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Hi guys!
Ok, forget all my previous recipes (just kidding), this is the ONLY one you have to try out if you have to choose one. At least if you are crazy about peanut butter and chocolate. The combination of crunchy roasted hazelnuts and a cookie crust with chocolate-peanut butter that melts in your mouth, yea, just try it out!! NOW!!

I had a crush on these yummy cups today, was playing around in my kitchen, and suddenly, I KNEW what I wanted to create! That is called pure inspiration from the universe. So I followed the urge and made them as I saw them in my mind. I thought about adding roasted chickpeas instead of hazelnuts at first, but decided to make them with hazelnuts. I love the roasted flavour of nuts, and hazelnuts is probably the nicest one. But if you have an allergy, please try them with roasted chickpeas instead, I am sure they taste quite similar!

  • You need only a 4 ingredients, which you probably have at home!
  • Vegan (no eggs, no dairy)
  • refined sugar free (no white sugar!)
  • healthy snack!
  • rich, fudge, sweet, melting...
  • gluten free cookie crust!
  • suitable for allergies (use chickpeas instead of the hazelnuts, gives you also a lot of extra protein)
  • easy to make
  • fool proof recipe
  • delicious with tea
  • always good to have in the freezer when you come home/when your children are sleeping;)
  • Happy Dessert
  • obsession

Without further do, here is my step by step recipe for you guys!

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cups with a Cookie Crust

CUPS (1 von 1)-13.jpg
Looks good? It is darn good!


Makes about 6 cups in muffin size.


CUPS (1 von 1)-20.jpg Sorry, had to sneak in one more picture before letting you know the simple recipe!;)

  • 100 g dark vegan favourite sugar free chocolate (in Europe: Love Chock have the best!)
  • 150 g hazelnuts (50 g for the cookie crust, 100 g to add to the chocolate)
  • 35 g dates (pitted)
  • 2 tbsp natural peanut butter


  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath and add the peanut butter when it is melted. Stir with a spoon until well combined.

CUPS (1 von 1).jpg

  • Roast the hazelnuts at 200 degree celsius for 10-15 minutes. When finished, they look like this:

CUPS (1 von 1)-2.jpg

  • Roll the hazelnuts (when they cooled down a little) between your hands to get rid of all the lose skin.

CUPS (1 von 1)-3.jpg

  • Separate the hazelnut skin and the nuts. You dont need the skin:CUPS (1 von 1)-4.jpg

  • Now you can set aside 100 g of the roasted hazelnuts for later.

CUPS (1 von 1)-5.jpg

  • Blend the 50 g hazelnuts that are left with the dates.

CUPS (1 von 1)-6.jpg

  • Blend until it starts to stick together.

CUPS (1 von 1)-7.jpg

  • Press down the cookie dough into silicon molds.

CUPS (1 von 1)-8.jpg

  • Pour the chocolate-peanut butter cream into the cups on the cookie crust.

CUPS (1 von 1)-9.jpg

CUPS (1 von 1)-10.jpg

  • Add the roasted hazelnuts/chickpeas to the chocolate. No need to press them down. Let them sink by them self;)

CUPS (1 von 1)-11.jpg

  • Freeze for at least 1 hour.

CUPS (1 von 1)-19.jpg
This is my favourite picture from today! Look at this baby hand in the background!

  • Storage in the freezer.
  • Enjoy!

CUPS (1 von 1)-16.jpg

Let me know if you like them and if you have any questions. I am happy for all your feed back!


Love, Niina

Check out my instagram and blog for many simple and healthy vegan recipes.

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I want to inspire you to live your dreams, eat delicious, wholesome, nourishing, healthy food, and keep a creative mind. We all can do that, now!

All images are mine. Please dont use without my permission.


really your post is the nice original work thanks for sharing

Thank you a lot! Really appriciate your words!

Ooh yum! I may have to try with chickpeas or another nut. I don't have any food allergies except for hazelnuts! They are so delicious but make my mouth itchy. I guess I can't complain since I can eat anything else, so there's always a way around it! I do love the sneaky hand reaching for a treat. 😍

Oh yes you could try them with roasted almonds or chickpeas, they will turn out amazing as well;) Hehe yes lately he cant stay away from the table where I shot my pictures, he loves to pick the berries or the backdrops I have on my shooting table! Can be quite annoying sometimes too, but he is learning me to stay parience!
Thanks Katie, wish you a beautiful sunday and nice spring weather!! Thanks for your running motivation yesterday, I actually managed to run a couple of minutes today, thanks to you!!;)

I can't wait until my niece starts getting in the kitchen with me, but I am sure I will require some patience as she is learning, as well. No better way for them to learn the importance of good food, though, right?

Yay for getting a little bit of running in! A few minutes here and there all ends up adding up! I may be off by a little bit with the time difference, but I think I should be sending you some birthday well wishes, too! Happy birthday! I hope you get to enjoy it in whatever way you would like. :)

Thanks a lot Katie!! I am still trying to get some minutes of running each day, I dont give up that easy!!

These look and sound amazing! I am definitely not gonna forget your previous recipes. Love them all! Really need to look for small reusable cups like yours next time we go to the capital. Always have wanted to make peanut butter cups but can't find any cups.

These silicone cups are great, I have some and couldnt be without. Its wonderful when thez hold the shape so well and dont stick to the surface. I just wish it was an other material, because I try to reduce my plasic use. But on the other hand I dont waste them and need to buy new once.
Excited to see what you are going to create;)

Yeah I know. We try to use as less plastic as possible. Cambodia is so bad with it. At least these cups are reusable. Recipe coming up today ;)

We do what we can!

Look picture perfect. I love chocolate and nuts!

Oh yes, me too!! Thanks sweetheart!

Love the HAZELNUTS in these... Great idea. I bet they are delicious...

Oh yes they are so delicious!! Thanks a lot my dear for leaving a comment!! Sending you lots of love!

@vegan.niinja.What an awesome recipe.Love the fact that there are very few ingredient.All the ingredients you have are yummy.I will have to try these with my kids.Not tried a base using dates and nuts.Thanks for sharing👍🏼

Oh I would love to get your feedback on them! Have fun and enjoy making them with your kids;) My boy also helped me!! He loves to help me with my food and desserts, and than taking the picture together with me. He gets the remote controll for the camera and takes as many pictures as he can, lol!! He is so sweet!

Aww bless i seen the little hand in the background soooo sweet.My kids love helping me too but not cooking they love the

Haha, that is also a great thing!! Than I am sure you cook very good;)

Pure decadance, that is all i can say. My mouth is watering! :)
Well done!

Ohh thanks love!!! You are the best;)

looking so good, I have made something similar and yes they are very good and so easy to make xx

Yes I truly love this kind of simple recipes and snacks for a little sweet treat;) Thanks LOVE!

This.. I want to eat this.. I'd drink a Berliner Weisse with it.

Haha you drink beer with everything I suppose!! Love your engagement!

Absolutely to die for Sweetie, wow!!!

Hehe yes they are!! Thanks lovely!! Wish you a beautiful sunday darling!!!

Always a pleasure Darling and same to you. I wish I have one of those right now 💚😊💚

I have one left! Sould I send you the last one? It may take some time to get to USA, but it is totally worth it, lol;)

To Canada, please, lol

Oh yes, I just realised you dont live in the States, lol!

Yummy Yummy.... You did it again!! 😵
In my country they no longer sell hazelnuts, but I will put almonds...🚀

Haha Thanks!!
You could try to combine almonds and chickpeas, as almonds gets a very strong flavour when you roast them. Or simply dont roast the almonds;)

Ohhh my God!!! I really feel that when I try this recipe I will go up to heaven🤤🤤

Haha you will!! I promise you that!!;)

I love this idea! I imagine these would work with any nuts, thanks for sharing this! :)

Oh yes, you could try them with your favourite nuts, they will turn out amazing as well!!

Oh my loord, these look so delicious and those photos are so beautiful =). And that tiny hand makes me miss you guys so much. Just want to snuggle that little hand :D

I am just looking for tickets for Sweden, so soon you can snuggle some with Illay;)

Yeay =) Looking forward to it :)

Ohhh I would love to have some of these now. Thank you for sharing this yummy vegan recipe with us! I love it so much and added it to my 5 favorite vegan recipes of the week here:

Such a great honour my love!! Thanks again! And wish you a wonderful sunday;)

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