Great entry for the contest. Not that I'm surprised because you always do a wonderful job. Thanks for continuing to support the project. I have visited, commented and upvoted all your entries.

Thank you! I appreciate your constant support.

Nice selections. I specially liked @francismoure's post.

Thanks for the support! :D

Your featured bloggers have all been upvoted. Just an FYI on the contest page you put a link to week 8.

oops, I'll fix that. Too much stuff going on today!

Wow, I've had this thought this morning too to become a part of this. The pay it forward is an awesome concept! Thank you for spreading the word and sharing your favs! ;) Best wishes to you Lori!

Excellent! This is definitely one of the most positive contests to be a part of!

Thank you very much for taking my post into consideration!

You are so welcome!

I supported all your featured bloggers :)

This week it is my second entry for this one of kind contest and happy to be in a page that has been participating for many weeks.

I would definitely go through all the bloggers, probably today itself.

Keep connected and Stay blessed.

Thank you! It is a fun contest for sure!

True...and all the best for you too...

Lets enjoy this fun and grow together by sharing and caring

Great entries for the challenge. And pleased to "meet" you @viking-ventures

Thanks for stopping by - nice to meet you too!

What an awesome entry @viking-ventures usual, you have some great choices. Any I really appreciate your comments about me and Brian! What a wonderful surprise :) I'm always so happy to help others out here, and I'm pleased that it meant so much to you! Thank you again!

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