up with my uniformed grouchy butt :P Hopefully soon I'll start to bring in a little more and I will definitely lend you my support!!

It is the thought that matters in my book. 👍 😎 🌄 🌈

Absolutely !!!

Wow, you've got people just waiting now for the new week's post to come out :) Cheers to another successful week behind us and another ahead of us. It's hard to believe it's been 9 weeks already??!!

I too would like to thank @surpassinggoogle for recognizing the value in this "contest" and for adding to the fun :)

One more in the books! Looking forward to a more normal week...fingers crossed! Really hoping this week I will have more time to engage with those taking part in the contest. Grandma is doing much better so that should help a lot.

It really is crazy to think we are 9 weeks in. Great to see that so many people want to give back!

I hope for you that it is a "more normal" week! So happy to hear that your grandma is doing well. I still laugh to myself when I think of your "I called my grandma an ass" post haha

I'm trying to stay ahead. It's just getting things balanced out. If I do like I plan on doing...then I'll be a day ahead on each thing I'm working on LOL.

Hope you and Brian are holding up ok <3

haha @tryskele, that's like me the way I make a to-do list, but the first few are things I've already done so that I can immediately scratch them off 😂

Brian and I are holding up pretty good, thanks ❤️

Finally got my entry in, it only took until Week 9, thanks for being awesome and helping feature so many undervalued Steemians.

#payitforward and share the love!

Love the entry @insideoutlet, not just because you featured me haha, although that was very nice of you to do! I love your two choices as well!! :) So glad you found the time to enter.

haha thanks, it was a nice way to end my day, and much easier than the alliance entry post as I got to sell others.

Thanks for participating. Going to check your post out now.

Seems like yesterday I was creating a post for the first week . I have not been keeping count but hundreds of minnows must have come through giving a much need boost . But most importantly giving them an opening to a community . That would have taken weeks or even months to establish . Giving them a view of community involvement .

I would like to thank all those who support this contest . And to @surpassinggoogle Who is one of my witness . for supporting the community in many many ways . (I'm having a little problem with my last 9 witness votes so any help would be appreciated ,Keep this between us)

To the Judges @lynncoyle1 @energyaddict @erodedthoughts and @thedarkhorse who not only have my respect and spend an enormous amount of time week after week behind the scenes making this such a great curation contest . This contest has been fun and rewarding . Thank you

The contest is fun and all, but it really is about the minnow we get to support. There is no question that we are in the hundreds and it won't be long before 1,000 have been featured. Might be an interesting thing to track and make #1,000 get a special bonus.

Might be able to help you with the witnesses a little, here is my current list. Message me in discord if you have any questions on any of them.


@thedarkhorse I like the 1000 special bonus idea yea well get together on the witness after the holiday calms down a little

I have not been keeping count but hundreds of minnows must have come through giving a much need boost .

I have tabulated all entries and nominees since week 3 on "the List" although I have not counted them due to duplicates. But, new bloggers numbered to 78 and simple math without considering duplicates is approximately 80 * 4 = 320.

@freedomshift The majority being Planton Minnows . That's the key right there .

I am not sure I get your point. Mine is that I have a list of entries and nominees from week 3 till now ...

@freedomshift My point is that most of the featured entries are of newbies . That is the purpose of the contest to help give them some exposier where in time they can repeat the process

And, I responded to:

I have not been keeping count

with [I did] and it is here.

sorry wrong comment learning new app Fast-reply LOL

Most people struggle with payouts of one or two dollars if that high

I know it. I am not at $1 yet for my blogs, but, I have gotten a few for my comments when @gentlebot found them (4 time now).
If I want to increase my earnings, I would not blog but to comment more with the right person.

they would have never wasted their time or got their feeling hurt

That would be the majority.

I am treating this as an investment that gives me some fun at the same time. I have invested about 800 STEEM and at the moment, I have gained 4% or about 32 SBD / STEEM in my spare time.
Once I get a job again, I'll have much less time to blog and will only comment and upvote my friends.

np - I am used to talking to women who changes subject in mid-sentence without notice ...
😆 so, you might be a she-wolf? 😆😜

Right back atcha buddy! I see the time and energy you put into this contest and a lot of other places as well ;)

@lynncoyle1 Yea but I am no where as productive as you . working on it

@wolfhart you are pretty darn productive I think!

@lynncoyle1 what thats it 😭 how are you going to make #1 . Not like that I can tell yea !

  • engagement is the key to success
  • Good quality replies are your tools

thats for the stalkers
If I am 1/2 as productive as you I can be happy with that 😀

I Am Back!

Here is my entry, let me know if someting not right in my post, I will try to do the correction as soon as possible (because this post supposed to be submitted last week..hehehe)


Thank You @thedarkhorse

Entry #2

Noted, thank you 🤝

Entry #3

Hi @thedarkhorse I thank you for featuring me last week under @backpackingchef's recommendation, so I took your advice to join in this week. Here is my entry:


Entry #5

@permieemmy - You are eligible for a share of first time bonus for this week, week #9, jointly sponsored by @el-nailul, @thedarkhorse, and @freedomshift.

eligible for first time bonusReputation (45 SP or less)Age (90 days or less)exception granted
@permieemmy40.5 ✓7 ✓--

@permieemmy - Your verified entry made it 3 in a row for:

@bananamemos - Winner, winner chicken dinner 🐣 🐤 🍗 ....... @bananamemos > @victorsilab (week 2) > @backpackingchef (week 6 Entry #14) > @permieemmy (week 8 Entry #13) > submitted entry 5 week 9.

Thank you!

I went through yours even though not approved yet, since I saw you in my feed. Thank you for taking part.

I will check out some of the others tomorrow once my voting power isn't in the 70's.

Thanks for the supprt and the blog you recommended me Is so good I had to post it!

You are eligible for a share of first time bonus for this week, week #9, jointly sponsored by @el-nailul, @thedarkhorse, and @freedomshift.

eligible for first time bonusReputation (45 SP or less)Age (90 days or less)exception granted
@thelaundrylady5289 ✓--


@lynncoyle1 - I couldn't help it - just had to feature you as well this week! (I know that @insideoutlet beat me to it, but I still had to do it.)

Thanks for drawing my attention to me inadvertently posting last week's link (which I use to keep consistency in my posts.) It is now corrected.

And yes, everyone loves @lynncoyle1 - I guess that's just because she's such an awesome person!

haha @thedarkhorse, you are pretty awesome yourself...just like @viking-ventures :)

Thank you so much @viking-ventures! That was so sweet of you :)

Hello! Here is my newest entry in this contest: My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 9"

Entry #10

Thank you so much for featuring me @headchange and of course @thedarkhorse for the contest!!!

Hope you will join the fun sometimes. It is really fun, and first time entries get a chance at a bonus prize.

So excited about this week's entry and here is mine

Entry #15

My entry this week:


I am so glad and honored to feature someone who exemplifies the spirit and reality of "pay it forward" / "giving back" - returning home to help those in need.

Entry #8

I am able and willing to sponsor 1 share of SBI for a featured blogger!

Here is my entry for this week:


EDIT: Ooops! Reading down the comments, I didn't realise we were supposed to feature @lynncoyle1 as the third blogger!!!

Entry #13

Your sponsorship is confirmed! Thank you very much.

Is it best to transfer the Steem to you now or just do a sponsorship when the winner is announced?

I would like you to do the sponsorship. This way you still benefit from this and gain a slightly larger vote from each share you sponsor as you also gain a share. It's the beauty of the SBI program, you give a SBI share and in return get one.

So I will either reply to a comment or message you on discord if you prefer when the winners are announced who you are sponsoring. It will also be listed in the winner announcement.

hahaha @bengy!! Get with the program, will you ? :)

It really is humbling to see me included in @viking-ventures and @insideoutlet's posts :)

lmao - only just saw this one. Actually, I nearly put her in last week instead, but it was @zanoni who had made the first big difference in my Steemit journey, @lynncoyle1 was second... The fact that she's a judge had nothing to do with it - more of everything to do with why she was a choice in the first place! (i.e. she does so much to help others.)

Thank you and I am looking forward to go through some of the entries today...

Hi.. Here My Entry

I'm possibly going to be a bit late for this one but enter I definitely will. Just need to finalise my newspaper first. Let's get this contest growing!

Were you sitting around waiting for the clock to turn midnight...lol. Think this might be the fastest someone has commented on the post.

Looking forward to your entry like always! Thank you for your support and for helping support other minnows.

So it is midnight where you are? It helps if a person can actually sleep which I barely do. It's 7.07am in South Africa (my country) and I have been at work since 4.30am. I literally finished a post and went to my feed and spotted your post regarding #Week9
It's pretty self explanatory why I had to read it. I love these contests.

I'm not much for sleep either. 4-5 hours is all I need and many nights dont' get that.

This is now the time I'm trying to use for everything. 12:01am technically for posting the start of the contest and winner announcement. Plus the contest ends at midnight on Saturday my time. Needed a time that I am pretty much always home by for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Four to five hours sounds amazing. I struggle with mild insomnia although, I actually get to see a time of day most people don't so, in that, I assume there is a partial blessing. Besides, I find it quite nice to have some sense of 'peace' (if that is applicable). Standard life is way too busy, people need to learn how to slow down. I can imagine these contests take up a lot of time, forgive my selfishness, but please keep it up.

They do take time, but the appreciation shown from not only those who enter but even more so those who are featured keeps me going.

Week 9 am going to dig deeper for 3 bloggers who who really deserve!
I also thank him(@surpassinggoogle) personally.
👍 #Payitforward

I wanted to find a post to link to for surpassinggoogle, but nothing recent. Think the reminder to set him as a witness is even better. Platform needs more large fish that help elevate the small fish like he does vs just looking at this as their personal ATM.

Look forward to your post. This week I'm really interested to see who everyone picks for their optional 3rd featured post.

Excellent @thedarkhorse, count with my entry for this week

@thedarkhorse has set 3.000 SBD bounty on this post! logo_for-light-bg_1000.png
What is a bounty exactly?

A bounty is money sent to a post to be distributed to the users commenting on it. It provides a way to reward users directly and works in addition to the steem/sbd they receive from the blockchain. It works independently of SteemPower.

You create a bounty by sending any amount of sbd/steem to @steem-bounty together with a post-url in the memo.

How can I earn a bounty Users are then competing for the bounty by writing their answers to the post in comments that will achieve upvotes from the community and especially the bounty creator. The money of the bounty gets distributed to all top level comments of the post at the same time when the post is paid out (7 Days after it was written). How much everyone gets depends on the votes the comments received. The sender of the bounties votes are weighted higher so that she decideds where 80% of the bounty money goes and all other votes determine the rest.

@steem-bounty does all of this for you automatically. You can use this service to automatically pay out a challenge, ask a hard question or simply to reward the people that interact with you.

Read more about how it works, even in different languages here.

Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

  • @imagendevoz has earned 0.018 SBD. 0.000 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.018 SBD from the community!
  • @bmotives has earned 0.017 SBD. 0.000 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.017 SBD from the community!
  • @lynncoyle1 has earned 0.160 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.044 SBD from the community!
  • @wolfhart has earned 0.151 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.035 SBD from the community!
  • @insideoutlet has earned 0.180 SBD. 0.139 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.040 SBD from the community!
  • @victorsilab has earned 0.008 SBD. 0.000 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.008 SBD from the community!
  • @zanoni has earned 0.156 SBD. 0.124 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.032 SBD from the community!
  • @cicisaja has earned 0.151 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.035 SBD from the community!
  • @tryskele has earned 0.169 SBD. 0.124 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.045 SBD from the community!
  • @freedomshift has earned 0.220 SBD. 0.155 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.065 SBD from the community!
  • @freedomshift has earned 0.137 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.021 SBD from the community!
  • @reonlouw has earned 0.137 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.021 SBD from the community!
  • @permieemmy has earned 0.144 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.028 SBD from the community!
  • @imagendevoz has earned 0.138 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.022 SBD from the community!
  • @viking-ventures has earned 0.147 SBD. 0.124 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.024 SBD from the community!
  • @headchange has earned 0.154 SBD. 0.132 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.023 SBD from the community!
  • @angelro has earned 0.142 SBD. 0.124 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.018 SBD from the community!
  • @trincowski has earned 0.140 SBD. 0.116 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.024 SBD from the community!
  • @bengy has earned 0.152 SBD. 0.132 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.021 SBD from the community!
  • @thelaundrylady has earned 0.157 SBD. 0.132 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.026 SBD from the community!
  • @buckaroo has earned 0.153 SBD. 0.132 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.021 SBD from the community!
  • @victorsilab has earned 0.146 SBD. 0.132 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.014 SBD from the community!

Don't know it occurred twice, my mistake

There was a couple days there where the system was acting stupid. I don't think you did this on purpose by any means.

@thedarkhorse, Just so you know, @goldbaba1 was hacked and is now in the process of rebuilding his account.

Just gave him a couple 100% upvotes to help out. Guess that is the end of my steemit night...lol. If you can pile onto the ones I did below that would be great. Any amount to help try and get his reputation score up a little. Hard to do anything when you are a 0 rep as the system won't let you post photos and restricts some things.

Will do. I just read through the thread as well and gave him a direction to head in to try and help.

Great initiative contest... Great opportunity for new and under 50 reputation steemians.. Unfortunately i can't join this contest for my reputation.. But i support this contest and mostly appreciate it @thedarkhorse

Those entering the contest can be any reputation score. You just need to feature 2 level 50 or under steemians.

Hope you join in the contest and help a couple newer members!

Thanks for your information.. I wanna join this contest bro..@thedarkhorse

A tight couple of weeks ahead for me.... But here is to hoping I can make it for this week's entry. Blessings.

I know you will do your best to make it happen. Thank you for all your support to the contest!

@kniale dropping irrelevant links on other people's posts is a great way to get yourself in trouble. Read the post and comment a relevant comment and maybe you get something for it. Just spamming posts with your link is very bad form.

This contest is about helping others, not promoting yourself.

Please delete the link.

My apologies

Thank you.

I'm so sorry, I got it wrong, I will properly get my contest in.. I am getting it deleted

Thank you for fixing that. Wasn't trying to be rude, hope it didn't come off that way. Get involved in the contest and you will en eligible for the first time entry bonus, the steem bounty, and all the votes that entries get. It adds up.

I will surely so that and thanks for been nice, hope to be a part of the big family soon...

Was hoping a couple 100% votes would get you up from a 0, but wasn't enough. You need to try and get some of those downvotes removed. I gave you some advice in another spot. Hopefully it helps.

BTW start changing the content on the ones that have a downvote first! And ask on the ones closest to payout first.

Thanks for your concern, I am changing the context but I can't upload a picture with it, I keep getting error, so I will just put that on my blog, I have deleted some prior to getting your message and that of @guiltyparties, @pjau said I could but I know he meant no harm, I will just carry on with what I have left to do. Thanks for the upvote, I really appreciate all your effort to help me. Thank you

One other thing, please do me a favor and any rewards from the votes I give you to help rebuild your account use them to power up or purchase an SBI share for someone. Hopefully I will get you enough for that.

@bjgeese lend a hand over here if your still awake.

The issue is you can't upload due to your low reputation score. It will restrict you for a bit, but it's easy to start climbing once we get past the negative level you are at. Just added another 100% vote, but that is all I can afford to give out right now.

Hope that some others will do the same to boost you back up. Going to ask someone if they can hit you with a larger upvote.

BUT you need to get those comments changed asap! If your content starts showing and the spam is still there you will just get more flags.

Hi @goldbaba1, check out @simplymike's post. She got hacked some time ago and has blogs explaining what's best to do to regain your reputation. Just comment on her latest post and let her know I sent you over there. I'll upvote here to, to help you out.

It was @traciyork who let me know about you getting hacked by the way.

Free Resteem For Steem-Bounty Users

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That is really good thing if @surpassinggoogle willing to support the family, it help much more. I will vote #surpassinggoogle for my witness right away too @thedarkhorse.

Thanks for adding him as a witness. I'm not expecting him to return, but if he does that's a great bonus.

neither I @thedarkhorse. You may have been aware of the new method of scamming and commit fraud on discord channel, if you have not noticed such things you can visit my latest post. please consider this as a non upvote request, but only information that our lovely community should be careful with. Thank you

Found some nice posts to pay forward! No big hunting this time to try to scrape together a post. Coming up soon

I like this change - the optional entry with any reputation level - but still with the main focus on new people!

Thank you. It was a compromise from my first thought of doing themed weeks. Was really good that I put out the post asking for help with ideas as this change came from it. Always good when you get the thoughts of those who are actually stuck dealing with any changes that get made.

Two entries will be easier to do, and I think you'll get more entries that way. I'd find two but find it harder to find the third one with the under-50 reputation.
I also like the idea of celebrating when your reach 1,000 entries!
Hope you're kidding with the 'stuck' part. We are all willing participants!

The "stuck" part was about if I made a change without asking. By asking for help I found that a lot of people said each week finding 2 was pretty easy, but the 3rd was much more challenging.

I had really wanted to do themed weeks, but the feedback was it would force people into categories they may not care about. So if I had done this they would have been stuck choosing to either skip a week or deal with curating a category they didn't care about.

So by asking it provided some really good feedback.

hello @darkhouse,
I will participate on your contest this time, I waited for the announcement already, hehehe
But I will wait 2 more days with my entry for the posts of the Steemians I want to suggest are not too old. Hope that's ok.
Best regards

Look forward to seeing the entry!

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Great posts by everybody! Keep up the good work!

This is an awesome initiative that I have yet to take part in but keep meaning to. I need to get my ars ( ass ) in gear and get on this.

Hope you find the time to enter the contest!

I already have two bloggers in mind and will be making an entry next week.

I already have two bloggers in mind and will be making an entry next week.

last flags I gave we not enough to keep u away? hope u like the new ones.

@knircky did you ever come up with a blacklist for @steem-bounty? If so this @yourinfo jackass needs to be on it. He took part of last weeks bounty. Tried this week and was flagged. Then just now tried with a second last minute comment and self vote. Had to waste a 50% vote to counter his self vote.

Anyways let me know if there is something that I can do to block him from ever getting an bounty rewards.

@yourinfo those other flags on your closest to payout comments are for trying to steal rewards from those who earned them. Hope it was worth it!

Sincerely this is one of the best contest i have seen on steemit...good

@yourinfo - If you think this is such a great contest why is it you don't support the contest with an entry or upvote? Instead you have for at least 2 weeks now posted something and upvoted yourself to take part of the bounty away from those who have earned it.

Your stats show you are a selfish steemian that only cares about yourself:

Voting CSI [ NA ] ( 100.00 % self, 86 upvotes, 1 accounts, last 7d )