Fifty-word challenge: Last week's results plus a new prompt!

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Hello #fiftywords friends. It was another great week of flash fiction gems. This post shares the highlights of the week and provides a new prompt for the week ahead.

What is the 50-word challenge?

This is a weekly challenge that starts with a one-word prompt. Participants use the prompt to write a flash fiction (aka "micro fiction") story in just 50 words.

We are continuing the #fiftywords story challenge launched by @miniature-tiger who has been developing a seafaring strategy game called Archipelago for the open source community. Check out the linked post for the latest update.

(Image credit: Original image by pixel2013, Pixabay)

Last week's 50-word stories

We all had fun with last week's prompt, which was lens. The submitted stories touched on photography lenses, telescopes, eyes, monocles and the more metaphorical idea of lens, as in the way we view our world.

Here is the complete list of last week's mini-masterpieces:

Wonderful work. Thank you, everyone, for your great contributions!

Note of the week on community

As always, I’m so impressed by the engagement in this challenge. These are micro stories, so you know you can read them in just a few minutes, which I think is why so many people are supporting and commenting on these posts. I think it’s wonderful.

If you haven’t done so, please be sure to visit each of these stories. (Quick! Some of them are heading for payout.)

I will highlight three stories that were especially great with regard to the interest and conversation they generated:

The #fiftywords shining star(s) of the week

This is where I ask myself why I decided to take this on. The answer, actually, is that @miniature-tiger got busy with an open source project, and I wanted a weekly prompt and interaction with the community of #fiftywords writers! But this part of the weekly challenge does give me fits. There are many great stories. I highlight a few each week.

I selected this week’s top picks because they are so intensely powerful. They show the magnitude that can be captured with the macro lens of a 50-word story. And interestingly enough, they are three very different “takes” (pardon the pun) on a moment in time in the life a photographer.

I am amazed by what these writers managed to capture in 50 words. Well done!

This week's 50-word story prompt

The prompt for this week is “space.” I look forward to seeing what your imaginations produce in the week ahead, #fiftywords friends!


Please review carefully. Images must not be pulled from any Internet site.

  1. Write a story in 50 words. (It's especially cool if you can hit 50 words exactly!)
  2. Use the #fiftywords tag, and post the link in the comments of this post.
  3. Be sure to read and upvote the work of the other participants. It's all about community!
  4. Use only artwork that you have the right to use, and attribute it properly. See the “Proper use of images” topic below.

Proper use of images

Proper use of images means one of the following:

  1. It is your image.
  2. The image is public domain, or under creative commons licensing rules.
  3. If it is not one of the above, you have actual permission.

Be sure to mention that the image is yours, or attribute its source. And if it's not public domain or creative license, be sure to state that you have permission.

I have two resources for you, from my friends at @thewritersblock:

And speaking of #thewritersblock, if you would like editing help for your stories before posting them, follow the tag to find them on Discord. (Note that it's very helpful in getting a "top pick" mention if you have edited your story for grammar and punctuation.)

Deadline for this week: Saturday, April 29th

The 50-word story clan

I'm mentioning you here if have participated in the #fiftywords short story challenge in the past. Please let me know if you would like your tag removed in this or future posts. (And psst, I am starting to reduce the list. Those who have not participated for a long time or are not active on Steemit will eventually drop from the mentions.)

@ablaze, @adigitalife, @agmoore, @ahmadmanga, @aksounder, @alheath, @andyartland, @anixio, @anjkara, @awhsarada
@beginningtoend, @bentheredonethat, @bhop42moro, @bitsendpieces, @botefarm @brandonsadventur, @bryarose23
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Thank you to all participants!



Oh! Favorite prompt ever! Let's do (write) this!

Yay, I am glad you are inspired. Space heaters? The space between a character’s front teeth, and how it has affected her confidence all of her life? So many possible angles! But I will bet you mean space as in “the final frontier.” 😊

You got me there, I'm reading too much sci-fi I guess hahaha. But yes, actually there's so many angles to take. Let's see what all those fifty-words story to come have imagined instead of just “the final frontier” haha.

Thanks for the shoutout! Very satifsfying to see that my little stories are appreciated :). Hopefully I can come up with another 50 words for this week's prompt.

I hope so too!

Oh that is one right up my alley. Sometimes I just don’t get around to trying work out how to fit these into my blogs niche. This week I have no excuses for not doing one!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Excellent! Do it. Looking forward to reading what you come up with.

Wow, I’m a star! Look at me shine :). Thanks so much @jayna

Yes you are! 😊

And here is the second story

Hope you'll like it!
Try to guess :)

@jayna hope this time image source is OK written, on the link I left there is also written that it's free for use :)

Great! Thanks for including the link!

Yay, another @deirdyweirdy masterpiece!

Oh my, you used the M word. I am quite overcome;)

Thank you for contributing a 50-word entry again this week, @clacrax!

Wow... looks like I'm the first one to post a story!

Good job, pioneer!

This is my effort at a 50 words story; hope it passes muster...

That is the most erudite 50-word story I've seen yet!

Thanks for coming back with another 50 words of wisdom!

Love the challenge. here is my second entry.


Glad to see you are back for another round. You're on a roll now! And thank you for the nice note in your story about encouraging people to try it.

Anything Space spew out of my brain the image of insterstella.

Made it this time with DAYS to spare!

No One Can Hear You

I think you get the award for the crunchiest story this round, @negativer.

Fun week I always love outer space. Other uses of it this week have been great reading as well!

Glad to see you back this week!

Ahhh space -- the final frontier!

I was so excited from writing my story that I forgot to paste the link blushes

Great! I wouldn't want you to be missed.

Now my Evil plan is complete!! Three attempts at one prompt (definitely not because I like #3)...

Here's my third tiny story: "Galaxy News!"

The story is below but I suggest seeing the cover picture on the link above ^

Galaxy News!

"Welcome to Galaxy News!"
"Bringing you all the exciting news through the galaxy!!"

"Hey Stark, remember Milky Way's blue planet?"
"Yeah, It exploded!!"
"Earthlings have finally managed to destroy themselves."

"In other news, Cryptonians ands Saiyans war is getting heated up!!"
"Yup, more about that after the commercial..."
""Keep watching!!""


Wow, you hit it out of the ballpark! Three stories for one prompt! I like your news from space. That is a clever story idea! Although I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. 😊

That's the whole point.

Although I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

And this is the whole circle around the point:

Wow, you hit it out of the ballpark! Three stories for one prompt!

Thanks for reading, I like the parody shows (not real ones) where they talk about gruesome things in a way like someone advertising an iPhone would.

Hi @jayna!
Here’s my entry for this week BraceFaced.

Thank for you challenge entry!

Thank you for being a regular member of the 50 word community! This is so fun!

You're welcome

And thanks for always hosting

Yeah, it's always fun


Wow! My little tale made me a star. I am honoured. I hope to partcipate this week as well.

Yes, you are a star!

I already posted mine in a comment here. But since there's no rule that disallows multiple entries.

I wrote another one. Here's the entry post: Ages Apart.

For those who don't want to click the link, here's the story below:

Ages Apart

Whenever I slept, I found myself in that empty space.
No colors, no shapes, no feelings, total void.

There stood a pale old man.
He asked for something, but every time I couldn't hear.

Only now I understand...
"You're taking the wrong path."
I was talking to my younger self.

The End

Would love it if you read and commented on my other entry "Big Fat Space" & my older stories like "Backyard."

You're right! There is no rule about posting more than one 50-word story for a prompt. And it seems you were inspired by this one!

Hullo! Here is my entry for this week :D ~

I'm going to try and do another Fields of Madness also, just pondering the possibilities :)

So many possibilities!

Here's my entry: Big Fat SPACE

Would've liked to put the story here like the previous weeks, but I don't want to spoil the surprise in the link. ~double wink~

Yes, that one is definitely worth the visit! (Note to readers: don't read the comments until you figure out what is happening in the story.)

Glad you're back with another 50 words of wisdom!

Finally found some time. It is good to write down some of the ideas itching in my head

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