What's In a Name? (Help Me Name My Signature Pasta!)

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So, the chef of a 4* restaurant here in Bali has made me my very own dish for his new menu launch!



That's kind of awesome on its own, isn't it?
... I guess that means (according to the Romans and Greeks who liked to have their name echoed through time) that with this dish, I shall survive my physical body... therefore I no longer have to fear death because I'll live on and people forever shall remember me through this pasta! ;)

Jokes aside...

I have been coaching this chef on how to make his menu more accessible for vegan/vegetarian and gluten free diets and he surprised me today with this dish dedicated to ME!

I'm flattered you guys but then he asked me something really difficult....

He asked me to name it!

He wants to name it Cece's pasta but that's so not my style!

So I was wondering, what do you all think?

The sauce is a spicy coconut cream that packs a lot of punch in every bite!

Remember, this is a 4 STAR resort in BALI! I want the name to be classy! ;)

Let me know what you think! =D

Small disclaimer... he forgot about the gluten free part so the dish seen here is going to be slightly different than the final version which will be made with rice noodles!

Can't wait to hear your ideas! <3

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great blog

Cece's pasta soundz good, Cece's wonder would be even better but would be more appropriate for one of your crazy looking delicious desset 🤪
What's in those pasta?

I like the CeCe part. I mean it should have your name on it if you want to live forever. But Pasta? Boring.

So, I'm thinking CeCe's Heart. You can live forever on the menu and on the blockchain.

Good for you, good for him. Just generally good all round.

Wonderful recipe. Dont know the name but really loved this dish. Great image and a lovingly stylish dish. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

4 star, wow! That pasta looks awesome, congratulation's Sweetie Linguine a la Cece would be cool name, but since you don't want to be named after you, than maybe Linguine a la Bali.

Coco Creme Pasta (notice the 2 C's for Cece)??? Or Coco La Creme (with that silly French dash over the e). Okay that is done and by the way, a dearth of posting, for which I have to track you down, and then bang a gazillion posts which I missed.