Steem Secrets #11 (Delivered By @sissyjill): On Steemit, To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First.

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"@sissyjill" speaking in words of "@steemsecrets": 

Hi precious steemit family, i am @sissyjill, a very new steemian, a minnow but "whale inside" and i am speaking to you in the words of @steemsecrets 
Let me tickle myself hard!...... 
"Ok, i am sure you want me to try harder".... 
Did you notice that i had difficulty making myself laugh? 
I tell you, "it is difficult like crazy". 
And upon trying "harder", it only gets harder and harder!  
On steemit, people will visit the DM(s) etc and say: "how do i get my posts to work like yours?".... How do i use just my simple posts to draw people in?.......What type of "sugar" do i need to sprinkle on it, to make people seek me out in the chat rooms or incline them to love me for real or present opportunities to me?.....What do i do to my posts to impress steemians and the masses?.......How do i connect to each human using just my posts?.........How do i get people to want to vote 1000 percent or get them want to share/bookmark my posts? etc....... 
And all i tell them is to go try "tickling themselves"
Well, not exactly! 
So here: 
While you seek to arrange your posts and colorfy them and storify them, in a bid to impress others and appeal to their "soft spot" and draw them in; Perhaps, you will do better in "drawing people" if your primary focus is; "trying to impress yourself"
I tell you, "the moment you can re-read your very own "line" and drool over it and marvel at your own creation and doubt that you created it or is capable of creating it;...... you are starting to attain "greatness"" and i tell you,  "people will begin to seek out your very "frequency" to hang out in proximity to it"
There is a difference between "a Mohammed Ali" and a "May Weather", even though they are both athletes and millionaires. Hahaha and even "May Weather" and you and me, won't deny it! 
So, when loving "steemians" visit the DMs or leave comments and ask; "how do i become like you?"; this is exactly what they hear in return: 
"To become like me, you will need to "stubbornly" be "the awesomest version of YOU" and the "awesomest version of YOU" is "a gift to humanity", every and each time and any which way you look at it".  Impress yourself in itself is hard! 
To impress your very self, takes "conscious evolution"; and that is exactly what you should be doing using your "very next post"
Use "steemit" to find yourself and evolve in your substance. 
You will also notice the word, "stubbornly".  
To evolve in your substance, there is going to be loads of "character" involved. "Unshaken!". Thus, on the path to beginning to "impress yourself", you will have to be "too lazy to quit"

Now, whenever you re-visit your creation; whenever you start to re-read your very own "old lines" (words) and you find out that you are forgetting that you wrote or could ever have written those lines........; then your "definition" is beginning "an alignment"......; your mind is entering "spanlessness".......; "your shine" is becoming "too lit to dim down a notch".......; you are attaining "greatness"
Then, you will begin to emit an "indispensable frequency" and "icons" and "potential icons", will begin to perceive this "frequency" and i tell you, "they like the feeling of hanging out around such "frequency" because there is real-deal "success" involved!" 
Love will begin to flow your way and it will be pin-point, unadulterated "love for you and what you represent" and it will be different, special, rare! 
What am i saying? 
"Try tickling yourself"; then tell me if you laughed and if you didn't "try harder"

Sumptuous Meal For Thought

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@sissyjill, a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 11th release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets

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This is yet, another most impressive @steemsecrets revealed. Now, a lot of people keeps earning cents with about three upvotes on daily basis in their posts up to the extent that most of them even get fade up and some even quit. I have a steemian friend who hasn't visited his account since January, ask him why and he will tell you that he is tired of low earnings and upvotes. Most often, he would tell you that his luck is not meant to shine on steemit but this is a very wrong perception, impress yourself first. Thanks to you @sissyjill for this breath taking piece.

Most steemians should know that to impress others you have to impress yourself first. Its pertinent to say that when you tickle yourself and didn't laugh or find beauty in what you have done within your own self first, then there is an issue you need to adjust.

To make it to trend, impress yourself first, let what you have created wow your own mindset first before you can think of others to be impressed too because beauty and being successful begins from within.

I must confess that this is one of the most important secrets of all times revealed as it goes a long way to digest the need for originality and need to please yourself in what you have created before others can appreciate you.

You want to draw people and make it to the trend. Ask yourself, did what i have created impress me? Put yourself in the shoes of others and imagine if it could have impressed you, should it had come from others. And when you get these solutions right, you will definitely find yourself at the trends.

I sincerely appreciate you @sissyjill for this thought piece, thanks to @steemsecrets for this great platform that digs out diverse secrets to aid growth and success and perhaps, biggest thanks to @surpassinggoogle for being the engine room of @steemsecrets. There is great wisdom in this one and i appreciate it.

@austinebizzy, it is really the most common problems and reasons behind steemians who chose to not visit their accounts anymore but because of sir Terry ( @surpassinggoogle ); and this precious @steemsecrets, I am blessed to realize and share to you guys one of the secrets for world-adjustments. I learned a lot from it and I hope you too. This is not only within the boundaries of steemit, it is for our whole being that whenever we go, impressing other people starts with impressing ourselves.

Most of us live our lives in mediocrity, that's why we can't have cutting edge successes. From now on, we must re-write the rules we have hitherto lived by and get down to having things done very very thoroughly and according to @steemsecrets, that involves stubbornly being our awesomest version of ourselves, then success would have no choice than to trail your path.

Yes @edith4angelseu it is time to for us all to 'go rogue' and write a new program of awesomeness-consciousness within our hearts & minds and through our expressions/responses/creations/actions <333

Thank you once again Terry @surpassinggoogle for blazing the path, showing the way, and holding space for co-creating this new world for and with all of us Steemians and Humanity. Hugs! and Highest of High Fives!! <333

Yeah! I learned a lot here and this makes my steemit journey more meaningful. This becomes a driving force for me to work harder and become the best version of myself :) Steemit learnings will never be limited here. This is also applicable to real-life situations especially having good and harmonious relationship with others people. :) thanks for your words @sissyjill! It means a lot to my journey here :)

Of course @levinvillas, there is more to what we think this journey leads us. Putting our own shoes to people who reads our post and ask ourselves if it impressed us is a must in this community. We should show the very version of ourselves that shows our limitless potentials. That is what sir @surpassinggoogle wants to imply with "consciousness evolution".

exactly! I strongly concur with you dearie.

It is indeed a very thoughtful piece and I must appreciate @surpassinggoogle for digging out these secrets and dishing it out to us on a platter of gold .

This steemit's secret from @steemsecrets hugely inspired me and It set me on the path to self-examination. Have I done well enough? Have I impressed myself enough? If I say I am not earning much here, have I gone the extra mile? Have I given all of myself as a gift to humanity by stubbornly being an awesomest version of myself? Then this is the time to look inwards and re-adjust to harness the deeply buried potentials and on a platter, release it as my gift to humanity, all of me, no holding back, then and only then would I have achieved the kind of success that comes with stubbornly being the awesomest version of you. Thank you for sharing this inspirational piece. I hear you!


You just elucidated better.
I'm really grateful for this piece that @sissyjill put together.

She was actually speaking to me.
I'm one very big defaulter when it comes to impressing myself first....

Thank you so much @julietisrael. @surpassinggoogle is dishing us the foods of wisdom that we can use even outside steemit.

Indeed, he truly is...
Thanks for being an instrument for dishing out wisdom too....

Yes oo, our post ought to impress us first so as to catch interest of the public audience.... It is easier for one to take risks and to chase his dreams with a mindset that he has nothing to lose. In this lies the immense passion, the great advantage of avoiding a materialistic, pleasure-filled way of life.

This just summarises some part that @sissyjill just said... Keep it up bro

I agree with you, but if you in there of the money, like most of us are, then you're scre*ed at the beginning. The best thing would be to just post about things you know, things that are inside your comfort zone, and to write about things you know. Otherwise, what's the point.

@incognitoct that is one real great thought. Money is only a bonus. The best thing here is to learn and share knowledge

ok. maybe i missed the point of steem. will try to do my best on being a good contributor

Its like examining ourself in all aspect. Then evolving it to empress ourself and later people will notice it :)

Indeed you have said it all, when our post doesn't impress us, then we should not think it will impress another, great, this is another great wisdom from @surpassinggoogle steemsecrets, thank you

Impressive post is the way to go ! When you invest your all as a gift to humanity in your posts, then the much needed attention will come. We still have some big shots here who hunt for great posts to reward and if it is the stubbornly awesomest version of yourself, it will receive good visibility and upvotes.

We are blessed to be here, being ourself and able to share it to others :)keep on inspiring!

abSOULutely @francesgardose <333 Cheers to that! and Bright Blessings :)

We are blessed to be here, being ourself and able to share it to others :)keep on inspiring!

@edith4angelseu ~ I will also toast to that!

This is all the motivational tonic that I need to set me on the right footing here on steemit.

#onelove #steemitisbeautiful #steemianforlife #bestselfever

@francesgardose please read and watch the other life changing lessons in @steemsecrets. This will surely make us keep on going

This is all the motivational tonic that I need to set me on the right footing here on steemit. I know I am speaking the mind of many, it's not too late to mend our ways, pick up the threads and do it right this time, start threading the path of stubbornly becoming the awesomest version of YOU.

That is so true @edith4angelseu. because from the beginning till the very end, it will always you and you only who can extract the limitless version of yourself.

Indeed @rejoiceavl. @surpassing is raising this awareness that what matters most is what we think about ourselves.

Yes, it starts with you, it's all about you and it will eventually end with you. So it's you, you all the way.@surpassinggoogle really wants us to understand who we are on the inside, to encourage us to our great inate abilities, for us to tap into our inner strength and come out with qualities to awe our World. It is achievable, yes, once we set our mind to it, we can be the best there is if we genuinely try

Exactly @edith4angelseu. You are a very amazing person to extracted the root of what @surpassing wanted for us to understand. I really respect you.

Thank you so much dear. The feeling is mutual.

yes of course as like i have learned in this community many things but one of the most important is that how to help others how to spread knowledge and how to be honest with other, awareness is much needed in every platform.
thanks @surpassinggoogle, and sissyjill.

This is like owning a resturant. While cooking and the food does not taste good to you, it will not taste good to your customers.

You have to love yourself first before others will love you.

A lil motivation this morning. Thanks @steemsecrets

That is the right example @youngcheif. Every growth starts within ourselves

summarizing the 11 station of life in this post

Hope you like it ;)

@austinebizzy that's true but do you know that there are cases that your post may not interest you but only to discover how amazing it is when you posted it and people love it so much.
I could remember when i did this post A DETAILED GUIDE TO HELP NEWBIE FROM MY ONE MONTH DEEP EXPERIENCE AND STUDY, it didn't really impress me at first until i posted it a few days back that it caught the attention of some curators and mini whales that i tend to now know it's worth and i started using it to welcome new people

"To become like me, you will need to "stubbornly" be "the awesomest version of YOU" and the "awesomest version of YOU" is "a gift to humanity", every and each time and any which way you look at it". Impress yourself in itself is hard!

Did I just hear you say that? What other secret do I need to succeed on planet steemit? What have I been waiting for to hear if not this? What is likely to end my frustration and whinings here if not the heavily loaded secret just revealed, stubbornly 'being the awesomest version of oneself ' . then I understood why so many are failing because even you have not impressed yourself enough, so you cannot impress others and since impressing yourself is super hard, how do you hope to impress others so easily? Herein lies the secret to success on steemit, wow people with the stubbornest awesomest version of yourself and see the super magic of earning rewards like @surpassinggoogle. He has bared it all, the peak of steemit's secrets. Thank you @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for adding another feather to your cap, this is top notch, this is creative writing at its best. Thank you so much for sharing.

I super agree. It is on that moment when you stubbornly show the real you in the community and people will love you for that. We dont need to impress everyone because we’re trying to become someone that isn’t us. All we need is to just be who we are and share whatever we can share to others. Thanks @steemsecrets and @sissyjill gor this another steemit secret revelation. This is indeed worth to read because it makes us rethink of what we do in this platform. :)

Should i not be speechless.

Thank you alot

You are welcome dear

@surpassinggoogle , your work on steemit is really beneficial.... thanks alot sir

The concept of impressing oneself and others is a process, this, people will have to admit. You cannot just put up anything here and expect to blow even when your conscience is hunting you that it's actually less of value to the community.

Steemit is not a platform for the show of mediocrity, the community deserves the best, and we are the community. We should constantly be mindful of creating value through our contents and contributions for the ultimate growth of mankind. Well done @sissyjill for this amazing write-up, thank you @surpassinggoogle for being a huge inspiration

Our community cannot be a dumping ground for all sorts. You can see for yourself that steemit is made up of learned people and if we are to be worth anything at all, we must give all of ourselves, our essence, our best, our everything as a gift to humanity,. Every post we make must be the implicit version of limitless passion and relentless hard work. Kudos to @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for teaching us. It's so good learning from the masters of the game.

You know what @edith4angelseu? You are just so sweet and lovely. You touched my soul with your words. You really are an amazing person and the community really needssomeone like you.

I am so so blushing. Thank you @sissyjill for your kind words, I appreciate you loads.

To impress your very self, takes "conscious evolution"; and that is exactly what you should be doing using your "very next post".

This is the goal of every minnows, to evolve in a very positive way. To become pat and to impart.

Thanks @joshuaetim, this community desires maturity and we are all in the right process of progress.

having @steemsecrets as guide and encourager for us, it is more easier to cope up.

I love the word, "Conscious evolution!"

For me @lalasison, even if an individual became a whale, he/she must not stop evolving and extending his/her potentials.

you're right, buddy!
Evolution has no limitation!

@joshuaetim, it is an honor to speak the words created for us to learn by @surpassinggoogle.That is what "conscious evolution" really meant. It is knowing yourself and the best you can give to the community. Because everything we give to the community, may it be if best kind or not, will always comes back to us since we are part of the community.

Trueeeee!!! Steemit deserves the best outputs from people. It’s the real deal here. To impress the community, steemians should be able to show what they got and be who they are. Steemit needs this type of people so that this platform will progress more in the future. Lets just take steem to the moon! And act like we are all whales in our different ways :) thanks for the inspiration and continuous spreading of good words @steemsecrets!! :)

Such a privilege for you @sissyjill to speak up the words of @steemsecres.

On steemit, people will visit the DM(s) etc and say: "how do i get my posts to work like yours?

I may not be earning as huge as @surpassinggoogle, but some of people I was connected with on Steemit are telling me the same thing. I told them they must inculcate perseverance towards them. Likewise, I don't feel I am earning that much. But continue steeming really works, and not letting pessimism unnerve you.

I totally submit and agree with your point of view
Continue steeming really works, be dedicated
And also being yourself "" be yourself express yourself, have faith in yourself do not go out and look for successful personality and duplicate it "" you dont need to be @surpassinggoogle before you can be successful steemian

Persistence and the zeal never to quit is the drive still holding me here on steemit. I have been on other social network which don't pay at all and I didn't quit.
Then i see no reason why i should stop steeming cos i currently receives cent now.

Someday i will get to the level of @iyanpol12 and @surpassinggogle .

@sissyjill video's truly amazing. Sometimes our earnings here in steemit depends on our influencial. But good thing @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle are here for us to support for our efforts. I agree with you @iyanpol12 that we need lots of patience and continue steeming.

@juwel, I am just the lucky minnow that is so blessed to let you hear and learn the greatness of learning our own @surpassinggoogle's secrets for world-adjustment.

thank you for sharing this secrets to us thru your videos @sissyjill

Yes ofcourse @iyanpol12. It is my greatest delectation to speak the words of @steemsecrets. Everything should start within ourselves.

Thank you! This is such an inspiration. You're right, I tried to 'tickle' myself but I can't even 'smile'. So it's not enough to make the other people 'laugh' and I realised that I have to try a hundred, even thousands time harder

True happiness can only be achieved once you were true to yourself and you can only make one happy by just sharing that happiness from the real you.

by the way @sissyjill have a blast and this is awesome. Best wishes too to one of our inspiration in steemit no other than @surpassinggoogle.

Well that is true @thinkvincent. Happiness must begin with us. That goes the same with our contributions here in steemit. If we were not impressed with our work then how can anybody else right?
There is a world better than steemit itself and that is what @surpassinggoogle is raising for us to be aware of.

Yes you have to try harder. Like in the movie BOSS BABY, everyone got a tickle spot, some are under ur feet.

Hahaha I find this funny and a thoughtful real to life example @yungchief. Thank you.

Am always anxious for the next post of @steemsecrets... Cos i believe solemnly that...Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

No @atikahnoh, do not try harder. Just believe in yourself and every good things will follow.

In my more than 4 months stay here on #steemit, I had been doing my best to impress myself and I really find it hard. Seems that no one was able to appreciate my works at least constantly.

I realized to be successful here on #steemit we should be excellent and unique. Although honestly, I get to be discouraged when I put much effort into a certain content and didn't get good result afterward.

But that's how life should run here on #steemit, I need to do my best to be able to impress myself, I know quitting is far beyond my imagination.

I should go on and have fun.

Well said @long888. You all need to standout always and be courageous enough. Evrything would be done successfully

If you only came here for the earnings by creating content and dropping links without engaging the community then you are bound to fail.

How to get people like and support you? It is being true to yourself and being the most awesome version of yourself.

How do you become awesome. It not your reputation points but being human, flaws and all and overcoming everything.

It is when you are in the stage that you love yourself no matter what and accept your flaws, your failures and disappointments.

You transfer those tears of sadness to joy and triumphs and then you are the best version of yourself.

@maverickinvictus this is so legit. We must not always think of money in here. We all maybe so practical to be grateful in finding a community like this that pays us gor our efforts in posting or commenting but that does not justify our real reason in being here. We must enteract and engage with every individual steemians may it be a whale or still a minnow. Let us all be aware of what really matters here just like what @surpassinggoogle is implicating here in @steemsecrets

Please upvote @steemgigs as a witness

Wow! @maverickinvictus, those worlds are so inspiring, and you right with that,

If you only came here for the earnings by creating content and dropping links without engaging the community then you are bound to fail.

This line catch my attention, so badly, since when I first came to steemit, my mentality is just for earning, yet, the opposites happens.
By reading some of the tips and secrets, I learned the most essence of this community , which is to engage and support one another!!!

Splendid enough...It's a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack...... All thanks @steemsecrets for their numerous inspiring words... And also to be most developer to me @surpassinggoogle

The quote i find on @steemsecrets that moves me though is... """""""Then, "fulfilling success" we will attain!
Knowledge dispensed is "life knowledge" underlyingly and this applies on steemit and beyond"""""

Anticipating for more on @steemsecrets

Excellent! I'm really impressed for your @steemsecrets revealed. This is very impressive thing you show your qualities by own mind activities and talent by birth GOD gifted. Whenever you fine any difficulties about your work, simply you ask you to mind and think about it deeply and listen the Voice of Heart, than surely you pick up the true answer. This is the best way to describe yourself honestly.

First we should create yourself own mindset, beauty is inside inner your heart and after show over the world and see our talent it's se best way to known your inner ability, because GOD is gifted every persOn in this world some talent.
I recommended one tip to all STEEMIT members when you think to do anything about, so you are obviously do that try to show the inner hide talent and tried do that perfectly, cause GOD give us every one ability to person in this world. This is the best platform we are here earn and learn anything about :) LOVE YOURSELF.
I hardly appreciate your nice thoughts @sissyjill i pickup some your points in my life :) i also want to big thankS for @surpassinggoogle he is a very goOd person in this platform i've seen i like him very much.....!!!

she really nailed it!!

Lucky to read and heard those beautiful and very inspiring thoughts from you @sissyjill . Just keep it up to the top

our endless thanks to @surpassinggoogle really awesome revealed and very inspiring.

Owh that is just so sweet @thinkvincent, thank you though. I just spoke the words created for us to learn by @surpassinggoogle.

Yeah creating of the mindset is greatly important....The mind is just like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand

@sanach, I just spoke the words of @surpassinggoogle here in @steemsecrets. It is for world-adjustment. Thank you for appreciating though. Please vote @steemgigs as a witness.

Note: We will celebrate each minnow as whales and whales as whales, for "you are whale to me!" Each one will learn while teaching this rare knowledge and will become "whale inside" after each endeavor as we build a shareable library of the fastest-rarest "Steemit" speed-up knowledge in the most assimilateable sweet bits.
Then, "fulfilling success" we will attain!
Knowledge dispensed is "life knowledge" underlyingly and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.
At the end of each exercise, each participant will be "whale inside" on steemit, in the ocean and in real life.

Yeah💪, that's exactly how I feel right now after reading this post and watching @sissyjill's video.
Thanks @steemsecrets for this secrets of success, thanks @surpassinggoogle for always u initiating ways of helping minnows grow.
I love you.💖

Yeah..... God bless terry @surpassinggoogle the great helper!!!! We all loves u

It is my priviledge @adedoyinwealth. We all love @surpassinggoogle and it is a blessing to learn here in @steemsecrets

Yes, it is. I just gave you a follow.

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