#Contest: Week 9 - Pay It Forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse - My Entry

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First thing first, before going into the details of entries for contest #9 I would like to say few things. Everyone in this universe craves for recognition and same must be for the members of this Steemit platform too and I would like to share my happiness for acknowledging my effort in Steemit and I wont hesitate to say that it is for the first time. In simple terms I am being paid finally in the Pay it Forward contest. I was delighted and I thought of congratulating the brains behind this, so here is the link Please have a look.

Now I decided even if I won’t post anything for 2-3 days and whether my entry is worth or not I decided not to miss any further Pay It Forward Curation Contest by @thedarkhorseand and here are my entries.


FIRST [email protected]

Featured blog Movie review - Transformer 6 : Age of the Jaeger Kaiju Hybrid


As I mentioned in some of the posts and comments here, I grown up in this strange looking Social media platform (just an exaggeration to indicate how complex the different aspects related to this site) without a mentor – sadly the person who informed to join here is not a steemit member but an active one in twitter – or a guide and even after many months it took a lot of time to realize that there are some communities from my country too.

And as I spent some time in discord to familiar with the community details, members etc and while gone through their profiles I came across an 18 days old post which caught my eyes, in fact it surprised me that two Steemiens who might be who and who of the discord channel met in real in a nice and famous – A vegetarian Restaurant chain located in the many parts of the world which includes Paris, Hongkong, Australia apart from Arab countries – restaurant with the purpose of discussion over how to grow in Steemit and how to help minnows and newbies.

It was a delight to know that few members are really concerned about it. I am sad in the event because I was in the same place after 10 days or so for a week. Hope next time I could meet these people.

Though Short the blog was an eye opener for me where some of my concern is also raised between them during their discussion. See the link if a for interesting read.

@inuke has also hosting some competition and one of his latest series of blog was about a childhood craze namely Samurai Jack that most of the Steemiens might have came across in their past.
See the link

SECOND NOMINEE @cassyjanine


Featured blog Let Your Darkest Time Covered With Those Who Are Enlightening You: ART BY @cassyjanine

Though I had few names in the list, but thought of surprising a member that I came across through a recent interaction on my post. From some of the replies I realized @cassyjanine
have some kind heart and when I visited the profile it seems to be that she also have a heart with compassion. Adding to this specialty @cassyjanine is an artist too.
The link shows @cassyjanine’s special charector with a video and sketches showing stage by stage of the art she created with a real subject in the mind which eventually looked like succeeded in it.
But what moved me were few lines that had penned as an introduction to the drawing or the description on theme that had chosen for the art. May it was something I had experienced over brief period of time or many others like me. I am copying those lines.

Trully in life, darkness may come and cover our colorful life but let us stand firm and look into what makes us a better one. Let the light shines into us.

Before winding I would like to thank all those participants in this great contest and wish then success in their Steemit journey.

With Kind Regards,
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Thanks for participating in the #payitforward contest. I really appreciate your support for the project. I have visited each of your entries, commented and upvoted them. All the best to you.

For a newbie like me its a great moment to interact with people like you...and such words as comments really acts as a inspiration too...

Thanks a lot and i will check all your blogs later in the evening...

Stay blessed...

Your first featured blogger's post is at 6 days and he has a newer post. Maybe switch which one is featured to make sure he is getting rewards from this.

Might I also suggest that you put the link to the post you are featuring at the top. Going to start suggesting this to everyone as it will make it easier.

After listing the name of the entry and the banner just put a link to the [Featured Post]

Ok, Thanks for the suggetion and I will change it

I corrected it...and please let me know Is it Ok or not

I supported your second featured post . let us know when you update this post with what @thedarkhorse stated
It is nice to have you in the PIF contest

I ma delighted to have replay like this since it is also some sort of acknowledgement of my presence in Steemit life.

I corrected as per the instruction from @thedarkhorse, please check it

Thanks you and have a nice day..

@angelro Thanks . I too will recheck your post .😎

I supported all your featured post . well done

Thanks for the support....Stay blessed....

What an honour to be nominated here. Thanks @angelro.

I am really happy and got me pumped for more. Thanks.

I thought to give you a surprise.. If you feel so share it with your friends to have a look on it

I will definitely tell more people about it. :-)
Thanks for such a nice surprise.

OMG! @angelro. Being featured by you for PAY IT FORWARD CURATION CONTEST is a great privilege. So heart warning. Two of the judges @wolfhart and @energyaddict22 visited my post.

My gratitude cannot be expressed by words but thank you.😊

I know you will really gets surprised. Happy to hear your words...

Keep connected and stay blessed..

I do. I am so surprised. And wow! This is the first time.😃

Okay, now I must do my entry.

Waiting, Let's know!