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FIRST of all, I am sitting at my desk right at this very point and I am beyond excited for @thedarkhorse's latest curation contest as well as to introduce to you @danedebeau and @stefan.travels - finding these two bloggers were not easy at all and let's just say, it seems there are less and less bloggers worthy of attention in the lower ranks each and every day.

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Now, let me focus on the actual task at hand and give these two bloggers the genuine recognition they deserve, I hope you will find them as deserving as I have.

Coming in with a reputation of 50 (at the time of writing), author to Mismatched Travel Diaries - Munich - A Crow In The Snow, And An Aussie Too. caught my attention almost immediately with the headline.


In his latest post, @danedebeau highlights the first and greatest mistake most people can make when they relocate to a new country - and that is the lack of research done. Something he clearly miscalculated on, was the severe difference between Australia's weather and that of Germany.

Lo and behold, it would seem that animals are just as slow to catch up on that fact, something he highlights. Have you ever seen a dog swimming in a river in the heart of winter in Germany - absolute madness I tell you but, not as mad as staying in Australia.

@danedebeau made the move away from Australia in 2016 and who can blame him, I would also rather be faced with such cold weather as opposed to have to deal with spiders which fangs can pierce through leather. (He suggests you Google that but I've taken the liberty since most people might be too scared)



IMAGE SOURCE: Australian Reptile Park

Aside of the rather inclement weather, @danedebeau describes how Germany (more specifically Munich) still demands to be experienced in the cold as well as how it has changed drastically since the time of Nazism.

A must read for anyone considering to head off to Germany, especially if you intend to do so in winter.

Up next we have @stefan.travels (who believe it or not, has a rep of 25) who takes you off the beaten track in his first post titled: Series: Travel off the Beaten Track - #1 - Five Secret Cities in Europe You Need to Visit


Now, I thought I knew pretty much all there is to know about Europe and all the great, off-book places you can visit but clearly, I was wrong.

There really is no way to highlight the fact that Europe pretty much is as rich in history as it gets however, @stefan.travels somehow was able to do this by taking you from Italy to the Czech Republic, England, Estonia and Poland.

@stefan.travels makes a very blunt but rather accurate statement by sharing the fact that travel guides throughout Europe opt to rather take tourists to well-known sites which ultimately just creates the exact same experience for everyone.

Thanks to some well placed and properly provided insight, @stefan.travels is able to give you, quite literally, the dream travel experience you've been waiting for and it might just have you quit your day job to do it.


Definitely, another must read if you not only want to explore the parts of Europe nobody else will take you on but also learn more about its history.

That's a wrap from me for my latest entry into @thedarkhorse's Pay It Forward Curation Contest. For more information, check out the latest contest right here: Week 9 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest


Thank you for your entry. Have upvoted both of the featured bloggers.

@imagendevoz Thank you very much for mentioning me in your post. That's an upvote of course. ;)

Pleasure - your content was great for someone who just joined. Glad you're off to a good start. Consider checking out the #introduceyourself tags.

Cheers, @imagendevoz, I'm happy you enjoyed my blog, and I'm more happy you added the Funnel Web Spider photo!

I did and I am sticking around - it is great. But those spiders though... that had me freaked out. I'll stick with my snakes.

Haha, nah the spiders are fine. Rarely do you see them above ground. General rule is to not stick your hands or fingers in holes in the ground... at our place at least.

I'd not be keen regardless. I had my fair share of dealing with cleaning out an entire basement riddled with violin spiders. These bastards will just about give you a run for your money - especially if you get bitten. Twelve cans of insecticide and a lighter later, the problem could have been solved much faster but sadly, these guys enjoyed creating a lavish network of tunnels. Needless to say, I'll never get a property with a basement again.

Great picks @imagendevoz loved both entries, upvoted and commented on each

Thank you so much for your entry @imagendevoz! I'm looking forward to having a look at your choices! When I travel, I love to go "off the beaten path" and try to experience the actual culture as opposed to the tourist traps, so I'm really looking forward to your second choice! I also have a thing for crows, so your first pick has got me too!! Thank you again ;)

Hope you like them as much as I did. I love crows - I 'have' two outside of the office which I started leaving out some small pieces of meat for. They have become rather tame now. Crows apparently have a word span of around 600 words so I have started talking to them in the hope of teaching them some words. Quite an intelligent species of bird.

OH, don't get me started! They understand plenty, never forget a human face, hold 'funerals'....they are an amazing species!!