Steem Secrets #9 (Delivered By @theree2389): On Steemit, There Is "Opportunity"; "The Tip Of The Opportunity" & "Lost Opportunity". Which Will You Have?

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"@theree2389" speaking in words of "@steemsecrets": 

 Hi, precious steemit family, i am your girl "@theree2389", a minnow of steemit but "whale inside" and i am speaking in the words of @steemsecrets. 
On steemit, apart from outright "steem or steem dollar rewards", there are "opportunities"
Yes, even "breakthrough opportunities"
So while my steem wallet may say "500 SP", i may be experiencing jackpot offline or online, outside steemit. In truth, not every minnow on steemit, isn't a whale outside steemit. Not every minnow is seeking money. 
Bill Gates can already be a steemian, under the account @macrohard; would you know?  
He simply may decide to hangout on steemit to know what's going on here; to have a new type of "social experience" or may have heard of #steemgigs as "hosting the best of talents" and he may have joined steemit, simply to find one. 
But did you also know that "opportunities" can come from non-steemians too?  Yes, your very next post can be the attracter of "breakthrough opportunities", straight from the search engines.  
Note that; there are already testimonies to this! 
There is more; "opportunities" can also be cooking up on steemit and may seek you out months or days from now. 
Infact, new opportunities are cooking up everyday, just waiting to be pronounced "ready". For instance, what if @teardrops, a current minnow account on steemit, turns out "a large historical empire" tomorrow and seeks out several of its "lovers" to give them "opportunities", and large wallets of valuable teardrops tokens. Is that out of place? 
While you may be actively seeking upvotes, creating posts, etc; some, know that not every "successful steemian" blogs. They also know of the existence of "opportunities" and are patiently seeking that too! 
The truth is; if you aren't so aware also of the existence of "opportunities" on steemit, even when it seeks you out, you may reject it. 
e.g if all you know of "is a motorbike"; if someone gives you "a Rolls-Royce", even for free, you may be apprehensive about receiving it and lose the "opportunity" altogether. You will not even "see", that you can take the Rolls-Royce, sell it, buy "one motorbike" and give out the left-over money to me. 
Going back: when it comes to "opportunities"; when you eventually find one, please know that, there is "the tip of the opportunity", "the whole opportunity" and "lost opportunity" and "your very next post" and "the way you engage during a eventual conversation", may be the very determinant of which you will get. 
People online in general, have very limited information about you. People seeking to give you "opportunities" will seek your simple-looking steemit posts out as they try to establish your substance and whether to give you an opportunity or not! 
Then, speaking of conversation; assuming you have spotted the "opportunity" and it is time to converse about it, do you go all "ambitiously hasty" during your conversation or do you pace things aright? 
"Be slow about speaking!". 
"There was life before "the opportunity". 
You can have already lost an entire "breakthrough opportunity", without ever knowing you did, within the space of one simple-looking conversation
So, be slow about speaking. 
Pace things out aright during conversations. 
"Shine your eyes" my people! 

Sumptuous Meal For Thought

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@theree2389 a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 9th release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets

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Happy 9th #SecretRevealed!

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"
@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."
@enjieneer -- showed our "Real Rewards"
@gerel -- reminded us to be the "Real You" in Steemit
@allerie00 -- advising us to "Study Steemit's History"
@itsjessamae -- emphasized the importance of "Respect"
@zoeroces -- advised us to do not Jump easily in "Conclusion"
@athenabree08 -- shared that we should have Foresight of the Future

@theree2389 revealed the "Endless Opportunities" that we can have in Steemit or even outside, Greater things that we can't imagine if we will not limit ourselves in just Blogging. We can actually achieve even more. As I understand this Platform, Steemit is giving us also an opportunity in "creating our own Breakthrough", we just have to look for it, discover it, develop it and distribute it. Endless possibilities!~

While you may be actively seeking upvotes, creating posts, etc; some, know that not every "successful steemian" blogs. They also know of the existence of "opportunities" and are patiently seeking that too!

Nagode! (Thank you) @ , @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for for making this series possible. More Secrets Revealed to Come!

I can't be left out, I just saw this post and I'm strongly inspired and motivated to forge ahead. Steemit has a lot of opportunities awaiting everyone, all we need do is to explore and work hard for it for we are all going to make it there.

Yes, so true! Keep yourself motivated and inspired at Steemit for there are so many opportunities awaiting. Explore and engage. :)

Indeed, there are endless possibilities in this platform. We just have to seek and work for it. Everything is just around the corner. Our only way to find it is to know how to make it happen and that’s through making quality content blogs and even joining contests that let everyone express their individualities :) thats how beautiful steemit is. :)

Great opportunity comes to those who waits. Another secret revealed. Well said. Another food for thought.

Done following @theree2389

Thanks @steemsecrets and sir @surpassinggoogle for another inspiring secrets that revealed.

Can't wait for the next secret to be revealed.

Great words again from @steemsecrets and I am glad to see you @theree2839 being chosen to deliver those words.

While you may be actively seeking upvotes, creating posts, etc; some, know that not every "successful steemian" blogs. They also know of the existence of "opportunities" and are patiently seeking that too!

I admit being busy seeking for upvotes and creating post, and that's very obvious if you checked my profile. Why? Because I know it can give me more power, that way, I can help more people. Aside from that, I have been looking for opportunities as well like becoming a part of curation team so I can see and help those undervalued users.

You are so generous. That is one of my goals too- to help the newcomers and undervalued users soon. I want them to experience all the help and support that I'm getting now as a newbie.

Thank you. But I think it's a moral responsibility for me to help back.

You're a goodhearted man. Please continue your good advocacy, we - minnows are truly grateful of having you all on our journey here.

If I could have only read this last week and then I might not have confronted a loanshark Witness that thinks he is a bank charging minnows 890 % APR for SP loans. Also was attacked by another vote bot for them stealing from me. I am not used to backing down and letting evil prevail.
But here just like in the world someone behind a keyboard can destroy your reputation for confronting them with the truth.

@theree2389 sissy you are so beautiful and you speaked of the words of steemsecrets wonderfully. ❤ These are definitely true. The way we converse with others may also be a great determinant of what we will get. We should be wary about every opportunities, especially inside Steemit. ❤

You are so sweet! :) Thanks for the compliment sis @enjieneer! Indeed!

So, be slow about speaking.
Pace things out aright during conversations.

The Bible calls it 'the tongue of the learned'. Being able to use words to one's advantage is a virtue extolled from of old because our words are secrets to the vaults of treasures. So knowing what to say in and out of season is very paramount to the realization of opportunities. Thank you @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for pointing out this very salient point.

Also in Pacing, some will be fast in making a "successful journey in Steemit" while some will be slow, but nonetheless you will still be successful if you will not stop pursuing your Goals at Steemit.

That's true. Oppotunities are everywhere. Just signing up to steemit is already an opportunity to get steem and sbd, and, money aside, opportunity to showcase your content. There are so much opportunities that we can get in steemit like opportunity to help out others, or opportunity to get to know more people and build communities within a community.

Thats true! Getting an approval on your email account indeed a start of great opportunity. Absolutely, other members did a great job of helping out other people such as charity work.

I AGREE! In this platform you we are able to make things possible. It is truly a great help!

Our group, @steemitfamilyph, is also planning on different charities. Come check it out. 😊

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

I'm already following him and already voted steemgigs as witness.

Yes! Signing up to Steemit is one of the best decisions I've done. Opportunities here are never-ending!

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

There is more; "opportunities" can also be cooking up on steemit and may seek you out months or days from now..

This has a great impact to me as a minnow who strives hard to look for more opportunities and breakthroughs in ths platform. I believe it’s just around the corner and i hope i could find it one of this days. Nevertheless, this social media platform ,for me, is already a great opportunity of a lifetime. It helps everyone to realize their worth and become who they really are. The posts attest to it. Somehow, someday we can all be great in our individual paths. We just have to be consistent and determined enough to become successful. Thanks @theree2389 for this inspiring words and another secret revealed from @steemsecrets. Indeed, this motivates all of us to work and do our best on our journey here in steemit. Keep being an inspiration to all! :) God Bless everyone! :)

It helps everyone to realize their worth and become who they really are.

Every one on steemit Now knows they are not push-overs or to be toyed with because they are already happening. With this sense of achievement comes self-worth. You have pictured it so well. I appreciate @theree2389 and @steemsecrets

To achieve success, it requires hard work and dedication. There are so many opportunities we can get outside, but note that Steemit is already a great opportunity. You are much welcome.. :) @surpassinggoogle has been my inspiration all throughout my Steemit journey.

There are so many opportunities we can get outside, but note that Steemit is already a great opportunity.

It is an opportunity that one could never have imagined. That goes to show that opportunities can 'show' up at anytime and we have to prepare for a moment like that.

@surpassinggoogle has been my inspiration all throughout my Steemit journey

A great inspiration indeed! And frankly speaking, I don't know where I would have been able to get all of this whopping inspiration if I hadn't come on-board steemit since @surpassinggoogle and I are worlds apart and our paths might likely not cross. Hahaha..... I am feeling so lucky already for meeting a great man like him

I couldn't agree more! :) Thank you for your words. It is inspiring and motivating as well. :) I agree! @surpassinggoogle never fails everyone with his words of inspiration and encouragement. :)

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

done already. I never fail to promote it at every end of my blogs. You can check it here! I hope to inspire others thru that blog with my passion and what I'm going through right now. :)

I will like to make a few contributions of my own idea to the subject matter.

Opportunity can as well be seen as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Opportunity comes in diverse ways which could be either positive (gainful) or negative (lost full). Hence, it takes an opportunist to identify and take advantage of gainful opportunities.

Like you rightfully mentioned, if Bill Gate, being a wealthy personality and opportunities creator, can own a disguise steemit account, not obviously after rewards in steem and SBD but to explore the possible resources that can be found here on steemit.
It is pertinent to say that, steemians should not just point focus on what's obtainable here but try to diversify in offline possible opportunities that may lie within. Think outside the box and have imbibe creative mindset such that can enable someone to grab gainful opportunities, should they show up.

You can have already lost an entire "breakthrough opportunity", without ever knowing you did, within the space of one simple-looking conversation.
So, be slow about speaking.
Pace things out aright during conversations.
"Shine your eyes" my people!

This is very true. The approach in which we converse opportunity really has effect on either positivism of the opportunity before us. Thanks for this thought provoking piece @theree2389 @steemsecrets @surpassinggoogle

Av been refreshing your page since yesterday to see your latest post and finally you've dropped it.
Concerning what you said there are many whale's out there that doesn't descriminate and doesn't look down on minnows. While there are whale's out there who only cares on how to make money and promote themselves. And this need to stop right now! They should try to encourage minnow to make them stay so that they won't fed up of steemit and leave just like that.

Thanks to @steemsecrets for binging this intelligent @theree2389 on this platform for today

Thanks for always supporting @steemsecrets. And @surpassinggoogle is a good example for this. He cares about us, valued us and loved us.. Unity is necessary in this platform.. Just keep on going, and soon opportunities will be ready for you..

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

when steemit gives me an opportunity to blog I don't have time to open ny fb account. I always see my feed what is the latest blog of my fellow steemians. Eventhough sometimes I was discourage of my post because of low vote. but I try to pursue what I have done.... because in the near future I will succeed in steemit.

Keep going dear and dont get discouraged from getting low votes. Get involved and participate to contests.

Please know that, "there is the tip of opportunity"

yes I always thinking that if I will give up I have no chance to succeed so I will go go go... thank you for inspiring me... @theree2389

I am happy with the information you submitted but so far..steemit need development and continue to provide opportunities and information for small fish not limited to whales .... please inform the opportunity and information world of cryptocurrency ...

There are already tons of opportunities on Steemit dear. You can participate to contests and captivate yourself.

Joining contests are one big factor for opportunities.

I will try and I need information too,thanks for your kindness for atention.

Yes, there are real opportunities here.

Opportunity on steem ia not limited to blogging or writing alone.

According to @surpassinggoogle initiative where he mentioned about people showcase their works on @steemgigs and getting rewards through customer patronage.

The kind of post we put on our blog also portrait us to the outside world on what we are into.

Everyone needs to carve out a niche of his/her own identity so that when opportunities comes it wont be difficult locating such fellow.

Thanks @theree2389 for the wonderful discussion.

True! :) Opportunities are everywhere in this platform. It’s not limited to posting and writing. We can join contests also that are on trend. It is one way to become successful here and an opportunity as well to show one’s talents and skills on a certain field. Maybe at first we are still looking out for our paths and niche but later if we finallu find it, that’s the time when opportunities knock and welcome you. :)

That's what I really loved on Steemit too. We are free to write and joining contests is really fun..

You are absolutely right @fadiji09, once we have our own niche/identity then people easy recognize who we are and what we are

You are very much welcome @fadiji09. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

Opportunities for everyone. You can start without having any money. your only investment will be you hardwork

Yeah I agree there was life before opportunity. Thank u dear.

Indeed! :)

Another secret revealed! When I started steemit last month many doors of opportunity has opened. From zero to my pocket to thousands! Thank you for turning fishes to whales!!

Likewise! I prayed for this and blessed to become one of the members of this Platform. Steemit is a big opportunity for all of us.

From zero to my pocket to thousands! Thank you for turning fishes to whales!!

Hahaha..... This is the wonderful testimony of so many on this platform of which I am chief. Welcome to this land of opportunities -steemit.

Thank you everyone!! Lets all follow stem secrets :) For sure we will grow her in steemit platform :)

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

True! I found steemit offers many opportunities and we have to be patient for that opportunity and grab it when it comes in our way. Thanks for this, reminding us about the opportunities :)

steemit is platform where every niche are availiable and give peolpe opportunities to create his career and learn new things in life ! more and more opportunities are here!

Yes, Steemit offers countless opportunities. :)

"If you aren't so aware of the existence of opportunities on steemit, even when it seeks you out, you may reject it" this line gives me hope that someday i will be successful in this platform by continuing my effort. Just need to "shine my eyes always!". Thanks @theree2389 for inspiring us.

Thank you so much! And a tremendous thanks to @surpassinggoogle for letting me convey this message on his behalf. He is truly such an amazing and wonderful person.

Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for letting me convey this message on his behalf. He is truly such an amazing and wonderful person.

Super-amazing! And steemit is so proud to have him on-board. I pray to meet this super-man in the flesh one day😉

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

As always , informative and educative thanks , more greese to your elbow

Hi sissy.. talaga c billgates isa n ring steemian? hala noh? sana tatagal p to mas matagal p s bubblews heheh..

Pray lang sis at tulungan lang. It will surely last. Siguro sis haha. Nagmamasid lang.. hehe

Opportunities comes to everyone whether you are steemian or non-steemian, minnow or whale. Whenever an opportunity knocks you get 'READY' for it and prove yourself because it is the best time to show your talent to the world.

Going back: when it comes to "opportunities"; when you eventually find one, please know that, there is "the tip of the opportunity", "the whole opportunity" and "lost opportunity" and "your very next post" and "the way you engage during a eventual conversation", may be the very determinant of which you will get.

You have very well-explained in one sentence. Applause!!
@surpassinggoogle is a whale who brings new challenges,opportunities and food for thought now its time to decide whether you are ready to go with it or kept silence all the time.

@surpassinggoogle is a whale who brings new challenges,opportunities and food for thought

My my! Food for thought indeed because I have been feeding fat on the words from his every post and I must tell you that I am better for it. If the underlying wisdom in his posts is the only thing I have gained on steemit, then my journey here has not been in futility. Thank you @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets.

Indeed, we all have equal chances to opportunities whether you’re a minnow or a whale. It’s just a matter of perseverance and belief to oneself that he/she can find it. Having posts based on experiences and knowledge is already a great way to show to people that you deserve the opportunity here in steemit. We just have to be real and focused to our goals to inspire and learn in return from other steemians who become our friends later on. :)

Truth! Opportunities are everywhere and comes to everyone.

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

Yeah steemit has a lot of opportunities. Wow! is it true that Billgates already a Steemian? Amazing!!!

I went ahead and opened the account mentioned. It would be great if it's really him. 😊

I wish it was truly him! :)

thank you so much for this post @theree2389:)
It motivates me to write more and steem more.
I agree with you when you said that You can have already lost an entire "breakthrough opportunity", without ever knowing you did, within the space of one simple-looking conversation.
Hence, we will just keep on writing and posting.
It open the doors of greater opportunities.

Definitely I will grab that opportunity. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase our talents. Very grateful to be part of it. Nice and informative post.

This is the right place to showcase what you have got.

This is the right place to showcase what you have got

@theree2389 , just like your thoughts, I have discovered steemit to-be a place where all kinds of talent thrives, be you an engineer, a medical doctor, a musician, a farmer etc, one can find practical expression here, you can showcase whatever you have got here.

Truly thing like contest is an opportunity on steemit. Just participate on them and you can try the luck

And it is not limited. You can join as much as you can.. :)

As a minnow this post has really given me ideas
Being part of the steem community is one of the opportunities that ive gotten and will never want to loose

Lots of ideas and information are still coming from @steemsecrets.

I love this and have followed @steemsecret and @theree2389 this piece of information is priceless for a minor like me

Thanks! You can get lots of information from @steemsecrets.. Re-engage yourself always.

Yes new opportunities maybe cooking up today ready to be pronounced. We must shine our eyes so those opportunity will not slip away. Keep on steeming. just have faith and keep believing :)

Keep on shining :)

definitely I will :)

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

I already have @surpassinggoogle as my proxy :)

There are many opportunities Steemit can bring.. I agree with every word @theree2389 said! I am also happy I got to be part of this amazing platform as I consider this as a lifetime opportunity!

I agree with you @emdesan. Just like you, considered Steemit as one of the great platform. Happy and blessed. :)

"there was life before the opportunity"

You have said it all.

Many a time, we forget how we have been living our life before we stumble into opportunity.

Opportunity and life have been there before we are born.

We should not allow opportunities come between life and it's realities.

Thanks to @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets for unveiling the opportunities hidden in steemit

Thanks to @theree2389 for a well articulated presentation.

May Jehovah be our protector

team steemsecret reveal with best best secret of steem where no one are familiar so steemsecret efford they acuire us with knowledge os steem! that much appriciated and great efford!

I can't say I'm in it totally for the money. I'm just not good at coming up with viable information that people want to read. I'm here to stay in touch with old friends, make new friends and showcase some if my work as I am self employeed. Thank you for all this information.

We have the same goal bro. and i want all of my friends to be in steemit. that will be my next goal

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

Thank you @theree2389 for being an agent of change of @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets. I really love the part of Unity. Unity id important in doing a big vision. Even we have differences in terms of country languages colors belief still we manage to be united. I remember the meaning of unity it says

Unity is the celebration of our differences. Even we have differences we manage to celebrate and be united thanks Terry for doing that.

Lesson to be add in our knowledge again. Ty to you

Happiness is a choice and everything else is a matter of perspective.......Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now... Proudly minnow

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

Hello guys . Please voting The WITNESS upvote the @steemsecrets please
The best witness the steemsecrets

Since i started steemit, my fb page have been domant, i believe so much in steemit........minnow to whale is the vision.

oh God, help me know how to manage the right opportunities and maximize them, dont want to blow things up.

i am so much in love with the secrets i get here daily, i would love you guys especially my #minnow-whale @steemsecrets and my boss @surpassinggoogle to check out the little contest i made about @stemsecrets and know if its worth supporting. I TAGGED IT

LEARN A NEW SECRET FORM @steemsecrets"

Thank you @theree2389 and God bless you @surpassinggoogle for always using this medium to reach out deep into our minds. I know one day, each of us will be discovered. We just have to keep doing what we know how to do best.

You are welcome @lordjames. As what @surpassinggoogle is trying to emphasize

new opportunities are cooking up everyday, just waiting to be pronounced "ready"..

Prepare yourself for the endless opportunities.

Sure ... me who is also a small fish is eager to grow and wants to have investment opportunities, so I hope there is always guidance given to me,I glad to you give [email protected], I like you

Opportunity in any form is still opportunity and there is need to grab and utilize it.

I have utilized the opportunities of steemit and I am still learning the different aspects of steemit.

After our @abuja-steem seminar I learnt about Utopian, dtube, dsound etc.

Thanks @steemsecrets for this.

Agreed! We can learn so many things from other Steemit members too and ofcourse tons from @steemsecrets. Utopian, dtube and dsound are one of those opportunities we can also get.

very nice post thanks for sharing dear

Combined with sis Theree's beauty and wise words = perfect combo ;)

Aw! Sweet of you sis! :)

It is really important article for me so thank you very much for your time to this community And i hope I will learn more and more from you keep it up thanks.

You will surely learn a lot of things from @steemsecrets. Engage them with your talents and skills.

Nice post thank you for this ♥

It is so good that when I am done with a post and go over to my feed, I will find @steemsecrets! The learning I get here is very relevant to me as a newbie and a shining steemian.

I have taken all opportunities here. Since I got enrolled here, I found myself capable of doing things like writing/blogging, joining contests, poetry making and enhancing more my skills in arts.

And by taking that opportunity, I felt happy inside. That is the most important thing, I have now.

But, I will not stop there, I will continue to share this platform to others because steemit is a great opportunity for everyone to grow.

Indeed! It is a great platform that offers countless opportunities. I'm glad that you are able to showcase your talents and skills here. You are already shining. Expect for more opportunities. :)

yes I am shining. but I should remember that i am just taking my own pace. God bless you @theree2398

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

You're right. A single sentence deep in knowledge is way better than a hundred thousand sentences devoid of sense. One should only post when there's need to - what's worth doing at all is worth doing well. A sensible post may pave way for unforeseen opportunities as rightly said @steemsecrets

a very good information, this is very useful for the crowd and for myself. Especially for those who just joined in steemit. Honestly, I just joined in steemit, so from that I always read about post about steemit, because I want to learn more about steemit and can be successful like other people out there. Thank you so much for sharing this very useful science

I agree with you. @steemsecrets was created to help minnows and new joiners to know more about this Platform.

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

Wow! So impressive.!
Thanks to @steemsecrets and @theree2389

A beautiful picture really made a good choice

Good to see you here @theree2389 delivering the message of #steemsecrets.

Now I am starting to look for the opportunity, aside from earning sbd or steem. Hope to find it soon...

Thanks sir @long888. Grateful for @surpassinggoogle :)

Wow! I think I learnt something great here. You made a great point here. People need to slow and add value to this community. The money starts coming when we focus on value creation. I'm new on steemit and I have to slow down with patience.
Nice post. Kudos!

Read more updates and ideas from @steemitsecrets. You will learn so much things and will help you become successful here in Steemit.

I am glad my cousin introduce me here. This is a big opportunity not only in financial but how am I as a person dealing with people. I love how steemians engage on how everyone help in grabbing those opportunities.

Likewise dear! I feel so blessed to be part of Steemit Community. I gained lots of friends, considered them as my Family, and Steemit became my second home. ❤️ This is already a great opportunity and one must not missed it.

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Thank you for the information.. Ill try those advices

Yeah it is true because steemit also is friendly to used. I just steeming at cellphone unlike to others which you need a laptop. I understand now why people addicted to be steemian because of many opportunities found on steemit.

Yes, it is much easier even in phone. In my first month, I was using phone too, and started to use laptop when I got my second payout. Soon you will get it. Keep going.. :)

Thats true!!! here in steemit theres a lot of opportunities to improve yourself and your future.

So much opportunities.. and everyone should grab it.

#steemit is the opportunity long time I was waiting for, thanks for analyse it more and explore it more my gratitude to you @steemsecrets and wanna read more from you! also would like to thank @surpassinggoogle who supporting your/our good efforts to make a big steemit family! xoxo

Long time, I have been searching for new opportunities and I'm glad that I stumbled to one Steemit post in fb. And from the time I made my very first post, I knew that I will achieve success❤️

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you are right.steemit is great

Amazing post, thanks for sharing, there are a lot of opportunities on steemit, we have to try everything and we will find our right way for sure !

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Thank you @theree2389 and @steemsecrets for this message of opportunity. You are so right, I used to just box myself on posts but in reality Steemit offers endless opportunities. We all have different contributions and there are great Steemians who don't really blog, they found other opportunities to showcase their talent.

We should not box ourselves, instead we should look at opportunity in every situation and even problems. For example, there are issues about plagiarism. It's a headache but there's opportunity here. It's the opportunity to educate someone or if they really dont want to change, there's opportunity to report it to steemcleaners and you may even get rewarded. Indeed, there are several opportunities inside and outside Steemit, and we just have to open our eyes to see them. 😊

Absolutely! This is the right place to reveal your hidden talents. I'm delighted and really appreciate your effort of helping them out. Yes, tons of opportunities inside and outside Steemit.

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I already did vote for steemgigs as witness when i learned how to vote. And have been following them as well. Thanks for the reminder :)

nice post....Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you

Steemit is definitely a wonderful opportunity. Its is an opportunity but not to become rich, replace your daily job nor a platform to solve your problems. But its an opportunity to earn your selfs some extra income, its an opportunity to invest, to hone your skills and more.
For success on steemit patience is important. It is important to be consistant. It is one of the best opportunity for those who can wait for tomorrow.

I recently watched a dtube video in which an old steemian was telling that he earned almost zero for a long time in the beginning. Now he is earning like 200 SBD everyday.

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for this.

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To me steemit is a platform that has all niches in it, all we have to do is to be active and do the best we can.
Thank you @theree2389 for this inspiring articles and also thank you @surpassinggoogle and also @steemsecrets.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Give your best and engage them with your works.

@theree2389 yes its true, steemit has a lot of opportunities, thanks for this informative post girl..
followed you already.

@steemsecrets thank for another secret revealed and @surpassinggoogle kudos to you sir for supporting this project.

Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for allowing me to deliver this message to all of you. More secrets to be revealed in @steemsecrets