@steemsecrets Will Gradually Constitute The Fastest Speed-Up Intel For Steem/Steemit/Life Success. Consider Following @steemsecrets!!!

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Note: "Intel" in our dictionary simply means "information".


Everytime @steemsecrets pronounce an utterance, you will hear all that you will need, to accomplish steem/steem success and especially "life" success

All utterances will be short and assimilate-able. However short, it will be ever-weighty and priceless and believe me, all you will need success-wise on steemit and beyond and you will be told these things in ways that you will never hear elsewhere. This rarity is the beauty of INTEL that @steemsecrets will provide you. 

This is the bus-stop!

We have all the degrees from the school of life and understand all genre of humans and in very special ways too. These rare knowledge is gift from Jehovah and our content involves a message and part of a mission. 

With gradual ease, we will tell you Intel that even world renown elites haven't come to know and it is in this very info that it all lies; "breakthrough on every social interface, in human, on the internet etc". 

We carry the tone of an illiterate and an untalented, a shameless outcrier etc. Nations are locations; status is subjective, so we carry the tone of human! 

Some of this message will stay in an undertone, so please listen to the undertone. Releases will come in short spurts for easiest assimilation and it will be pinpointly on-point every and each time, removing all barriers to entry, so that for among the first times ever, even kids will understand steem, steemit, blockchain etc and the full extent of its beauty. 

The whitepaper and every knowledge required for speed-up will be broken into sweet bits, that you will get to love steem in newest ways. 

We will cover/touch-on "history" as well because most of the Intel for steem success that you seek lies in the history of steem that many amiss. 

Listening to this info will be easy; action upon what's heard will be a hassle, "a harder route" but testimonial

Each release will be infact priceless. 

This will be the most fun tutorials. Releases will be provided in different formats and in many cases, in the form of dtube videos etc. 

Each release will simply open the eyes and foresight is where all the success sought after, lies. After you imbibe and fully digest each release, you will be so ready and at the perfect time, you will be ready to begin and bring projects to life and success become "a foreseeable", thus attainable. 

We want to fill you in with joy and excitement with every post release because for many that is where true success lies, even moreso than financial prowess. 

"Waking up to something, the thought of possibilities, new-found knowledge, having a buzz, an awaitance etc" and each day becomes success in itself or in-tune with success and this is the vibe we want to create using this medium.

The numbers (steemians) are increasing drastically and ways need to arise for Intel (speed-up) to be passed out effectively and paced aright so that it accomplishes its intended intention. 
Each day, a steemian arises that wants to know how to do well on steemit etc and to attain speed, they hit the DMs on discord, general chats and read lots of resources and many are met mostly with theories etc 
We will go back to the underlying basics and touch on more pertinent matters like life and humans and in the process cover every "steem" or "steemit" concept as well because in truth, "no level of tech" didn't take cognizance of life and the understanding of humans, in the creation of its model.

@steemsecrets will provide the fastest speed-up when it comes to a steemit journey. All releases can be shared as far and wide as possible to newbies and your communities, so that you may speed them up to salient steemit knowledge. 

The knowledge will be applicable to every steemian regardless of location, level of education, status, reputation etc. The knowledge will serve to prep the heart and solidify its conviction with regards to the "possibility of possibilities" and forgotten dreams will be remembered again and restored gradually into full-blown life. 

Then, steemit will gradually instantly become a medium to accomplish way beyond content creation and this is the ultimate speed up.

Brief History

Years before steemit, i had had particular interest in humans. As a youth, i would spend hours talking to youths in my locality, reminding them of their strengths and beauty. Many of these youths, had awesomeness in them that was glaring to me but un-obvious to them as most of these virtues have been relegated into redundancy in the face of many odds. 

Basically, "success" as i could see it then and in their case, never laid in "money" or "gifts of money" but laid rather, in the simplest eye-opening information that they are bigger than tiny things like "money". 

Apart from my mouth though and my tiny deeds of generosity and selflessness, there weren't real ways to spread my voice more far-reachingly. I was also a very young boy in a developing nation deterred by odds.

As i grew older, i started to have more impact because my substance evolved and odds started becoming invisibler. I still had the same location and the same peers but i knew of possibilities and my conviction about possibilities were deeply-rootedly unshaken. 

My virtues stuck. My self-belief stood.

On steemit, things got so much better in terms of impact. Thus, as a minnow i would put myself into my simple posts, "my entire voice" and then, i would have visitors in the DMs and i would passionately speak to them for hours to open their eyes and they would go back out on steemit and start to shine. 

Indeed, they went out there and shone more than me or faster than me and i would continue on in the backgrounds looking for new people to reach out to. 

I did a lot of curation too and i knew the state of the community and during these interesting bouts of fun, i would spot potential greatness in people and i would contact them and we would go back into the DMs for hours of talk and they would return on steemit anew and begin to shine really fast. 

The logic all through was simple: simply open "the eyes" and an "air of freedom" ensues, then "a feel-good vibe" and i tell you: "this is where all the success even "steemit success".

Then, many more projects came to live on steemit and many more possibilities. I kept on minnow and stayed in the backgrounds, doing the DMs.

As a minnow, i had so so so many DMs and a first discord server with growing numbers; and why the DMs, instead of general chats, you may ask? 

Well, "the DMs it was" because i was interested in each "human" and each human is different and requires different strokes. Thus, out of love and care, i would take them out of general chats and get to know them, then give them the "piece of the eye-opening knowledge" that's just for them and they would go out there and start to see more things and see steemit anewly and prowess and shining would ensue!

Plus, i did always care that information accomplishes it's intended mission and is not overwhelming or misconstrued, thus, the DMs helped me to access people, to see if they are ready to receive certain information or to get them ready before releasing information. These took me into too many DM conversations and with too many more responsibilities, there began to be delays on getting to too many DMs, that to be more effective, i started to put these information underlyingly in my posts, in such a way that each genre of audience would derive just the information meant for them. However, my posts would each generate hundreds of comments and many would notice too that there has been some underlying message that they haven't come to grasp fully and that they perceive could have been meant for them too and they would visit with me in the DMs as well. 

With this much responsibility in DMs, phones calls started to become more effective but in reality, everytime i set up a 15 minute call, i will end up speaking for 2 hours or more. Hahaha, that's me! "If there is a human on the other end, i am bound to care!"

Now with @steemsecrets, we will be breakdown giant information into small assimilate-able, weighty bits, so that it serves everyone. 

Every steemian is a leader or has the potential to be leader, else you will not be here. 

"Never let it creep into the head that you are leader more than another because the going got rosey"; "don't lose your human!"

As each steemian was seeking out something and was led here, every steemians is leader. Thus, i will like to share information now in just the right bits, applicable to each steemian.

There will lots of pacing involved.

Basically, you will need to let "steemit" truly pass through you as it is a journey. Jumping queues; jumping steps is the easier route and it works but may not be as testimonial as the real deal.

Thus, @steemsecrets will release information with pacing.

Let's Go!

Many of the release will come in short @dtube videos etc

If you have additional votes and want to support a witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 


Thank you very much @steemsecrets :) Bright Blessings and Reiki Hugs!

your post is very interesting ,,,, the writing is very clear. @steemsecrets

Keep sharing such a great post.

Great post, Thank you for sharing,Love steemit and all steemians

Good job. I appreciate you. Waiting for your next post.

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Thanks a lot for the link.

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wow...!!!! nice post @steemsecrets . i like your post to much. thanks for share steemsecrets Will Gradually Constitute The Fastest Speed-Up Intel For Steem/Steemit/Life Success. Consider Following @steemsecrets post

excilent post. thanks a lot

This post will be useful for some to learn

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