3 Ingredient Pancakes! Recipe! VEGAN, SUGAR & GLUTEN FREE. And how I contribute to a happier, and healthier world. #VeganHeroesContest

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Hi darlings, how are you all today?

My life so far:

I have literally been dancing and singing every day lately (with my toddler, he loves to dance!), and therefore I would love to share some of my happiness with you guys, because I just love you!

To live as a vegan, so much guilt goes away, and I feel how my body is sprakling from energy, have you also experienced that? For me that is my situation most of the time.
That sparkling, oh what a great sensation! I didnt have this when I was living as a vegetarian some years ago. Nowadays I re-discover the world, every day is a new day! I wish you could feel what I am feeling, it is pure joy and movement. I am sparkling, and I know you are too, when you get excited and follow your inner passion.

Days like today when I am not feeling tired from sleepless night with work and my awake toddler, I just free-write and than all these words pop out of me. I am not follow any ideas or struggling with the flow, it just comes and comes- and I know, I am just writing from my heart, no matter how great or bad I can explane my feelings.

I know my english is not perfect, but really, does that really matter? I am playing with words, I am trying to put my self into a text, would it be any difference when I knew the perfect words for it? No. Even a person that knows the language inside and out, can have difficulties to put his/her soul into writing.

Just enjoy the journey, babe;)

How do I contribute to a happier and healthier world?

Through my passion for a healthy lifestyle and sharing my own delicious recipes and creations, that are all simple to follow and suits everyone, not only vegans, but for all people out there looking for healthier way of living.

I share my knowledge, I share my own life-story with so many people, because only when I am true to my self, I am true to you. I live the way I wish to live, and can inspire others to become the better and healthier version of them self. My goal is simply to inpire and motivate all of you to take care of your self, and through that, take care of the world.

My daily life as a vegan mom for my son, is probably the biggest impact I have on someone else. I let him follow his own intuitive eating (@yasminep wrote a great article about this topic!) and offer him the best organic wholefoods. He grows up being a vegan, and that is a happy and healthy life. He loves all kind of animals, they really fascinate him. My biggest dream for his future, is a world, where noone harms an other being, human or animal. It all starts within, and he learns from me and from making his own experiences.

We are all a reflection of our own thoughts and believes. What I put out, I have inside me. When I love my self, I can love you. When I dont harm my self, I dont harm the world around me.

The longer I live, without consuming dead animals and animal products, the ´cleaner´ I feel. I feel innocent, and free. My empathy for all kind of beings around me, grows from day to day. It is such a relief to be and to live the life I love. I wish that for everyone. Even for people like Trump or someone that hurts others. We are all one consciousness, what you receive is what you project.

#VeganHeroesContest by @deliciousplants is such a great initiative that I want to support with this post. Here all about the contest.

And of course I will add one easy-peasy recipe here as well, for you to try out, whenever you are feeling you NEED SOME PANCAKES! (Choose those healthy ones below;))


These pancakes are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free (if you want to) and... so drool-worthy!



  • 1 cup rolled oats (choose gluten free oats, or millet flakes if you want them to be 100% gluten free)
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 ripe banana


  1. Blend the rolled oats until you have a fine flour, add the banana and coconut water and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour the pancake batter in a bowl at let it set for 5 minutes.
  3. Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat, add a little coconut oil to the pan.
  4. Take 2 tbsp from the pancake batter for one pancake. Flip when you can see bubbles on the surface.
    Tips: You can add some slices of banana or chopped chocolate on the pancake and than flip to the other side. Cook until through.
  5. Serve with whatever you like. I served mine with dark chocolate sprinkles, cacao nibs, banana, coconut nectar. It was so delish!;)

If you are curious about that cinnamon latte in the background of my picture, it was awesome, no coffee, only cinnamon, coconut nectar, coconut oil, roasted nuts and oat milk, will share the recipe soon with you. Here are some other latte recipes I have shared earlier, if you cant wait;)


Love, Niina

Ps. Check out my instagram and blog for many simple and healthy vegan recipes.

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Follow, resteem, comment and upvote if you like to see more from me. I would love to see more from YOU!

Thank you all!
I want to inspire you to live your dreams right now, eat delicious, nourishing, wholefoods, and keep a healthy mind. We all can do that, and it is that easy!

Ps. Also a big thanks to @lenasveganliving and @heart-to-heart for all your engagment and true passion!!


I really love how you have developed here on steemit and found your own unique way of writing your articles. I always enjoy reading your posts, they bring me so much love, joy and inspiration.
Love you darling ❤

Oh do you know how happy that makes me right now Nicole! Thank you so much, I am glad my joy and happiness comes through. Even though my English is on a basic level I just write from my heart and that is what matters I think. I really enjoy writing this way and share my recipes that are easy to make for everyone.

How is is going Nicole? I read your article about your new goals in life, that are really great news!💃😗😍❤❤❤

You truly do reach out 😊. It's hard not to when you are so full of love as you are ❤

I'm really enjoying my time here in Thailand and I feel like this is such a healing place to be in. It's truly amazing and i'm starting to feel like I know where I belong in this world ❤

I am feeling so happy for you Nicole, enjoy your your journey and I am excited to hear more from your trip!

Thank you darling 😊

And I love YOU Nicole!❤

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Thank you for your beautiful entry into the #VeganHeroesContest! 💚 You are giving your son the best role model he could ask for, one that teaches him kindness and compassion every day 🌱

Thank you so much my friend! I am feeling very honoured by your words!

I hear you mama, I have the same dream and yes to dancing everyday. Big thanks for all the lovely food you share and the real good vibes you spread xx

Oh you are fantasic love! Thank YOU!

They look delicious!

Thanks a lot my dear!!

They look delicious, thanks for sharing this recipe. I also published some pancakes today with only three ingredients. I hope to make these pancakes soon.

I have checked it out, love your simple recipe, what a great breakfast for you and your baby!

Ohh, I love your photo, You always do a beatifull entry. How nice that you have allowed your child to have an intuitive feeding, you gave him the options and he has taken the vegan way wisely from his heart.

Aww thank you. Your words means so much to me. ❤🙏

Yes I am also happy we knew about intuitive eating before he started to eat. I didn't grow up that way (quite the opposite actually, and a hard time to get back that natural way of eating.), so I am happy we can offer our child this.