Ramson Spring Salad with Veggies (simple recipe) & and where to find Ramson - FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - Ramson Food Serie part 4

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ramson (1 von 1)-19.jpg

Happy Earth Day my lovely friends! Its time to present the next part of my Ramson Food Series, today its time for Part 4 and a simple Vegan Veggie Salad!

Have you missed part 1, part 2 or part 3? Than check them out for some great ideas what to do with Ramson!


As many of you know, my dear friend Lena @lenasveganliving is hosting a wonderful and inspiring #fruitsandveggiesmonday and this monday I went for VEGGIES! You can find out all about Lena´s competition here.

I love mondays, and days like today, I feel so energized when I am able to do what I love all day long.
I was actually longing for monday to come already last friday, because I love to have the week in front me, with all its opportunities.
The weekend was beautiful, with a lot of summer sun and long walks outside. We even went for a picnic twice, and it was just as great as it sounds. (With that food especially;))

Proud mommy

My baby has been without diapers for a few months already, but always needed one when we went out. Now when he dont need any extra clothings outside, he is completely diaper free. Its so great that we can trust him to will tell us when he needs to pee and then help him with that. Life gets so much simplier when the diapers are not necessary anymore.
If you want to know more about how we have reached this diaper-free point, let me know, then I will write about that an other day!

Light Food / Hot Days

As I have mention in my last post, I am craving light energy food when the weather is getting warmer. I move away from heavy meals and want something cold and with a lot of colours. For me it is important to listen to my body, so I go for healthy dishes, like this veggie salad I made today. The last few days I have picked a lot of ramson leaves and flowers to add them fresh to my food and to be able to show you all my ideas what to do with them, and today I will show you how to include ramson in a cold spring salad!

Rainbow Food: Ramson Spring Salad with Veggies

ramson (1 von 1)-20.jpg
When you add a lot of colourful vegetables and fruits to your meals, you can be sure you get all the nutrients your body craves. One colour for each chakra. 7 colours for 7 chakras. I dont know exactly which colour is for which chakra, but I think green is for the heart chakra? So I placed an avocado rose in the middle of my bowl to symbolize the heart chakra and the earth in universe.

Wild Ramson from the forest

ramson (1 von 1)-11.jpg
Every day the last few days I have been to the forest near by our home, and picked a bunch of ramson leaves and flowers. Right now all the flowers are blooming, and the smell and view is incredible beautiful. So I want to show you some pictures of the ramson forest.

ramson (1 von 1)-12.jpg
The flowers are edible and the taste is not as intense as the leaves, but I admire the pure beauty of the small white flowers, and love to decorate my food and table with them. Here captured wild in the forest.

Ingredients for the Veggie Salad

ramson (1 von 1)-18.jpg

  • 1 bunch ramson leaves and some flowers
  • carrots
  • cooked potatoes
  • cooked cauliflower
  • olives
  • pickled cucumbers
  • fennel
  • tomatoes
  • roasted chickpeas (I always roast mine in virgin coconut oil, curry, pressed garlic and sea salt)
  • celery
  • Red cabbage
  • cucumber
  • avocado

ramson (1 von 1).jpg


  • sunflower seeds
  • aquafaba
  • chickpeas
  • lemon juice
  • sea salt & pepper
  • garlic
  • ginger
    (will post the exact recipe an other time, forgot to messure the ingredients today)
    I make this dressing all the time because we all love it, even my boy loves it with his food. Its filled with a lot of protein and nutrients that make every dish to a celebration for your body.


  • Simply chop all the veggies and put them in a large bowl. Mix well and sprinkle some lemon juice and virgin olve oil over when needed. (I made this salad 100% oil free today though, because I felt that we had enough of the good oils from the avocado and sunflower seeds, and the dressing made this salad perfect.)
  • Decorate with ramson flowers.
  • Serve and enjoy!

ramson (1 von 1)-2.jpg

Have a look at those ramson flowers, its a whole bunch of them in every single one of them.
ramson (1 von 1)-21.jpg
One more picture from the forest.

ramson (1 von 1)-10.jpg
To stay here is pure bliss.

ramson (1 von 1)-13.jpg
A ocean of ramson.

ramson (1 von 1)-3.jpg

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Love, Niina

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Thank you all! ❤
I want to inspire you to live your dreams, eat delicious, wholesome, nourishing, healthy food, and keep a creative mind. We all can do that, now!

Health starts inside our mind.

All content and images are mine and original. If you want to share my work, you are welcome. Just remember to tag me.



Thank you so so much my dear Lena!! What a great suprise my love!!! I am feeling so grateful!

I wanna Ramson too, we don't have it here :( lol..............I love the tiny white flower. Everything looks sooooooo beautiful and can totally taste it 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
1 Collage.jpg

I really made a HUGE bowl of this today, and we had all of it!! So delicious with all the different kind of veggies and the sunflower dressing!! Ramson doesnt grow in Canada at all?

I can only imagine how delicious it was and Ramson maybe grows here, but I never seen it in the store.

Yea perhaps you will find it in the forest, or in any asian store!;)

I just searched online and the only thing I can get here are seeds. I guess I would have to plant it. The problem is that the winter is too long here and the spring just stared this weekend. I wonder if it would grow if it's planted in May, when the weather is warm enough for gardening.

The season for ramson is between march and june or july here, so I think you could grow your own in your garden without problem. In Sweden the weather is quite similar to yours, and they also have ramson on some places.

That's good to know, thank you Sweetie...............however, we don't plant anything from seeds here. I would have to plant it already little bit grown, like tomatoes and all other plants, which we buy in a gardening store, or have my own greenhouse which I don't. I will look in the gardening store. We have a big one in the area.............. maybe I get lucky, lol

Hehe, good luck if you give it a try!!!;)

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This looks like the perfect spring bowl! I love eating so many brilliant colors in one meal, too. Just makes you feel vibrant and alive. :)

Yes so true! I can only agree with you darling!;) Wish you a wonderful new week Katie!

Niina such a lovely post...and no diapers!!! Yay! I remember how lovely that was when we were diaper free. And perfect time with spring in the air. This Ramson Spring salad looks so appetizing. I love all of the protein you included, wonderful that your little one eats it as well. Happy Earth day to you!

Happy Earth Day my dear friend! Yes to be diaper free (finally) is such a relieve! We have always used cotton diapers for our little one, so we had a lot to wash almost every day. Now he let us know when he needs to pee, so thats pretty amazing! I know parents who struggle with diapers until the children are 4 or 5 years old! I am happy our boy knows where to pee before he is even 2;)

Ramson is one of my reasons I love spring in the middle of Europe so much! It is sooo good! And your bowls look so delicious! Wonderful entry!

Thanks my darling!! I love the wonderful spring time here too, and all those wonderful herbs and plants you can pick everywhere;)

I bought mine on the green market but I know some spots where I can find ramson in the woods ...

Yea here you can also find them on markets, and everywhere in the forest!;) Great, right to know such spots;)

Wow, Excellent recipe. I admire you for the content of your recipes and for their health. Wonderful photos @vegan.niinja love from Venezuela

Thanks my dear Eve! (thats your name, right?) Thats really kind of you, I appriciate your support and love so much. You just made my day (or night to be more correct, lol;)) Love from Vienna!

I would love to have a bowl like that! Well done!

I could make you one!😉

Hey there proud Mama! Well done with the diapers, that's a big step. I would like to take up your offer of doing a post explaining how you did this please, because I'm just starting with my son and it's not going well!!! I really want to be diaper-free!

Your post is amazing by the way... everything is so beautiful and fresh looking. Your baby is lucky to have so much nutrition and creativity to look forward to in the future! :-)

Thanks love! I will do a post about that soon, promise! How old is your son?
Your words means so much to me, I am feeling so grateful for your support!🙌❤

No need for thanks - I love every single post you do! I especially like how you often mention something about your life or family before moving on to talk about food etc... It's a wonderful way to get to know you!

My son is two-and-a-half... I know, I should have potty trained him long ago but for many reasons I haven't, and now it's even harder than it would have been at a younger age. Oh dear!

Oh darling! I can imagine how challenging that can be with the potty training, but how about just let him go without a diaper and pants when you are at home, and leave the potty somewhere where he can see it? Kids are so curious and I am sure he knows what to do on it, just give him some time and let it ne interesting and funny! And if he pee on the flour or in his pants, just say to him that he should go to the potty the next tme he wants to pee. And let him help you to clean up;) I have heard parents that just took away the diapers completely for 2 days, and than the kids didnt need them more. It can be difficult during the time when they realise what is happening without a diaper, but it goes pretty fast.

I will write about this more tomorrow I think. Maybe I need some pictures;)


Ah, that sounds interesting, and I'm curious so I will give that a try! It's still too cold weather here for no diaper & pants at the moment... maybe in a few weeks it will be warmer and then I will try it! I have a potty and some of our floors are wood so not too difficult to clean up accidents :-) Thank you for your advice! :-)

Yes can be a little difficult when it's still cold. Wait for warm days, I am sure it will work. Just have fun with it and let your son try it out a few days and see what happens. He will per on the floor or in his pants a few times before he gets it though.
Good luck!❤

Thank you! When I try it I'll report back and let you know if we've been successful!

this looks so good, you really have such an amazing talent with food. and yeah to nappy free baby, well done xx

Thanks beautiful lady! Yea to have him diaper free is such a relief!😉🤗🤗🤗

Ah looks like auto upvote was working today, good thing I came along to check this out! I love wold garlic leaves but I think I missed the season here already, still hoping to find wild asparagus tho. I have no idea how u get your avocado to shape in such a beautiful form! It's truly a master piece!

Thanks lovely! My avocado roses are getting better, but still not perfect.😉Wow would be amazing to find find wild asparagus here too, but I don't think they grow wild here... I am happy I have found a nice place with a lot of ramson, the view and smell is wonderful.😊I hope my auto upvote works as well today, I have had a very low sp for some days now so I had to higher the limit to not get to low.❤

This is beautiful all around. I wish I could get some ramsom. It doesn't exist here. Nobody knows what it is.

Oh really? But you can replace it with kale or spinach, works just as well as with ramson;)

I see a lot of talent in your photographs, my sincere congratulations to you!

Thanks so much for those sweet words!!!

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