Steem Secrets #7 (Delivered By @zoeroces): To Really Shine On Steemit, You Will Need To Be Slow About "Conclusions".

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"@zoeroces" speaking in words of "@steemsecrets": 

 Hi, i am @zoeroces and i am a minnow but "whale" inside and i am speaking in the words of @steemsecrets
To shine on steemit, you will also very much need to understand "humans" and ofcourse, you will need to recall that the beautiful state of steemit now, involved "history"
So the next time you see something that you become hastily discouraged about e.g an investor whale seemingly earning too much in your eyes, even for limited content or from self-voting or such whale, using the downvote button etc; before you hurriedly get in the mix or jump into conclusions,  consider some of 3 giant scenarios first:  
Number 1. Many investor whales have larger stake in the platform and isn't it only logical, from a human standpoint, that since they brought in such large investment, they would want to guard their investment and perhaps, gain some incentive from it? 
Now, what they see fit for their portion of the steem platform, can vary from those of other whales or from us; but isn't that also normal? 
And looking at it critically, humans falter and when humans falter, then, a next thing we can look at, is "forgiveness"
Hahaha, not every human who falters is bad, for many had "great intentions" when they faltered!  
Number 2. Did you also know that some of these whales may have bought into steem, when the price of steem was up to 3 dollars and stuck on here, even when it went as low as "cents".  
Number 3. Did you also know, that for long periods in the past, before a consensus was agreed upon, allowing an eventual fork that made the "rewards" linear, thus, favoring minnows and dolphins in terms of "the power of their votes"; many whales had agreed on "an experiment" where they wouldn't vote at all or much, losing lots of curation and even post rewards. 
So, what am I saying? 
To really shine on steemit, you will need to understand "humans", involve some "history" and sift even the apparently not-so-good to find good in it; because overall, many things on steemit are subjective, because even in a community of reputable "humans", what you may not like; others may favor! 

Sumptuous Meal For Thought

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@zoeroces a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 7th release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets

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To really shine on steemit, you will need to understand "humans", involve some "history" and sift even the apparently not-so-good to find good in it; because overall, many things on steemit are subjective, because even in a community of reputable "humans", what you may not like; others may favor!

Its another #secretRevealed again and its a privilege to be here once again all thanks to @steemsecrets team led by @surpassinggoogle.

Humans are very hard to understand most times and its so important to excercise quiet a lot of patient when relating to them at times but one very sure point is that you cant do without associating yourself with fellow users on the platform irrespective of how hard its to engage with them, you just have to know and move closer to them then you can see their true colour. Humans are dynamics so we cant act or behave the same way but we muct try as much as possible to put our differences a side and works hands in hands together only then we can achieve success together.

A whale in making @nuges reporting.

A friend of mine while giving me some tips on steemit reminded me that it is just like every other social media because it still consist of humans so if you understand how to interact you will understand the steemit blockchain

I agree with you, the interaction or the realtionship building in this platform is really important to fully understand how this platform works and what it can offer to people. It is another secret to success here. Your friends and team mates are the ones who will help you all the way up. I am grateful to have found my ever supportive friends who have also helped me with this journey or should I say, this great adventure of being a Steemian :)

It's friends and different sub groups that help us grow on the platform and I happen to be in one where everyone is growing at a fast rate

Good for you @langford! :) together lets take steem to the moon! :)

that was really good advice!!

Patience is key when dealing with people. People are unpredictable and could be impossible sometimes. Our firmness in our disposition to forgive their errors is the very key to our peace and undisturbed success. Real secret revealed here.

Important thing is to interact whether a person is hard to understand. just give all your strength to understand them. And then we allows flaws and try to forgive instead.

I totally agree.

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

Still, humans are unpredictable and really would not do the good always because good is relative and subjective


Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

Good Communication with others on the platform is imperative for understanding.
Join steemit chat or discord, discuss with other minnows, dolphins and whales.
The knowledge you gain just by talking with people with experience cannot be overemphasized.

Yes, and that way, you will learn a lot more from them. :)

Plus sift the not-so-good even, to find good therein

Please follow @zoeroces, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

acknowledge sir done following @zoeroces.

Thank you, sir @veejay2312.

Indeed, we need to understand first before to be understood. We must understand their situations so that we can see the whole picture. From their there will be no misunderstanding.

Sift the good from even the not-so-good. ☺

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Happy 7th #SecretRevealed!
Truly, this post is Worth the Wait!~~

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"
@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."
@enjieneer -- showed our "Real Rewards"
@gerel -- reminded us to be the "Real You" in Steemit
@allerie00 -- advising us to "Study Steemit's History"
@itsjessamae -- emphasized the importance of "Respect"

And now @zoeroces, sharing us to be "Slow in Making Conclusions" or just don't "Jump into conclusions without any basis"

"before you hurriedly get in the mix or jump into conclusions, consider some of 3 giant scenarios..."
"because overall, many things on steemit are subjective, because even in a community of reputable "humans", what you may not like; others may favor!"

What I learned from my field (Data Scientist) is that before you actually make a conclusion you need to have facts, data and even the history of what you are reporting for, by that we make sure that our conclusions are correct and without any bias. It is easy to criticize a whale especially if you never experienced to be a Whale, the thing is that we should THINK LIKE A WHALE and try understand them, why they do things..etc., come to think of this they are also humans. Part of this growing Community.

Nagode! (Thank you) @zoeroces, @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for sharing this 7th Secret and for making this series of #SecretsRevealed possible. More Secrets Revealed to Come!

From a Future Whale,

It is very imperative that we speak based on facts because we cannot be certain of the reason behind any action. Sometimes we are just too quick to judge

Yes , being honest to people mostly the ones you love will make them love you more and the people that you only know will become close to you

I agree with your point on whales but on the contrary, not all whales are naturally good. While some are arrogant, some show nonchalant behaviour towards socialization here irrespective of how had you try to socialize with them. @surpassinggoogle is a role model and his kind is rare to find here.

I agree, and we are blessed to have a supportive whale in the name of @surpassiggoogle who is willing to help us, invest in us -- Future Whales

You have spoken my heart in a profound manner. Indeed @surpassinggoogle is a rare breed of whales.

Absolutely! He is one of a kind and hard to find. I'm pretty sure that a woman who will meet him will very lucky. :)

You have really been following #steemsecrets. I recently heard about it and I will start keeping up because there is much to learn as a minnow who hopes to become a whale

Make friends with a lot of people here, understand and forgive them when they make mistake so theyll do the same to you.:)


@steemsecrets. These are all great word comin form great minds like you and you mentees. Well I will like to also say something in the voice of @steemsecrets but I don't know how to participate.
But all the same nice job @zoeroces.
Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for giving all this great minds a voice to be heard.

Very well said! We all need to be human and get in touch with ourselves.. To succeed in Steemit always be positive and think like a human

Understanding and forgiveness is the key, sweetie. :)

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

I couldnt agree more. :)

It is a reminder to all of us @emdesan, I loved what you said. But in reality the modern world is slowly changing the real purpose of humanity. But thank God there are initiatives here and out to restore the program of human.

Yes, because all of us know that God is good all the time.

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

Thank you so much for sharing this @zoeroces
Great secrets you have shared.
Forgiveness is very key when it comes to attaining success in life.
Wish you avery happy and bright future.

Thank you for stopping by and watched it too. Forgiveness and add an understanding to it. Wish you all the best, too! More power!

dear sir ! watching all post of steemsecret which are so beneficial to whole community !
the whole team of steemsecret contributing well and much appriciate your work and helping the community! yaah it does not matter whale or dolphin we have to help the community! we have forgive it the best weapon!#steemsecrets best of luck!

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

You have delivered the message awesomely, congrats!

Another good points to remember but this made me think that i can never be a whale haha

Thank you so much sir @long888, who's one of the most supportive people around me. We will all become whales someday as long as we know how to understand, forgive and help one another, nothing is impossible. Ill be with you, Sir, support you, same way as you and my #steemitachievers family to me :). Thank you so much and God bless!

I appreciate your support to the group. Continue to share your talents and abilities and be an inspiration to others esp. the new achievers...

Proud co-steemitachievers here!

Number 1. Many investor whales have larger stake in the platform and isn't it only logical, from a human standpoint, that since they brought in such large investment, they would want to guard their investment and perhaps, gain some incentive from it?

The subject is somehow complex because sometimes it feela like they are taking advantage and raping the rewardpool then you have to understand that they worked for and invested in everything they have on the platform.

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

Yes, it complex. the logic is not to rush into conclusions. Overall, read this:

This is one of the best video's and information that new minnows should watch and read if Dtube is not responding. They have included script.

The whales have invested a large amount of money in this platform. They are holding this as steem power instead of withdrawing it. If they are not given incentives then they might not find it worth while to stay invested in steempower. Thus they might power down crashing the price of steem.

At the same time if whales do not distribute some of their voting weight among the minnows, then looking at less profit minnows will stop investing their time and money on steemit, thus crashing the price of steem.

This actually works both ways. Thus i believe both should be patient and help each other to grow.

I agree, sir. I love to have a lot of friends here. Talking to everyone in steemit is enjoying. You gain more knowledge and friends. And at least you can even help others, mentally, emotionally, financially and most of all spiritually :)

Looking at what the "big whales" are getting could lead to discouragement and such could be termed "greed".

of couse we should look up to whales as mentors and motivators but not "in the earnings".

nothing good comes easy, even the whales had a hard time to build their blog to what it is today.

@steemsecrets and @surpassingoogle is really taking time to unveal the hidden secrets behind being a successful steemian.

kudos to the good job you are doing bro.

May Jehova guide and protect you @surpassinggogle.

Well said, Sir @mrposyble.

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

In my own contribution, jumping into conclusion without evidential facts can really be dangerous. Before you arrive at a conclusion in anything in life, one needs to be careful, make series of research on the issue at hand, known if it had occurred in the past and how it was handled, find out the future possible detriments of that which he is to conclude upon before drawing it at a close. @zeoroces thanks for the insight you have brought via @steemsecrets
This is really helpful and am looking forward to the next steemsecrets reveal

Thank you so much and God bless

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