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Sharing the love & Paying it foward!


I have been looking at @thedarkhorse's contest for weeks now and haven't yet found the time to join in but here I am and here we go. I hope you enjoy these Steemians as much as I do.

If you know some awesome Steemians REP 50 or below that deserve a shout out, make sure you check out the Pay It Forward Curation Contest and #payitfoward, there is still 4 days left to enter.

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Featured Bloggers


This new Steemian blew me away with her post How I Approach Life / A Reminder For Myself And Observations, which drew me in and started with such a bang that I almost forgot it was a poem I was reading. She is still very new only a month in but I have high expectations for her and look forward to her future posts.


This Steemian is not so new yet still highly undervalued, both in REP and payouts. Her most recent post Parenting Generation Tech: An Ecotrain Question of The Week answers an interesting question and is similar in styling as her other posts. I may be a bit bias as I am soon to be a mother but I thoroughly enjoy her writing and have been stalking her for something to curate for the @asapers Read Me ASAP and succeed in Issue 56.

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Optional: Themed 3rd Featured Blogger


I wanted to find a way to thank the amazing @lynncoyle1 for this POST as without I would have missed this fantastic new tool FAST REPLY run through Steemconnect and designed by @roxane and @oroger.

Any good Steemian with a #payitforward mentality knows how much time is spent on commenting on amazing content and the importance of responding if and when they reply. The difference it makes to the new Steemians can be the difference between posting again and leaving the platform forever.

I'd love to find a way to count the number of Steemians that have stayed because of the encouragement @lynncoyle1 has given them. I'm sure if as the old saying goes "If I had a penny for that..." updated to if she had an upvote for that, she would be rich in more than love. I could brag about her ages, from the curation work she does for the @asapers to her involvement in @newbieresteemday and @greeterguild the list never ends. For example, I guess it's a little weird nominating her given she is a judge in this contest but judge or not she deserves the praise and if you have not had the pleasure of her drop by's yet I hope you do in the near future.

@viking-ventures this would be what I was grateful for today, finding this tool. Thanks for the nomination in your #7daypositivitychallenge.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Power Up and Steem ON!

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Want some inspiration, a hint or a maybe a laugh, I'm pretty funny I have been told. CHECK out these posts, all brought to you by @insideoutlet!

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Did YOU know that your upvote needs time to recharge? If not check out this post below, if you like it please consider upvoting a more recent post as this one has now paid out.

Steem & Voting Power, how not to waste it!

If you like any posts above and they are past seven days please consider upvoting a more recent post as these while very useful have already paid out.

Where else can you find me?

While most of my time is spent on Steemit, I do exist outside of it, happy to connect if you do too!

Health Blog - InsideOut Ostomy Life
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One last thing! I am a founder of the @asapers and we have a profit-sharing curation post called Read me A.S.A.P. We curate from our followers so make sure you follow the @asapers if you want to be in with a chance to be curated next.


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Great entries! Thanks for your continued support of the #payitforward contest and especially for putting a shout out to our favorite judge @lynnecoyle1 who is tireless and extremely generous. I have visited, commented and upvoted all your featured authors. All the best to you.

Thanks @eneryaddict22, you are welcome and thank you for the best wishes.

I have been looking at the contest and hoping to make a post myself. I decided to look at yours and found you featured one of the people I was planning on featuring! How funny is that. @holisticmom is truly undervalued. I am so glad to see her in your post, now I have to wait and see who else to include :)

You should!! For the Pay It Forward.... as long as they are under 50 rep have at it and have fun!! It's a great group that has become a middle ground for all the newbie groups. @greetersguild, @newbieresteemday, @asapers, @helpie, and the like. You not only bring others to you, but you bring someone up that's been buried under the muck (sorry ocean speak) It's ok to repeat people too, there is no rule for that. There have been a small handful that have been and now most of them are 50 or higher so we just need to find another group to raise up.

Haha small world. Im sure a double feature wouldn't hurt any undervalued Steemians. Im glad shes back posting and getting regonised.

Thank you so so very much for featuring me! I really appreciate it! Much love to you ❤.
The reason I'm still a plankton is because when I joined back in July last year I found it hard to be seen on this platform. I had a few big personal issues going on with my family at that time, so Steemit took a backburner. I've been Steeming again for almost the last two months and am slowly starting to find others to connect with.
The effort you're putting in to help newcomers and planktons out is fantastic. One love 💖

Thank you @holisticmom, sometimes things need to take a back burner so we can move forward. I am glad you are back and hope the other issues are all now sorted. :)

Thank you :-) xx

I have upvoted your featured entries . Well done Thank you

Thanks @wolfhart. They will appreciate that as I do.

That's good, you are helping those people who deserves more attention.

@hananan thanks, you can too if you have any you know deserve some additional attention.

Thank you for featuring me here and your nice introduction! <3 :))

What an awesome entry @insideoutlet, and thank you so much for featuring me! You even made me tear up a bit with this one :) Thank you for such kind words; it really does mean so much to me!! :)

@lynncoyle1 You are so very welcome. I was excited to see that I didn't have to worry about your REP to recommend you for the #payitforward nominee as you deserved it no matter how high your REP. :D

Aww that's sweet! Thank you again ❤️

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Glad I was able to help you find this amazing contest!
I'll work on my entry a bit later.

@viking-ventures look forward to seeing it. Its so hard to get back to everything but I always look at everything in the post promo so make sure you link it there, :)

Great entry! I have upvoted both of the featured bloggers and your entry is confirmed.

Thank you. Glad I found the time to feature them.

🤗 @asapers founder, I'm proud that I have followed the path, Pay it forward is really amazing, I think the one who start the PIF day came from Australia, too, cmiiw😃

Aussies do rock @dipoabasch haha. Thank you for all your support with the @asapers. I see you resteem our Read me ASAP often.

There is the only way I can do so someone will vote for them too, you know my vote is 0.00 value

For now it is but little things grow. Give it time and consistency and I have faith it will be worth more in the future. It doesnt help that your Voting Power is at 65%. Full in 41 hours. Do you know about the recharge time?

For now it is but little things grow. Give it time and consistency and I have faith it will be worth more in the future. It doesnt help that your Voting Power is at 65%. Full in 41 hours. Do you know about the recharge time?

Yes I know, but sometimes I just couldn't help myself to stop clicking on the arrow 😄. I am sharing things (like handphone and laptop with my wife) if she uses it I will do my other things and I knew that she'd use my VP carelessly, she will stop when it reach 50%. I need to make an agreement with her. Thanks for your supportive words 🤝

This is great!! I will have to leave tabs open for later (sp rising) Meanwhile I need to get busy on an entry myself.
So glad you did an entry this time! I absolutely love payitforward. Can't wait to check out your picks.
You are right about lynncoyle1 I don't see where she finds the time and energy for it all.

@lynncoyle1 is a force to be reckoned with @headchange, she amazes me daily. I look forward to seeing your choices too, so many people play , no wonder they need so many judges :)

Thank you @insideoutlet! I was the only judge in the beginning, but thedarkhorse and I quickly figured out we needed some help :)

Aw thank you @headchange :) I have insomnia haha (half kidding :)

Awesome recommendations @insideout !! I had already commented on all of the above you mentioned.

@tryskele thank you, yes they are fellow @asapers and I have curated them through the Read me ASAP but I thought they deserved some extra recognition too :)

They do, anything we can to give each other a lift up. It's all about exposure :D I personally feel that it's kind of our duty to do our due diligence in making sure we at least comment on the entries, resteem the ones we really like, isn't that the purpose to Pay It Forward? And the same goes for the @asapers post I do the same thing. I may not get to everyone but I make an earnest effort when any one is featured in the groups I'm in.

I'm glad you featured @lynncoyle1 she's amazing :D and been a great help not to me but to so many others

She is. The @asapers appreciate all your support and paying it forward is the way to go for sure. I look forward to seeing you around.

Thanks, I really like everyone I have met and what I love the support everyone gives each other.

Thanks, I really like everyone I have met and what I love the support everyone gives each other.

Thanks for doing your part strengthening the community. Gonna go check out your finds now.

Thank you. I like being a community player. Have you found the @asapers yet?

I have not. My understanding is you have to use Discord for it, which I don't use. Also, I just don't have enough votes. I have rented delegation a little over 3 weeks ago to spread more votes around and sadly I am not sure it was a smart move. I am in the process of revisiting how I curate and vote as I close out my last week with the added delegation. I run out of votes still so quickly and more than half of the time it does not seem appreciated.

Yeah tunning out of VP is hard as is having low SP value. We do use Discord but thats mainly for post promotion. Which is great if you are looking for engagement and potential upvotes. However not required as we curate from our followers so as long as you follow then you are part of the @asapers and could be curated.

Nic, think I'm gonna work on my entrt later.

Nice, im sure you will pick some awesome undervalued Steemiand to feature.

Upvoted and commented on @holisticmom. You're right--she does deserve attention. I will check out the other two posts when my voting strength replenishes.

Thanks @agmoore. Im sure she appreciated it. If I had a genie id qish for unlimited VP with higher SP lol.

I visited both the bloggers page, followed them and gone to their nominated entries and shared my opinion.
Good selection.

Thanks @angelro, I am sure they will appreciated the additional Steemian love :)

This is a fantastic way to help promote and grow accounts, you share an impressive amount of information and post links as well which really helps us get an insight into the account.

#thealliance #witness

@c0ff33a Thanks for stopping by, This contest by @thedarkhorse is a good one. Its the first week I got a chance to participate but I think I will again as I see many undervalued Steemians under 50 rep daily.