Steem Secrets #12 (Delivered By @maylyn09): Is An Upvote All That Free? Alot Of Steemit Speed-up Lies In The Answer To This!!! (On Dlive)

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@maylyn09, a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 12th release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets.

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 "maylyn09" speaking in words of "@steemsecrets": 

Hi precious steemit family, i am @maylyn09, a minnow on steemit but "whale inside" and i am speaking to you in the words of @steemsecrets 

Many would relish knowing what they need to do "with their steemit content", to attract votes from large accounts e.g whales and dolphins and isn't this awesome; but while the very popular knowledge is, "i have to write great content" etc..........; have you ever sat down to understand the underlying dynamics behind "an upvote"?  

"Is an upvote all that free?" 

Perhaps, if you identify this "dynamics" and establish what "an upvote" really costs or if it even has a cost....; you will do way-way better in attracting it, thus, speeding up your steemit journey. 

So, imma tell you a few more things about an "upvote", that you may never get to hear of elsewhere, yet, could put you in demand, for receiving incessant upvotes.

I tell you, the solution to many challenges is in that "first simplest, obvious solution" but many times we jump to the Nth complexest solution, first. Yes, many solutions aren't in outer-space but we tend to go there alot. 

"For attracting upvotes, the solution is very much down-to-earth". "No geek knowledge required!" 

Hahaha, before you become tempted to be vexed at others, for not giving out their upvotes to you freely, even when you create the best content; let's tackle some scenarios, to help us see if that free-looking, simple click-action called an "upvote", is all that free? 

First let's touch on that simple-looking "whale upvote". Look at this scenario: 

@surpassinggoogle spent "hours of effort" and all his "genius and creativity", in writing a post saying; "blue is the new red. So, buy blue today". He considers it "great content" and feels he deserves giant upvotes especially since, "an upvote is free".  

Now, @steemgigs is a whale account and finds this content and he is about to decide on whether to upvote giantly, "smally" or whether to skip past. 

Listen to the possibly "many dynamics", that could go into this simple-looking decision-making; "to upvote or not to upvote". 

Please note that "an upvote" not only distributes rewards; "it also brings a post to more visibility".  

So, what do you think? "Will @steemgigs upvote @surpassinggoogle this time?" 

Dynamic number 1: 

A whale upvote can easily involve "a giant responsibility"

e.g @steemgigs may have really many followers and his actions, even a "simple-looking upvote" may be likelier to influence the behavior or decision-making of these "many". 

Considering this "a responsibility", a once simple-looking upvote, now becomes a more "giant action" involving "responsibility".

"It is no longer only about his preference or desires"

So here: 

  • Does he want to make more visible, a post that says; "blue is the new red"? 
  • Does he want to portray himself as an advocate of this notion? 
  • Does he want to sway many into buying "blue"? 
  • Hahaha, or will he skip this well-written content this time? 

Then, this brings us to...... 

Dynamic Number 2: 

An upvote can easily represent your preference. 
  • So, what is this whale's preference in relation to the above case? 
  • Is he an advocate of; "blue is the new red"? 
  • Has he been known all along by the community as an advocate of "blue is the new red"

Now, if he cares about his "responsibility" towards many others, will he want to upvote such content, solely based on the notion that it was well-written and be portraying a misleading preference? 

Will he upvote just a little, to bring the post to just minimal visibility, while also encouraging the content creator for effort? Or will he just "skip past" this time? 

Bringing us to...... 

Dynamic Number 3: 

A whale has a giant reputation to guard. 

What about his reputation? In many cases; "it is big!" 


  • If everyone has known him as a staunch advocate of "red is the new blue", how will his followers etc perceive of him, if they see him giantly supporting a post that says; "blue is the new red"? 
  • How will more veteran steemians perceive of "his character" or "substance" etc, if they have known him as an advocate of; "red is the new blue" and they suddenly see him, appearing to advocate otherwise? 
  • How will other whales look at him, if he sways the masses into buying "blue", by his simple upvote action? 
  • etc 

Hahaha while you may simply be looking to attract "whale votes", a whale might be weighing alot of other dynamics, within that simple decision-making: "to upvote or not to upvote" and  there is more....... 

That takes us to....... 

Dynamic Number 4; 

A simple-looking whale upvote can have giant consequences for the whale. 

"Hahaha, did you know?" While you relish getting the rewards and visibility, a whale who is upvoting you may be busy bearing some consequences. 

Now, alot depends on the whale involved. 

  • Is he willing to bear such possibly "avoidable consequences" on your behalf? 
  • Is it going to cost him any consequences at all? 
  • Will it be "a positive instead?" 
  • etc 

e.g even if "blue is the new red" wasn't plagiarized etc, what if it is fake news? What if it is too controversial and the whale likes to stay neutral? What if it involves money-decisions and the whale cares "not to influence the community's decision-making" etc 

When a whale upvotes, there are more eyes, thus, whales are likely to be more wary before deciding whether to vote giantly, smally or whether to skip past 

"There are many more things than just valuable content involved!" Yes! 

So let's touch on one more...... 

Dynamic Number 5: 

The bigger picture! 

Whales tend to look at the bigger picture more. Many of them may favor steem growth over momentary emotions or the luxury-look of content. 

And steem growth constitute alot of things....... e.g It can involve "what should trend during a particular period"; the state of the steemit community; "growth in particular niche or industry" etc 


On Feb 14, a whale may envision that a simple "meme" containing "a tomato" is more technically-positioned to do well in attracting "memers" to the steemit, if such post trends as opposed to a well-endowed post saying "blue is the new red" etc 

So What Am I Saying? 

Overall, speaking of "cost"; the cost of a simple-looking upvote; "i can tell you, that it is not all that free!" 

You see, even in the case of "a minnow", there is a cost! 

e.g being a new account and keen on accruing steem power or curation rewards, a minnow may conserve or reserve his upvotes, for posts that he perceives to be likelier to trend, inorder to maximize the use of his "10 daily 100 percent upvotes" quota. 

You see, in general, each administered upvote depletes "voting power", giving "an upvote" additional value as something to cherish and thus, "a cost". 

If an upvote was so so so "free" afterall, why bother or stress to look at content; "you might as well give as many upvotes away as you want, freely", but hey there, "an upvote has a cost" and perhaps, "the bigger the account, the huger the cost".  

So What Exactly Have I Been Saying? 

You may never get to hear of this INTEL elsewhere because "no books" involved but this is something to ponder over: "when you understudy a whale in relation to how to attract their upvote, apply the "bigger picture" and understudy even the tiniest elements". 

Many times the most utmost substance, is findable in the very tiniest elements. This applies to life success and success on steemit, for sure. 

And before i leave: if you can establish the true cost of the "particular breed of upvote" that you seek, you will attract it more effectively. 


Sumptuous Meal For Thought

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@maylyn09, a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 12th release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets

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surpassinggoogle spent "hours of effort" and all his "genius and creativity", in writing a post saying; "blue is the new red. So, buy blue today". He considers it "great content" and feels he deserves giant upvotes especially since, "an upvote is free".

Now, @steemgigs is a whale account and finds this content and he is about to decide on whether to upvote giantly, "smally" or whether to skip past.

@surpassinggoogle has a whale heart and he is a big help to this community. Thank you to his unstoppable suport. I really appreciate his effort.

literally, a whale heart! haha... or maybe bigger than that. Yes, but we should also help him to build this community and support him on his projects.

After weeks of waiting here comes the 12th edition of @SecretsRevealed.
Truly, "Pacing is the Key." - @surpassinggoogle

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"
@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."
@enjieneer -- showed our "Real Rewards"
@gerel -- reminded us to be the "Real You" in Steemit
@allerie00 -- advising us to "Study Steemit's History"
@itsjessamae -- emphasized the importance of "Respect"
@zoeroces -- advised us to do not Jump easily in "Conclusion"
@athenabree08 -- shared that we should have Foresight of the Future
@theree2389 revealed the "Endless Opportunities" that we can have in Steemit
@thereikiforest sharing the "Quality of Content"
@sissyjill shared to us to "Work at Impressing Yourself first"

And now, @maylyn09 sharing to us the "Dynamics behind an upvote"

Dynamic #3: A whale has a giant reputation to guard

This one moved me, Whales don't just exist to support all post that are around him/her, he needs to filter it and see if it is in line with his/her preferences, as much as he wants to upvote all post to help people but he needs to Guard not just his/her reputation but also his/her "Values" in life.

Nagode! (Thank you) @maylyn09, @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for for making this series possible. More Secrets Revealed to Come!

There you go! Our data analyst @chaelpacia analyzed and summarized it all!!
Thanks @chealpacia!
Your comments are always worth reading...

I do agree with you, whales still have the choice of not upvoting others’ posts that dont give them the interest to do so. Even if they are whales, they are still responsible of their choices to upvote and not. I guess, it is when you least expect it that your post is lucky enough to receive upvotes with high value. Whales are the motivators for us to create more contents. We should not just depend on them :)

Now I really understand the responsibilities of whales for their upvote value. That before they click the upvote button, there are lots to consider not just the content but many many more. They have to be cautious because many eyes are always watching them.

True, even me as a minnow, I have limited upvote so I reserve it to those who (in my opinion) have a great content and reserve it also for my friends. We have responsibilities in every action we do.

Thanks for sharing this. Really help us to have a deep understanding of the true value of upvotes. Thanks to @maylyn09 for delivering this to us. :)

I agree in this @saskia. We must put in account those excemptional blogs. I am also a minnow and I am not able to upvote that much but even in a 0.00 upvote value, the way you made other steemians feel that your post is worth the trend, it is still a blessing.

I always upvote anyhow, hoping to be upvoted back
But i now realize reverse is the case....... This post is not only interesting but educational

Thanks for your time reading.. and I'm very glad you understand it.

"Great power comes great responsibility" - Spiderman

"the bigger the account, the huger the cost"

yes, I agree with you.

we have responsibilities in every action we do.

"Great power comes great responsibility" - Spiderman.

This was actually in my mind when I read this and watched the video. Hehe. Whales have a great power of upvote so that's why they also have great responsibility for that :)

I understand that every one behind steemit account has their own views and tastes on which to give their upvotes and it doesn't matter how powerful your upvote value. But there are some points that we maybe missing and that is not everyone has that influence nor skills to create a posts that would suit to a reader' interest. Others could barely make few sentences on her/his posts but it shouldn't disqualify him/her from our upvotes.
I have been discouraged by people here begging for upvotes. I hate it! But I've come to realize that those might be an act of disperation due to a consistent small rewards they received from their posts and it was indeed. And by visiting his account and generously give your upvotes could make him stay inside steemit (who knows). I respecf everyone's perspectives of giving their upvotes and of course it is not for free as you said but it's a decision and yes with consequences comes along.
I think some Whales I know have been so generous of their upvotes. @surpassinggoogle for example, he has been so supportive and it doesn't matter about the value of upvotes he gave, the thing is HE GAVE HIS UPVOTES period :). And that is a powerful support!

those might be an act of disperation due to a consistent small rewards they received from their posts and it was indeed

I agree with this...
I can say you are really a "whale" inside @wilsonblue5
I respect everyone's perspective too...

@surpassinggoogle never failed to support minnows. So, let's support him back and give him more power by voting for "steemgigs" as a witness... 😉

When a whale upvotes, there are more eyes, thus, whales are likely to be more wary before deciding whether to vote giantly, smally or whether to skip past.

This is so true! And it is so hard for whales to decide whether to give a vote or to leave.. as well as deciding on how much percentage they are going to give. I so much agree with all the dynamics listed on the new secret revealed sir Terry... You all have a very big responsibility and I appreciate everything that you do to Steemit and to its members... Godbless you!

Yeah, its not all for upvoting, i also see it as a big responsibility on whales
Not everyone can be totally satisfy

Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for sharing these things to us.. And for his kindness and dedications..

I'm glad you did !

You all have a very big responsibility

Yes, indeed....

God bless you too!

Welcome to the #steemsecrets babies @maylyn09.. You delivered the message so well..

An upvote from a whale is perceived as the greatest reward you can get in Steemit. Yes, I agree on the part that it is great but not the greatest of them all because I believe the friendships made in the Steemit community is more important. I also highly appreciate an upvote from anyone and I try my best to reciprocate such act of kindness.

the friendships made in the Steemit community is more important.

This! ❤ ❤ ❤
I think this is why the Steemit slogan says:

Come for the rewards. Stay for the community.

We stay here not because of "earnings" but for the friendships that we have built through our steemit journey.

Yes i couldnt agree more with this comment. I have gained friends here whom i dont expect at first. They keep on supporting me in all of my endeavours and in my journey here. I would just like to thank my steemitachievers fam who never fail to guide me here since the start of my journey. :) thanks to @surpassinggoogle for the inspiration :)

you are a awesome sir. i am a big fan of you. today i will done my witness vote of you sir. salute you @surpassinggoogle

This is an eye-opener to little minnows who has been ranting about not having a big amount of reward for their quality content. To tell the truth, the person who invited me to join on Steemit is not active now just because she didn't get any upvotes from her previous post and she felt wasted. But now that I understand Steemit pretty much, I won't feel mad if people won't upvote my blog that I created for a day or two. Of course, I would be very happy if somebody would upvote and would appreciate those people much.

Wow.. Another powerful words from steemsecrets.. Thank you so much @maylyn09, you delivered the message thoroughly that it leaves an impacts to anyone who listens to it. it made me visualize and understand the what the message is trying to convey to each of the steemians..

If an upvote was so so so "free" afterall, why bother or stress to look at content; "you might as well give as many upvotes away as you want, freely", but hey there, "an upvote has a cost" and perhaps, "the bigger the account, the huger the cost".

indeed, this very simple-looking upvote could cost everything for any whale. It's not free at all.. These made me realize that being a whale comes with great power as well as greater responsibilities.

That was an awesome presentation @maylyn09 thanks sistah! @steemsecret another valuable lessons this knowledge are really valuable for a deeper meaning of being an steemian. Stay awesome as well. @surpassinggoogle thanks for always being there to guide and support us and most of all being a brother to everyone :)

Thanks @ankarlie, it was my pleasure to be part of #steemsecrets... you girls on previous steemsecrets revelations are the ones who inspired me to do this... thanks to all of you!

@steemsecrets really changed my point of view and impressions about steemit. I realized my mistakes. I take these INTELs as my guide towards success on my steemit journey!

This statement which says

Will he upvote just a little, to bring the post to just minimal visibility, while also encouraging the content creator for effort? Or will he just "skip past" this time?

I think this whales are encouraging us minnows to have quality content, for us to be recognize. Very well said. So we minnows must do our part too.

I do agree with you @maylyn09.
Minnows are really eager to earn an upvote from dolphins and whales without considering the quality of their conteny on their post.

As minnow, i feel so grateful everytime , my post is being notice by whales. However, most of the time, post of mine are kept unnoticed. Neverthelss, I will just keep on posting because I wanted to inspire steemians and not just to win an upvote from whales or dolphins.

Nevertheless, as a steemian, I am still hopeful that someday I could make my blog known to steemitfamily to somehow influence and inspire them in purising one's careeer in this platform.

After all what is important here is the learnings that we get and not the earnings. We should not be motivated by just the earnings, what keeps us to do and work more is the idea of sharing yourself to people and letting them experience your life . :) thats what i have learned in this platform. :)

Wow this is another amazing episode @steemsecrets much insight. But really, I'm very sure that most people saying whe whales are stingy with upvotes would have done the same, even more, especially whrn they invest in SP with their own money.

My colleagues and I were actually discussing this few days ago and we got to understand that people actually invest in it. I dont blame them at all. They have a reputation to uphold.

This is so much more insight on upvotes and whales story. Truly there's sense in every nonsense.

There are opportunities on steemit apart from upvotes and financial rewards and you have missed many
On Steemit, To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First.
if you can establish the true cost of the "particular breed of upvote" that you seek, you will attract it more effectively

Hmmmmm truth be told, some people dont even read what they are writing on their post, talkless of impressing themselves first,seriously. We really need to understand our posts and love it, before we even expect others to love it and then upvote or comment. There is really more to steemit than just upvotes. I'm truly blessed by this @steemsecrets. Thank you @maylyn09

This really puts things into perspective on why sometimes even with good content someone may not receive that much coveted whale vote.

I used to be so angry here I was trying my best to get content out but it not upvoted by whales and thought that I am simply not good enough.

You releasing this gives us the perspective of a whale of how it impacts the minnow/redfish like me, if you agree with my position, your reputation, is it a message that you want to trend and is it in line with your values.

It gives us the reason why. It helps us understand Whales better.

Thank you for this secret!

exactly!! sir @maverickinvictus... you said it right!! We should not feel discouraged if a whale did not upvote our post even if it has "great content"... we should understand the reasons behind...

I agree and thank you so much for sharing this secret! I really appreciated this one and gives me a new way of thinking.

though discouragement set at times now that the underlying dynamics behind an upvote is duely digested and well understood thanks to @maylyn09 for revealing this secret

Glad to read another segment of #steemsecrets, its been a while since the last one.

I agree upvotes really cost something, although for me and if only I can, I would upvote as many as I can especially those who only got cents and worst a zero in their awesome post.

Maybe #steemit needs more whales. As the numbers of members increases rapidly every single day, it would be very hard for the existing whales to reach out to every steemians who deserves their upvotes.

I understand that while the number of steemians I know grows constantly as we are inviting our friends on FB and other social media to join us here on #steemit, I fo need to increase my power for I can never be able to support all of them with my little votes with my very limited voting power and truly it hurts me.

Anyhow, since upvotes is not free I might as well be wise in casting my votes, I wish time will come when I can upvote a large number of steemians continously and without expecting to be upvoted back.

Mehn this is just more than a secret. It's plain awesome. It's basically what everyone should read and learn from. Many of us think it's just easy to give an upvote. Truth is, we never know how it feels until we have the power to. Because I am an empathetic being, I understand perfectly all what has been said here and I know that there are a lot of things to consider before giving a post a big upvote and I know that there are lots of consequences attached to making trend a post that wasn't worth the trend.

so on point @sistem.

making trend a post that wasn't worth the trend

Everyone of us specially like me, minnow, keep on thinking of what to post that is worth a 100% upvote but still can't figure out. One time, @surpassinggoogle told me that if I want to make my post worth a great value upvote then I must ask myself first if I am satisfied by my content and if I am to upvote it, will I upvote it a 100%? That knowledge is to be pondered on and on. So when your post satisfies yourself, you surely will encounter the kindness of steemians to upvote their priceless upvotes. And those moments must be treasured.

@sissyjill, I see how these steemsecrets related to one another.... wow, sir @surpassinggoogle's knowledge are really overflowing!!

I agree with you this post is more than a secret and will surely benefits a lot of steemians.

Honestly, my heart desires to upvote as many posts as I can such that I wish I have enough voting power that never depletes so I can upvote all but with this post I might as well use my little votes wisely.

sir @long888 yes, use your votes wisely by applying these "dynamics" from this INTEL...

I agree! Everyone should read and digest this post... So that they will find out that an upvote isn't all the free.

Very well said sis! It is not a responsibility, duty or obligation neither whales nor minnows to upvote everybody even though the post has a good quality of content...

We must be blessed and thankful if others upvoted our post especially from whales.

The voting power is not unlimited eventhough you have very high SP,

Also it is very time consuming to visit, read, and upvote all the posts.

If we got upvoted today, be thankful and blessed that someone spent their time to read and upvoted our post, if we don't get upvote next day...Do not feel bad, just think that not everyday is Christmas that you can get a gift..

We should feel grateful if someone spent their time to visit our post, especially if we got upvoted from whales like @surpassinggoogle...

Thanks to sir Terry @surpassinggoogle that despite of being busy man and has lots of duties and responsibilities, he is still very generous to visit and upvote people that he do not even know...

Just keep on Steeming and writing...Do not demand for an upvotes...maybe yes you can ask a favor to be upvoted but never demand for it...

Thanks for sharing...

I am glad to see you @maylyn09 deliver those words from @steemsecrets.

UPVOTE: It is a word which autocorrect cannot suggest a word when typed. However, it is a popular word in Steemsphere, and a word every Steemian wants to receive particularly from the whales. Some minnows may say, their upvote is worth nothing. But it isn't. It's worthy no matter how small it is. A simple upvote is an act of kindness, so it was highly treasured.

Dynamic Number 3:
A whale has a giant reputation to guard.
What about his reputation? In many cases; "it is big!"

Yes, big reputation, huge responsibilities. What obtains on Steemit is not any different from that of real life. Reputation is pretty important as per how you are perceived by others and having built it over time, no sane person would want it all rubbished as a result of care-less mistakes or sentiments, otherwise you would have nothing left in no time.
'Thinking before acting' is an underlying principle of reputation building and I am quite able to appreciate that these upvotes we all crave and look forward to has 'costs' and even huger 'costs' in the case of a Whale or Dolphin. Safeguarding one's reputation is key. Thank you @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for sharing this vital truth with us.
When you have the time, you might want to see this :
Thank you so much.

Its just like A great leader, has a Greater Responsibility, Not just the power he possesses.

Hmmm....... This one is in sweet bit sizes and I have learnt something really new today. Reputation must be protected in any decision making process.

This is a big revelation related by @maylyn09. I understand the work of whales. That is really a big responsibility. I remember what Spiderman movie famous line: Great power comes with great responsibilities. But we will support this whales like @surpassinggoogle.

Yeah at first as a minnow, we believed that our upvote is worth nothing. But I realized that even I only contributed a small value of upvote, it is worthy after all because it adds value to the steemians work. We all have to appreciate their kindness :)

as a minnow, yes, our upvotes' value are small... (in regards to the value of sbd) but... to upvote as a minnow is not just to add .001 sbd to steemians earnings... more than that, it also builds "engangement" or "trust" ...

knowing that a minnow upvoted your post, even in small value, it builds friendship...
when someone upvote my post, I click their usernames and read also their posts.. and from their, I create strong binds... a bind that everyone should build in order for steemit to grow and stay strong...

yeah, even with our worthless upvote, it can really helps, it makes them, feel gratify and blessed that even with our worthless vote, someone will appreciate their effort. By this, Upvoting shows respect and inspiration not just to the authors but also to the all users.

True to your words master @iyanpol12

A simple upvote is an act of kindness, so it was highly treasured.

So aside from the compensation we get from an upvote, it is such a great motivation to be upvoted especially by i.e. @surpassinggogle. It was like ”Wow, SG upvoted me!” there is that unbelievable, close to “I need to slap myself to know if this is real” feeling. Lol.

So yes, an upvote for me just simply mean they liked the thoughts I conveyed in my post and that all my effort to make the post was “seen” and appreciated. And of course, kindness was shown to me.

@yadah hahahaha... yes, it gives more than just a also gives motivation, appreciation and it also shows some love and support... see? an upvote is not just a simple click action... it means more...

Right, right. So i gave an my teeny upvote as a sign that I domagree with you and I do appreciate your post. Well done sis!

Very true, @yada04 being upvoted by Sir Terry aka @surpassinggoogle is always be a Blessing and its a kind of mixed emotion of happiness.

Another Statement from @steemsecrets Another Secret reveals, Being aware of this platform make us, more advantage compare to those who havent, here We have a chance to figure out everything and be guide what is really the essence in this community, With @steemsecrets, it provides us more knowledge and wisdom about whats going on, On how to be succesful in this community.

I agree with these statements.
It will help a lot of Steemians like me

thank you so much for making more effort

blue is the new red. so buy blue

I like this one too.:)

I agree. @maylyn09 made this secret revelation great. The secret itself shows us that an upvote is more than what we ever think of. Thank you for this @surpassinggoogle. With this 12th secret, you also showed us that for the 12 secrets, you gave us that huge heart to make us understand and stand brighter in this community. Thank you sir

@sissyjill, you are right ! By the revelation of this 12th secret, another secret of steemit is released. Upvotes has a lot of dynamics guarding it, especially for the Whales and Dolphins, and since reputation is hugely involved here, giving upvotes should be a consciously painstaking act.

Honestly I now understand the dynamics of upvotes simply explained by @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets. Thanks to them.

I concured with you @iyanpol" a simple upvote is an act of kindness" it doesnt matter the rate of your voting power. And dont forget that the more you give upvotes the more you receive. that is the psychology of steemit

" a simple upvote is an act of kindness" it doesnt matter the rate of your voting power. And dont forget that the more you give upvotes the more you receive. that is the psychology of steemit

nice one! I feel great to read your comments...
it only shows you really understand and learned what this INTEL wants us to learn...

Upvotes aren't free but comes with 'costs'. Upvoting a post means endorsement and your ideals as a whale or dolphin must be aligned with that of the post you are upvoting otherwise, you would be seen as contradicting yourself, thereby putting your hard earned reputation at risk.

I Like that, the more you give upvotes the more you receive a very convincing facts, Thus, Everyone has something to offer qoute was born.

Psychology of steemit @bunmi1...... Higly elated..... We gonna derive a theory for steemit too in a bit

I agree with you, though our upvotes is as low as 0.004, but in our little way, we can show our gratitude to them.

Thank you sir @iyanpol12 !
Your definition of upvote is definitely right. An upvote is not "really" free after all... Hope every steemians learn that here..

A single upvote always makes a sense, either its is worthless or something, but the most important is it shows appreciation to one Another

I agree so much to that @mylyn09 and you really made it more special. Thank you for that.

thank you @sissyjill, you inspired me on your steemscrets... I admire you... and that admiration brought me here...

Thank you @maylyn09. But you know what? Only you can convey this secret. No other strong woman can do better than this but you. Even I myself does not think that I can speak these words of @surpassinggoogle better than you. This secret was ment to be revealed by you only and I admire you for that.

thank you for this informative thoughts indeed it really helps us minnows who were pursuing their dreams here in steemit community. Keep it up @maylyn09

@morbyjohn, hope every minnow can read this and digest this post... I'm sure this will help a lot...

Well I did learn from this post. I do appreciate your saying it in terms I could undestand. And yes, an upvote do have a “cost”. Thanks @maylyn09

Another fortunate steemians who were endulge in the world of steemsecrets. Thank you for the wonderful information @maylyn09

Yes @morbyjohn. This secret will keep om visiting our minds for the entire time we endulge in this community. @surpassinggoogle really pointed every dynamics that are so on point.

Absolutely, sir @iyanpol12. Small things counts. :)

Yeah. I also see it as such.... Dat my upvote means nothing...

I just realize that no matter how small.... Its still something

I like it when you said a simple upvote is an act of kindness.

Someone just posted about what we should do if we receive upvotes with zero value, and he decided not to upvote back with such kind of upvote, and with this post of #steemsecret I think I need to go back to my friend's post and let him know that indeed theres a value of those he considered "no value" upvotes.

yes, indeed sir @long888, even if a upvote doesn't have a value.. it means more...
hope everyone could read this post and digest this INTEL

I agree! All upvotes have value for me as well.

Thank you for the eye opening one love @surpassinggoogle @maylyn09 @steemsecrets

Welcome back #secreetRevealed all thanks to @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets team for bringing back my daily tonic......

Thank you for this! This is amazing.

Wow, this is unbelievably insightful. I must say a Good Job well done.

Awesome secrets revealed! :D

Another great testimony revealed from steemsecrets..thanks for sharing this to us @marlyn09 you delivered it well sis..Thank you to @surpassinggoogle for being there to support us.

I have been waiting patiently for the 12th edition of steem secret and it is now finally here @maylyn09 really explained in details what it takes to get a vote from a whale and really did a good job by exposing me to 5 salient points I never knew exist. Thanks a million for this wonderful piece.

Thanks really for this post, i wonder why some people will be stingle with their vote knowing too well that a vote dont cost anything, now i understand better.

Correct. It is a way of appreciation and kindness. For me, It is one way of saying "I care", to the users that deserves it. It inspire us more to keep going. Thank you for this.

U see despite my reply i could not even get a single upvote @surpassinggoogle and @maylyn
So pathetic and disheartened

@Dwanloaded u don't expect upvote each time u comment , coz the post is suppose to enlighten you.......

Another secret revealed. These magic words means a lot. Thank you @maylyn09 for making a wake up bell on our thoughts towards "upvote".

A simple upvote is an act of kindness, so it was highly treasured.

It really is. The amount is just the free. The upvotes/agrees of the audiences is the utmost.

Thanks for giving us such perspective, very timely and very useful. Every upvotes includes responsibilities.

As a newby, this helps put things in perspective. Thanks for the orientation and explanation @maylyn09. Though still a bit confusing and overwhelming but i'm sure with time...

Nice one maam maylyn! Gained so many ideas 😊

Huge thanks @steemsecrets for unveiling all the secrets to get success on steemit. I appreciate this efforts from my heart. keep continue 💜💜💜

thanks for the information you gave,i am happy that you gave this information

I'm a minnow 45 reputation, even my upvote you can't recieve 0.01$ because my SP is small but i'll do to upvote so that some whale see the list of your post upvoters ( blue turn to red) i learn a lot your creative post

"A simple-looking whale upvote can have giant consequences for the whale"@maylyn09
From this excerpt i now understand some concept that seems not to be clear

that's good to know ! @dwanloaded

I've learned so much on this. Thanks @maylyn09 for another secrets revealed, you delivered it well. And big thanks to the brilliant man behind all of this. @surpassinggoogle

''when you understudy a whale in relation to how to attract their upvote, apply the "bigger picture" and understudy even the tiniest elements".

thank you @athenabree08 ...
yes! thanks to @surpassinggoogle's brilliant ideas and overflowing knowledge...

Therein another great revelation, thanks to @steemsecret for bringing @maylyn09 for elucidating the food of thought about "upvoting" i now realised that it's not all about how amazing your content, its not about how much your post is attractive, you have to make your post more effective." whales are likely to be more wary before deciding whether to vote giantly, smally or whether to skip past " all thanks to @surpassinggoogle for atleast upvoting content.
There are alot of whales outter there who even dont care about a content, all what they will do is to skip past

that it's not all about how amazing your content, its not about how much your post is attractive, you have to make your post more effective."

Wow! that's brilliant! 👍
I'm glad you realized that...
thanks for sharing your opinion

I seconded with what you just said

Great @maylyn09 for delivering those such great words from @steemsecrets.
Words that will make someone double his hustle. Hard work pays indeed. Thank to @surpassinggoogle, the man that is always ready to help, the motivator and the living hero.FB_IMG_15210540874764054.jpg

thank you @mohsaheed ! 😳
nice quote! it can be applicable too...

Wow!!! We make a life by what we give... Also, givers never lack

More of technical thinking and reasoning.
I so much love this and am so glad i stopped begging for upvotes on my post unless when i am into some contest that requires me having much upvotes to win

@maylyn09 thanks

It's amazing how just one click requires a huge technical thinking and reasoning.

I think upvote is the biggest thing on Steemit, that's why a lot is put into it.

Really happy @steemsecrets shared this post

More of technical thinking and reasoning.

very well said...
happy for you too....
thanks to @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for this INTEL

Frankly I don't think whales care that much about content or the consequences of their votes, in fact most of them use bots which don't even know what they are voting for.

thanks for being frank @gduran.. I respect your perspective.. but looking at some "curied" posts or posts that have earned a lot, I can say that they really put consideration on the "great content" and "effort" of the posts.

Glad to read from @steemsecret after a little while and today I learn the greatest thing about Steemit and upvote. This is powerful and I'll have to read it over and over again. Am sure a lot of people just like me never saw this side of responsibility attached to an upvote and that had created some sense of entitlement to a vote. Thank you @maylyn09 and @surpassinggoogle for today's message.

The entitlement is so serious that a lot of minnow feels its the duty of every whale to be giving them/us upvote. They will pick one or two lines from this post and change their attitude

They/we should change their/our attitude...

@lordjames is right... this is powerful and we have to read it over and over again... digest it and apply it to our steemit journey.. thus, can lead us to success.

Thank you terry for this new and informative intel. Indeed we missed this for almost two weeks. I really appreciate the wisdom behind. Done following you and maylyn. Looking forward for morge intel.

Thank you for the tips. Going to the flow is good. In addition, I think creating your own standards is better to avoid pressures.

I like the words " there is sense in nonsense" . We have different perspectives in all things and opinion really matters.

Let me pitch my tent here for now. I will read up later. My eyes are heavy for now

haha @emjoe, thanks for being honest... I know it's a long read... but trust me, it will be worth reading...

I'm sure you won't forget to read it later, as @ginabot for sure will give you tons of notifs about these comments here.. haha...

Very truthful for that words from you @maylyn09, as you deliver the Steem Secrets #12 (Delivered By @maylyn09): Is An Upvote All That Free? It also make me realized and ponder the sharing of upvotes can give special impact and admiration to someone else.

I just want you to know that I've finally read the piece from word to word. I have been following on Steemsecrets tips for a while but the day I saw his post, I was really having a lot on my head. if you checkout my account comment and posting history you will notice my scanty presence these past few days. I had to comment so that I won't miss it amid lots of resteems on various accounts.

You did wonderfully well.

To whom much is given, much is expected

I have been given much by other great Steemians, I now understand more the responsibility lying on my shoulders.

Thanks so much @steemsecrets and @maylyn09

Let me pitch my tent here for now. I will read up later. My eyes are heavy for now

Hehehe actually I love your sincerity though . Better than making a useless comment.

hahahha @emoje, I admire your honesty and unfeigned admiration. This secret revealed atlast by @surpassinggoogle is worth the read. Everyone can learn from it and that is what greatness itself.

You can always comeback to read it anytime you want. Go have your sleep.

Good night!

@onenecha, have a great day!! greetings from the Philippines!

@maylyn09, have a great day too.
Greetings from Nigeria

Jeez, e don reach to book a space? You guys are really funny at times,

You are really going to gain much reading it. @maylyn09 did a great job

upvote really have a big cost interms of blogging. thank you for the information @maylyn09

Ahan, these people want to bring nairaland pattern here. Please no booking of space or first to comment thing

This secrets are powerful and much mehn, i have done half, will funish up later. Chai bad habit

Sure! You can come back anytime you want! Just don't forget to resteem or bookmark it so you can load it at one tap

@steemsecrets is really a powerful community for the fortunate minnows new in steemit

Lol ataya oooo

i am pitch mine beside yours,

To be honest, I don't look for content.. I support whenever I can regardless of what's inside the post. I believe each and everyone of us needs support especially the new ones..

I agree, sis ediah. Like the saying, "sharing is caring." We'll never know someday, somehow, one of those new ones will be a whale. Im pretty sure they will be looking for you and thank you forr helping them out and when it happens they'll help you in return of your kindness to them.

I agree!

doing so, will spoon-feed spammers who post less than 100 words and will mislead newbies to just post whatever they want without putting any effort to it.

If I see spammers, like they post 5 in a day and just plain meme etc, i still upvote 1 of their posts. Then that's all. There are few times I also upvote plagiarize, but I remind the person to give credit to the owner next time especially when he/she is also in the same groups where I'm in.

It's just that for me, not all spammers know that they are spamming. Not all users know that they plagiarized, they just don't know about plagiarism. They just need guidance and advice.

Very well said, sis @ediah! Instead of judging them, why not sift deeply about why they did it.

Good thing we have same views sissy.. 😘

On point. Plus, they can adjust with some care and education. There are many testimonies to that and one reason why untalented started