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Curie is a community project run by several Steemit authors. Our mission is to help discover and reward new content creators who are posting all sorts of original content, and give them the exposure that they need. In partnership with @nextgencrypto, @berniesanders, @val, @silversteem, @clayop, @hendrikdegrote, @proskynneo and @kushed, Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and more.

In full transparency, you will be able to find a published list every day detailing all the posts that Curie has chosen by our curators. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors. We invite curators to submit hidden gems at For more info, please check this post out - here.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @curie account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also! You can follow @curie's outgoing votes to see our curation in real time and donate your votes.

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 12/02 15:00 UTC and 13/02 15:00 UTC. Curie voted on a total of 66 posts. SBD 815 has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of SBD 14 per post.

@quantumanomalySWEET MERCY! DIY Valentines Day Sugar Scrub!23.782 SBD
@sponge-bobChickens, Spotted Owls, and Disappearing Forests - Economic Extinction?22.694 SBD
@nicksikorskiKore Kara Noka これから農家 blog post: Settled in at last: Calling Tokyo home22.002 SBD
@adventureevrydayArctic Adventures on Svalbard - Dog Sledding, Ice Cave Exploration & Northern Lights (Short Film)21.652 SBD
@transhumanAKASHA: A Report Of Transhuman's Adventure On The Blockchain20.094 SBD
@davewmcdowellWWE Elimination Chamber: Recap and Thoughts19.195 SBD
@castimirI Don't Think We Were In Love, But You Aren't Here Anymore19.794 SBD
@awispaMy inspiration: Edward Hopper inspired me to make replica of his work18.930 SBD
@mapala[Mapala Blog] Shaman meetup17.008 SBD
@lovealwaysalThe economics of Popsicle business in the tropics.17.692 SBD
@victor-smirnoffTravelling Malaysia: getting to Pangkor Island17.457 SBD
@mayaskyNew year, new paintings!16.050 SBD
@gladysmakMy New Life Chapter16.143 SBD
@mytechcrunchBeer Revalution by Guru Josiah Zayner Shine in the Dark16.075 SBD
@brimaxOpen Mic Week 20 - Where She'll Go by @brimax16.634 SBD
@hansoloFrom the gutter - Original Story15.043 SBD
@rckchk83Undercover Lovers (The Tuxedo Affair) Chapter 115.123 SBD
@driptorchpressMusic and Art Monday February 13th15.262 SBD
@sonyapramhasAn Unknown Lady15.052 SBD
@krizia"Get inked or die naked."15.852 SBD
@oldfatguybmxI'm SIX-ee and I know it!14.986 SBD
@cultura.bitcoin"Fileless Attack" New Variant of Malware Hits Banks Around the World14.008 SBD
@olisanWalnut cake french original recipe14.500 SBD
@revostrike"Infinity" - Digital Art14.408 SBD
@stray"To Kill A Runner" Chapter 22 "Escape Tunel" (Cyberpunk Fiction)14.225 SBD
@gorishThe coolest girl in the neighborhood xD14.391 SBD
@rizkiavonnacreative14.319 SBD
@fitmeFitness Diary #1 Amazing Start!14.899 SBD
@annaguzcDAY 4 OF THE 10-DAY SUGAR DETOX14.557 SBD
@oktavianorlovHelp the environment, one room at a time, part 3: your whole house14.000 SBD
@happyharmonymayMy Tickets To The Grammys! - The Grammys Part 1 (Original Blog)14.905 SBD
@alexandergomezMoney Maker: An Adventure into Selling on eBay13.978 SBD
@alinamarin100happydays - Day 4313.536 SBD
@wolvoman80What do you do when your beliefs are ruining your life???13.528 SBD
@todaysrant2017Norse Inspired Custom Engraved Airgun Air Rifle Gun stock .22 Bam B4 Delux / SMK DB413.546 SBD
@imineblocksHow To Mine PascalCoin On Windows With AMD GPU13.119 SBD
@maximdrawsAnother mindless sunburn well worth it. The beauty of tranquility in Pavones, Costa Rica.13.120 SBD
@nikokorologmusicRondo in F Dorian12.495 SBD
@silviabenefortiMother Goose12.852 SBD
@culturearise369The Three Principle Components of Culture12.619 SBD
@dullhawkDoes evil justify evil?12.875 SBD
@allstarrunnerMy original Princess Leia (Watercolor)11.441 SBD
@dylanhobalartHow We Grow into Dolphins on steemit! (Video)11.663 SBD
@heymattsokolmatt sokol - showing off a new composition11.057 SBD
@mitchelljaworskiWeekly Poetry Jam - Twisting in the Wind (Original Poetry)11.141 SBD
@aaronjarniganNissan Silvia S15 Photoshoot by Aaron Jarnigan11.702 SBD
@ixindamixThe underrated games of the Ps3 / Xbox 360 : Hard Corps Uprising11.978 SBD
@meltmuredemonsYou like my drawing? ENG/ESP10.707 SBD
@vortacGridcoin Advertising (3): Assessing the efficiency of our AdWords campaigns10.097 SBD
@ergoproxyPJ Harvey - One Line My cover for steemit community ;)10.248 SBD
@thedruidMaximum Efficiency, Minimum Effort... Judo and Capitalism10.900 SBD
@beeskeeLet's Play Shoppe Keep Episode 119.433 SBD
@paolobenefortiAllons y! My Doctor Who T Shirt. Handmade. Not for sale.9.445 SBD
@hulkbusterMy Three Biggest Concerns for the Future9.615 SBD
@michaelmcdermottInk On Canvas, 12"x12" © Michael McDermott8.293 SBD
@antonireviewsMy Thoughts on Dmitri Hvorostovsky at the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt4.724 SBD

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Thank you for sharing yet another healthy list of high quality. So far, I don't think I have seen any of them! Namaste :)


Great work curie folks! Congrats to the list-makers!


thank you for all you doing!)

Thank you for including me on your list. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to all content writers. Keep Steeming!!! Cheers

Thank you @curie for the mention @happyhousewife

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Thank you again! I appreciate everything you all do for the Steemit community!