The competition PROMOTION STEEM, MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO ABOUT STEEM is extended by 14 days and lasts until October 20, 2022

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The competition is now closed, our judges will now go through the videos and the winners will be announced in a few days

There will be a prize pool of at least 37000 SP in delegation to the winners


In the video you make, you should preferably promote steem/steemit as a social blogging community where you meet people from all over the world and make new friends. But it is completely up to you what you choose to include in your video.

The competition runs until 20 October 2022

If you have already made a video to promote Steem now in 2022, it can also be included in the competition.

The competition is open to all Steemians and all local Communities on Steemit

What do you have to do to join?

Once you've made the video, upload it to YouTube
Create a post about your video. Remember to use tag #promo-steem
Leave a link to your video here in the comment field and the link to your post so we can find you.

The videos in the competition will be judged by
@pennsif @stef1 @xpilar

Of course, there are also prizes in this competition

There will be a prize pool of at least 37000 SP in delegation.

Delegated SP to the winners will have a duration of 3 weeks

Sponsor1st place2nd place3rd place
@xpilar5000 SP3000 SP2000 SP
@xpilar.witness1000 SP1000 SP1000 SP
@pennsif4000 SP1000 SP
@josepha500 SP300 SP200 SP
@o1eh1000 SP600 SP400 SP
@tocho2500 SP
@starlord283000 SP2000 SP
@f2i5500 SP300 SP200 sP
@nadiaturrina2500 SP
@lavanyalakshman3000 SP
@suboohi1500 SP1000 SP500 SP
@ponpase400 SP350 SP250 SP

We hope to be able to increase the prizes in this competition with more delegated SP, so if you want to be a sponsor in this competition leave a comment

Please help us market this competition to everyone and we are also asking for help from Country Reps. and others to create a post about the competition

Please re-steemed this post so we can reach many users with this contest ❤️

Incoming videos for the competition

1* Video made by @walictd

2* Video made by @hotspotitaly

3* Video made by @dexsyluz

4* Video made by @saiseanim

5* Video made by @vivigibelis

6* Video made by @alegnita

7* Video made by @fantvwiki

8* Video made by @adriancabrera

9* Video made by @promosi-steemit

10* Video made by @growwithme

11* Video made by @nisa-blog

12* Video made by @ponpase

13* Video made by @growwithme

14* Video made by @emsonic

15* Video made by @growwithme

16* Video made by @hamzayousafzai

17* Video made by @lavanyalakshman

18* Video tutorial-markdown made by @waterjoe

19* Video made by @f2i5

20 *Video made by @waterjoe

21 * Video made by @shravana

22* Video made by @deepak94

23* Video made by @sachin08

24* 6 Videos made by @joynalabedin

25* Video made by @angelnu

26* Video made by @waterjoe

27* Video made by @aaliarubab

28* Video made by @shravana


Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE


 last year 

Thanks for your video and for promoting steem

Thank you very much

 last year 

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Thank you for your support

 last year 

Great video, thanks for promoting steem 👍

Thank you very much

 last year 

Thanks for showing "MARKDOWN TUTORIAL ON STEEMIT PLATFORM" with your video

 last year 

Thanks for great video and thanks for promoting steem

No problem

All my 6 YouTube made in Hindi language to promote my Indian Users.
Check my all youtube videos with my smileindia intiative to help new user's

 last year 

Thanks for your video and for promoting steem

 last year 

Thanks for your video and for promoting steem

 11 months ago 

Thanks for your videos and for promoting steem

As last promotional video, I want to share is:

Now I define, why I like to create these PROMOTIONAL VIDEOs short. It is because, short video leave lot of impression on a new user. I have saw length videos for steemit. But the ratio of getting introduction to platform appears is after long time spending in the video. Also users like to watch short advertising, promotion videos.

Here is my post Link:.

 last year 

Thanks for your new video promoting steem

 last year 

Thanks @lavanyalakshman for co-sponsoring the contest, appreciate it
Also looking forward to your video in the competition

Sure sir,I preparing. Thank you very much.

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