Steem Secrets #8 (Delivered By @athenabree08): To Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight. See This Rare Intel!

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"@athenabree08" speaking in words of "@steemsecrets": 

 Hi precious steemit family, i am "@athenabree08", a minnow on steemit but "whale" inside and i am speaking in the words of @steemsecrets
Since you joined steemit, did you know that your "Curriculum Vitae" has not been the same? 
If you knew; have you adjusted your "Résumé" or are you still look for jobs, contracts etc with previously existing "résumé"? 
And if you have adjusted your CV already, are you still seeking that "same position" or "job" or have you upgraded to asking for "CEO positions" etc? 
And if your CV is now all glossier; are you still looking for jobs, walking all around the streets or are you scouring "wall street" now? 
Hahaha, listen to this: 
"A "janitor-janitor", is not the same as a "steemian-janitor" for while one is busy, simply cleaning daily; the other is already envisioning becoming a "soap master", because while "mining incessantly with his mind", he had found out that "dirt is good".  
Well, let me tell you a few more things that should now be on your CV(s), since you joined steemit: 
  • 1. You own a bank.  
Yes, you possess the key to an entire "De-Central" bank; "a steem wallet" that completes transfer/deposit transactions every 3 seconds, can accomplish millions of such transactions daily, has an open ledger attached to it and is safe and secure. 
  • 2. Your mind is on spanless and on fire. 
You "mine with your mind in an incessant loop".  
  • 3. You are a community leader. 
You have true lovers and fans from all around the world relishing your next utterance  
  • 4. You have social influence. 
Your words now have great reach.  
  • 5. You have seasoned marketing skills.
You talk to people about steemit in a variety of ways  
  • 6. You have well-connected friends.
You now have direct access to reputable great minds from every nook and cranny of Mama Earth.  
  • 7. You are connected to the best talents in any niche or industry. 
You have free access to "@steemgigs", a community of the world's best reputable talents  
  • 8. You have the "steemit effect"
Mining with your mind in a incessant loop, in the face of reputable great minds, while keeping morals in check, has turned you "steemian".  
  • 9. You are almost an SEO expert.
While companies spend millions for advertisement. You can reach an audience organically in the search engines, using your next steemit post.  
  • 10. You have traveled the world. 
You have visited places from around the world, through the vision of people from around the world; daily!  
  • 11. You have world-class communication skills.
You converse with a variety of humans daily.
  • 12. You have a sandbox to turn dreams into reality.
 You can test-run any prospective idea or innovation and get testers for free 
  • 13. You own a library a dynamic library of the world's best INTEL  
  • 14. You have surpassed google.
 While the world seeks to rank on google,; you can do that with your very next steemit post  
  • 15. You are CEO.
 You own steem!  
  • 16. Your reputation is proven. 
Your reputation has determined and established by thousands of unrelated great minds  
  • 17. Your voice is worth something. 
#steemit says so!  
  • 18. Your tears have value. 
@teardrops says so!  
  • 19. You have something to offer. 
@steemgigs says so  
  • 20. You are genius 
#untalented has eliminated words like bum, average or smart.  

What am i saying? 
Open your eyes! Shine your eyes! For, it is not about looking too much; "it is about how much you can see! 

Sumptuous Meal For Thought

 Message From @steemsecrets  

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Each one will learn while teaching this rare knowledge and will become "whale inside" after each endeavor as we build a shareable library of the fastest-rarest "Steemit" speed-up knowledge in  the most assimilateable sweet bits. 

Then, "fulfilling success" we will attain! 

Knowledge dispensed is "life knowledge" underlyingly and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't. 

At the end of each exercise, each participant will be "whale inside" on steemit, in the ocean and in real life.

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@athenabree08 a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 8th release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets

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"A "janitor-janitor", is not the same as a "steemian-janitor" for while one is busy, simply cleaning daily; the other is already envisioning becoming a "soap master", because while "mining incessantly with his mind", he had found out that "dirt is good".

Wow this is impressive and you just saliently define what its to be on this great platform, one must know its indeed a great privilege to have know about this platform because the simple fact that you are on it makes you steps above your peer either in the same profession or vicinity.

Thanks to @athenabree08 for today #secretRevealed and also special kudos to the boss @surpassinggoogle, Whale in making @nuges reporting.

Yes @nuges thanks to @surpassinggoogle for the knowledge that he imparted us. Learning never ends. This one is very helpful especially for the newbies. Hope they get to read it.

Again thank you @steemsecrets, for this an eye opener again.

Thank you also @athenabree08,. another minnow but "whale" inside. thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.

That's it..."Open your eyes! Shine your eyes! For, it is not about looking too much; "it is about how much you can see!


another mind awakening and impartation for me.

Thank you @athenabree08 for sharing your wisdom and impartation. Continue to delivered empowering message to us.

@steemsecrets thank you for allowing minnows but a whale nside to speak with you.
letting the stemians to spread the wings and soar high.

Thank you so much.

My pleasure @remielbertes Thanks to @surpassinggoogle who encouraged me most. 😊

An eye opener indeed! @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle is imparting us with all the necessaries needed for this steemit journey and I am so glad to be in this epic episode. Now I feel 'whaler' than ever before.

Thanks to @steemsecrets for all these inspiring words of encouragement for us minnows. This will surely be noted and it’s also giving me the drive to keep posting and steeming. Now I also feel ‘whaler’ inside than ever before! :D this steemit journey is one the greatest things that has happened to my life. Im glad I have found this platform. God bless everyone... :)

I agree.
This has really made minnows on here to be able to spread wings out and soar really high.
It is bringing out the inner whale in all of us.
Im really grateful for this initiative @surpassinggoogle

It is bringing out the inner whale in all of us.

That's the idea bro.

This has really made minnows on here to be able to spread wings out and soar really high.

Every one is a whale inside. With that realisation comes the mindset to aspire to greatest heights attainable, even more than 'whale'

Opening our eyes will lead us to see things but we can see more when we close our eyes, just make sense. When we close our eyes that's the time we can see things that the naked eye cannot see.

Yes indeed. We just have to feel it. 😊

the 7 steemsecret are valuable for opening your eye to steemit! every

one in steemit praising @steemsecrets to community!
the point 'You have a sandbox to turn dreams into reality'
touch my heart and motivated people to start his journey! wonderfull lesson got from #steemsecret team you are whale inside!

@steemsecrets is the hotest deal right now. Educative and mindblowing

I think and act like a whale. Although i have not arrived yet but i know am a whale inside and thanks to @steemsecrets @surpassinggogle who has given us a shoulder to lean on

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for supporting the minnows and newbies here. You are letting us to soar high, to grow and to become a whale inside-out. THANK YOU SO MUCH 😍😍😍

Thank you for this series, its getting exciting every single day. Off course, a whole lot of change since I came on board this ship. My voice has been given a value and I have something to offer.

Yeah @lordjames we are all given a chance to grow and to achieve our dreams here in steemit, you don't have to break for you to be acknowledge just be yourself and do whats the best you can do :)

I also get excited to every release of secret from @steemsecrets. This has also remind all of us of our value as a steemian. This is a really fulfilling success that we are all attaining now. And steemit has paved a way for all of us. We should just be determined enough to reach our goals and become whales soon! :)

Hi @athenabree08 and @steemscrets! I'm a Steemian- bank employee. Unlike before, I now feel just as powerful as my bank employer because I now own a bank! My qualifications have definitely upgraded, from just a common person to a Steemian with a lot of possibilities. I'm excited to what the future has in store for us with all these "powers"!

it is about how much you can see!

Thanks for opening my eyes :)

You're most welcome @wanderlass, this is all i can do to impart the knowledge and understanding shared by sir @surpassinggoogle, im happy that i can be somehow a little help :)

Steemit is the future and it has alot in store for all of us. :) We just need to realize its worth and how people before struggled to pull off a great development of this platform now. It is about time to take it to he next level. We should work hand in hand to make a shout of it to the world- to the universe rather. Together lets take steem to the moon! :)

The future has abundant greatness in store for us. No worries

I'm excited to what the future has in store for us with all these "powers"!

Steemit has given us so much confidence, has removed fear from us because we know that we have this much power. It is an exhilarating feeling.

Fear stops us but confidence keeps us growing. Thanks for adding this :)

Welcome to the leagues of CEOs

I love how you called it a league of CEOs! We are all future CEOs and current bank owners :)

Curriculum vitae before now has been misinterpreted, leaving out vital details as this that sells us much more and better. Look at how many of the things listed here that just blow your minds out and broadens your horizon, that way, you keep thinking possibilities rather than think defeat. That way you add better value than deplete people's values. When one even confess this words, there is a tendency your life will align overtime as you become a better you.

Wow @phait.
This is a great comment.
Adding value to peoples lives should be our major aim. We should think of others.
And try to lift them. Rather than deplete their values.

Another secret revealed thanks @steemsecrets. Here on steemit you don't need CV or RESUME. You just need to introduce yourself to know you better. Here at steemit you are the boss.. you hold your time..

Thanks @athenabree08 for this awesome post. Done following.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for another secrets tips.

Yes its true, we have to be positive always, we may fall sometimes but we should strive hard to stand up and face it so that other people will follow and we all grow as a better community. Thanks for your comment @phait

We have more selling point in us but we need that will to push it forth. We need that strong mind to help us see beyond that written story on thr curriculum vitae

You are really inspiring @phait. Together we can break bondaries

Giving value to others is our main purpose of living. Touch the heart before asking the hands.
Putting value rather than taking value.

Oh my gosh. Lovely write up. I think this is the best so far. When you are on steemit, you don't see a bird on a tree, you see the potential of capturing that moment and using it to inspire people on the platform.

I love this piece. @athenabree08 you have outdone your self. Thank you @steemsecrets. This is so enlightening.

Yeah. So grateful to share this one to you @chiama This is all i can do to impart the knowledge and understanding shared by sir @surpassinggoogle, im happy that i can somehow help :)

@surpassinggoogle has become a role model to all of us who wants to achieve 'whalehood'. If we can learn from his expository messages, we can pretty well be like him.

You are just right about Boy Terry. Is more than a role model . For me i will call him a The Professor of steemit university. A man with many side to him but always inspiring in all the sides. Such a big honor to know him. Wel said @edithangelseu.

Yeah @edith4angelseu! @surpassinggoogle is such an inspiration to all of us. 😊

Yes i totally agree with you @chiama. Everything that you see and feel in real life can be something here in steemit like you can make a story out of it and what it makes you feel for a moment. Here in steemit, what you share is being valued by others and through others’ posts you get to experience what they have also experienced. It is a give and take relationship everywhere here. And it will become your rewarding journey soon as this platform is an adventure that is yet to be explored by every body. :)

The potential of capturing the moment is the best thing.
Great heights can be attained, if we just believe in ourselves.
We can reach great heights like @surpassinggoogle

Yes @juderoyal, just believe in yourself and God will do the rest.

inlove this post @athenabree08.
A "janitor-janitor", is not the same as a "steemian-janitor" for while one is busy, simply cleaning daily; the other is already envisioning becoming a "soap master", because while "mining incessantly with his mind", he had found out that "dirt is good".

Indeed, we are on our way to success.

Good example, because you have said in right way with example

very well written :) Thanks for sharing your insights :)

This is awesome! This is awesome!! This is awesome!!!
(In the voice of WWE fans)

Truly my resume has changed since I joined steemit and surpassed google. As a community leader, I have social influence and something to offer my well-connected friends. Steemit is a life changing platform, thanks to @steemsecrets, our Steemit University, @athenabree08 and rest teachers.

Yes indeed @onenecha steemit is a life changing platform. I agree you with that. Coz i've seen it myself. 😊

A platform that changes lives! Unbelievable! In six months, my life has changed for the better and when I look at the distant horizon, I see lights shining, I see hope rekindled. Everywhere I look, I see smiling faces and grateful hearts.

Steemit is indeed a life changing platform as it gives all of us the opportunity to show the world who we are. It’s not just about being who we are but also being able to share what made us and what inspired us to become great persons of our different paths. Steemit has created a bridge for the people to engage and interact with one another who have the same interests. We also see the beauty of the world through others’ blogs posts. Indeed steemit lets us experience the lives of everyone. Thats how beautiful this platform is :)

Same here, I am also a product of this wonderful initiative. I am grateful to be part of this community

Being grateful is the least we can do. It's a wonderful community.

Don't just post must set sail on a new destination...a new mission...the voyage of conquering your fears and living Steemit to your highest ideal...Yes, I am a Ceo. Yay, Thank you for the inspiration @steemsecrets @surpassinggoogle @athenabree08 !!!

My pleasure @bloghound and i'm really happy to be a part of this journey. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle who made it possible. 😊

I am a CEO because I own steem.

I feel so proud to be one. When you evaluate how far you've come and fared in the world system, you will appreciate how well steemit has treated us in just a little time. That I am a shareholder on steemit gives me immense joy.

Yeah true. You owned it. And the best part is you're the boss! 😊

living Steemit to your highest ideal

I agree with you @bloghound! There are no rules to success only keys that are in one's hands. We are the handlers of our paths and we should make a way up on our own. We are the sailor of our own sail, in other idiomatic words. :D

Don't just post aimlessly...

Only post when it is valuable. In other words, many posts don't count, only meaning ones.

This is like a re-identifying myself post since I am now a steemian.

I have discovered a lot about myself since I joined here. This platform changes and improves myself.

Me too @christianyocte it helped me bring out the best in me. I have no regrets joining in this platform.

Oww. Im so happy that the maker or the video commented! It is such an honor.!

I willl continue to bring more people in herr so that they will also experience what we have experienced here, Athena!

We are on a journey of rediscovery ! Steemit has made us look inwards, into 'us' we never thought existed, 'us' that lay fallow, 'us' that was wasting away, frustrated 'us'. I know the feeling because I have been there. So this rediscovery journey is a whole new concept for me, a delicious one.

I agree on you on this. We become more engaged to the community and we change I to we.

This is indeed an eye opener for all of us minnows who are still trying our best to discover of what steemit has to offer. First and foremost, to become successful, we should be true to our self and show to this platform who we really are. No masks, no filters just the way we are. By that we can be able to attract people who will eventually like us and admire our works. :)

I have to agree to this one too.

Yeah same as me. I enjoying here and most of the time I am here than doing FB thing.

Likewise. I am even bringing my students here. I have brought 9 people in this platform... One of them has already enjoyed his first cashout.

Yeah. Please do invite more @christianyocte it would be grateful. ☺️

It gives value to our voice. Indeed! Everyone truly has something to offer

That is absolutely true my frriend. There so many fruits that we reap here.

You have spoken well. Everyone should recognized the effect steem has had on him/her ever since joining this platform. This knowledge will help us to value ourselves

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

How do I feature or write for the channel

there is contact us towards the bottom of the post. link to a facebook page

Hey 👋 @surpassinggoogle my friend can I see you sir or any Facebook I'd that you use please tell me It's a gentle request I am new here I just join by few days ago I take so much time know how steemit works and how people are get many friends I want also please visit my blog and advice me some thing to do that appreciate my hard work please

Thank you sir. Try to write for this.

Quite expository. Thanks for opening my eyes to the bigger me. @steemsecrets

I am so much In love with the secrets share here. Daily o do come here to mine some wisdom and they are really blessing my life. Due to the benefit I get from here I have decided to let others know too that's why I created a contest to help broadcast this blog.

I would love it if you guys support me.

I've been here in steemit for 56 days now to be exact. A minnows but I am not in hurry of becoming a whale because I know that someday I will be. But by reading this I felt like I am now. Just keeping in my mind that the time will come for me too. For now I am taking one step at a time. Trying my best to post something that has value and continue showing my art wok to everyone. I admit sometimes I struggled what to post within the day but by reading other's post helped me and each day I am learning something new.
Thank you @athenabree08 and @steemsecrets for making and sharing this to all of us. By reading this I am more encouraged to go on here on steemit and continue what I have started. Those amounts that I am earning here helped me when I need it the most. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for introducing this to everyone.
MABUHAY po kayong lahat!!!
God Bless you all

Mabuhay tayong lahat! ☺️☺️☺️

great format! :) I really enjoy sitting back and watching a nice, smiling face explain to me some great lessons of steemit.

Each day, I plop down into me computer chair and login to my steemit company.. I know the day will be full of goodness and some discovery as well as some laughs and also learning. I can't think of much else I would rather do. (I actually hated being on vacation this past time becuase I wanted to do steemit instead.) :P

Thanks. It's overwhelming. ☺️

The really did a good job cause I followed them from day 1 and the deserve more than what the got but am looking forward for the tears to drop

Since you joined steemit, did you know that your "Curriculum Vitae" has not been the same?

There is no way you will be on this platform for just a day and your curriculum vitae will remain the same, you will just see things to add to your life ideally, mentally and financially and that show how rich the platform is in all ramifications.

Thanks to @steemsecrets team for another #secretRevealed.

It's our pleasure @deniran thanks to @surpassinggoogle who made it possible. 😊

your all 20 point are Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight! now steemit become my career! i was not known from steemit when i joined steemit i realize steemit give me opportunities to fillfull my dream! a platform where your life change! i financialy weak but steemit give a new hope of life thanks you steemit!
thanks to @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for helping the community!

Yeah a big thanks to @surpassinggoogle he helped us a lot in so many ways.

Yeah our CVs wont be the same anymore as we are able to experience a lot of opportunities by this one amazing platform. We get to connect with other people and build a good relationship with them. By that engagement, we are able to enhance our communication skills and connectedness with others. We also get to travel and see the beauty of the world through others’ perspectives. This is a chance for us to get in touch with the world . :)

wow we a third post os secrets of steemit by @steemsecrets she will make me millioner haha!cause she is leaking all the secrets and create new paths for us to do better and better and thanks to @surpassinggoogle

He just wanted to help us and get some more knowledge in this platform. That's why he's putting all of his hardwork here just for us. To become successful here in steemit. @akashhassan

well thanks for your replay yeah we can see her hard work and thats really helpful.!

Aboslutely true!!! Steemit changes lives daily and if you are still the same way you are before joining the platform then there is a problem somewhere

Yeah dear, I am one of those whose life changed because of steemit.

Barely two months since joining and I have lots of testimonies. I really would love to share ideas on @steemsecrets #secretsrevealed but I don't know how to go about it

Happy 8th #SecretRevealed!
To better understand the 8th Secret below is the recap:

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"
@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."
@enjieneer -- showed our "Real Rewards"
@gerel -- reminded us to be the "Real You" in Steemit
@allerie00 -- advising us to "Study Steemit's History"
@itsjessamae -- emphasized the importance of "Respect"
@zoeroces -- advised us to do not Jump easily in "Conclusion"

@athenabree08, sharing us about FORESIGHT. What you see in your future you will become. It is a challenge to all of us Steemians to look behind our present situation, there are people who stopped in pursuing their Goals because they defined their future with what is happening in their present. OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE the beauty of your future in Steemit!

Open your eyes! Shine your eyes! For, it is not about looking too much; "it is about how much you can see!

Nagode! (Thank you) @ , @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for sharing this 8th Secret and for making this series possible. More Secrets Revealed to Come!

Yeah ! Stay tune for more secrets reveal here in steemsecrets, thanks for your time watchin it :)

I love your outline, like a recap reminding us of the needful and the need to bind ur in our hearts.

Indeed we wear so many hats when we are a citizen of Steem. We are creators, innovators, adventurers, CEOs, workers, influencers, story tellers and artists.

We are all of these and more as we offer ourselves and make Steem better.

We have the greatest minds at our disposal here, we can learn from the best, we can read the best stories and poems, see the most awesome photos and drawings. Be at awe at the different people contributing.

Open your eyes! Shine your eyes! For, it is not about looking too much; "it is about how much you can see!

We just need to open our eyes and see the beauty of it all.

"A "janitor-janitor", is not the same as a "steemian-janitor" for while one is busy, simply cleaning daily; the other is already envisioning becoming a "soap master", because while "mining incessantly with his mind", he had found out that "dirt is good".

I like this one and is nothing but the truth because while you are busy laying back and acting lacadasically. Others are already gone due to the level at which they are mining in their mind to bring in new idea.
Like I said in of one my recent post titled" stop looking back... the future is ahead of you. " if you keep dwelling on the past glory you will not do anything new than what you have done before." Therefore, start mining something new. Like in @surpassingggoogle voice "there is no one without a gift". Selah.

If you knew; have you adjusted your "Résumé" or are you still look for jobs, contracts etc with previously existing "résumé"?

Though I am a student, I am not ever thinking of a job because steemit has given me one.

Good to hear about it brother. Im so happy for you! :)

Since you joined steemit, did you know that your "Curriculum Vitae" has not been the same?

You can say that again. It has changed drastically because after over 20 years of exploitation, I finally sacked my boss. Steemit has given me a job, a future and a life. Again, my talent has received a tremendous boost.

Yeah that's true. It helped us a lot in so many ways. @edith4angelseu

Lol, sacked your boss indeed. Steemit has empowered many of us.

Yes, you possess the key to an entire "De-Central" bank; "a steem wallet" that completes transfer/deposit transactions every 3 seconds, can accomplish millions of such transactions daily, has an open ledger attached to it and is safe and secure.

There is so much beauty here on steemit and the above features are just some of them. And frankly speaking, there's no other office I'd rather be in, or any other job I'd rather do. Steemit is wonderful.


on behalf of my owner @mrblu we are so proud of you as a member of the steemidavao group.

thanks for sharing this powerful words of wisdom you shared on all steemians all over the world right now @athenabree08

Upvoted and resteem

@steemsecrets powered by @surpassinggoogle
we are so thankful for your kind heart.

more power to you guys.

keep steeming, keep it up guys, on this journey on steemit we will succeed by hold on each other, keep fighting on the right track of steemit.
fighting in the sense of positivity and productivity as we post our article with a heart.
let us join together, helping each other, sharing ideas and most of all, we will support one another in order for us to grow in the steemit world.

Wow... Great approach and detailed post here.

Open your eyes! Shine your eyes! For, it is not about looking too much; "it is about how much you can see!

So true. The farther we see, the better it becomes.

We need to see beyond our physical appearance and believe in our potential.

We do need to see beyond our appearance.
Myopic sight shouldnt be entertained.
We should look beyond what we are now. And believe in our potential.

Yes i agree @ephraimparker you just have to believe in your potential and ofcourse be humble all the time.

Yeah sometimes the more you look the less you see. @steemsecrets is helping us see things that we don't think of. Great to be part of this

It's so great that @steemsecrets in making us see further and clearer

hallo @surpassinggoogle your all job very good. and steem secrets projeckt very high.

Wow! You can be anything you want to be or be a better valued version of what you are when you are on steemit. I remember my that my singing was taken as noise pollution in my home and hostel then. but now I have through singing on steemit, have paid some bills for the ones that pegged its noise. Nice one @athenabree08 and @surpassinggoogle

A better valued version is what i hope to be.
A steemian with wings to soar high here on steemit.

A better valued version is what i hope to be.
A steemian with wings to soar high here on steemit.

Lol steemit has given you a way to channel your talent.. Ride on

The best version of my awesomest self is what I am becoming, thanks to steemit, @surpassinggoogle, who has the minnows at heart.

Cv now? My active friends on steemit have their CVs written all over them lol. They all used to be broke students I tell you. Since they entered steemit, they have now found their self eSteem at long last lol. Thanks to @surpassing google, thanks to @athenabree08 and the @steemsecret. Loving you guys and your work. And hey when do we Nigerians get to be on this?

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Since I follow @steemsecrets I got a lot of information about the steemit, and this time I am very happy to get information that is very valuable,

Yes it is. The advantage of this is we already knew what are the steps in order for us to grow and succeed in this community. Thanks for @surpassinggoogle who never fail to help us.

Same here sir.
Steemsecrets has opened my eyes to alot of stuff here on steemit.
I hope this will keep going on for long.

I have learned many things from this @ steemsecret, with there @supassinggoogle we are already familiar with so many platforms in steemit, hopefully steemit, triumph always

Very true, a lot of secretes are being revealed here.

Its another #secretRevealed message again from the stand of @steemsecrets team and @surpassinggoogle (the boss). Wow I love this initiative sir @surpassinggoogle.
This will help most newbies here know the crannies in steemit,and have a smoother journey here on steemit.
Thanks sir!. God bless you!

Its a great assembly i would say or steem convention

Today is my second day on following the #steemsecrets and I must confess that it has been great. It has exposed me to a lot of different scenarios on this platform.

Everyday we get to learn new things all thanks to @steemsecrets [email protected] surpassinggoogle

Wow.. am enlightened

"A "janitor-janitor", is not the same as a "steemian-janitor" for while one is busy, simply cleaning daily; the other is already envisioning becoming a "soap master", because while "mining incessantly with his mind", he had found out that "dirt is good".

Truly I discovered my value has improved ever since I joined Steemit, The content of my CV has improved as well an any company will be fortunate to have a precious gem like me in their organization WHY? Because steemit is a place of Experience.

You now have direct access to reputable great minds from every nook and cranny of Mama Earth.

This is really true because on steemit the gap between everyone is narrow, you can almost interact with everyone and just recently I have been interacting with some great minds like @lemouth who happens to be a top physicist and a host of many others.

Steemit has really changed my CV and given me oppurtunities. Before joining steemit I was just a broke and idle student who could not achieve much because of finance but all have changed now because I now possess that financial independence that I have always craved.

Steem on man! Just da steem am da go gidigbamly.. Put ya two legs for grand. Na you get am, na you post am, na you go chop am

Finanacial indepence is a feat steemit has heleped a lot of us to achieve. I would say in a way we are all whales.

More have been said already, the more you look the less you see, but when you look beyond what others are seeing, then that makes you see better. Thanks! I am a minnow but whale inside.

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We live in a decentralised age. Decentralisation is the name of the game. The power is now in my hands, isn't that amazing?

Blochkchain technology is one of the best things that has happened to humanity.

Thanks for the series

Yea. No more burning data for posting things that even though they might be seen and liked, you would not get value from it.

Decentralization has really changed things. People make money off our activities on social media in the past without us getting any reward from it but a revolution is here that will take the world to another level.

Thanks for the lectures...
I always ensure i read d steemit history and its amazing...
I am "whale"

Its my morning routine man!

We are whales inside and we'll become whales outside with time

This post is great and awesome.
Since i joined steemit A lot of things changes. Like i don't fall in line for interview. No need to work 8-12 hours at office. You handled everything in order. You have no boss cause you are the boss. Nothing to worry about the late deduction. I might say. Steemit is big help not only for me but for all of us. Thanks to steemit.

Also thanks @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for revealing everyday tips so that we can use in our daily steem.

This is a terrific initiative sir.
I have been following up on you great sir.
I would love to also participate in this @steemsecrets initiative.
Please how can i do so

I also will love to share some ideas on steemsecrets

This is absolutely true and funny enough I haven't given this much thought. The platform is growing everyday and there is now a wider coverage to meet people. We don't pay for these adverts instead we get rewards from them. #steemsecrets is really amazing and educative. Wow!!!!!

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This isn't a loaded gun, these are words loaded with words; words that are pregnant with great ideas. Well said steemian

Kudos to you sire @surpassinggoogle.
This @steemsecrets idea is helping me alot.
It has motivated me to stay constant here on steemit.
And i have learnt alot about the community through the videos youve posted here.
Thanks for this sir
God bless you

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We all share this great testimony

"Mine with your mind in an incessant loop", these words got me....since i joined steemit,seriously my CV has changed, i went ahead to add the qualities of a good blogger to it an punctual to deliver projects, apart from CV my life has a whole lot of people and my communication skills has improved alot, thank you @steemsecrets for bringing out the "whale in me" to rule my world, indeed we all have the power to change our world and make it a more bearable place.

I am very interesting this post, I will always follow it

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The world at large is looking for change and improvement even though they might not drum it into your eardrums, but as humans and we are dynamic, we should not wait to be told to grow, expand and stretch to where we thought was only meant for geniuses. Deep down our minds we know we are geniuses and all left to do is to work towards it.thank you @suparssinggoogle and @athenabreeo8 for always using @steemsecrets to revolutionize our minds.

pstingan very amazing I really like. I always work hard in order to be successful people do not escape with mistakes I always struggle and struggle for a bright future Although I am not enough to live a healthy life but I am struggling also just post you are very good I really like I want to be super

Thanks for this....

I think I need to update my curriculum vitae already.

I am CEO....

This is beautiful
Thanks for sharing

Lol yea you are.. A CEO of your blog that actually gets revenue! Is not steemit a wonderful platform. I love this place girl

That is the spirit.... Confession followed by actions in line, works like magic.

You are damn right my man

Yeap, though i kept on upgrading myself but its now necessary for the paper to be updated also

You are damn right my man

Mine is always on regular update as am a job seeker. Just finished NYSC on December so am so very fresh and CEO of my blog too. LOL

Lol we are all CEOs now. We own our bank and control our finance

Haha. Thats true . i am also a ceo in my own way.steemit has made me a boss

Thank you I have learned a lot from this post! Steemit is really a blessing for all of us. The opportunities are endless, we just have to open our eyes.