My Entry for the Pay-it-Forward Curation Contest - Under-Valued Steemians - (Week 9)


I have been lurking on the sideline for a while searching for two great people on Steemit to feature in my Pay It Forward post. I was so honored to be featured by @ginnyannette's post a few weeks back and now realize what great exposure one can get by being featured in one of the Pay It Forward post.

If you haven't heard, @thedarkhorse has been hosting a great contest every week showcasing new people on Steemit. It's a great way to find Steemians who are writing useful content but are still undervalued. I am glad to be able to showcase my picks here.


My Featured Steemians:

1. @nickhans (49)

I love all subject relating to gardening and permaculture. He runs a small vegetable farm and just moved to a new location. He grows food the same way I do, so it has been especially fun for me to follow his progress. He is knowledgeable on the importance of what microbes, bacteria and fungi can do in a garden. I truly enjoyed reading his recent post on Bringing the soil back to life with microbes: You've got to see this!! Desert to diversity in one season.



2. @holisticmom (48)

She signed up for Steemit a while back, but found it can be difficult at times to gain exposure on this platform, so she took a pause from writing. I am glad she is back now! She is environmentally conscious and writes great posts on how to use alternatives. She is funny, adventurous and willing to try new things. She has written about using aloe as shampoo and using soap nuts for laundry. I know she is featured in @insideoutlet 's Pay It Forward post as well. I am so glad to see her being featured and noticed. Read her newest post Stop Using Toilet Paper And Try These Instead



3. @grow-pro (60)

Since the bonus feature spot will be for someone that has a Pay It Forward Mentality. I want to take this opportunity to thank @grow-pro for supporting me during my initiation phase here on Steemit. Always good to have a big brother figure watching over, and encouraging my attempts at becoming a Steemian. He resteemed my posts over and over when I only had a handful of followers and due to his actions, I have gained lots of followers and have connected with so many like minded people on this platform. I asked him some questions about tomato growing and he made two awesome posts answering my questions. I was so happy the first time my post made more than $1. After learning how to read other people's wallets, I realized what @grow-pro had done for me without my knowledge. Thank you Brandon!!!



I know just how difficult it can be on Steemit for new people to be seen, even with great content. It can be so easy to be buried under the muck, to quote @tryskele. There are so many undervalued Steemians on the platform I am glad I can bring two to the spotlight and showcase them. Thank you @thedarkhorse for the great concept of hosting the Pay It Forward contest.

This contest is open to all reputation score steemians to enter. If you would like to pay it forward, please see the contest rules.


Thank you for your entry @thelaundrylady :) I'm one of the judges, and when my VP replenishes tomorrow, I'm going to have a look at your awesome entries!

Thank you for your entry! All blog posts featured have been upvoted.

Thank you for putting on this great contest weekly!

So glad to see you playing this week! Those look like awesome choices. This is such a great contest, I just love all the new people I find each week.

Absolutely a great contest to find and support new people with great content. You are doing an amazing job each week! I have found some great people to follow from your curation! Keep up the good work.

Thank you beautiful @thelaundrylady. <3 xx

aww...I'm honored you quoted me. (I'm such a sap LOL) I loved your entries this week. I visited, upvoted and even commented : P Keep up the great work!!

Haha, I love what you said! Must quote you. Thank you for your support of the nominees.

You're welcome!! I try to when I get the chance. This weeks seems to be making a big impact!!

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