Life changing questions, be brave enough to read!

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Hi guys!! Today I am freewriting from my heart and soul. No recipes in this post, but pure inspiration for life and dancing thoughts.

First: VEGAN

So what do vegans eat? The simple answer: We eat everything! The only thing we dont eat is dead animals along with all kind of living beings, breastmilk from other species than our own, and cruelity.

Can you stay healthy when you dont get proteins and nutrients from meat or dairy?
Answer: You will even get healthier when you limit your meat and dairy consume, and feel lighter, energized and more connected with the universe and all living beings.

Second: LIFE

Today I just want to motivate you all to inform yourself, to step out of your comfort zone, to question your believes and to spread love whereever you are. Start with yourself. Go outside your routine. Break yourself free. Leave an unpleasent environment.

Ask yourself two questions:

  • who do I want to be?
  • what do I want to do?

Live the life at it fullest! Dance, create and dont care about what others might be thinking about you, you are thinking that about yourself.

Are you afraid of being old? Or to die? What is there to be afraid of, except for your thoughts? Nothing. The worst thing that could happen, is a thought.

Waiting... for what?

Yesterday I was celebrating my birthday, and you know what, I love to get older! I love to celebrate life! I love to live!

I do what I love, and the only thing I can imagine can be hard when you getting old, is the regret of not lived your life at it fullest.

What are you waiting for? Your exam? Your marriage? That house you dream about, or your dream job? Or just the right partner, why not wait until you are having children, then you can live. Many wait for the retirement. Or for the government to be replaced, next year for new possibilities. That day when I am old enough. But I need disappoint you. You will never find that right moment if you are waiting to change your life and live happy. Because the moment is only now. Either you want it or you dont want. Dont come with excuses. You just fool yourself.

Sorry (I am not sorry), for writing the truth, my truth. I need to do that from time to time. And today is monday, the perfect day for life changing decisions. Just kidding. Every day is the perfect day for it!
I hope you feel excited, or uncomfortable when you read this, than you are looking at something you need to pay attention to.

I got the question many times yesterday, how does it feel to get older? (I am now 28 years old, born 1990.)
I think that is fantasic! Dont we all want to live until we are very old, feel happy and know we have lived thelife we wished for? Who wants to die young? Not many want to die young, but so many want to stay young forever. What does that mean? Are we in a waiting modus? Do we want our life to be in the future but wait for living it?

Life is an adventure, we are travelling and when our journey ends, we´ll come home, and who knows whats waiting for us, isnt that just as much exciting as it is to live? So why not just learn about our self, do what we are burning to do, and dance through life with that fire inside us?

Dont wait! Your life is now, right here, right now.

You are a truth seeking spirit, and you feel it deep inside when something is right for you, and when it is now. It is like this for me right now, I am writing as fast as I can and just follow my thoughts, the fingers dance over the keyboard, because I know that these words are truth for me, and I dont need to think twice to know that. When something doesnt feels right, just dont do it, change it, choose your life in this moment.

I choose my belives

I dont need to waste my life by doing things I dont like, love. I dont need to waste lifes because I am hungry. I dont need to waste the planet because I am unsecure about my look.

I take charge of my life. Now. And so do you.

Noone else is responsible for your anger, for your sadness. You are. Or rather the thoughts you belive in are responsible for your misary or heaven. Replace destructive thoughts with loving thoughts, you dont need to force away bad belives, just question them (my tips: Byron Katie and The Work) and find a belive that is more aligned with you.

If you think you are stuck in your life right now, you probably are. But the good news is, even small changes have huge impact on your daily life, and step by step your life will transform the way you imagine.

If you cant change the outside world, dont worry, you can ALWAYS change your inner world. In every situation, everywhere. Noone can take away your freedom, only you self have that power. Freedom is your birth right.

You are awesome, you are amazing.

So, lets take a quick look at this beautiful spread of natures gifts: Fruits and Vegetables from our mother earth. Thank you.
fruitsplatter (1 von 1)-2.jpg

As you probably can imagine, this was my birthday breakfast/brunch/lunch, yes all of it!! We just kept eating, it was no ending of the yummines. Food porn overloaded! And to be honest, this was just the beginning, later I made a heavenly pizza with all my favourite toppings and my own homemade cream cheese, and in the evening, me and my loving partner (thanks Ebi), enjoyed HALF of the cake I made (creamy texture, vanilla, chocolate, roasted hazelnuts... cant tell more about it at the moment, as I dont want to make you drool to much), it was (yes today we ate the rest of it, not a crumble left!), the best cake I have made so far. Of course I took some pictures for you, so I can share the recipe later this week, perhaps in my next post, so really stay tuned! You dont want to miss it. It is pure heaven. I know, I shoudnt have told you, because you will start dreaming about it, and be unpatient with me until I share it. Sorry again, not a bit!!;) Lol. I am having so much fun right now. Would love to get into you mind.

Until then, see you!!

fruitsplatter (1 von 1)-4.jpg
Of course I didnt forget about my dear friend Lena´s @lenasveganliving weekly challange that I love to support and join today with my fruit- and veggie platter. #fruitsandveggiesmonday
Check out my friends contest here


Love, Niina

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I want to inspire you to live your dreams, eat delicious, wholesome, nourishing, healthy food, and keep a creative mind. We all can do that, now!

All images are mine. Please dont use without my permission.


Delicious ❤

You are awesome and amazing, too, my friend! ;) So glad to see such a beautiful celebration of life lived to the fullest daily.

Thats wonderful- Thanks Katie for being such a sweet friend!!

Such a great read to inspire other people to live in the here and now and follow their heart and dreams. Nobody should waste precious time on things they don't love or stand behind! Beautiful fruit platter! Wouldn't mind one of these for lunch today ;)

Oh thanks for your support and your words! That means a lot to me!

Awesome, I love when people speak their truth and positivity so freely. Thank you for sending love and light out into the universe. :) And Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much dear Lily for taking the time to read!! I think sometimes we just need to write down what we have inside us, right?;)

Happy birthday @vegan.niinja, I wish you a life always full of love and light!
Very inspiring the post that you wrote today. Not for me since I have found my path by now but the truth is that it took me longer in my timeline to get to the consciousness you have now at your 28 years. Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and your recipes) with us!

So happy you have found your path and that you are living the life you love! Thanks for your support!

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Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

Thank you so much!

First of all, congratulations on your birthday 🎂 🎉. Good to know that you feel so full of life and grateful. Thank you for sharing all these questions and answers, they make me think and reflect, just at this moment that I decided to be strict vegan. Being bloated with life is the most wonderful thing that can happen to us. I'm already waiting for the cake recipe! Happy day !!✨✨

Really wish you great luck to fulfill your vegan challenge!! I am sure you will make it and continue on this path.;)

Thanks, Niina. I hope so!

Oh what a feast you had, glad you celebrated your birthday appropriately, loving all you have to say and share with us all. much love xx

Thanks sweetie!!

Oh my god Niina. When I'm still in awe of the powerful and wonderful woman you are you smack me with this post.
You inspire me every day to work harder and keep evolving. I can't tell you enough how much it means to have a friend like you <3
I love you so much for being such a big inspiration, amazing friend and a true warrior princess <3

That means so much to me Nicole!! Thank you for all your uplifting support every day!!!
You are also a true fighter and truth seeker!!

It's a true pleasure to take part of your journey here :)
Aw thank you darling <3

Same to you my dear Nicole!!

Powerful post! Belated best wishes, my dear.

Thank you so much!!

Thanks for this very inspirational post! You are seriously such an inspiration :)

Thanks Nina my dear!! And so are you!


Oh what a honour! Thanks Lena!!

I am as happy as you are Sweetie but I wasn't the judge this week..............Paola is the one who deserves thanks 🌸💖🌸

Yes, I have to thanks her!😉😘💕💃

Happy Birthday again Sweetie. Your platter is soooooooooooo beautiful and yummy and your story is so wise and encouraging. I can totally relate, because if I wouldn't live with that believe, I wouldn't probably be here on Steemit right now.

When I was your age, I just came to Canada and I was denied Landed emigrant status..............nevertheless, life is not easy for me, but I am still here, planting seeds for better future with all of you my Dearest Friends.
1 Collage.jpg

Your work is so valuable my dear Lena! Thank you for these words, and for your endless support!
What brought you to Canada?

My ex husband, because his cousin lived here and we though that he will help my husband find a job under the table lol ..............when I came here, I felt right at home from the start and I said to myself that I am not leaving. My ex husband went back, but I stayed. It was very difficult and lengthy process to get landed emigrant status and eventually Citizenship, but eventually I did.

That's quite a story! And did you find love again in Canada? I am happy you feel home there! I also want to find a place where I can feel home, Austria is not a country I want to live whole my life, Sweden was and will always only be temporary. I want to live somewhere where it's warmer. 🤗😘