Pay it Forward Curation Contest- Week 9 - I Am Back On The Track

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Hello Steemit Fellows!

it's been 3 consecutive weeks from my latest entry to the contest and now I Am Back (i finally managed to post in steemit browser). I feel lucky because I can track some good bloggers through @asapers besides now that I only have to present 2 bloggers who create a high quality original content and I hope I can meet the rules.

There are new rules and it is a relieve for me, with my limited time to acces steemit now, I wish that I can find more qualified bloggers , here is the rules that I copy from @thedarkhorse post about Pay It Forward Contest

  • Curation Style Post of 2 Bloggers who are posting Quality Original Content
  • Link to 1 recent blog post per featured blogger. Keep in mind that many will follow this link and upvote so pick a post that isn't close to payout!
  • Include a link to this contest in your entry post
  • The 2 bloggers you curate Must Be Rank 50 or Lower!
  • You need to comment on this post with a link to your post, this is how I track everything!

@mike961 Rep 49

Here is my first Blogger, He is Medical Student from Venezuella, I read his article about Schizophrenia and its effects last week, then I went through his blog and I found many interesting posts that weren't only about his life in the hospital and mere situation he encountered day by day. I don't read spanish but thanks to the browse translate tool so I can read his other posts too. Check His latest post (when I wrote this) about How to Write a Medical History Without Going to Jail. How to Write a medical history, for a commoner like me, his article quite interesting to read, different from other health or disease articles, he puts some funny comment on the article too.

@dustsweeper Rep 45

I think this is a community blog bot, because they have a great program too. I've just read about it last sunday. it has a good program to support the newbie and minnows too, especially to help those who have a dust vote like me, in their introducing post it said that if a steemian sign up for the program by sending 1 Steem/SBD so it will make 71 votes before the balance runs out. I think this is a great way to give back to community, which mean that a plankton like me can also vote the comments and the bot will help to make it worth of value. of course I believe that this is a good way to maintain relationship with others too, we don't need to have bigger SP to upvote the comments. well, just check the contest they're conducting now contest: Refer A Friend and Nominate Newbie Game

Someone who I considered has a Pay It Forward mentality, this is an optional!

You are free to feature those who give back to their local communities, maybe a teacher or active service member, or those who give back to the steemit community here on steemit, but they need to have a recent blog post to be able to link to.

My Third Featured Blogger is :

@aneukpineung78 (Rep 47)

for someone who is struggling for his own reputation, this guy also has time to support other, He write about My non-sponsorhip contest (but I am a bit lucky because of his post, someone already donate 0.5 SBD for the winner, willingly, if there's any) and last week he also promote someone who is an local artist through his post too. Here is the link to his post Pehtem is an interesting Idea, it is in Bahasa Indonesia, maybe because My Contest In Acehnese Language so He does not think about writing his post in English. I translated a paragraph of His post, He explained about what "Pehtem" or Beat The Can meaning.

Pèh t'ém, is a phrase to refer to "making noise," or cheering. Pèh t'ém could be to enliven something, like a team cheer on an event, or it could be as an event itself. When pèh t'ém is an independent event, it is intended as an attempt to make a scene, to be recognizable or aware of its existence, so that more people can be involved or at least become aware of something

The Steemians who have help me out to learn about Steemit, They are always kind and share important posts like @energyaddict22 and has beautiful heart like @lynncoyle1, @el-nailul who told me to check in the ocean of Steemit world and @fauzan11 who always smirks when I post something in English only, Thanks a lot everyone. Last but not least, @thedarkhorse who arrange this contest and introduce me to @steembasicincome , glad that I have a share and already share it with two other bloggers.

Hey, don't hesitate to join this contest, read the full overview on this link Pay It Forward Curation Contest week 9



excellent @cicisaja! thank you for featuring @dustsweeper as one of your favorite posts! Its nice to see you trying to help others too :)

Thanks to you too @davemccoy! if You're not resteemed it, I will never ever find my way there. I am a lucky one here.

I'm glad you did!!! And I hope you have a wonderful day :)

You too 🤗

Hello cicisaja!

Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! For a chance to get more of your content resteemed join the Steem Engine Team

haaa.. this is something new to me, I will learn about it first which mean it probably take 2 days for me to understand, LOL.. My English and the internet connection always follow me around. Thank you anyway

Wah... Dinominasikan? Terus kita ngapain?

kagak dinominasikan, cuma diceritakan sebagai orang yang punya mental PIF alias meneruskan kebaikan, kalau mau ikut kontesnya, dengan senang hati saya bilang silakan. nak meudeh kunominasikan, bak hana postingan terakhir lam bahsa inggreh nyan yang hek teuh batjut.. hahahaha, jadi miseu na hawa loen nominasi, urou senin ukeu, tuleh saboih artikel lam bahsa Inggreh yang hayeu, Insya Allah, bak urou selasa minggu ukeu, loen peu ek keulayi lam daftar 2 bloggers who create a high quality original content. selo sagoe nyan, nyou mantong nteuk na chit nyang jak saweu

Terus ini kalau bkan dinominasikan apa namanya. Terus beda dengan yang pendominasian bahaimana. Ajarin donk. 😸

idih, malas kali baca anak niy yaaa! untung tahun 78 lebih kecil dari 75, sebagai orang baik, saya ceritakan sedikit. tugas kurasi adalah untuk menominasikan 2 blogger yang menghasilkan tulisan asli berkualitas, lalu ada sebuah pilihan untuk menuliskan tentang seorang steemonian (pakek istilah kee) yang menurut saya punya mentalitas untuk meneruskan kebaikan jadi kee tunggu dulu, kalau aku diproteh juri bahwa nggak boleh menominasikan blog bot, maka posisi kee dengan blogger nomor 2 itu akan berganti, naaahh.. setelah itu, kee langsung carik blogger 2 biji yang bagus tulisan aslinya (usahakan dalam bahsa inggreh, aku sarankan kee tuleh lagi aja soal si @el-nailul..hahahaha, dulu pernah kunominasikan dan aku menang, terus minggu lalu dia dinominasikan oleh si freedomshift, naaahh... kalau minggu ini kee nominasikan dia lagi, kapok dia sehingga terpaksa ikut jadi kurator juga, hahaha dan sudah kuduga dia akan tulis tentang kee atau aku) ya udah kee tunggu lah aku tuleh review konteh itu dalam bahasa indonesia besok , aku sedang susun cerita tentang SBI dan Kryptonia, kujampu aja dengan ini sekalian.
Tapi... kalau kee mau ikut kontes ini langsung sekarang boleh ugak, kee carik terus 2 blogger yang bereputasi 50 ke bawah, link kan ke tulisan terakhirnya, karena nanti tulisan itu yang divote sama juri yang baik hati itu, dan kadang2 yang ikut konteh juga datang untuk vote. naaahh.. gak perlu menang pun, udah ada sikit rewards kan?

bukannya dia klik aja tuh link yang udah kita pasang disitu... sabar bentar beuh, nggak usah dinominasikan pun sebenarnya boleh ikut kontes ini, sampai hari ini aku pun ikut tanpa ada yang nominasikan. jadi.... tunggu apa lagi?

Kalao sudah didominasikan terus ngga ikut bikin artikel, gimana.

gak apa-apa kok, ntar juga kepingin :P

Thank you so much for your entry @cicisaja and of course for the kind words about me! I love @dustsweeper and use it all the is awesome! I'll also check out your other entries as well :)

You're welcome @lynncoyle1, so glad that I can get to know many gorgeous people just because I joined this PIF contest. I appreciate your attention🤗

Though I already thanked you on my last article, I'll do it here too 😂 again, this means a lot to me!

aahh appreciate you can spare time to stopping by here, Glad that I can share your post to others too, it is fun to do.

Reviewed your entries, commented and upvoted all of them.

Thank you @tryskele, I need to recharge my VP, perhaps I can visit yours before the Pay out

That would be great, I know I don't have to say this. Only if you want to :D My personal thoughts on PIF it doesn't work if those of us participating don't do our part and visit the featured people. They become a name on a page and they're worth more than that.

Yes, I believe so. That's how we grow the community, I met incredible blogger since participating in this contest on week 4, and I did as you did when my VP is full. If I can throw my VP in the ocean, why not use it preciously for the PIF 😉

Great choice with @mike961. Hes a great team player of the @asapers and always write quality.

Thank you @asapers founder, I am glad that I find him in the right time🤗

Nice job on the post, and great job on formatting, @cicisaja!

And thanks for re-steeming the Banana Collective's sbi contest! 🍌

Thank you for stopping by🤗, Madame Zanana is cool💞

Terimakasih @cicisaja. Seseorang telah hadir ke artikel saya dan meletakan jarinya d atas tombol vote. Itu sangat menyenangkan sekali. Mungkin saya akan mempelajari permainan ini. Terimakaasih.

Itu baru satu, ada sekitar 4 hingga 6 orang lagi biasanya

Mungkin yang lain lagi sibuk ngejar berkah Ramadhan. Haha. Kemaren ada mention tentang peserta kontes tetapi sinyal jelek sekali. Bisa tulis di sini linknya?

Biasanya mereka akan datang saat VP full dan sudah tutup kontes (skrg jadi 5 hari) karena syaratnya dibikin lbh serius. Link kemana? Kee kontes nya kah? Siat yaa

Entry kontes #pehtem. Maaf melenceng dari topik.

Ishh kee, tengok di beranda aku lah, diatas postingan ini hiikss

Nyan.. Cuma satu, lucu anak niyh

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Thank you, I will add the link next time

Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there.

I will.. Thank You @dailyxkcd, I will remember that