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How can we submit proposals to add value to the Steem blockchain, receive funding for our projects promoting Steem, get more upvotes on our posts, and earn 50% as an investor delegating Steem? Will we discover the answer by reading this post because below are solutions to some of our most challenging questions on Steem such as how do we fund innovation quickly, what works to earn more money on our posts, and how do those of us holding Steem power convert it into Steem without powering down?

To stay updated with changes, review budget proposals, view funded projects, and see investor payout reports, will we please visit because #budget is the primary tag for our collaboration?

Steem Budget Proposal Format?

  1. Design a project intended to add value to the Steem blockchain such as hosting a meetup, building an app, advertising Steem online, scheduling a meeting to pitch Smart Media Tokens, marketing Steem to an existing audience, etc. For example, I will be submitting proposals for ads for Steem on Google and Facebook along with hiring a developer for SteemJ to start. Review my previous proposals at
  2. Write about this project in a budget proposal post beginning with the tag budget as the first tag because this will help us to find all the budget proposals in one place at
  3. In the title, tell us the value we are getting out of the project if it has not started yet or provide an update about an existing project if posting an update about a previous budget proposal. We prefer funding projects that already have been started and need funding to continue.
  4. Include clearly in the proposal the amount of STEEM requested to pay the proposal along with a USD equivalent in case the price changes suddenly.
  5. Explain clearly in the body of the budget proposal how the money is used to help us understand what we are paying for. For example, in building an app how much are the developers being paid? How much is hosting? For ads, how much is the CPM? Where are the ads targeted? Are Facebook and Google receiving 100% of the payment or is part reserved for production?
  6. Provide links to any proposals submitted previously to help us track progress and review our work together. An Airtable spreadsheet like works nicely for this.

Example Proposal!

Our first budget proposal submitted by me is at and presents one way to request funding succesfully.

Steem Video Ad #10 on Facebook and YouTube

TEXT (Abbreviated)
1,000 STEEM to pay the advertising costs on Facebook and Google AdWords to promote Steem's new budget proposal systems for $10 a day for 2 months to those interested in cryptocurrencies. Thank you for funding $10,000 so far on these previous campaigns (list of links). More details explained in the post including screenshots, etc.

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First Funded Proposal

View the first proposal to receive funding at

We funded this proposal to begin because we liked seeing the months of service in creating the first MMORPG on the Steem blockchain alongside an active website and community prior to requesting funding.

Proposal Funding Active!

We naturally can fund budget proposals at with an upvote or our own Steem/SBD. We hope that posting all under the budgets tag will help organize what we have already been doing so far on many different tags to make it easier to upvote projects intended to improve Steem. How will we collaborate to provide greater funding than what we already have available through upvotes and direct contributions?

We are primarily funding these proposals today with the new @jerrybanfield voting bot as explained at

Transferring 0.1+ SBD to @jerrybanfield with the link to a post on now results in an automatic upvote based on the existing bids with half of the amount sent going to fund budget proposals to grow Steem from while the other half is returned to investors delegating Steem power to @jerrybanfield!

All bids sent to @jerrybanfield will give 50% into the @budgets account and 50% into the delegator account @jerrybanfieldroi. Technically the percentages from everything sent will be 47.5% to @budgets, 47.5% to @jerrybanfieldroi, and 5% split between @aggroed and @yabapmatt for managing the bot as explained here. For simplicity, we will just mention the 50/50 split and consider the 5% a necessary fee charged before rewards are calculated.

@budgets will be used exclusively for sending payments to fund projects proposed in budget proposals. For accountability, @budgets will resteem every project that it funds and @jerrybanfield will publish investor reports showing which projects were funded for how much along with a report how much each delegator received out of the @jerrybanfieldroi. Both the @budgets and @jerrybanfieldroi accounts will resteem each of these reports.

With the current Steem dollar price and the existing voting power we have, we are starting with probably around $500 USD a day in funding split with $250 a day to those delegating and $250 a day to budget proposals. As delegations are made to @jerrybanfield we will soon have thousands of dollars a day in funding for budgets and returning to investors.

How Does The Voting Bot Operate?

Sending @jerrybanfield at least 0.1 SBD with the link to a post will provide an automatic upvote within 3 hours based on the bids received. Read more at

Track all upvoting bots including @jerrybanfield when live at What we will enjoy about using the @jerrybanfield account as a voting bot is knowing that the earnings are going to help fund projects that add value to Steem.

Earn 50% As An Investor!

Delegating Steem power to @jerrybanfield starting today provides a simple way to earn passive income in both Steem and SBD! Make a delegation once and receive payouts indefinitely each week from @jerrybanfieldroi which will receive half of the available rewards from the voting bot while @budgets will receive the other half. View the first round of investor payouts at which averaged out to about 62% APR!

The minimum delegation amount to receive a payout is 500 Steem Power which today is 1025530.6135 vests. Less than this will still contribute to the project but will not receive payouts from @jerrybanfieldroi because of the amount of time and energy necessary to send the payments on smaller amounts.

Easy Delegation Solution!

Want to just click a link and delegate? Ask me for a link in the comments including the phrase "Would you please make me a delegation link" because then I can search directly for that in the comments? As soon as I see your request, I will make a link you can click directly to complete the delegation using the active key to sign in. To make sure I get it right, please include the amount of Steem Power to delegate or say "ALL" for a full delegation link.

Do It Now Delegation with Vessel!

To make and manage delegations, I prefer using the Vessel wallet by @jesta as seen in the newest update at because this makes it easier to send transactions without logging into and also easy to withdraw delegations. Follow the three screenshots below for easy delegation and to undelegate easily as needed!

First, open the wallet, click on accounts, click on SP Delegation, and then click on + to add a new one next to the account desired.

Next, add jerrybanfield into the account field and choose the amount of Steem Power to delegate by typing the number in or using the slider at the bottom to select. Note that previously delegated Steem Power takes a week to return meaning when we remove a delegation to make room for this one, we have to wait a week to delegate. Click "Confirm Delegation" to proceed and enter the Vessel wallet password to finalize the transaction.

To confirm the delegation was successful, visit and check delegations (in).

Delegations can also be confirmed at

Not using Vessel wallet or just want to delegate from here? The link structure below will do it directly when substituting our account name for ournamehere in the links below and the VESTS in with the amount we want to delegate. Here is an actual link example for @joeparys with a picture of what happens after using the link.

Customizable Links!

Here are prefilled links by Steem Power that we can use just by replacing the ournamehere with our account name with our own account. Customize the delegated amount of Steem power using to convert to vests, copying that amount of vests into the vesting shares area, and making sure there are six decimal places after the period in VESTS which requires usually adding a couple zeros to the end after using the converter.

1,000 Steem Power

10,000 Steem Power

100,000 Steem Power

After creating our link, we need to sign in with our account name and ACTIVE private key to confirm the transaction which is found in our permissions tab under wallet like this except substitute your username for mine.

Bonus for Delegators!

All of @jerrybanfield's nearly 100,000 Steem Power does not count towards the total meaning the 50% is divided up among just those delegating! This means delegating immediately will provide the highest return as those delegating early will essentially get a huge bonus from my upvote!

When 100,000 Steem power is delegated in total, those delegating will effectively be receiving about 100% of the delegated voting power in return because of my voting power not counting to the total. When 1 million Steem power is delegated, everyone will effectively still be receiving a ~10% boost from my Steem power.

Review existing delegations anytime at under delegations (in).

Curation and Witness Rewards?

All of the curation and witness rewards @jerrybanfield earns from now on will simply increase the power of the voting bot which will give @budgets and those delegating a larger potential for rewards. For those of us that delegate and have not voted jerrybanfield as a witness yet, will we please visit and place our vote because this will help us maximize our return on investment and the available budget? Higher witness ranking equals more Steem power earned which equals larger voting power which means more Steem and SBD received for votes which means more earnings for @budgets and @jerrybanfieldroi.


Starting yesterday I paused my @steemvoter and will no longer make any votes on Steem because doing so would use the voting power delegated and reduce rewards for everyone. After reviewing my voting history with hundreds of people on autovote, upvoting thousands of reader comments on my posts, upvoting my own comments 100% for "visibility" on trending posts, voting mostly for those voting me back, and randomly voting on posts sent to me in private messages, I believe this new system will be a huge improvement for most of us. Those previously receiving the votes for free, including me, will collectively be losing about $100 a day in upvotes. These losses can be replaced by placing bids through the @jerrybanfield voting bot. Additionally, all existing delegations I had yesterday were withdrawn to support fully funding this project which will increase the voting power by 7,000 Steem power within a week or so.

After reading all this, we might wonder how I am going to earn anything now given that I am not taking a percentage of the rewards anywhere and not planning to power down indefinitely? My liquid author rewards will be my only earnings going forward. To keep these separate, the rewards will be immediately redeemed and transferred to my wife @laurabanfield and sold from there. Laura is also the first one to delegate to the project meaning that until more delegations arrive, she will receive all of the investor rewards. We probably will see 100,000+ Steem power in delegations within the first week or two which will then reduce Laura's percentage to around 10% of the investor rewards perhaps even for the very first payout next week.

Finally, this system is not coded into Steem and relies on our collaboration. It would be ideal for us to be able to have this done completely through the Steem blockchain but it also would require a lot of energy from the development team which would be best spent now making sure we get Smart Media Tokens launched and improved consistently. Perhaps one day we can get a built in budget proposal system in which case I would stop running my system. Given the feedback on the budget proposals whitepaper I wrote, we are unlikely to see a budget proposal system coded into Steem within a year if ever which is why we see this system here today which is immediately available for us to use!


For questions, will we please collaborate below in the comments because there we can provide clarity for anything uncertain and improve this project to help us add the most value to our Steem blockchain? I will attempt to answer as many questions as I can and focus my reading on Steem in the budget proposals going forward.

The main question I can think of is "Why not use a separate account like the rest of the voting bots?" Branding. Trust. Using my account to vote and separate accounts for payouts is ideal in the big picture.

Thank You for Reading!

I appreciate this chance to be of service on Steem together and hope our time in this post together was useful!

Jerry Banfield


Delegated 10K
Jerry, you are doing right things. Please don't stop.

@drorion thank you very much for being the first to delegate after seeing this post! The voting bot is just going live now and we are very grateful for your generous contribution!

@jerrybanfield Ok, after reading your second post , I've finally fully understood this one.
And changed delegation to 15K

Outstanding thank you very much!

Sir I can promote steemit on Instagram I have more than 80k followers on Instagram from India you can check my account

My today use steemit
Please help me.
All Sir,thank.

Am very new to steemit and would like to do all the things you have mentioned, but I think one thing at a time first...I did enter for your supernatural story thingy of 1000 words. Am a bit disappointed so far that I only get one or two votes on each post, but am hoping in the days, weeks and months ahead that things will change. I'm glad I've found you, jerrybanfield, because you give good information.

Hi @jerrybanfield, i entered the STEEMPUNK-NET project, please find the budget proposal here :
If there are any questions please dont hesitate to ask

Thanks alot!

@steempunknet thank you very much for making the first successfully funded project!

hey jerry,

hen here, from steempunknet.
we have to thank.

one question, does it make sense to bring in another funding proposals? we really want to move the game forward. we are developing SPN more or less in our leisure time.

meanwhile we are also being found in the stores and users who don't have anything to do with crypto currencies or steemit visit us in the chat. we think with the game we can bring some new users into contact with steemit and steem.

Very good

I didn't completely get it. what is the drawback for us in all that? Wouldn't everyone invest in this if is 100% profitable?

I believe that if we take into account the high SBD price, calculations change. Am I correct?

@marc99 thank you for asking how it works! Starting now anyone that wants to promote a post with my voting bot can transfer Steem or SBD to me to get a vote automatically. Everyone delegating Steem power adds to the possible voting power which increases the amount of bids received. 50% of the earnings from the bids received go to @budgets to fund budget proposals for Steem while the other 50% are returned to those delegating from @jerrybanfieldroi.

Most sending bids will be using which shows what a profitable bid is given the Steem and SBD price.

This system provides instant adjustments for those delegating based on the Steem and SBD price because those making bids and using the calculator are sending in Steem and SBD while considering the current price.

Basically, delegate Steem power to me and get payments every week in Steem and SBD from what those sent to promote posts. Those delegating early get a huge bonus because I am not counting my nearly 100,000 Steem power in the calculations. Delegating 10,000 Steem power now effectively will return much more than upvoting 10 comments a day with no potential for downvotes and all rewards liquid.

My country live is Myanmar.
I do not work steemit.
Please help me Sir.

Thanks for answering!

So let me get this right. We pay you to upvote us out of the Reward Pool? Hmmmnnnn

I don't think so

Please help me Sir.


So, if I understand this correctly, if I were to delegate my $2,000 of SP, I would get a bigger chunk of your vote when I post a blog and send a donation to your bot? If so, what's that breakdown look like?

@truth-be-told when you delegate you get a percentage of all bids sent to the bot and paid out automatically each day! Right now 2,000 Steem power delegated is earning payouts of around $20 a day!

Heyy @jerrybanfield This is very hard to understand...Can u please give an example i mean how the power will transer and how it will flow an example of complete concider if i send 1000Sp then what will happn next frm start to end how we will get passive income

yes please

And thank u so much for the bot tracker that was a great help....U r awesome as always

and also give example of the proposal...Something like if i want to give a seminar in my college about our steemit community then what all things i should write other than budget tag and amount

@mvrr007thank you for asking how it works!

Starting now anyone that wants to promote a post with my voting bot can transfer Steem or SBD to me to get a vote automatically. Everyone delegating Steem power adds to the possible voting power which increases the amount of bids received. 50% of the earnings from the bids received go to @budgets to fund budget proposals for Steem while the other 50% are returned to those delegating from @jerrybanfieldroi.

Most sending bids will be using which shows what a profitable bid is given the Steem and SBD price.

This system provides instant adjustments for those delegating based on the Steem and SBD price because those making bids and using the calculator are sending in Steem and SBD while considering the current price.

Basically, when we delegate 1,000 Steem power, we get paid back a percentage of our voting power in Steem and SBD every week from @jerrybanfieldroi. Those delegating early get a huge bonus because I am not counting my nearly 100,000 Steem power in the calculations. Delegating 1,000 Steem power now effectively will return much more than upvoting 10 comments a day with no potential for downvotes and all rewards liquid.

This comment has received a 30.77 % upvote from @kittybot thanks to: @mvrr007.

Looking forward to helping this community and loading my SP out! Thanks for using me as an example in this post @jerrybanfield :D

Joe Parys

You're welcome Joe! As soon as you click the delegate link and use your active key to log in, you will be ready to get payments from @jerrybanfieldroi every week! The payments currently should be worth way more than upvoting 10 posts a day with no downvoting potential!

Would you please make me a delegation link - 1,000 steem

@tastetwist thank you very much for delegating to me and I am happy to see you are getting your daily payouts!

This is so great, thank you for everything :)

How do I get a delegation link?

How would you recommend someone price out something from USD to SBD? For example if I have a proposal that I know will cost me $500, should I use the current calculation of SBD ($10.60) and say $500/$10.60 = 47 SBD.
If SBD were to drop down to $5 then even if my budget gets funded, I would not have the $500 for my proposal. Or should we play it safe and request more than we need in that moment. Instead of requesting 47 SBD I would request 60 SBD = $636 with room for price fluctuations.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Also thank you so much for taking the initiative! This is an awesome endeavor and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish as a team!

Whatever is the most stable might be ideal including USD equivalent is good!

Nice work! Steem on!

One question, why not automate delegators (sponsors) payments?:)

Maybe we can get that setup later! Right now we could automate but the percentages might have to be adjusted frequently. Every new delegation changes the percentages for everyone. We may be able to set up a system that automatically pulls the delegation amount and then sends payments out based on that. For now it is manual for simplicity!

Hello @jerrybanfield i have been using your bot a lot works grate thx so much for your work and support to the community
i have been thinking in delegate my 500 SP if you steel take so less i hope so becouse it what i have
first i have 2 questions if i delegate and use your bot by paying you for upvote bot does upvote me more ?
and how much do you will pay for 500SP a week more or lees ?
thx so much for your time

If we send the sbd how it us as well or not . I. Am very small.user brother

This is so good in many ways @jerrybanfield. I wonder how you get all these ideas. Only one thing, why not using the tag "steembudget" to have a clean feed?

Michel thank you for being one of the first to delegate to support this project! I thought about using steembudget and decided not to because budget is much shorter and felt a bit redundant. As more posts pile up on budget the existing ones will fade anyone. The budget tag was clean before and naturally this week when we launch now someone has used it :)

Thanks @jerrrybanfield for this, im going to work on a proposal this week. I wanted to do some daily videos for my YouTube channel but my time is limited. If I can get paid to work on these it would make my life a lot easier.

Good Idea, I hope Community will like it?

@jerrybanfield, thanks for taking initiative and keep fighting with ideas. @budgets are for future projects or initial projects. @utopian-io rewards the opensource projects that contribute to the STEEM blockchain. Can we see some collaboration between @budgets and @utopian-io funding early stage and mid-stages of projects.

Another thing, may be the most important thing for STEEM, recently LTC went 10x in 6 months and 6x in one month. I was a LTC miner form March, 2013 until Feb, 2016. I have seen LTC meteoric rise from 50 cents to $350 in front of my eyes. LTC is traded more than 400 pairs in more than 100s of exchanges. On the other hand, STEEM is traded with 15 pairs in less than 10 exchanges.

Can we have similar effort @exchanges-io where funds will be directed to add STEEM pairs (e.g. USDT, BTC, ETH) in top exchanges. @zappl is already in talk with multiple exchanges. What I think is that besides fundamentals, exchanges is the single most predictor for success of Coin. LTC in Coinbase shows its strength among the currencies. Why not STEEM in Coinbase in a year.

You could use this new @budgets process to fund getting STEEM listed on exchanges. It doesn't really need a new tag. Or you could talk to @utopian-io about creating an area within it for exchange listings (although I think it's a little different vision than what @utopian-io does now).

It is hard a normal user to make connections to add STEEM or any crypto to exchanges. Exchange demand guaranteed tech support and some compensation from the core developers and foundation. Therefore, it needs effort from the higher order users. Moreover, I think setting up STEEM has a major technical difficulty: proof is regular outage of transfers from Poloniex and HitBTC. Therefore, it requires a great effort from top shots of Steemit or Steemit Inc. Only @zappl seems to be taking some actions.

That makes sense. I didn't realize it was so complicated.

Seems extremely centralized because you hold the private keys.

He is one of the most trusted witnesses. Why even bother? If he misuses such a great project, he is likely done here and he knows that. Why would he even do that when he himself received tremendous amounts of value here?
I support him 100%

He is one of the most trusted witnesses.

Bit bots are bad for the platform because they are counter to the sweat equity principle referenced in the whitepaper. They allow sub par content to receive inordinate rewards. It's appropriating the reward pool to stake marketeers rather than incentivizing truly exceptional content.

Yes Albert compared to the Dash budget in that respect it is. I asked first before doing this for a hard fork to code it into the Steem blockchain which had huge popular support but was nearly universally rejected from those in the position to do it because all existing energy is needed on Smart Media Tokens and we do already have almost 70% of new Steem paid to authors.

While my bot is centralized, any other user can participate in making upvotes and contributions to each budget proposal which makes it not so centralized.

all existing energy is needed on Smart Media Tokens

Maybe once Smart Media Tokens are deployed, you could do an SMT offering to build out a decentralized budget platform as a Smart Media Token.

thank you for the update, I have been tied up in remodeling, but will be very active again soon

Thats great for the community!

Amazing .,...... Great job boss

Damn! this is amazing. So @jerrybanfield actually got this done without even changing the steemit code. That's some dedication and power of voluntary association. Long live the free market and Best of Luck guys!

You are doing a wonderful job and proud to have you voted as a witness :-)

Makishima would you double check that the vote went through at because I checked on and I do not see a vote for me yet?

I had clicked on your name for a second time and had the vote removed. I checked again and made sure you are voted as a witness.

This is tremendously awesome. When a way could not be found, you made one instead.

I only wish I was in a position to delegate to this project currently. Let me know in Discord if I can help further.

Yes Jason any help figuring out which proposals are the best would help a lot!

Respected sir @jerrybanfield your all ideas, thoughts and perspectives are useful for all community and your vision and proposals about budget projects are praiseable and additionally for the pomotion and improvement of this community your efforts are awsome. our support dependably with you.

I made an attempt to use the voting bot , but did not receive a vote in return for the 2+ SBD that I sent. Having been taken by several voting bots in a short time, I was reluctant to use this 'new' one. I hope that you might either refund or resubmit my entry please. Thank you.
Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.53.36 AM.png
and the post link here if you would like to verify that I never received a vote for the money transferred​.

Brandon thank you for using the bot again even after that vote disappeared! I just saw this now and sent a refund!

My pleasure, Jerry. You've earned my witness vote so I have faith in what you're doing for Steemit. I appreciate this service and look forward to what great 2018 has in store.. ✌️😎

Hi @jerrybanfield first off thanks a lot for sharing wonderful, useful, beneficial and revolutionary plans and packages at this awesome community for everyone. This is the power of steemit. Although many people have been sharing wonderful enhancements and steps for betterment of steemit platform but so far Steem Budget Proposals is one of best proposal over here. I'm in, but first I will explore it deeply.
Once again thanks for your wonderful idea. Keep it up and stay blessed!
By the way I'm 3rd Follower at @budget :)

Hi Jerry, I couldn't process and find out the details so far from your last posts.
So this is again, very good information to think about and find the way into.
Thanks !

i have 150 sbd doller. can i transfer on blockchin wallet?

yes of course, use an exchanger, do you know how to use an exchanger ?

Would you please make me a delegation link $1,111 @jerrybanfield

Hey Jerry,
It's really a vey nice idea.
Thanks for the share. Really liked it.

Wonderful ideas. Without a doubt it is a great project.
I want many people to come with the proposals and Steemit is much more beautiful than it already is.
Happy day @jerrybanfield!!!

I love seeing how the community is growing and working together to make things better!

Accurate!! I love your work.
Keep it up bro.


This is too complicated for me to grasp at the moment... But thanx for the info, hope I’m not missing out on anything too crazy. Will come back to this.

Important information.

Wow ! Thanks Dear for your Post. @jerrybanfield

hello i new user in steem it plss folow me back

publication in facebook and twiter good idea

In your post you mentioned about online advertisement but never anything about radio televisionanf Newspaper advertisement?

I want to run some newspaper advertisesment so am i qualified to apply for the budgetery support through @budget

Congratulations @jerrybanfield, this post is the tenth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 45 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $1845.95. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

@jerrybandfield this sounds like a great proposal! This is awesome in many ways; it will help remove some boundaries for those that have ideas but not the resources to contribute to the growth of Steemit. I can’t wait to come up with an idea. 👏🏼Best wishes to you always. 😊 👍🏼- @splendorhub

Thank you @splendorhub for the consistent support!

@jerrybanfield Thank you for your awesomeness :)
Have you seen my post? about to celebrate a new milestone yayyyy

It's confusing. Need to read all over again :(

Damn Jerry .. smart thinking .. I got a few ideas that I could pitch using this.

You are really a businessman! Well done...

Nice work Jerry, proposals are something steem needs . Perhaps release a budget SMT when they are available.

@inventor16 thank you for the suggestion which we will keep in mind going forward!

hi @jerrybanfield After I read this, I've got new inspiration

@myaceh that is wonderful to hear!

Wow. This is very great and interesting. Tomorrow is 14th December. I am already anticipating the announcement.

This a great idea. It's going to the projects built on steem block chain tht make or break steemit.

Thank you the bot just went live at and we are grateful for the voting power it has already!

Very nice post dear brother

The voting bot just went live and to start it I had to vote a post to begin to start the cycle which explains my vote for this post which will be my last manual vote indefinitely!

I want to start an idea here on Steemit. But I am not sure how to get it started. Here is a recap of my idea:

"Do you enjoy following progressive talk show hosts like Jimmy Dore, David Pakman, Sam Seder, Kyle Kulinski and all the folks at TYT? They are all great. And I follow them all. But do you want to do a bit of what they do? Do you want to be active rather than passive? Do you want to push progressive change? Do you want to dump Trump? Restore democracy? Stop war? These are of crucial importance. And we must act now. I would suggest that we all get involved in doing similar work to these and other progressive talk show hosts. That is why I want to make contact with similar minded Steemians, and do some video recorded discussions. Let’s collaborate and do it together! Contact me if you are interested!"

Is this something that can be initiated by way of a Steem Budget Proposal? If so, does anyone want to help with putting it together with me?

@peterthor outstanding question! Budget proposals are optimized for ready to fund ideas. Talking about ideas in comments like this and making posts as ideas are a great way to begin. When the project has clear funding needs, then it is time for a budget proposal. For example, if your idea turned into a show on YouTube/ and you needed money for a camera, that would be a good budget proposal!

Cool. I will do that and put together a proposal! For now here is a link to the sort of thing I want to do in case others would like to join me:

It is very good tropics for budget.your idea and descriptions excellent. Good job

Excelent idea! Thanks♥

So informative! @jerrybanfield .. Thanks a lot

Thanks for all your videos Jerry. It really helps to educate people like myself who are new to Steemit.

Thanks @jerrybanfield for your contributions towards promoting Steemit and helping the community grow! I just saw your bot on bot tracker! Is this temporary? Or you'll keep running the upvote bot?

Planning to run it indefinitely!

Great @jerrybanfield sir. I love your youtube videos by the way! Keep contributing to the community

Think Resteem.

@jerrybanfield what a great initiative! Kudos Jerry blessings

Go ahead @jerrybanfield .perfect thinking that reason most of the people like you .

very good and very helpful to the members of steemit. @jerrybanfield continues to win, sorry I can not delegate now, because it is still low

So I could post a proposal outlining an idea for a promotional Steemit animation and you would potentially fund me to make it?

I made a great proposal at Its is not for the money, I would just be happy that the idea could help steemit and I am sure that it would. You could take the idea and code it for free too. I hope it will be seen ! 🌍

@pegarissimo thank you for making one of the first successfully funded proposals!

Yup! it would be great.give your proposal and if it fits in requirement of viewer,he will choose him.
So,the one who have talent can make a proposal to the users.
It would be great to see this.

@jerrybanfield i will show this post to steemit promoters in Ghana including @richforever, @tj4real, @kwakumax, @mcsamm, @collinz, @anaman, @jeeandme and @odsam2

thanks for sharing

Hi @jerrybanfield. Interesting work with @budget.
What do you think about @utopian-io? I think it would be interesting to unite the two and work together (I mean, in the side of software developing).

I will to sit down with my Ugandan friends and create a massive promotion project and then make a budget post.

This will now ease my activity of promoting Steemit to Uganda.

Outstanding Jarau we look forward to seeing your project!

It will be out early next year.
I am now being nicknamed Steem Dollars...and I just made a post explaining to some more people in my community

I will be the first follower to @budgets ☺ I hope you will be thankful someday ☺

Thank you for being the first follower!

you are welcome the god of steemit :) Finally Jerry answered me :)

What a great post, I congratulate you, now I have a question, I want a project to make a group of steemit, to vote the psot quality but in Spanish content, and wanted to know if using budgets could do it.?

@arcabuzx maybe the challenge is I review all the proposals and if it is in Spanish I am not sure how that would work?

I understand you, but I can still make the proposal in English, so that you understand and everyone else understands, but when it comes to executing I will do it for the community in Spanish, that is, the theory in English and practice it in Spanish.

carry on bro.I like this statement.

Hello, there is a way that you can rent SP and how much it would cost.
@jerrybanfield Greetings.

I like your posts you have helpful and great informations

A person gets paid for how many weeks for 500SBD?

jerrybanfield.https: // linke 0.10 sbd I sent but you did not vote.

really really good post,keep it on Guy !

delegate to whom? and what will be the benefit?"

@jyoti-thelight delegations to me fund the proposals and refund about 60% to delegators!

its hard to understand @jerrybanfield
can you explain it part by part so that every one get it
hope so u r doing great things best wishes for this project

This is fantastic!🤙🏾

The more I learn about navigating through Steem...

The more I am becoming truly inspired and excited‼️


Yo Jerry, what happened with upvotable ? I got placed in your upcoming nomination list and it got canceled :D

This is awesome @jerrybanfield , great vision this can help alot of steemians for their budget projects..

Is there a mobile app for this purpose?

Hello bro I am your YouTube video chak and very good video thank you so much

@jerrybanfield i don know whats goin on i am new here what should i do i dont know whats goin on let suppose if i send some sbd to you i will get something in return is it not against steem can some guide me throughly

You know, @Jerrybanfield. This thing wouldn't have been a bad idea had you not made it dependent on having a bid bot remain in the Steem ecosystem.

We discussed this and you seemed to have concurred ideologically. I'm a bit at a loss as to your recent reply in considering your advocating a hard fork which would seem to be a more persistent implementation.

Consider my perspective, does not appear to a somewhat duplicitous reply. I mean which is it? Do you desire a Steem whereby authors have an equal voice or not and do you assent that bid bots run counter to the sweat equity of principle present in the whitepaper?

The most significant budget proposal I could ever hope for is for someone to create an anti-bid bot whale to render bid bots into obsolescence.

What I see is you are perpetuating a bad thing (bid bot) under the pretense of doing good things. Something doesn't sit well with that.

@jerrybanfield are you going to respond to the concern I had outlined concerning your somewhat inconsistent responses to me and others. As a witness, you hold a position of trust and I hope that you do not abuse it for personal gain. I want to know that you are a man of integrity which is why I would like an explanation.

very informative and helpful for steemit community. thanks for sharing...

Hey Jerry as I newbie, I have been following you daily. I want to do this but I'm not exactly sure I even have enough steem yet. Can I send you money via a transfer and SBD? Any help would be greatly appreciated . thank you

Hi bro
I wanted to talk with you can you please share any of your contact where I can contact you

Upvoted! Thanks.

Thank you bro for voting.

Would you please make me a delegation link

I think this is a good idea for an easy and fast transaction on how to payout in a week. We are very thankful in every developer rendered steemit

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