My Entry to "Week 9 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest" by @thedarkhorse

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My Entry to "Week 9 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest" by @thedarkhorse

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1 . @mygoblin (50)

Babylon Berlin中的舞蹈及其他 | 月旦评

I know that I have nominated / featured her before and that this is yet another post in Chinese. However, @mygoblin does not post frequently and she has posted a wonderful post about books in English and in Chinese (11 days old): 书海畅游——Powell ’s Books体验 which could be used for judging though not for upvoting.

I am featuring @mygoblin again to generate interest and support for more bilingual posts. I would ask y'all to also view her other bilingual posts and to encourage more steemians to do the same and build a bridge between the two cultures.

And, speaking of which ...

2 . @team-cn

第二届新手村升学典礼| 吐槽大会 幼稚

google: The 2nd Xinshoucun Entrance Ceremony | Tucao Convention Childishness
mine: The 2nd newbie (新手) village (村) promotion to the next grade / advancement ceremony (升学典礼)

Although this is more of a group or community, their purposes are similar to what the contest and @newbieresteemday are doing albeit to promote bloggers in the Chinese community #cn.

Further more, this post features @coder-bts

【新手村计划#3】@coder-bts 来自美国的一位中学生的访谈
@coder-bts 是我们新手村的“三个一”。第一个报名参加新手访谈,第一个申办新手村猜猜猜,第一个报名参加ocd推广。(其实还有一个一,就是我们村的第一个背锅侠~)

Google says:
Xin Tsung [newbie] Village Plan #3】@coder-bts Interview with a Middle School Student in the United States
@coder-bts is our "three ones first's" at Xinshoucun [newbie] village.
[@coder-bts is] The first person to register for a novice interview, [@coder-bts is] the first bid to guess Xinshoucun [newbie] guess, [@coder-bts is] the first to participate in ocd promotion. (In fact, there is another one, that is, [@coder-bts is] the first backpan [scapegoat] (背锅) of our [@team-cn] village ~)

Explaining the "grade levels":


Google says:

Xinshoucun’s (新手村) [newbie village] education [grading] system is as follows:
Into junior high school: Reputation reached 50
Into High School: Reputation reaches 60
Admitted to University: Reputation reaches 65
University graduate: Reputation reaches 70

Optional: Themed 3rd Featured Blogger (New Theme)

New Theme for the Optional Featured Blogger! This week besides your 2 Mandatory Featured Bloggers the bonus Feature spot will be one for someone that has a Pay It Forward Mentality. You can feature any Blogger out there and help share with the community why you feel they are helping Pay It Forward.

You are free to feature those who give back to their local communities, maybe a teacher or active service member, or those who give back to the steemit community here on steemit, but they need to have a recent blog post to be able to link to.

Optional Featured Blogger @el-nailul

You might ask: "Why @el-nailul again?" And, I'll reply: "Because she exemplifies Pay It Forward" in spirit and in fact and her missions deserves all of our attention and help."

Roy El-Nailul (47)
I am a farmer | Tropical Rain Forest Survival Trainer | love to explore, art, adventure and cooking

My Journey: Isolated Tribe Mentawai #4 - [Bilingual] - part 4 of a series of her journey.

It started off with:

Let's continue the trip to isolated tribe Mentawai, if you found this at first you may want to see the previous post about my trip here [- part 3] - part 3 of a series.


This is the last place we visited. This uma is belong to Syukri's Granfather. There is no more villager occupied after this one

Syukri’s Uncle House


Two of Syukri's nephews sitting at the porch when we arrive

This series is a great adventure and a thriller into a remote jungle. Read from the start to get the complete picture.

I am so glad to have this opportunity to feature something that is not artistic and not pretty to look at. I could not even say that the writing is superb, but, @el-nailul has certainly given a lot! Just by returning to the remote village and then venture into the even more remote places is a lot to admire.

🌍 🌎 🌏 🌃 🌄 🌅 🌆 🌇 🌈 🌊 🌍 🌎 🌏

Footnote begins from here.

Regarding upvoting with low SP, see: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes - @thedarkhorse

For most newbies with low SP, 120 SP or less, your upvote does not pay IF it is the only upvote.

And upvoting

  • depletes your SP by 2% for each vote (same as resteeming a post)
  • regeneration of SP is at 20% per day

So, you get to vote 20% or 10 upvotes for low SP votes each day.

But, No Worries - Help is On The Way ...

Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit. - @dustsweeper

I am enrolled in the service by @dustsweeper!

This is good to check out: What ALL Newbies Must Know about Upvotes, Resteeming, Commenting, and "dust votes"

All the best! 🌀 🌊 🌋 🌄 🌈



Thank you very much for your kindness help again my friend @freedomshift. I wish I can support this community a lot more

yes, you can - Perhaps you could submit an entry to the Pay It Forward contest this week ...

Thanks for your entry. Upvoted all 3 featured posts.

Thank you for your entry @freedomshift and thank you for all you do for our contest and this entire platform :) I'm going to visiti your choices now!

You did really good job for steemit society. Thank you for recommending my articles. It is the greatest encouragement for me.

You have been invited to:
"6.9.18 Saturday (or Cat-turday - 😺 meow) To Launch or Not to Launch - that is the Question! Upvotes and Prizes 🏆🏅🐬 🐟 Give-away" - please click on #ccc to find the post.
All the best!

Wanted to let you know I visited all your entries and upvoted them (I didn't comment on @team-cn only because of the language difference. If someone does read English please let me know. It's nice to know there is another group similar to @newbieresteemday

@tryskele - Thank you! I have featured the Chinese posts and translated some, albeit partially for this one, to show that it is not too difficult to use Google translate to help - it might be only 80%, but, not too bad.
I have been reaching out to them as well and to encourage them to do bilingual posts and hope to bridge the cultural gap in time.

hello @freedomshift, can you help understand the steempower, I don't know much about it, thank you very much


SP can be converted back and forth via Power Up and Power down. Power Up is immediate, but, Power Down is delayed.
I am a long-term investor and I bought about 800 STEEM, transferred here, and then Powered Up.
So, with my SP:

@freedomshift - 47.441
0.324 STEEM
$15.994 SBD
818.210 SP Your 100% upvote is worth:
Calculator $0.11

It was as high as $0.17 a few days ago. It is based on the prices of STEEM.

On the receiving side, you want to know their SP as their upvote or downvote is based on their reputation score and their SP and the % that they upvote or downvote ya.