My entry for #payitforward contest - Week9 - A Heart💝 for Under-Valued Steemians👫

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Payitforward contest created by @thedarkhorse

first of all for all who want to participate in this contest, here is the link:
Thank you to @thedarkhorse for creating this amazing contest.

Ok, let's start, here are my suggestions:

1. @viking-ventures

I know her a longer time already on Steemit, she makes very nice posts with pictures around her area, make always nice comments, but was a long time under-valued.
Now I think she found her perfect niche on Steemit, she started writing books, chapter by chapter on #dbooks, I wish you good luck and great readers and followers @viking-ventures

2. @marcelgoo

he write his blog in English and German. Post about countries in Asia, especially Thailand.
Food is aswell one of the things @marcelgoo post about.
Stunning pictures and always a good descreption, he makes always nice comments to other peoples post
His reputation is 49 now, but absolutely under-valued, hope this contest give him a little push.

3. @overkillcoin

mmmh... what can I say?

Thank you very much @overkillcoin!

a dolphin already, an absolutely talented graphic designer, a spam hater, a very kind person with a lot sense for humour, a helping hand for any questions...
I think, that's @overkillcoin
he or she, I still don't know,hehehe, gave me a lot of reasons for a smile early in the morning. I follow on twitter, read early in the morning some tweets and many times already I got a smile on my face when I read tweets of @overkillcoin.
Thank you, a pearl in the Steemit Universe.
Best regards and good luck to all!


Thanks for joining us at the #payitforward contest and supporting the project. We truly appreciate it. I have visited your featured authors (one of which I am already a fan of), commented and upvoted them. Wish you continued success.

Thank you very much @energyaddict22

Thank you for featuring me, Tom!
I've just posted my latest chapter of my Stonehenge book - some of my favorite pictures in there today!

you're welcome!

Great suggestions. I don't know of anyone that wouldn't just love @viking-ventures.

Awww, thank you!

You are most welcome :) <3

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Thanks for your entry! Have upvoted all of the featured bloggers.

wow, nice! Thank you @thedarkhorse

Thank you for your entry I have supported all your featured entries

Thank you very much @wolfhart

A big 'Thank you'/Danke for mentioning me. Really nice! :))

Kein Problem, gern geschehen...