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RE: Ramson Spring Salad with Veggies (simple recipe) & and where to find Ramson - FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - Ramson Food Serie part 4

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Hey there proud Mama! Well done with the diapers, that's a big step. I would like to take up your offer of doing a post explaining how you did this please, because I'm just starting with my son and it's not going well!!! I really want to be diaper-free!

Your post is amazing by the way... everything is so beautiful and fresh looking. Your baby is lucky to have so much nutrition and creativity to look forward to in the future! :-)


Thanks love! I will do a post about that soon, promise! How old is your son?
Your words means so much to me, I am feeling so grateful for your support!🙌❤

No need for thanks - I love every single post you do! I especially like how you often mention something about your life or family before moving on to talk about food etc... It's a wonderful way to get to know you!

My son is two-and-a-half... I know, I should have potty trained him long ago but for many reasons I haven't, and now it's even harder than it would have been at a younger age. Oh dear!

Oh darling! I can imagine how challenging that can be with the potty training, but how about just let him go without a diaper and pants when you are at home, and leave the potty somewhere where he can see it? Kids are so curious and I am sure he knows what to do on it, just give him some time and let it ne interesting and funny! And if he pee on the flour or in his pants, just say to him that he should go to the potty the next tme he wants to pee. And let him help you to clean up;) I have heard parents that just took away the diapers completely for 2 days, and than the kids didnt need them more. It can be difficult during the time when they realise what is happening without a diaper, but it goes pretty fast.

I will write about this more tomorrow I think. Maybe I need some pictures;)


Ah, that sounds interesting, and I'm curious so I will give that a try! It's still too cold weather here for no diaper & pants at the moment... maybe in a few weeks it will be warmer and then I will try it! I have a potty and some of our floors are wood so not too difficult to clean up accidents :-) Thank you for your advice! :-)

Yes can be a little difficult when it's still cold. Wait for warm days, I am sure it will work. Just have fun with it and let your son try it out a few days and see what happens. He will per on the floor or in his pants a few times before he gets it though.
Good luck!❤

Thank you! When I try it I'll report back and let you know if we've been successful!

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