How to find your inner purpose in life❤

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Hi dear friends!❤Today I want to write about our inner purpose and how to find it, where to find it and how to stick to it.

I will write my message in form of a poem, trying something new today.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Why it is so difficult to find out what your passion is.

When we grow up,
Be quiet,
Do what I tell you to do,
Eat that,
If you don't eat the food on your plate,
you don't get any dessert,
Let me hug you,
Don't be lazy,
Don't act like a girl,
You act like a boy,
He just likes you, that's why he is mean,
You are to young to understand,
Pull your self together,
Don't cry like a girl,
You will get dirty,
You are to small to know what's good for you,
You are so cute,
Such an angel!

Listen to me, I know better,
You should be more social,
You need help,
You are always so stubborn,
Act normal,
He is not right for you,
You should have known better.

Actually almost everything we are and do is not right and good enough. Every comment is meant to change your way of view, your opinion, your lifestyle, your behaviour.

We can't even decide
what we want to put in our mouth
when we just start to discover what food is.

We go at least 12
years to school to learn what?
More than to write and read and maths,
what do you really remember
from school?

We learn to follow
others opinions,
we learn to listen
to our parents, teachers, doctors and chefs.

12 years (and more) we learn subjects
that we didn't choose,
but that are chosen for us
by others.

We are very good
at doing what we think and know other people expect from us.

When did someone
in your life ask
what you are interested in,
what you want to do.

We are told to go to school,
make good notes and
do what the teacher says us to do.
Later when we continue to study at university and
learn what someone else already discovered long time ago,
we learn how to re-write knowledge.

It is difficult to go your own way,
Who is there to encourage you?

It is very comfortable to live a comfortable life
where everything is secure and safe.
No risks needed when you just take that job,
finish your studies,
buy a house with help from the bank,
Marriage the right one,
Have children,
Pay your life insurance,
Keep your work,
Make a carrier,
Go on holidays every year to a warm place,
Celebrate the holidays.

That feeling

But there
Searching for your attention
You hide in front of a screen

Where is the happiness?
Where do you find that?
These people on tv/instagram/Facebook
They look so happy
Why am I not that talented?

Not my business.
I take the pill.
Doctor help me.
Go back to your childhood.
Doctors says,
The answers are there.
Why am I still depressed,

Yea you will get the whole book!
Divorce, what went wrong?
I need to find the the right man/women for me.



Where to look for your inner dharma.

To find what you love, look for the small things!
A delicious dinner! A party! Taking walks in the nature! Finding great restaurants! Travel! Reading books! Baking! Style the Easter table! Or a sound! Whatever you love doing, or dream to do.

It could be anything that brings you joy.

Your interests are the key to find out what you are meant to do in your life.

When you follow your interests and delevop them, you are aligned with what your life purpose is.
You will feel free, happy and motivated when you wake up in the morning and know what's waiting for you.

That's how we are meant to live.

You would do it for free, and you will at the beginning. Than you can find ways to earn your income with your interests.
A person who loves fancy dinners maybe will open a restaurant, a person who loves to travel can write a travel guide,
you will find your way, as long as you know what you want to do.

Start inside and you will find your way in the world.
The answers are inside you. You just need to look a little closer.


Love, Niina

Ps. Check out my instagram and blog for many simple and healthy vegan recipes.

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Thank you all! ❤
I want to inspire you to live your dreams, eat delicious, nourishing, healthy, and keep a creative mind. We all can do that, now!


Awww @vegan.niinja I just love you more and more every day. You hit on such huge points that I want to post about all of the time. We are so stuck in what we're taught and forced into that we barely have time to find happiness.

When I first found Steemit, my dream was that everyone would be able to explore their passion and even get a little reward for sharing it. Unfortunately a lot of people have chosen to make this into a job and do what will bring them money instead of soul searching. I'm overjoyed to hear that you're living your dreams, that is my dream as well :) <3

Oh I love you as well!! Meeting you here on Steemit is such a game changer for me, without you, steemit would be nothing! You inspire me every day with your words, recipes and energy. I can feel it all comes from your heart, and that makes you such a role model darling!!! Thank you for just being you!!!

OK easy there, my head is starting to balloon ;) You know, it does come from my heart but takes a lot of energy so sometimes I leave (like now when I am 3 days late responding!) and come back refreshed and ready to take on the world again. It's the friendships like this one that I have made that make me want to keep on keepin' on, on here :) Thanks for being here and spreading the wonder that can happen in our lives <3

Thank you sweetheart for taking that time to change the world step by step with your wonderful work. 💕
I am also taking a break right now, because I simple have no time to post something when my family is visiting us. But soon I will be back!😉💃💃💃

thats really beautiful vegan-niinja ! thanks for sharing this..

Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a kind compliment Alex! ❤

I love posts on this topic!
I know my purpose is to spread veganism. Because even if I'm trying to forget about it and live daily life with other interests, it still keeps bugging me at the back of my mind...

The problem is that I don't know what exactly to do. I constantly think of different ways but none of them feels effective enough, or I'm just terrified of the negativity and aggression I will get from people for spreading vegan message. So I'm working on myself, on my confidence, but it's a very slow process :(

I am sure you will find a way darling! You don't need to convince everyone, just be a role model and spread the awareness through your connections, remember to always be for something and not fight against. Fighting makes the opposite part just stronger.
You already do so much with your vegan lifestyle and speeding love to all living beings. The people who needs that in their life will feel attracted to you, that's the way you can share your knowledge.
Life will show you HOW to do it, when you know WHAT you want.

Sending you hugs 🤗❤

That's sweet, thank you!
but still feel that simply being vegan is not enough, I'll have to continue thinking in that direction (I have no choice, heh)

Yeaa I love your passion, go for it girl, you are finding your way how to spread this kind of living!!

If you are struggling talking with non-vegans about your believes without receiving anger and rejection from them, there is an insightful free ebook form Earthling Ed, a vegan activist. He shares his deep experience and knowledge by taking the 30 most common excuses from non-vegans and gives guidance on how to best react to them so that they might rethink their objections and put more compassion into their choices in the future.
I think you might find that helpful, since it gave myself more confidence in addressing the ethical standpoints behind veganism:

thank you! I've downloaded. I love such things!
I heard about this guy, he's very famous, but I haven't got to watch him yet.

You‘re welcome, he did such great work with this ebook! I hope you can use some of the content :)

Thats such a great share, thank you!!

so good, thank you

Thank you so much darling for stopping by and spreading your love.❤

"It is very comfortable to live a comfortable life"...oh you are speaking right to me my dear friend! So many wonderful observations in this post. Thank you for the motivation to keep following my passion. I love that this platform keeps allowing me to explore myself, but even more so I get to experience it with other people like you! 😘

Oh you make me dance!💃❤Thanks a lot Katie, ypur words means so much. Yes this platform offer us a great oppertunuty to discover our self. I love the freedom and the community. And hope it will stay this way!
Thanks to steemit for connecting us!
Wish you a loving Sunday, sweetheart! Take care and continue on the journey you already have started! You create amazing value for so many!❤❤❤

A great message. Glad you stepped outside your own box (food posts) to tell us all to do the same thing in life. Thanks for sharing.

Oh THANK YOU! That's so kind. I love to challenge my self, I never know what's coming next!❤

Thank you for that @vegan.niinja. It was wonderful and I really needed that!

Oh that really makes me feel so happy for you darling! Thank you for reading!❤❤❤❤

It might take some time but YES we will find our way! There's a path for everyone :-) I was 'lucky' to encounter some difficulties early in life so I learned very very early which paths were not mine. I'm not 100% sure which then is THE right path, but I can actually ignore quite a few in the meanwhile :')

Thanks for writing your piece! :-)

Hihi, that is great for you sweetheart, I love the fact that you can appreciate the difficulties you have had and learned what you dont want. Thats always a step in the right direction!
Actually only by living we are fulfilling our purpose arent we?;)

Ohhh yes, that's absolutely true! :D

You are really right, everyone should find their goal in life. Thank you for the wonderful recipes.

THANK you for spreading such beautiful comments, you make my day!💘

Yes exactly! I agree. If you have many interests, find the most that you can work on and the best that can be useful to you and everyone else.

Yes that is great! Thank you for stopping by and reading my article!😗

This is incredibly powerful stuff. :)

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