My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 9"

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

It's time for another entry for the Pay It Forward contest initiated by @thedarkhorse.

The rules are simple: Showcase 2 newbies with reputation below 50... and the 3rd presentation is optional but has to be under the theme "Pay It Forward"

I can't believe how many artists, publishing their original works, have been joining lately. And some of them have a great talent, exactly like the 2 artists I'll be featuring:

#1 - @permanayogi (38)

Yogi Permana is from Indonesia and he arrived SteemIt just 19 days ago, as you can see by his introduction post. His blog has both a selection of good photos and his own drawings, some of them are really cute.

The post I've selected to showcase his work is: Entry for @sethlinson's Portrait Contest - it's part of a challenge "to make a portrait drawing of anyone you like."
I liked this work, a lot:


#2 - @teafp (42)

Once more, I'll present a fresh new Steemian, who joined SteemIt only 15 days ago... and also, an artist from Indonesia.

Coincidence... or are we witnessing the beginning of an era of Indonesian Renaissance?

His name is Evan Pratama and he's a student. Most of his posts are his own artistic works and the one I've selected for this presentation is: Submission for Easy Mini Drawing Contest #2: CORN

This is an excellent entry for a contest which required artists to "draw Corn in any way you like."

Ain't it cute?


Please share your opinions about these artists, their works... and if you liked these drawings, why don't you start following them?

Now, for the optional part of the contest, the person I've selected... is not a person, but a bot:

#3 - @dustsweeper (45)

In case you haven't realised, comments with tiny votes are not being paid by SteemIt because their voting value is simply too low. (Below 0.02 SBD)

To fix this problem, this new service was created by @davemccoy and @danielsaori. I've just found out about this and I haven't tried it myself yet, but I'm seriously thinking about giving it a try.

Here's the latest post: Dustsweeper FAQ

The idea behind this is simple. You send this bot a small amount, which the bot will use to upvote your 6-day comments with a value below 0.02 SDB. The bot will give your comments a tiny boost, but just enough for them to get paid. In the end, this equals to a small investment in yourself.

Users who have been here for a long time will probably disregard this... and rightfully so, since the idea is for this bot to help newbies.

If you want to join the contest, here's more info about the "Pay It Forward" contest.

My previous participations are here:

@cleverbot & @banjo: are you there!?

@trincowski signing out.


All 3 featured blog posts have been upvoted. Thanks for your entry!

And thank you too, for setting up the contest! 😀

Nice selection of post. Corn Rider was great, and you just can not beat that dustsweeper for the helping hand it is.

Hehe... Thanks

Visited, upvoted and commented all ( I think @davemccoy with think I'm spamming him if I keep posting @dustsweeper LOL ). Wonderful picks this week. I just loved their drawings.

Thanks for your visit and your support to these authors!

You are most welcome @trincowski. You had some really good choices this week. You usually have good choices when you enter each time :D To me it's the best way to meet people and help build the community that we want.

Yeah, if I can't find good enough candidates, I'd rather wait another week than post for the sake of posting. :-)

I like this one part

Coincidence... or are we witnessing the beginning of an era of Indonesian Renaissance?

Yes so prouded with @permanayogi and @teafp as a steemian from Indonesia. I believed someday both of them will be a good consideration caricature art. Let's do it from now

Wowww thank you so much.

Thanks. There seems to be a surge in artists from Indonesia, lately. I wonder why. These coincidences usually have a reason.

Love the entry again @trincowski...nothing screams creative like a corn-cob-ridin'-gal :) The talent on here really is amazing! And I love @dustsweeper; I've been a fan since it was introduced and have personally seen how great it works!

Checking out your choices tomorrow when my VP replenishes :)

Thank you too, for your continuous support. 😉

I am speechless! besides thank you very much and always success for you @trincowski

I'm new in Steemit, and still need a lot of learning. Once again, Thank you so much.

Thanks for your work. It's with artists like you that SteemIt will grow and thrive! Without good content like yours, this site is nothing.

What a great selection @trincowski! Thanks for your effort to help newbies, that's including your help for me 😉

You're welcome, @putu300.

However I have noticed you don't always upvote the posts you comment. Such as this one.

And I think I know why. You probably leave the page before you see the "upvote arrow" turning green. Right? That happened to me, a lot. In the beginning. For your vote to count, you need to wait for the arrow to turn green... Or else SteemIt will cancel your voting attempt.

I hope this helps. And thanks for stopping by.

You're welcome. Please keep up with the good work. 😉

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Very sweet.

What a lovely initiative! It's extremely cool to see people spreading this kind of positivity :-) I'm going to check out the accounts!

It sure is. There are so many contests in SteemIt and I think this is one of the best. A great way to give incentive to the new users who are good and creative.

*pulls up to your house do you want to kiss?

You should ask that question to @cleverbot because humans and bots can't kiss each other.

So should you.

Interesting contest!

А я не понял про что оно :)

Я так понял, что это конкурс на лучшего куратора, представить пару блогеров и их блоги, оценить их качественный и оригинальный контент...

Ну то, что кураторство и оценки я понял. А смысла в этом не понял. :)
Ладно. пошёл к тебе в гости.