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RE: Ramson Spring Salad with Veggies (simple recipe) & and where to find Ramson - FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - Ramson Food Serie part 4

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I wanna Ramson too, we don't have it here :( lol..............I love the tiny white flower. Everything looks sooooooo beautiful and can totally taste it 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
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I really made a HUGE bowl of this today, and we had all of it!! So delicious with all the different kind of veggies and the sunflower dressing!! Ramson doesnt grow in Canada at all?

I can only imagine how delicious it was and Ramson maybe grows here, but I never seen it in the store.

Yea perhaps you will find it in the forest, or in any asian store!;)

I just searched online and the only thing I can get here are seeds. I guess I would have to plant it. The problem is that the winter is too long here and the spring just stared this weekend. I wonder if it would grow if it's planted in May, when the weather is warm enough for gardening.

The season for ramson is between march and june or july here, so I think you could grow your own in your garden without problem. In Sweden the weather is quite similar to yours, and they also have ramson on some places.

That's good to know, thank you Sweetie...............however, we don't plant anything from seeds here. I would have to plant it already little bit grown, like tomatoes and all other plants, which we buy in a gardening store, or have my own greenhouse which I don't. I will look in the gardening store. We have a big one in the area.............. maybe I get lucky, lol

Hehe, good luck if you give it a try!!!;)

Thank you never know 🌸💖🌸