20 questions with @gringalicious (The Steemian Series)

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When @gringalicious's father, @noboxes, suggested she sign up for Steemit, she balked at the idea.


Her reluctance was defeated by her dad's was persistence; @gringalicious joined Steemit in August 2016. Shortly after, she composed a post to introduce herself to the community.

The payout was worth a whopping $0.21 USD...

Fast-forward 18 months and you'd have to scroll for quite a while to find a recent @gringalicious post that is worth less than $200 USD. On top of that, she's acquired a following of 10,000 and built one of the top 30 Steemit reputation scores (74).

The 20-something food blogger has even had her recipes featured in Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

But what does @gringalicious attribute her success to? Why does she think the trending page is "detrimental?" And, if the author rewards were to disappear tomorrow, would she continue blogging on Steemit?

The latest edition of 20 Questions: The Steemian Series has your answers.

20 questions with @gringalicious


1 - How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

@gringalicious - Wow, starting off with such a hard one.

I'm a fairly average 20-something girl with a huge passion for photography, food, travel, and fitness, and I sometimes tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.

2 - How were you introduced to Steemit? And what was your initial impression of the platform?

@gringalicious - Haha, funny story. First, I'll admit that I had little-to-no knowledge of crypto and blockchains back then. My father, @noboxes, actually introduced me to it and told me, "Hey Tori, this is such a great platform for your work!" My reaction to seeing it was something like, "Um, Dad that looks really cheesy and how could it be legit?"

He encouraged me to try it and I'm so grateful he did.

3 - At the bottom of many of your blog posts, you explain that your introduction post was worth $0.21 USD, which is a significant contrast to the value of your average post today. Other than consistently publishing posts, how do you believe you became successful on this platform?

@gringalicious - For me, I guess there were two main things and those are making sure to integrate into the community by building friendships and focusing on quality content over quantity. Those things will really help set you apart.

4 - In your opinion, what is the best thing about Steemit?

@gringalicious - I have not figured out how to sum this up in a single phrase yet, so bare with me. I'll start with freedom. I believe money is the single greatest form of control that our governments hold over us. As is often said, Steem is the gateway crypto. It enables people all over the world in any situation to break out of their financial bonds. My time in Chile showed me how repressive our current 'systems' are: financial, education, you name it. And not just in Chile, but everywhere. These systems are all designed to turn people into batteries to continue the overall system (yes, that's a Matrix reference, totally). Crytpo is going to allow freedom at a level that has not seen before and Steem is going to allow the non-techies, the non investment wiz's to use 'proof of mind' to obtain their freedom (and foodies too). Can any of us even grasp what that means yet? It's mind blowing and I am so excited to be part of it. It's going to change the world and as @donkeypong said in his 20 questions, “I hope I can make the world a better place in my own small way.” Steem and crypto are going to make that possible, I have absolute confidence.

5 - In your opinion, what is the worst thing about Steemit?

@gringalicious - Well, first of all, I've learned to differentiate Steemit from Steem. @lukestokes did a great post on this, Steem is not Steemit. So my answers apply to steemit.com, busy.org or chainbbb, dmania, etc. Newbies give up too easy. There are many reasons for that and I know things are being worked on at many different levels to increase retention. @lukestokes also did a post a while ago about setting proper expectations. The 'Trending' page is detrimental , it totally sets up improper expectations, in my opinion. Personally, I very seldom look at it. I think a quasi official "Steem for Dummies" would really be big help. Maybe some funding could go toward that. (NO, I am not volunteering to write it.) Steem, it can be a confusing place. @kus-knee did a newcomers comprehensive guide and I send this link to a lot of new users, but I don't think they're taking his advice.


6 - In the average week, how much time do you spend reading other users' Steemit posts?

@gringalicious - I'm constantly wishing I had more time to keep up with all the great Steemians . I'd like to, but time is always short. If I had to guess, maybe about 15 hours a week; I've never measured so it is hard to say. I will admit, it is one of my greatest weaknesses.

7 - You've attended SteemFest and even helped organize local Steemit meet-ups. Why is it important for this online community to meet face-to-face?

@gringalicious - While I was attending Steemfest, there was a night when a fellow Steemian friend couldn't' pay his tab at a restaurant where a group of us were having dinner. Another Steemian kindly offered to transact in Steem and right then and there they traded currency in a way that was applicable to real life. I think it's really important to meet each other face-to-face because as Steem is growing I think it's one of the greatest ways to keep the community strong and maintain relationships on a more personal level. It makes all this 'made-up crypto money' real… people make it real.

And, oh by the way, let me drop a plug here, there is a 'Steem Meetup' coming to North Idaho and the 'greater inland Northwest' in February, likely the week of the 18th. All interested, please contact me on steemit.chat.

8 - If all Steemit rewards disappeared tomorrow, would you still blog on the platform?

@gringalicious - Seriously? Since you asked, I'm going to be completely honest, I'd refer you to my answer to question #4. The cat is out of the bag: if Steem should fail (which I highly doubt), there will be another rise up behind it. I'll be posting there, working on my little change-the-world project(s). The saying of "come for the money, stay for the people" gets thrown a lot and there is a ton of truth to that, no question. For example, there are many, many times in the past that I became discouraged and all I had to do was go looking the latest vlog by @exyle to get me fired back up. So, I highly value the relationships and I would do whatever I could to maintain them through other means, but let's be honest with ourselves, there is no steemit.com, busy.org, dtube, etc. without the payouts and to say anything otherwise is disingenuous. We're not here to recreate another facebook, that's been done already. Facebook mastered how to enslave billions to work for free. Steem returned the power back to the people.

9 - What other cryptocurrencies interest you?

@gringalicious - Well, let's just say BTC is my friend and we'll leave that there. I stumbled upon some Youtube videos of the main developer of Cardano and that one really intrigues me. I need to watch the videos like 12 more times, though.

10 - What is the biggest difference between life in the United States vs. life in Southern Chile? Where do you prefer to be?

@gringalicious - It may be kind of a broad answer, but I'd say the biggest difference is just the overall cultures. You can't truly understand this difference until you've lived in both places because from a glance the places don't seem too different, it's in all the little details of everyday life that you really notice all the contrast.

11 - How would you describe your perfect meal?

@gringalicious - Oh, that's so hard. I'm a huge fan of Chinese cuisine when I'm cooking for myself, so for me the perfect meal would be a plate of variety of my favorite dishes including stir-fry veggies, rice, and meat entrees. Although, a breakfast bowl of berries, Greek yogurt, and granola is my favorite everyday go-to.

12 - What is your tip for taking the perfect food picture?

@gringalicious - Lighting! I could tell you a lot of things about what I've learned in photography, because there are many things to learn, but without good lighting it's very hard to go from there. I recommend using natural light whenever possible. Second to light would be practice. No magic tip or trick will ever give you the same knowledge as experience.

13 - Your food has been featured on BuzzFeed more than 25 times, as well as Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post, and a long list of other notable websites. What is your advice for aspiring food bloggers who are hoping to get noticed?

@gringalicious - Building relationships and socializing online are probably just as important as content. So give your content the best you've got, but also make time to network and build those friendships.


14 - Pretend you are given the opportunity to decide the location for SteemFest 3. Where would it be held, and why?

@gringalicious - I can't deny I'd love to have it somewhere in The States for the convenience; however, I loved traveling to Europe for the last one. Some of my Korean friends from SteemFest asked me if I'd attend it in Korea if it were held there and I undoubtedly would.

15 - How did you celebrate hitting 10,000 followers?

@gringalicious - I celebrated by doing what I love: creating more recipes to share with all 10,000 of them.

16 - Who inspires you?

@gringalicious - Again, such a hard one to give a single answer. I am always looking at other food bloggers across the web, and I also get inspired by other Steemians. Some of the friends I met at SteemFest are huge inspirations to me as well. For example, @allasyummyfood is such an amazing content machine, that girl! Also @timsaid has been crushing his photography game! If I started listing all of them, your readers would fall asleep way before the list was finished. Another amazing aspect to this platform, so many have been liberated to create in a way they themselves never knew possible.

17 - Are there any foods you strongly dislike?

@gringalicious - I am truly not that picky about foods I dislike, haha. I love mostly every kind, but papaya and octopus are what immediately came to mind. Not my favorites.

18 - What's your most embarrassing moment?

@gringalicious - Hmmm, this one took me a while to think of an answer for. Maybe my mind represses all the memories of these embarrassments because I know for sure I've had my share.

Okay, but I finally thought of something that I'll never live down and that was when I took my first driver's license test. I failed it completely because in my nervousness, I ran right through a stop sign in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Automatic fail.


19 - You get to have dinner with three people, living or dead. Who are you eating with?

@gringalicious - Off the top of my head: Jesus Christ (because I really like that guy), Dumbledore (die-hard HP fan here and it took me forever to get over the fact that Rowling killed him off in book 6), and Shia LaBeouf (because, 1, I really need to know what the heck he was doing in that very strange Sia video. 2, because I could probably use some inspiration to JUST DO IT! and 3, I bet he could use a talk with Jesus and Dumbledore.)

20 - What is one thing very few people know about you?

@gringalicious - I'm a great goat milker!

A shout-out to @gringalicious for telling us more about herself and sharing her recipe for Steemit success.

As always, thanks to all of you for taking the time to read.

Who would you like to see me throw 20 questions at? Drop me a comment below and I'll work on setting up the interview.

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Haha, your first introduction with steemit is funny(So what do you have to say now? Is it legit lol). I have been following you since my early days of steemit and I wish you luck for your future travel journeys.
You know what? We have something close to common, you are a great goat milker and I can milk Buffalo/Cows.

I had such a great time answering these. Thanks so much for the opportunity @wadepaterson!

aww thanks soo much for the mention!!! it means a lot! and it was soo good to read about you and get to know you in more details!! I didnt know your fav food was chinese, so interesting! :))) Very proud of you and I think you are doing an incredible job here on Steemit!! :) @wadepaterson great job!

I'm glad you're now officially part of "The Steemian Series." Thanks so much for taking the time to share your insights :)

Oh @gringalicious, pls can i add a few?

  1. Goats!! From where..chile or idaho?
    2.Did u go to the HP place outside London?
    3.Which video is it about cardano, HODL?
    4.So much fried octopus and salad in Lisbon, you didn't try any? 😁😁

You used to live in Chile?

as I am heavily biased, this is my favorite '20 questions' you have ever done - LOL. Seriously though, I love the answers to #4 and #8 and I am so proud of @gringalicious for having the courage to give well thought out answers. And, thanks so much for the mention.

Well, I think we all truly have you to thank, @noboxes. Your persistence paid off :)

(And you're right... a few of those questions weren't easy.)

"Facebook mastered how to enslave billions to work for free. Steem returned the power back to the people."

Great answer @gringalicious!

And @wadepaterson, thanks for another insightful article. Cheers!

Thanks for being a loyal reader!

Aw, my amazing sister! She's so talented and awesome! 💜

That is so sweet @alovelymess, I have the best sisters!

@gringalicious .. .definately a good pick here @wadepaterson. She is really one of kind & inspiring a lot of people - including me.

Keep up the good work, gringa!


Thanks for the kind words :)

Love the interview. @gringalicious is red pill AF. She knows the score with regards to the financial system. I agree with what she says on socializing with others. In my short time here, I've been able to build a small consistent base of readers by just engaging constantly with them. This is key, because it's fun and will keep people around. I HOPE TO GOD STEEMFEST 3 IS IN THE USA! I know there are sexier places than the USA, but we are still the biggest economy in the world, what better place promote Steemit through SteemFest!?! My number 2 place would be Malaysia because that community has so much heart.

Aw, my amazing sister! She's so talented and awesome! 💜

I think engagement is the true key to success on Steemit.

For example, this was a solid comment, and I checked out your blog because of it. (And now I'm looking forward to Wednesday's edition of Thunderbird and Kid)

And on top of the networking benefits, it makes steemit a fun vibrant place for everybody.

Hey Wade, as I mentioned in my interview with the plug for a Steem Meetup, here's the official announcment - https://steemit.com/steem/@gringalicious/steem-meetup-inland-northwest-usa-february-22nd

Love these 20 question series interviews...Keep them coming!

That's great to hear! I'm really glad you enjoy the series.

Don't worry, there are a lot of interesting Steemians out there, so the series will roll on!

I really enjoyed reading this, thanks @wadepaterson!

I have been on Steemit for a few months now and @gringalicious is one of the first people I followed, so it's interesting to get to know her better and get a perspective of her journey on the platform. Some great advice (noted!) and great blog mentions too. Great post all round!

Wow, an absolutely wonderful interview. We got to know more about @gringalicious then we wouldn't have known (well, maybe later as we get to know her a bit better). Without following her, we wouldn't have known this 'The Steemian Series' existed too! Well done @wadepaterson for creating this.
We have a list! We would like to see an interview done with @exyle, @anomadsoul, @joeparys, @juliank, @maneki-neko, @chefsteve, @susanne or @world-travel-pro just to name a few...

I'm glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for reading :)

And thanks for the list of suggestions! Much appreciated.

G'day @wadepaterson,

I love your 20Q series featuring successful and humble people like Tori.

@gringalicious, I would love to eat with Jesus too!

Blessings to you both...

Mel @coachmelleow

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for taking the time to read the interview :)

Wow.... Its awesome to see someone download all her profile here... Also for the benefit of others. I would like you to interview @olawalium next time. He is a great man of wisdom. Thanks for this @wadepaterson

Thanks for the suggestion!

Aww...this is huge @oredebby. Thanks for the mention, really means a lot. I am sure @wadepaterson has his hands full already with so many list. I have always been a huge fan of his interviews. Massive respect.

Great post @wadepaterson! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to get to know @gringalicious a little better. She's one of my faves. Too many great moments in this to comment on, but gotta love the Shia LaBeouf "could use a talk with Jesus and Dumbledore" moment 😄 Well done to both of you!

Thanks for being a loyal reader, Denise!

The pleasure is all mine @wadepaterson :)

Wow! She is really amazing and interesting coupled with her cuteness and smile. Thank you for always bringing them to us to know few things about them. You are really amazing sir.
10,000 followers, wow! I am well way off for now haha. She is right, steemit/steem has given us all freedom. So exciting.

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.

You're very welcome. It is, of course, @gringalicious's photography :)

Thanks so much for the opportunity @wadepaterson.that is great and nice photography.

This is so absolutely lovely. I love her vivacity

This is such a great interview! I love @gringalicious feed :)

I want to to thank you for this good read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I've got you book-marked to look at new stuff you post…

Thanks for checking this out!

Enjoyed reading your post and getting to know more about you! Your an inspiration to many!

Was an interesting post..thanks again for sharing 💞

Congratulations to both, very good questions and responses from the artist! @gringalicius

Thanks a lot for checking this out!

Wow very very nice post

Great interview!! @gringalicious is an extraordinary young woman with an incredible future. I'm privileged to have gotten to know her and her beautiful family when they were my neighbors in southern Chile.

Very cool!

I'd agree with you that her future looks bright, indeed.

@gringalicious is an inspiration for all of us! Great interview. And great initiative! :)

Agreed, @sweetcarol!

Thanks for reading :)

Inspiring! @gringalicious You inspired many of us.

“Steem is the gateway crypto.”
Love it! New favorite quote :-)

I first heard this reference from @piedpiper in 2016... but it's definitely a powerful statement.

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Fantastic interview. I'll read into the others in a minute. It's a great line. Please go on.

I had such a great time answering these. Thanks so much for the opportunity @wadepaterson!

Nice post love

wow! I loved this so much, thank you @wadepeterson. I like @gringalicious more and more with each interaction :)

You're welcome! Thanks so much for taking the time to read it.

Amazing post! Go to my blog and see my new content, greetings :D

This comment started out nicely. But, a friendly tip... "Go to my blog and see my new content" isn't going to be a very effective way of getting people's attention on this platform. @gringalicious references a helpful post in this interview: https://steemit.com/steemit/@kus-knee/the-old-dog-makes-a-personal-welcome-to-bit-sp-and-to-all-newcomers-a-comprehensive-guide

Very good picture and your story

Not my story as much as @gringalicious's - but thanks for checking it out!

I just thought that when I create blog makes me happy but after reading your blog I can realize that it mind blowing to read your blog.

Thanks for sharing

Haha, your first presentation with steemit is funny (So what do you need to state now? Is it genuine lol). I have been tailing you since my beginning of steemit and I wish you fortunes for your future travel ventures.

I just discovered your feed!!! I really loved your series!! someday I'll be more than happy to take a part in your steemian series as a travel blogger! :) I hope I can involve in the near future :) I've just published my introduction post and I've been publishing travel blogs for almost a month... will be happy to get your idea about my feed and my intro :) I wish If you can spend couple of minutes to ghet to know me :)

wonderful photography my dear friend after many days come to your blog, i love your all post thank you for this post,

This was a lot of fun to read :)
I totally agree with @gringalicious about integrating with the community. It's all about creating relationships and having a good time here on Steemit :)