Steem Secrets #6 (Delivered By @itsjessamae): The Rarest INTEL About Steem Wallets. For Success Even On Steemit, "Respect" Is Involved.

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@itsjessamae speaking in words of @steemsecrets

 Hi, this is @itsjessamae and i am a minnow but "whale" inside and i am speaking in the words of @steemsecrets
It is very inclining to measure the "substance of a steemian" and perhaps, "the treatment of a steemian", by virtue of their wallet size or "amount of steem power".  
So today, let me tell you a thing or three about "THE WALLETS". 
Hahaha, i won't say much, but let's play with "3 giant scenarios", then, you can say much!  
Number 1. There are potential whales and investors hanging out on steemit as minnows.  
  • Yes, a whale may want to hang out on steemit as a minnow from the onset, to find out what steemit is truly about and whether he should bring in his 300 BTC and become whale.  
  • A whale may even want to hangout on steemit as a minnow, on an alternative account, to get a feeling, of how it is like to be minnow or perhaps, to determine who his true lovers are etc  
  • hahaha, a whale who is under-studying "steemit" and the true state of its community, may decide to hangout on steemit as "minnow" on a "separate", even anonymous account.  
Number 2. There are minnows who have the influence of a whale.  
  • Yes, how about veteran minnows or brother-to-a-whale minnow etc, who simply have to go behind-the-scenes, to get a post "whale-voted" 
  • Or veteran @curie curators etc who simply have to submit a post to a guild, to flood such post with whale votes 
  • Or minnows who do well in content curation and has "a whale" follow his vote.  Or minnows who have won the trust of whales over time and is now helping with a whale's curation?   
Number 3. There are ex-whales that are currently either minnows or dolphins and can be back as whale as soon as tomorrow. "Yes, there are!" 
  • Whales aren't exempted from power-downs and can power-down to minnow levels, only to become whales again at a later date.  
  • hahaha, Minnows can experiment whalehood and go back to being minnows. "Yes, there are ex-whales". 

Now, what am i saying? 
Before you hurriedly tell the next minnow to "hush" because you feel he has a minnow-size wallet; "hush!" 
In real life, among other things, there are virtues like respect; so, treat "steemit" like you would "real life"
Overall, stop spending too much time looking at wallets. As much as it is a bare blockchain, there is still a privacy model integrated into it. 
Moreso, there are bigger things than wallets. Pay more attention to the substance of the "human" behind the steemian.  
Be whale inside-out.  
Identify that being minnow is no stumbling block as "true influence" can be attained by virtue of "YOU".  
"The idea is let everyone be whale to you because you are whale to me". 

Sumptuous Meal For Thought

 Message From @steemsecrets  

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Each one will learn while teaching this rare knowledge and will become "whale inside" after each endeavor as we build a shareable library of the fastest-rarest "Steemit" speed-up knowledge in  the most assimilateable sweet bits. 

Then, "fulfilling success" we will attain! 

Knowledge dispensed is "life knowledge" underlyingly and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't. 

At the end of each exercise, each participant will be "whale inside" on steemit, in the ocean and in real life.

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#SecretRevealed by @steemsecrets is really worth the wait!~

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"

@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."

@enjieneer -- showed us our real Rewards (friends, wisdom and knowledge that we acquire at steemit.)

@gerel -- reminding us to be just the way we are, the "Real You"

@allerie00 advising us to "Study Steemit's History"

And now @itsjessamae another minnow but whale inside talking about "Respect".

"true influence" can be attained by virtue of "YOU"

Respect is really important not just in Steemit but also outside it, we live in a world where Respect is to be Gained, but as a Person and as a Steemian I think the best way to Gain respect is to GIVE RESPECT -- by simply being YOU and by appreciating other people for who they are and what they have in Steemit

Thank you @itsjessamae, @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for making this series of #SecretsRevealed possible. More to come!

Wow! Respect is reciprocal and you give it to gain it. It is a very weighty talk and only those who understand this are able to appreciate the neccesity of the word 'respect'. Give it to all, great or small, whale or minnow, and then when it's your turn, you would get it because you deserved it by earning it.

Give it to all, great or small, whale or minnow,........

These are words that makes a lot of sense, no discrimination of any kind, just plain respect for everyone.

Yea right @edith4angelseu!

Please follow @itsjessamae, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

You are right dear. We know that if you give respect then you will get respect from other. This is the 100% truth word.

Yess. So we should respect one another!

Even on steemit!

Please follow @itsjessamae, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

nice one @itsjessamae, @surpassinggoogle, although i missed part 5, didn't miss this.. am curious about something too...all steemsecrets so far are by females lol what about we "males"💪

@surpassinggoogle thanks sir terry for recommend @itsjessamae, wanna read more from her, following her and also following you!!!!

Respect is a very important entity and must be accorded to whom it's due. I so thank @surpassinggoogle for doing everything to reach out to everyone and I pray for strength for you brotherly to continue this good work.

Respect begets respect. Respect is something earn not something given.

Thank you for giving a recap of the previous @steemsecrets videos, @chaelpacia. This is a really helpful reminder and review for all of us. At the same time, it gives those new to @steemsecrets a quick lesson :)

True. You can only get respect when you give out respect.

@yungchief there are some people who you will give respect but it will be hard for them to give it back to you or even give it to you at all.

we earn respect for our honesty and we should respect and appreciate honest witness and stemians around and they deserve respect....!!!

amazing words to hear .. it is full of sense..nice work

The place of respect can not be overemphasized. Respect makes people to love you, make them want to render help and the respect you give will be given back to you.

When people missed reading all the episodes of #steemsecret I suggest they'll just read your comments so they will have a glimpse of what was being discussed or shared in the last chapters...

All of those that were already published were siignificant in the lives of every steemians.

Yh thats true ,even I myself have fallen a victim of that twice for steemsecretes #1&2.But now i take my time to read it ,thanks for bringing that up @long888

Respect is a very important entity and must be accorded to whom it's due. I so thank @surpassinggoogle for doing everything to reach out to everyone and I pray for strength for you brotherly to continue this good work.

My God! Wise words here. Steem secret is really opening up so many things right here. To whom respect is given, respect is expected.

Respect is a powerful weapon that can bring people inside your heart.

Yes oooo.... The truth is everyone has a value system they don't joke with. If you are coming into their world, you just need to respect those values and that way, they respect tour values too

Yeah its me, I always look at their age on steemit if how many months they are already in here then next is their wallets maybe as a minnow in #steemit we cannot avoid our selves looking at those tabs to other steemians since we earn less than them. But because of you @steemsecrets you explained it clearly that we minnows are also a whale inside. And I should not always look to their wallets my bad

Respect is really a powerful weapon in making a good relationship to every community here in this platform.

Thanks maam @itsjessamae for this wonderful and inspirational message you delivered in the words of @steemsecrets.

There are people whom I followed for their wallet, they never reply to your comments nor acknowledge your presence on their blog, day to day, month to month. They are so arrogant because they feel too 'big', they have big wallets so every other person is insignificant. You know what I do, I hit the 'unfollow' button. @surpassinggoogle has thousands of followers and yet makes out time for each. Replying comments, cracking jokes even and remembering names too! Is that not awesome? Do you then wonder why they awesomely love him? Because he is beautiful inside out.

You can say that again. They snob you totally, ignore you. Terry is just one of the few that really really respects people and you can see the amazing effects..... Everywhere he goes, he pulls crowds.

Hahaha thank you alot. and one of the reasons @steemsecrets among other bigger reasons is because i think of everyone but can't reach everyone in the DMs, so i wanted a way to reach each one still and each one like leaders cos of the state of community as this is the very info, i used in teaching many leaders. just this

And you are doing so well reaching out to people

We love you Terry.

Very well said sir! @steemsecrets really shares empowering and awakening words. I hope we get to read such inpirational message like this everyday ❤

you're very much welcome buddy @g10a

LOL. Glad that you've learn a lot especially about wallets.

Respect begets respect! :)

I agree, for me its the word "RESPECT" that matters even outside #steemit. It's a magic word and a good deed to show to everyone around no matter if you are a whale or a minnow, both are humans that needs to be respected.

I am learning a lot from this initiative already, and I really appreciate the "minds" behind this wonderful cause to help minnows get the required information to be able to survive and be triumphant in this community.

Both of you guys are correct, being steemian doesn't work only inside "" platform but the real place is outside it.

It is okay to look at wallets but not necessarily measure our treatment of them based on those things. In real life, an aspiring janitor can be CEO of the same company tomorrow

I do really love this phrase of yours @surpassinggoogle. Indeed ,great things comes from being a little amount of something.

I too have checked others’ wallets. I dont see it as a bad thing but instead it gives me the motivation to do more as well. It’s like a driving force for me to try to achieve what they have achieved hehehe

Yes it should be a driving force, to know that you can actually be rewarded for what you have to offer. That should be enough incentive to put in one's best on this platform

Oh wow first it was @ankarlie, then we had @allerie00 now its @itsjessamae 's turn to be featured.

We at Ohana @steemitfamilyph is very proud for you to deliver the words and wisdom of @steemsecrets

This is why we cannot look down on people that are just starting because we never know if they are a whale in incognito.

Everyone has to start somewhere and we are here to positively influence and mentor people so that they grow up doing the right things in Steemit.

Those three scenarios are so very real and thus important for us to create deep meaning connections and help raise the level of Steemit.

Be kind to people not because their upvote, SP or reputation is high but because they are human and it is right to respect them.

Cherish people and see them flourish in this platform. We are all whales inside and out regardless of our wallets or SP right now.

I know you're proud dad! hehehe. Thank you so much for everything. You're an example. I know that you have a big wallet size there but you respected and treated us equally. Thank you so much!

Because everyone of you is awesome! We all need someone who will cared enough to mentor and guide us at our most vulnerable time of 1 month.

I would give you the respect that I never received when I first started, the guidance that I never had and the support to help you grow.

I'm now weeping :( I don't have words! thank you!

Everyone has to start somewhere...

I agree with your words sir! :)
I firmly believe that we can all achieve greater heights if we continue to grow and learn from all the people who have remained in the platform for years. Others may have higher SP or reputation but we all have equal rights as we are still humans behind being a steemian :)

Thank you for pointing that out @steemsecrets I think a healthy dose of RESPECT is good for the platform. Respect should not be given on the basis of the wallet size, reputation or those whom you know. It should be given to EVERYONE i mean everyone. I have always believed in that and will continue to do so.

@itsjessamae thank you for taking the time to share with use the words of @steemsecrets Bravo for your performance ate! You are awesome.

surpassinggoogle thank you for supporting steemsecrets.

i definitely agree with this sis! we should never choose who we should respect because everyone deserves to be respected no matter how small or big their wallet size is. ❤

@surpassinggoogle, through @steemsecrets is letting us in on deep secrets of success. To succeed on this platform, one needs to have respect for everyone. Terry respects everyone and th is one of the reasons we hold him so dear to our heart.

Thank you @ankarlie

We should respect one another,either minnow or whale!

I agree with you @ankarlie. Respect begets respect and that’s when a good relationship with other steemian starts. We just have to play fair here for we all have equal rights and opportunities regardless the wallet size we have. :)

Be a good player to this platform. BE A CONTRIBUTOR and not a hunter. Just another dynamite right there! Thank you for this @itsjessamae!
Hats off to @steemsecretes I've been seriously applying your serries to my daily post now as a reflection.
Its like coming in here as a classroom and going back to my home and do my homework!

No problem! Thank you so much!!

BE A CONTRIBUTOR and not a hunter. - This is really correct! We should focus on what to give and not what we get.

That is the correct mindset sir Keep steeming!

This is great achievement to all members of this community and also thank you to all whale and minnow. it's a great and we know here everyone will be honored because as they mention. they will help more newbies and of course all steemian here, Thank you so much @steemsecrets for this amazingm w0rk. well done.

YESS! Let's spread the words of @steemsecrets

Yes of course,

This is wonderful! As a minnow, I don't really interact with other Steemians based on their wallet. I interact based on how I feel about that steemian, I look through their souls and not through their wallet for I believe that each one of us is a minnow but "whale inside". Thanks for delivering the words of @steemsecrets @itsjessamae. This is beautiful ❤

wow! that is great of you! I hope all of us are like you, looking behind that steemian and not on the wallet size! :)

I interact based on how I feel about that steemian, I look through their souls and not through their wallet....

It's only people like you who can make a difference because you are not judging by the size of their wallet but by the human content. This is fair enough.

As for me, it also motivates me to do more and achieve more whenever I see other wallets. Hehehe I mean it gives me the driving force to be like them who have been successful on their journey in this platform. But nevertheless the only key here is to strive harder and become consistent. :)

Stop spending too much time looking at wallets and the wallets of others :):)
"Be whale inside-out".
I love the message.
Rock n roll!!!!

Very interesting message..glory to us steemers

Thank you @steemsecrets this an eye opener again.

Thank you also @itsjessamae,. another minnow but "whale" inside. thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.
I just love what you've said, "In real life, among other things, there are virtues like respect; so, treat "steemit" like you would "real life".

A picture of what you will sow is what you will reap. If you sow respect to others expect that they will respect you back. Yes, respect is not something that you can buy in the store, but Respect is something you can earn. As the saying goes... "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Another line you said that struck me,. "Overall, stop spending too much time looking at wallets". Very well said,. it is something as a reminder for all of us and for all the newbies like me here in steemit.

another mind awakening and impartation to me.

@itsjessamae, You are simple yet full of wisdom and impartation. Continue to delivered empowering message to us.

@steemsecrets thank you for allowing minnows but a whale to speak with you.

letting the stemians to spread the wings and soar high.

Thank you so much.

Wow! Just an amazing comment out there. Keep it up!

Well thank you and I hope you've learn a lot from this.

Make sure to respect either big wallet size or small wallet size. We should everyone equally here and that what steemit is! :)

Godbless you!

Yes I will... It's not about the size of wallet here but it's all about sharing and learning from each other or different kinds of friends... that's what we call "relationship goal."

Indeed.stop checking your wallets just have fun and enjoy your stay here in steemit! Followed, upvote and restemed this post! Let spread out the words of @steemsecrets!!!

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