Steem Secrets #3 (Delivered By @enjieneer): "Rewards" On Steemit Involve Way Bigger Things Than "Money". Abeg, Shine Your Eyes!

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

This is @enjieneer speaking in words of @steemsecrets:

Hi steemit family, I am your girl @enjieneer and I am a minnow but "whale inside" and I speak to you in the words of @steemsecrets

Another basic yet very essential thing to remember at the beginning of your steemit journey and even right now is; "rewards" doesn't refer to just money, for there are many types of rewards.

So, while you ransack my wallet and my every post, to find a total of 50 U.S dollars combined and measure my "rewards" by it, I may be relishing instead "the millions of dollars in rewards" derived from connections, friendship, fulfillment, opportunities, self-development, partnerships, mentor-ship, learning etc.

On the side though, realize that not every steemian joined steemit to "make money", for there are tons of reasons to have joined steemit as well, beyond things like money

e.g I may own the bank but come on steemit to reside as minnow solely for the sake of privacy, learning or simply to hangout with reputable like-minds.

Now to conclude; if you are "whale" to me, why bother about ransacking my wallet.

Hahaha, there are way bigger things than "comparisons".

Even when steem becomes 1000 dollars each, I tell you "learning is the ultimate earning" and steemit offers you loads of learning.

"Can't you see?!!!"

So don't let today slip emptily by!
Go back on steemit; incessantly "mine with your mind" in the midst reputable of reputable great minds; evolve in your substance and let's see if even "steem" will not seek you out.

and if steem doesn't seek you out, opportunities will!

In each case, you will have to "open your eyes".

My precious steemian family, "abeg, shine your eyes"

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Then, fulfilling success, we will attain!

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@enjieneer a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 2nd release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets.

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Wow this is indeed an eye opener from @steemsecrets, it take so many users some time to realized this point and all they wish to earn on the platform is the monetary rewards alone and they have forget that rewards like intellectual rewards that are much available on the platform superseed the monetary rewards they are striving for day and night.... Steemit also offer you the chance to meet responsible perssonels(users like @surpassinggoogle @maryfavour @gbenga and the likes) that might change your destiny for life.

@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

An eye opener, indeed! :) it lets us see the world through other people’s perspectives. One of the purpose of this platform is to give people chances to experience the lives of others from different walks of life. :)

@steemsecrets thank you for your words of wisdom indeed there were many reasons why people join steemit. I for one in the early stages of my steemit life I have viewed steemit as another cryptocurrency use case that I can earn from but as I evolve as a steemian I realize that it is something more I just can't point a finger on it and now that you have shared your thoughts on this It made it all clear to me. The rewards we gain are not those of money but more. Indeed learning is the ultimate earning. Best of all this cannot be exhausted, depleted nor stolen. Thank you steemsecrets for sharing your thoughts and knowledge about being a steemian.

@eijinear YOU ARE AWESOME! as I have said in the past you are the complete package beauty, brains and talent. Love you sis you have delivered the words of @steemsecrets brilliantly!

@surpassinggoogle thank you for always there to support us all. Your never tiring inspiration and support keeps a lot of us going I know that you will be always be there for us and know this we will always be with you and support you as well.

thankyou so much sissy! i appreciate everything that you said. I did my best to deliver these special words from @steemsecrets just because I thought it is truly empowering and that it needs to be heard especially the newbies who are still doubting about the site. Much love sissy 😘❤

thanks @enjieneer, @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecret, for me i joined steemit because of the money not realising that there's so much out there to learn from but now i do.. i'll keep tabs with you'll because i see am getting to learn new things everyday tanks to @steemsecrets.

And I just got reward from this post now! Thanks @ankarlie!

Everytime i read features here @steemsecrets I can always get two things:

  1. learnings; and
  2. reflections.

In this 3rd release, I realized that earning dollars here in steemit is not that essential. The most essential thing is the building of friendship. Furthermore, this platform teaches me on how to keep on learning.

the words of @enjineer are really substantial especially when she emphasized that "learning is the ultimate earning."

I am always praying that 90% percent who are here or who will join here will always value the vision of the platform and that is to inspire people through blogging.

Earning dollars is just a bonus, being here is a responsibility. -@morken

May the good Lord bless us always.

Keep steeming!

Love what you said there! Indeed, being here is a great responsibility. I hope all people who join here would treat Steemit as how they treat their homes. We shouldn't let it be destroyed rather, we should help it become better and its foundation stronger. ❤

True. I agree with your words. This is not only a platform but also a home. Home of hopes and outlet of untold stories from undiscovered intellectual minds.

Note that the knowledge dispensed by @steemsecrets is aimed at world adjustment, so it is indeed life knowledge and applies on steemit, anywhere and in life

Very awesome. 4TH release soon

thank you sir @surpassinggoogle! :-)
I'm so excited!

I coudnt agree more.. the best thing we can ever get here is the learnings and friendships that are built.. :) thanks to steemit for paving ways for us to experience this one. It’s something i can always treasure.. this is the great adventure that i have ever had in my life as well. :)

Indeed TRUE!!! It's not about money, for me my Steemit rewards are just secondary.

I really don't have a plan to join Steemit, I've been invited many times with my friend but not until the day that my long lost friend invited me to join.

I joined not because about my interest on the platform but because I want to see my friend after a very long years we haven't meet each other.

I have joined the meet up here in Cebu Philippines and I'm just amazed with the community on how their friendship and camaraderie is built. They have welcomed me and from that day I started to love Steemit not because of money but because of friendship which is the essence of the community. A very beautiful thing to ponder.... .from stranger becomes friend and from being friend becomes a family. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE ON STEEMIT AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY I'M HERE :)

I am still a newbie and I have joined the second meetup here in Cebu Philippines and the Community is amazingly growing and the bond of friendship is getting stronger. I LOVE IT!!!

Indeed this is not just about money thing, this is about touching peoples lives and connection with each other.

Thanks I came across this post, glad to know that there are lots of people who value the true essence of Steemit.!

Thank you, :)

Your Friend,

Aww. such a beautiful story! Thankyou for sharing us your Steemit experience. Indeed, it's more fun and exciting to blog and interact here when you have already found a family which you can call your own here in Steemit. That's exactly my ultimate goal, to build friendship and family here. I'm also encouraging my friends to join here so as to make this platform a better place. Keep on Steeming! Best of luck ❤

Many people come in to steemit because of the money but the reward here on steemit is more than money.

The truth is, I also come into to steemit because of the money but after like 7months on steemit, I don't think about the money anymore. There is alot to learn and get as reward on steemit. So I agree totally with your worda

Even when steem becomes 1000 dollars each, I tell you "learning is the ultimate earning" and steemit offers you loads of learning.

I've learn so many things here on steemit like

  • how to love
  • how to impact lives
  • how to make friends
  • I've learnt more about cryptocurrency

And so on. Thanks to great steemians like @surpassinggoogle. Steemit is just a great platform for all whether you are a whale or not

Steemit has the capability of changing the world overnight, I mean we don't even fully understand the blockchain until we realize the potential of instant transaction and confirmation networks.

These are being built every day and is another prime example.'

People coming together to put there own value on life and love is an amazing thing but can come with many traps along the way.. What do know is steem is doing very well ~ ::DD


It's true that steemit puts food on steemians' table, but the unity, love and knowledge shared on steemit is commendable.

Today's car

Steemit gives us a lot of opportunity when it comes to earning. We cannot deny that. Some even pay all their expenses through the rewards from Steemit but yes, the unity, love and knowledge that you will get here is very rewardable too.

@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

This is very true my brother, at first we all came for the money and as the slogan goes, come for the money and stay for the community, I hear a lot of people say that steemit isn't paying me or it's isn't what I expected, steemit doesn't pay anyone so we shouldn't sit and fold our arms and wait for steemit to pay us after all we ain't working for some person called steemit that we expect salary and the end of it all. Learning is the greatest earning and I accept with you completely. Even when I don't have time to post, because of pressing school work, I just carry my phone to check out people's post and I learn from them so much and it keeps me going. And one person I love so much in this community is my big bro. @surpassinggoogle, each time i read his post, it gives me a true reminder of who I am and I get a feeling of intense love, that is why till tomorrow I still love his @teardrops post. @big bro Terry, I love you very much and I hope you get to see this.... Lol

If you want to have money, it is better to find a job, steemit can not give you all.

a job.... why would I do that when I have steemit?

Same here. I came to steemit because I want to earn rewards, but then after staying for months, I realized that it's not just all about money because on top of that, I also gained a lot of experiences, learnings and most of all, I've gained new friends. ❤

Same here. I also gain a lot of learnings. Good thing we gain more friends here in steem it. Mabuhay (oh hail) the steemians!


@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

I can't miss any of this sweet bits, so I'm following her asap plus I already followed @steemsecrets

Thankyou so much! Much love! ❤

The way i see things, you are likely to feature in a video soon. Let's see

steemits made me feel my worth of beig a human. Im happy to be part of steemit and collaborating with peoples

Love staying here in steemit. Especially @surpassinggoogle always look up for newbies. Its wonderful how hospitable @surpassinggoogle is. Love being here. Mabuhay steemians!

Yes, jts not just money but making friends, learning and how people give inpact in my life everyday by learning from them and to the generous steemians and bro @surpassinggoggle who has been so kind to have #steemgigs and #teardrops for expression of happiness and sadness. Life is steemit

I agree with you. Steemit has become our life. It has served us its real purpose to encourage all of us to become what we can be. :)

Exactly! And the real purpose of steemit is to grow together where no one is left behind. xoxo

Yes, @surpassinggoogle has influenced us all. I learn from him everyday

He is indeed the inspirer of all inspirers here. Hats off to @surpassinggoogle for all the harwork and inspiration :)

good dtube post

You are right sir. I learn everyday on steemit reading people's blog and interacting with steemians

@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

thankyou for that information sir..

Yes sir. I've started following them

Yes, so yes. I love you too.

@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

I didn't come to steemit for money though even though i didn't have family around and no job and no dime and much pain and depression.
Before steemit i did take up a job when my depression was at a high and all my pay was for my rent cos i could only live in isolated places in condos for safety, but i got on steemit still and saw bigger things

I agree with you

As a minnow, i am trying to learn too, its a great platform honestly

haha - so very true! I came to Steemit for another tool to promote my podcast and at the time, was having a hard time - losing hope a little.

  • I learned about all kind of tech stuff, about crypto (I am far from really understanding that),
  • started a writing challenge instead of working on the podcast - which I am now back to doing and bringing it to this platform all the way.
  • I made so many good friends
  • and I regained hope that we can create the world we want to live in.

I think we all do need to go through frustrations and losing hope but as soon as we work hard and giving our best in making quality content blog posts we tend to experience what success is all about in this platform- to be of inspiration to others to strive hard and never think of the earnings but the learnings instead :)

Yes, keep on going. that is the way...

I for one too, came here with just little knowledge about cryptocurrencies. through steemit, I was exposed to crypto world and I learned so much about it. I began to apply what I've learned here and it really helped me. This site is beyond wonderful! thanks for sharing ❤❤

I find that this site is filled with so many people who truly understand that helping others is the only way to success. We are helping ourselves that way - which is good, we all need to have a benefit. I am really happy about this initiative and feel that the more people sharing the positive experiences and helping others to succeed, the more we can negate the ones on this platform who act in a negative way. Thank you for being one of the positive forces!

this one is sweet like sugar.

thank you!

@steemsecrets thanks for this eyes opener message, indeed there are a lot of rewards apart from the monetary rewards on the platform if one open his eyes so well and part of them is that you get to meet people that can impact your life positively in one way or the other and you also get to learn from people like @surpassinggoogle @stellabelle @maryfavour and the likes and that learning as little as it might be can change your being for life.

@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

thanks for sharing this,

this not only money on steemit it is the passion of every writer in the community we all deserve to shine.

to learn more the bits of the platform on steemit.

this is great... Upvoted and follow

Yes, you deserve to shine. ❤ Keep on steeming and surely, you'll be rewarded.

"if steem doesn't seek you out, opportunities will!"
I noticed this with me, steemit Doesn't seek me out buh opportunities does! For example av won a little contest in the aspect I specialised on (graphics design).
Steemians messags me on steem chat and they request for a graphics design and we agreed on a particular payment and all goes well.
Now there is opportunity m dealing with now, it's a photobomb challenge wch am willing to win.
What am trying to bring out here is this "if steem doesn't seek you out, opportunities will!" I love the sentence and I just noticed it.

So thanks to @steemsecrets for bringing @enjieneer to this platform for her motivational talk.. Good work, keep it up!

wow! I love your story. thankyou for sharing us your experience. this is such a great example of opportunities seeking stemians. Glad to know that it worked for you. Keep on steeming ❤

@steemgigs interface will be ready soon too. Awesome.

@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

definitely that most of the people who join the community seeks and for the purpose of money. Even I grasp that mentality due to my desire of helping someone and success for me as well. but you what it's not about that.. When I'm starting to make post. I cant sleep without posting even a single blog. or watching my reputation moving up.. all matters... it's a self fulfilling even if my post not earning that big.. even just a single cent I really appreciate because a single person who acknowledge my work means a lot to me.. self improvement? career enhancement.. ?networking.. friendship.. happiness.. all these things you will discover if you explore steemit.. When I spent too much time in making post versus my sleeping hour... When I forgot the time most of the day because I'm busy polishing my work before posting... it's a passion.. how I love this craft.. even I don't have experience in the world of blogging..because this platform doesn't require perfections it requires authenticity in every work.. then, it open opportunities as you've mentioned in your video.. each one of use here have different reasons or purpose why we joined steemit.. but we have same goal that is to improve ourselves and plunging to an ocean of secrets bring to us by steemit. thanks for sharing

When you really love what you're doing, you'll never get really tired of it. Same with me. Writing and blogging is my passion too. I dont consider this as a work. What's good about it is that we earn(in the form of money, experiences, learnings etc) just by simply doing what we love. ❤Thanks for sharing!

NIce words from @jezmacher! :) everything here that we do is for self -fulfillment regardless the earning that we get.. :) thank you for this one. this is really encouraging :)

yes!! I'm glad you feel that way... Passion a short word but it has broad meaning.. with great impact to every person to anyone.. in everything we do we need to work hard.. we need to strengthen our skills added with faith.. but how could we possibly achieve our goal if we fail to show passion.. is there possibilities we will succeed. Absolutely, yes success is no impossible but the true meaning of success is not only about acquiring things like money, power, fame.. success is happiness.. enjoyment... and complete satisfaction... by all means.. let your hands do all things.. but never disregard that outburst emotion.. the flaming passion that hid inside you.. claim victory..

thanks terry... everything wont matter.. do it by heart.. not by intention.. not to receive credit if there is.. that's a reward from your hardships.. if you work and work just for money without passion its useless.. never hesitate to show interest and let that spark influence others. not because you want to say good words but its full of love.. unconditional love..

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