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RE: Ramson Spring Salad with Veggies (simple recipe) & and where to find Ramson - FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - Ramson Food Serie part 4

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Niina such a lovely post...and no diapers!!! Yay! I remember how lovely that was when we were diaper free. And perfect time with spring in the air. This Ramson Spring salad looks so appetizing. I love all of the protein you included, wonderful that your little one eats it as well. Happy Earth day to you!


Happy Earth Day my dear friend! Yes to be diaper free (finally) is such a relieve! We have always used cotton diapers for our little one, so we had a lot to wash almost every day. Now he let us know when he needs to pee, so thats pretty amazing! I know parents who struggle with diapers until the children are 4 or 5 years old! I am happy our boy knows where to pee before he is even 2;)