Steem Secrets #1 (Delivered By @sunnylife): "You Are Whale To Me!"; This Is Where Your Steemit Journey Should Begin.

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Hi Steemit Family, this is @sunnylife speaking in words of @steemsecrets:

I am a minnow and this is the very beginning; and the very first secret i will be giving you is this, "you are whale to me". I am telling you, "that is where it all starts".

You know, while you are happy that a whale upvoted your posts; while you are happy that a whale left comment on your post; do they feel the same way; will they feel the same way, if you upvoted or comment on their post? "it should be exactly that". They should be happy that you upvoted and commented on their post because.......
you have to establish yourselves within your mind, "a whale".

There are decision-makings that will go top-notch from there on and that is the beginning of "success" even on steemit. Your decision-making will be top-notch; your foresight, your vision will be top-notch. There are many times when you will take the high road; there are many times when you will be unshaken by events because in reality, that is the case of "a whale".

You know, while you eat yourself too much about how much you earn or how much you don't earn, "a whale" is likely unshaken because, "he is a whale". So you have to establish, that beyond the existence of things like steem power etc, you can still function because "you are a whale!"
"You are whale to me!".

Note: We will celebrate each minnow as whales and whales as whales, for "you are whale to me!" Each one will learn while teaching this rare knowledge as we build a shareable library of the fastest-rarest "Steemit" speed-up knowledge in the most assimilateable sweet bits.
Then, fulfilling success, we will attain!

Follow @steemsecrets, so that you never miss out on any release!
Contact us to share in the celebration, else we will be contacting you soon!

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@sunnylife a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the first release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets. Kindly follow @sunnylife, if you picked value from the knowledge she has shared.

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She's the best! One of the friendliest person I've ever met on Steemit! Way to go, sis @sunnylife !!!! I love you big time!!! Xoxo

thank you so much for everything.
Miss you big time na!!
Bawi na lang ako pag nakaahon na.
ONE LOVE!!!!! love u more!

I agree completely!! She is a star shining bright!!
Love you Sunny and you as well Jerryl!!

thanks Papa Santa Whale!!!
love youuuuu!!! WE LOVE YOU TOOOO!!!!!!!

I agree, @bloghound

She's the kind of person who will stick with you, ipagtatangol ka kahit nasa kabilang ibayo ng mundo! haha

My dear Gilaine - I finally found out what purepinay means in PH!!!!
hehehehe - and I love your name, it fits you perfect!!
Bear Hugs for you!! x0x0x
I agree, @sunnylife is an amazing friend indeed!!

@sunnylife and @purepinay two are amazing...lovely ladies inside and out <3

you too sis.
Thanks for everything.

awww so sweet, kinarer ang pag resbak. kahit hugas arinols ang peg hahaha
love yeah big time. Thank you for your support always.

thank you. i have followed her

We are thrilled to have you on steemit and this is exactly why we need you.
This is superb! I had no idea this post could look this good.

Thank you sooo much!
Steem ON!

This is highly interesting ,just like you are directng the message to me ... I am a WHALE

you are whale to us,i am a whale 🐳

i remember telling surpassing google about this also, exactly what you said here , and he told me to him i was a whale then my reputation was just 57,saw this post felt surprised.
like he already saw this post coming. lol

yes you are!! YOu belong here and you're a WHALE!
Steem ON!

I hope to become someone like you soon maam @sunnylife.

you are unique!
Steem ON!

you are whale to us,i am a whale also(sp. shouldn't define who whales/weighs 🐳 and who don't weighs /whales 🐳

i remember telling surpassing google about this also, exactly what you said here , and he told me to him i was a whale then my reputation was just 57,saw this post felt surprised.
like he already saw this post coming. lol

Yeah. You are a whale. It doesn't matter your reputation or steempower. Say it to yourself everyday Im a whale

Sis @sunnylife thank you so much for being there for me and to all my friends who are a newbie here. You are one of the reasons why I'm still here and believing that someday I will succeed in my journey here in steemit.Thank you so much and take care always..I love you and I miss you <3

thanks so much sis:) just don't give up. "You are a whale to me"
We are whales!! love u too miss you xoxo

I won't give up either...better days ahead

giving up is not the answer:)
You belong here! You're a WHALE!
Steem On my friend:)

Yeah. I believe I'm a whale but sometimes giving someone 0.00 upvote and getting $0.00 on my posts just like I've been getting for weeks now, makes me forget about that. But all the same getting the low upvotes makes me to keep striving for greatness as a whale.

Thanks for reminding me that Im a whale , though it may take time but I'm a whale.. I'll keep steeming hard. No giving up.

Those zero earnings of yours will turn into a powerful story. Never give up and YES you are a WHALE we all are!!!

Steem on everone!

YESSS! thanks so much sis for everything.
Love you always.
Thanks for inspiring me as well.
@surpassinggoogle thank you for believing in us.

hawak kamay tayo kahit saan man dalhin ang steemit haha! You are always welcome sis!

Ginalingan mo masyado, hindi tuloy ako makapag record ngayon haha, ang pangit ng boses ko, pwede ba mag rent ng studio? haha!

yess gorabels!!!! this is pansit for u! keribels mo yan
ilabas na ang american accent mo hihii
love u muaaaaa

Forget about the earnings, it will come.
share from your heart and you won't get tired posting everyday.
Have fun and enjoy it.

Wow. This hit me right. Thanks for this Forget about the earnings and share from your heart I did something like that here You may love to read it and drop your contribution.

Everyone is a whale is just on how you appreciate things..good information for us maam I am proud of you.

salamat kapatid:)
steem on and have fun!

I agree what you say, Forget for earning wan work hard. So you the earning will follow you.

Learning is the ultimate earning. Follow each release, it will have all the info you need broken down, so broken down

Learning is the ultimate earning

Thanks for this motivation. I just understood that principle. Learn first then later you remove L from Learn and that's when you Earn..
You may love to read the little thing I've learnt on Steemit here

That is why im happy i am built in by mistakes because someday I can benefit all these mistakes upon learning from it.

Can I get the timing for the release?

pacing is key, so that solidity stay intact. special resource as well are my blogs. while you await, ingest those. dig

You are Great @surpassinggoogle.
i appreciate you

Thanks man. I'm grateful for your words

Mr terry ajayi , u are doing a great work sir , more greese to your elbow

nice resteem @surpassinggoogle, also a very inspirational and motivational write up from @sunnylife, i hope am a whale too although haven't seen one lol!!...👌💯🔥

wow this is like a reminder to me... Thanks for this encouragement. I've been doing this right from my first day on steemit... TO ADD - AM A STEEM WITNESS

great, perhaps you will air one of the releases of @steemsecrets, who knows

I really appreciates this post and thanks to @surpassinggoogle for referring me to this post. I really got the message you want me to get. Thank you very much.
I am a whale and a whale I will always be.
Thank you @steemsecrets and @sunnylife

yes, you are a whale!!!

I do really hope I would be lifted up again, maybe I have the big reputation but the post valur i have now is very low eventhough I really do my best but I guess I am so happy with your message and yes SP doesnt matter to be a whale because I believe to be a whale is the one who will help you get inspired in steemit commenting in order to encourage you.

you are whale to me. dont miss any release. you will learn all you need

i am so glad brother that you also consider me as a whale :) thank you for that.

I also wanna be a whale, i am learning from you @surpassinggoogle . I am inspired from you

I guess this is the best representation of the message.

I will read this over and over again ^_^

LOVE this!!! Rock n ROLL!

awesome. dont miss any of releases on steemsecrets. who knows you may feature on it

This is very helpful. The very positive thing you say I really like it

So nice @sunnylife. more pa good vibes. :D

sis ikaw na ang susunod nyan ah:)
Thanks sa support.

Unleashing the whale within... Yeiey!

Wow , truly an inspirational post , keep it on......

This is very helpful.. Thank you for the motivation and encouragement.
I claim.! I am a whale.. we are whales..
Your such an inspiration to us..

On point
Please look out for releases from @steemsecrets. You can follow @sunnylife as well

Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle.
I already follow @sunnylife and also @steemsecrets.
Thank you for all your teachings and positive thoughts.

Thanks so much for motivating me big sis:) your post is a source of encourangement to me, Indeed am a WHALE . please how do i get to use dtube?
you can use your posting key to login
Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases. Follow @sunnylife as well

We will celebrate each minnow as whales and whales as whales, for "you are whale to me!"

Yes we are all whales thank you for this great multivational post, my spirit is lifted

Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases. Follow @sunnylife as well

Thanks will do that

I am a future whale.

yes you are now! So, let's go!

:-).. Thanks. Let's go.

Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases. Follow @sunnylife as well

You are Amazing!!!
I live the everyone being a whale part...

yess you are a whale!
WE are Whales!!

I am a whale...we all

So yes
Please look out for releases from @steemsecrets. You can follow @sunnylife as well

hope we can meet in cebu..

thanks very muc h @surpassinggoogle your are have a good heart. keep it on.. I already follow @sunnylife

Wow... Same question that has been bugging my mind can i become a whale on steemit? But thank you for the motivational post am up for real, Am a WHALE😀😀😀😀

sweet conclusion to attain

Steemians all the way to becoming a whale ... A whale here we come . i wish i become one tooo

You are whale to me,
Please look out for releases from @steemsecrets. You can follow @sunnylife as well

Awwwn my @sunnylife... Nice one

thanks sis:)
steem on!

the power of positive thinking.

speak it and shall come to pass, "I AM A WHALE"

thanks for this motivating post.

May Jehova bless all we do..Amen

Please look out for releases from @steemsecrets. You can follow @sunnylife as well

ok sir.

thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

but the truth of the matter is, behind every successful minow, there is @surpassinggoogle solidly behind him or her.

keep it up.

May Jehova guide and protect us all.

From a newbies to been a whale all hope lies in our expectatio. . i am awhale you are a whale we are whales .

So yes
Please look out for releases from @steemsecrets. You can follow @sunnylife as well

Beautiful words po ate @sunnylife!

salamat kapatid.
Steem on!

Wow!!! ..I am a whale
I love this and I have been encouraged and inspired. Thank you

Yessss!! You are!!
You are a whale!
We are WHALES!
So, Steem On!!

I claim. .and I will sure continue steeming till I become that WHALE

That's the spirit!
You are now a whale, don't forget that:)

Yeah. You are a whale. It doesn't matter your reputation or steempower.

yesss, you got right!!!!

The video is superb it was you're referring to me.... This is really helpful

Glad to hear that:)
Steem On my friend:)

Hmmmm!!! Inspirarional, all about been WHALE......... All is well

you are a let's go!!!

This content motivates me, and it doesn't make me sad about how much av earned on steemit so far. Now am making a promise to my self to b more hardworking to become a whale and not to be a stingy whale steemian.
To you am a whale, inside me am still a minnow... Great content, it motivates

you are whale to me

Yay...che on point haha...keep on shinning sis...lots of love

hey my lil broda!!!
miss you!! Keep on Steeming ma broda!!
Hope all is well.

Very interesting and great point of view towards this platform. I see massive potential in this platform and I'm strongly considering just starting and creating any content and then letting this community shape my channel, I used to do Youtube videos like 5 years ago and then stopped because I didn't saw progress I wanted, everyone was saying it is too late, everyone is established etc....But now Youtube is bigger then ever and same talks are still going on.

You are in on steemit at the best of times and with its reputable community of great minds as mirrors, you can find yourself and eventual niche. So go for it. For dtube, work on thumbnails and create value. Be defined for a start before you adjust, then stay poised, paced and consistent. Overall, enjoy it too and learn in the process, for learning is the ultimate earning

Steem a community for the best ideal. Love this too. I have the same ideal of things toward whale

You are absolutely right... this is superb👍

I hope many people can read that to be inspired :)

Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases. Follow @sunnylife as well

Sure I will, for I want see more inspirational article like this! :)

so proud of yah, sistah from anotha motha. thanks for always motivating me and the talks we had, you really are a good example to everyone , we are all whales by heart, we can all grow , together. let's enjoy the ride 😘❤️❤️❤️

yessss gorabels!!
ang drama mo anoh lols
rock n roll!!

Thanks so much @sunnylife for showing up for "whales" like me. Was beginning to loose Steem but I am geared up once more

Giving up is not the answer.
Just have fun and enjoy it.
You belong here. You are a WHALE!

Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases

Yess.. You are a whale to me :)
@surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets

you tooo!!
Happy Steeming!

Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases

You are a whale to me . lot of people on steem it are whale to me . @surpassinggoogle, @acidyo @ewuoso @steemsecrets.

Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases. Follow @sunnylife as well

You're said truely point in this video agree !!
I wanna be add you in my friend list :)

Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! I just followed @sunnylife :)

steem on!
have fun and enjoy!

so proud of you madame! @sunnylife , you have alwaya been so kind to me and a true sister, though we're virtually connected, you have my heart. and yes! like what we have in our conversation last night , we are dilis( like the small fish) but from dilis , we can become sharks , whale sharks!!! hahah, so proud of you, and will always be thankful to havemet you here on steemit, go go gorabels!!! whale at heart. 😘❤️❤️❤️

ang drama ng peg, lols
love you and you are a whale to me!
gorabeeelsss na!! wag na sad kung wa kita.
WHALES tau!!

Great content.. Gonna be a whale one day, just like you!!@sunnylife @steemsecrets And @surpassinggoogle

yess you are now:)
It starts right now, now tomorrow but NOW!

"I AM A WHALE", Thank you for this inspiring talk @sunnylife and @steemsecrets, this will help us -- those who are new here -- to continue believing that we are "Whale" in the making and will one day become one Big Whale.

Glad to hear that:)
Stay awesome!

Please keep on looking out for @steemsecrets releases

Very good point of view! Simply and fast explanation

congrats steemsecrets i love your post

ang tipdi mag comment lols!!
Rock n roll!! lols

wow This really inspiring. So happy I came across this. Aunt you @sunnylife thanks for sharing.

Sis @sunnylife thankyou for making these thoughts.
Even I, when minnow commented on my blog/post I will surely upvoted them, replied, or sometimes followed and will upvoted to their blog/post too. Because they have given my post/blog a chance to read and with that, they deserved to be upvoted and etc.

@surpassinggoogle Thank you for visiting this blog and upvoting some comments really appreciated you! ^_^

You're so cool! I hope someday I may be like you! <3
Generous Heart <3 God bless you! @surpassinggoogle

Jehovah bless us all in Jesus' name amen

You're really so cool! In my every reply you upvoted me! THANKYOU SO MUCH!
Jehovah Love the Cheerful Giver! <3 I appreciated you so much!

Don't be discorage you are Whale keep it up

Thank you @sunnylife for the inspiration!

Thank you for the upvote @surpassinggoogle! :)

Thank you, the kind words that are uplifting us planktons and minnows. See, each of us newbies here is looking forward to swimming with the whales, but it's just that our posts seem not visible to everyone despite the quality of content. But with you giving us kind words, helping us to kust keep on swimming to find the sea of whales.

there are bigger things than quality content. try follow every release from @steemsecrets

Thank you @surpassinggoogle, I'm checking on it. And thank you again for supporting us in the #Philippines.

You are so right. If we get hang up with feeling too small to matter or just keep looking at the payouts, it drags us down. for sure

What an inspirational post , more greese to your elbow.......

i am a baby whale :)

you are a big WHALE:)

Please follow @sunnylife, if you choose the value of the knowledge he / she has shared. Your podting is very interesting, I immediately follow you ,,,,

thanks so much so nice of you.
Happy steeming and have fun!

How do I get to use dtube?

you can watch it now on youtube.:):)

Okay. Thanks for the information