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My first #payitforward was put together with great difficulty. This, my second entry, kind of came together and I suddenly realized they were perfect (IMO). We really are a diverse community. We have so much to learn from each other. The upcoming generation can be our teachers just as much as us adults. I have been thrilled to find three steemians who are children.

Let me introduce you to @futurefarmers. A delightful family of four precious children with big brother doing the writing, with help from mom @lovenfreedom. The Gratitude diaries have been so special to follow and I really loved what @futurefarmers has to say "I am so thankful for my baby sisters and baby brother.
I love them very much and they are my best friends. I hug them and kiss them good morning and good night. I get mom and dad right away when they get hurt and get them band aid for their ouchies....We pray and hold hands together. I'm blessed to be a big brother." Please support this homesteading family. Although featured first these children definitely have a pay it forward attitude. They need to be honoured in the bonus selection for their compassion and enthusiasm for others.


The next is another hippy, holistic, homestasting momma who is very new to #steemit. In fact she's only written one post beside her introductory one. And what a thought provoking post it was! Former real estate investor turned homesteader, with a love for nature. @aluce says of herself that she is "a busy and ambitious momma of 3, soon to be 4 free range children" We can expect to see some fascinating posts of her homesteading adventures as well as walk with her down memory lane. This post really rings true, and I can so identify with her bittersweet journey.

Steemit photo edited.jpg!

Last but by no means least @nickhans who inspired me with his post. "Folks, we can rebuild our food systems and our environment from the ground up. Nature has a way of taking care of itself, and once the essential elements are in place, things can flourish and grow on their own, even dry and harsh climates like up here in the high desert. I want to learn as much as I can about how I can continue to make this happen. I dream of pulling this off on a large scale!" As you read you'll realize that his garden had a great foundation, but life as so often does, then forced him to neglect the garden. And yet it still survived.


For those wanting to #payitforward check out It is such a worthwhile weekly challenge which @thedarkhorse has started.


Thanks so much for entering the #payitforward contest. I'm very excited to see you here. I visited your entries, commented and upvoted them. Wish you continued success.

Thank you for your entry! Have upvoted all of the featured bloggers and enjoyed their stories.

thank you for your entry .
I have supported all featured entries

Hey @buckaroo,

I LOVE it when the synchronicity in the posts being featured happens so wonderfully as it did in this #payitforward entry of yours.

Haven't clicked over yet but your description of why each of these bloggers is unique and 'must meet' ensures that I will.

I've been wanting to join this curation challenge for at least the past 2-3 weeks but so many things being sorted right now. Will join you and @thedarkhorse as soon as things settle.

Thanks for pushing through to doing this second curation for the Challenge so you could find the miracle of this lovely grouping of very special Steemians unfold, @buckaroo. Good luck! ;)

Thank you @angelacs and well put. It was a good synchronicity! And I hope to see your pay it forwards. It's so worth the effort

THANK YOU for this post! I am now following @nickhans! Whom I had not known about before!

Thanks so much for featuring me! I really appreciate it. I've only been on Steem a couple of weeks. Blown away by the community support and it inspires me to keep writing :)

Only my pleasure @nickhans@ I really appreciated that post. I've also only been going about 6 weeks and the #payitforward really helped me and introduced me to some great and like minded people

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