Week 9 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Entry @permieemmy

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Hey ya'll!

This is my first every entry into @thedarkhorse's #payitforward contest. I'm looking to breathe social permaculture into society, even in the small whisper of an echo chamber in which I exist. Luckily for me, the Steemit community has got this concept a little under their belt, bolstering each other to help support the community in whatever drives them forward. This is what I'm hoping to achieve; find self-empowerment and provide a stepping stone to help others do the same. In this respect, having been put forward last week, I feel getting involved in this contest does the same for others and that's really something I want to be a part of.

So here is goes for Week 9 #payitforward Contest:

1. @yvesoler

Tigrilla Gardenia.png

Tigrilla Gardenia is an inter-species researcher and a visionary, pioneering planetary balance by promoting the harmony between plants and animals. She had a kind of mixed bag career path, having dabbled in the corporate world with Microsoft and RealNetworks, moving on to circus work, having even done a stint with Cirque du Soleil. Now she's an inspirational speaker and Ambassador for Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity. She works to inspire urban biocentres co-created with plants and spends a great deal of time researching plant awareness and the human interaction with this. I came across Tigrilla Gardenia thanks to @practicalthought and I'm so glad he recommended her blog to me. Reading her work has been both educative and inspirational to say the least.

'My solitary actions are not enough, therefore we need a more substantial and consistent commitment from the majority of humanity. But one can only lead by example. If my actions inspire just one person. And that person inspires one. As a result, I believe the plant world will recognize our efforts and will help us find new models to create a sustainable ecosystem in which all species can thrive. It is worth a try!'

Now I know I'm meant to post things that aren't close to payout. I know I'm a little late on this, because the busy woman she is, she doesn't have time to post all that often. However, what she does post is meaningful and very important. She is bringing awareness to the plant ecosystem that we separate ourselves from, which is leading to the devastation of our planet through sheer blindness to it. Maybe it's not quite what the competition is looking for, but this blog is such an important read that it needs to be seen. In this respect, I'm putting forward this wonderful post about plant blindness:

Plant Blindness, Working on a Cure

She deserves to be recognized for her continued efforts not only to educate us, but to educate herself. Her path to self-development is something admirable and her observations of nature's patterns and how they are mimicked in community, architecture, and popular culture really help to delve into possible solutions for our future, so please support her.

2. @nikema

Nikema Prophet.png

Nikema Prophet is an unschooling Mum desperately trying to create a decentralized education community for her unschooled kids, named @popschools. One of the major things she's found as a challenge to unschooling is the lack of collaboration, funding, and socialisation that comes with unschooling, mainly because these kids are in the minority. That said, with all the benefits of giving kids the wider space to learn and be curious, these children shouldn't suffer because they don't follow the majority path. Nikema is trying to set up this community through Steemit where kids can interact with each other and build their own community online in a decentralised manner.


Her blog not only talks about her journey, but also support some incredible writers, posting some extremely interesting and informative articles. This demonstrates her hard work in building community beyond just the financial and idealistic concept she's trying to push forward herself. She is demonstrating how through collaborative learning and back and forth conversation, we can learn from each other. And I love how she gives great examples of learning from her own kids.

I'm putting forward her 'fundation' article where she is looking for people to donate toward this incredible idea of Popschools, that helps raise money through the community she is building:

'Everyone could use more funds to pursue their goals and passions. As a community, we can work together towards financial freedom for all. Not all, but many problems can be solved by getting capital into the hands of those who don't have it.'

I started a fundition campaign for @popschools

3. @girlsfoundation - Bonus Featured #PAYITFORWARD Blogger

girls foundation.png

Girls Foundation are new to Steemit and they're going in hard with their foundation, based in Nigeria, advocating girls basically. Their aim is to teach and encourage them, while also helping girls to find some financial stability. Each week they aim to target one girl at a time to help with offering Steemit gifts, giving her a sense of independence offering something to the Steemit community, for which she will be rewarded to financial gains.

They will be fighting for rights of women, using their words and actions to discuss difficult topics like domestic violence, mental health, rape, and education.

While small, I like the concept of helping people one at a time. Doing what you can, no matter how small it is. A drop in the ocean, after all, still creates ripples. I think they deserve continued support from the community for their work so that they can continue to #payitforward

I believe that a girl can bring about change in the society, every girl will grow up to be a mother someday and mothers are mostly the ones at home with the children, if the mother is well enlightened, she would transfer the same norms and values to the children.


Thanks for your consideration and please check out these incredible humans doing great stuff!

Love and thanks - @permieemmy


Thanks for joining us at the #payitforward contest. You have chosen some awesome entries. I hope that @yvesoler posts again soon so I can share some upvote love. I have upvoted and commented on your other entry. Wish you all the best.

I'm sure I selected @nikema a couple of weeks ago, but I'll keep my mouth shut (I didn't win that week anyways!) - best of luck.

I still can't get over the fact that you're from Dartford.

Haha great minds think alike!

Thank you for participating in this challenge. I am unsure if they will let @yvesoler through as a nomination, but I hope so. I feel she is one of the greatest finds I have made here on Steemit, and I am glad you feel so as well. Maybe they will make an exception since the intent is to discover talented people here, and honestly there is nothing I bring to the table that compares. Nor many of the posts I read here daily.

Due to your own fascinating journey, you two would seem to complement one another greatly, and I look forward to learning much from both of you.

Edit: Going to check out the others now.

Wow, thanks so much for featuring me in the pay it forward contest. I’m honored. It really is a boost to my motivation to know that folks like you see what I’m working on.

No problem. Love what you're doing and think it's great that you're trying to do something not just for your own kids but for all kids. Love the name popschools too!

Thanks for your entry! While I will allow the first blogger they will not get any rewards for upvotes as it's past 7 days old. Exposure is still helpful for people to gain, but I really like seeing people earn rewards from those that visit. Your entry is confirmed, but would suggest swapping out your first featured blogger with another one. Then later when @yvesoler posts again feature them that week.

I up voted 2 of of the 3 featured post
thank you for your entries