Week 9 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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I managed to find a couple of off beat blogs this week. For me the creativity is not contained in the just individual post. I was intrigued by how both of these bloggers have added dimension with their overall content strategy.

lance divide.jpg

@janton (44) A Texan who writes all sorts of interesting topics. This post takes us to a little town forgotten by time. The pictures look like greeting cards. The thoughts on the Amish and technology are insightful. But what hooked me is the blogger has a sense of humor. Keep an eye out for his redneck jokes in every post for a good chuckle.

I was delighted to stumble across @dog-marley (39)
Just your average day to day events journal, but from the perspective of a dog.
If nothing else this dog deserves points for creativity.
Here is a fun read. Poor Marley seems to be traumatized at walk time fairly often.

There are so many amazing people here on Steemit. The pay it forward philosophy seems to run throughout the platform. This can make it difficult to choose just one to highlight.

I finally settled on @davemccoy. Seems like every thing he does is aimed at helping out the little guys. I have nicknamed him Steemit Santa. The guy is always tossing out nickles the way Santa use to throw out those little chocolate coins. The recent @dustsweeper project alone (by him and @danielsaori) has the potential to help every person on the platform.
He is out there helping everybody every day. I have gotten my fair share of nickles and good advice as well as the little things he thinks I didn't notice.

lance divide.jpg

My entry for week 9 Pay It Forward Contest.
All the details can be found here

Special thanks to @thedarkhorse For giving us all an opportunity to pay it forward
Also @wolfhart Who not only provided a home on Discord, but also is always available with no nonsense advice on any Steemit topic.
@erodedthoughts, @lynncoyle1, @energyaddict22, & @wolfhart. I am in awe of how much time they put into visiting so many posts
And naturally all of the sponsors who I can't name because I am sure to miss someone.
Pay it forward image I made myself. Anyone is free to use it.
Dividers are from https://steemit.com/blog/@doctorcrypto/free-text-dividers-for-you-to-use-in-your-blog-posts


Have upvoted your featured bloggers. Thank you for your entry!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate all you do. If ever I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to let me know.

Just keep finding people to feature and let them know about the first time entry bonus. Trying to get a few new people involved in the contest.

Ok I may have one handy already. Poor freedomshift I ran him ragged last time

thank you for the glorious award! To be part of your entry is an honor for sure @headchange! I am thinking of giving you the dancing baby award just for picking me! ;)

If you make that thing an award it will go viral in no time

hehehe.... hmmm I'm considering making it with you as the brains behind the award!

Your generosity truly knows no bounds. I would never dream of taking credit for such an artistic masterpiece.

@headchange haha ... you sure? I might need a spokesperson for the baby since he's underage,

I don't know. let me get back to you on that. Those comedy people seem to think we are in a helium shortage. I am over there right now offering ideas to conserve.
I better make sure there's no rations on helium in the foreseeable future before I commit.

ok... but just as a reminder... this would be what you would be representing

A True Star In The Making

dancing baby 2.gif

Oh my lord if that thing doesn't deserve a squeaky voice nothing ever will. Better start up those save the helium posters ASAP

You deserve it @davemccoy!! I've been judging this contest for weeks and it makes me so happy to see you featured in @headchange's entry :)

awwww.. thank you Lynn!!! :)

I always like seeing your picks. You do some good searching.

Well thank you! I was actually thinking of you this morning. I wanted to recommend your blog to someone.
Glad you popped in it reminded me. I get a bit too distracted on Steemit sometimes

It is very distracting. I am constantly hitting the "back" button to remember what I was doing :)

thanks so much @headchange this is a great help and so admirable! God bless you!

I love Pay It Forward! It is an opportunity for someone like me with a small vote to do a little something extra here and there. If you ever want to play there is a new round each week. I make new friends every time I play.

how do you play? and remember I'm just a redneck so you gotta
make the instructions simple!

Love the entry @headchange! I discovered Marley through this competition a few weeks ago...such a cool idea :) And I love that you chose @davemccoy too; he really is amazing!

Thank you for the entry!

Maybe Marley will play a round. Dogs are always great at sniffing out the good stuff.
Yeah that Dave is something else. Thanks for everything. You are pretty awesome yourself.

Aww thank you so much @headchange, that's very nice of you to say 😂

Great idea! Dogs can curate for all of us haha

Hey that happens to be one exceptional dog 😂

haha he certainly is!! 😂

Visited and upvoted your entries @headchange. Great picks!! I really enjoyed them.

Thank you so much. It is truly appreciated, I am visiting some myself today. Always find some interesting new blogs in this challenge.

You're very welcome. This week there are some truly amazing entries. Sometimes I look at them and think ..well ok. Not this week. I try like crazy to get to as many as I can. I think my feelings on this have gotten to be pretty well known LOL. I hope you find some of them to your liking

I think it is just harder and harder to find the ones yet undiscovered. That is a good thing it means lots of people looking for them. Between this and ASPERS there is always something new to check out. And yeah, I find way too many to my liking. Going to end up buying SP I really need more pennies.

No joke there. To be honest. I'm afraid of newbies LOL. I know SGG is here to make sure they don't fall off the map after 2 or 3 months, but so many still do. The have a misconception that this is easy money and when they don't make money, they leave.

When I do my Pay It Forward....I truly to find someone like me. Been on the platform for more than 90 days, has great posts but don't seem to be being seen. I have met some amazing people from doing that. I wish I could give a few of them more of a boost, but they're hanging in there.

LOL you're better SP than I am. My plan is to wait until I get 35 SBD and my delegated SP hopefully to zero or as close then to take 30 of my SBD and put it into my SP. (I admit it, I'm struggling in the crypto area and getting funds into Steemit) I know I just need to do some reading and watch a couple of videos, it's just time works against me most days.

I understand that completely. It can be a bit disappointing when you spend a lot of time the just start getting to know and enjoy and pooof gone. I think things like #payitforward and @aspers help a lot with the motivation to stay. That is just to name a couple a lot of projects help with that. The trick is to get the ones we like involved maybe.
That is exactly why I do the challenge. I love the opportunity to help out a bit more than just my tiny account can do alone.
Thank you so much for sharing. I am always interested in hearing from people, especially ones at my level, on the nuts and bolts of how they run their account and why.
I find moving the funds around troublesome. It is either cash some other coins or wait a week for the bank transfer. Then there is trying to hit a good price.
I see so many on here that really need a vote. You cant beat being able to hand it out and still keep it. Sometimes it seems to me like it is kind of selfish not to buy a bit so I can vote. After all it is no loss unless price drops and never goes back up.
Yeah that time thing gets me too.

I totally agree. @dustsweeper helps greatly with some of the votes, but not all. I wish I could upvote more, seen that little bit of sbd there is a motivator in its own right. Most definitely getting any amount converted to Steem is much better than nothing it all helps :D

We'll get there. We have the right thinking and determination. Average time to actually be 'influential' is about 9 months.

Average time to actually be 'influential' is about 9 months.

Well that is an interesting bit of info. So we will get together in 6 months and compare how far we have come. I just want to be "influential" enouh to pick a favorite newbie or 2 and make a real difference. My account may never grow much. I don't spend enough time engaging the larger fish.

Thank you for your entry . I supported your featured entries
Thank you for your kind words ,

Glad you stopped by. I really do appreciate having places to go for real honest input when needed.

@headchange Thank you that's a very nice compliment

Motivate, Motivate, Motivate!!! You, @lynncoyle1, @amariespeaks, @gandhibaba are truly the ones that when I start doubting myself and want to throw in the towel, rekindle the flame. I have been on the platform for 166 days now. So I'm not a whale yet ....blah blah blah. Am I making a difference? I hope so. I know I am making a difference within me. So thank you to you and all of them ...And thank you to anyone that will actually talk to me through comments!!

@tryskele I know you are making a difference !!!! You even inspire me . You are a person that one can count on .

Thank you @tryskele! You're a whale in my eyes :) And of course you're making a difference!

Steemit Santa 🎅! I’m sure Dave is charmed to be the happy bear on here. He does do a lot for us on here. He’s one of the reasons I made it this long. I would have quit a long time ago if he hadn’t helped me too with his newbie nickels, advices, and general pep talk. I tell him to stop giving me those newbie nickels because his VP is zapped most days, but stubborn as well as giving.

Really? I am so glad you said that. I have been dodging nickles for months and figured he thought I was nuts. At least I am not the only one.
My thing is I see people on here who really need their earnings. Somehow me trying to grow vote power doesn't seem as important. I have almost decided my account won't grow very fast. I am not good at hanging out in the right places just to catch coins.