New Automatic Daily Payouts of 60% APR for Steem Power Delegations!

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New Automatic Daily Payouts About 60 Percent APR to Delegate Me Steem Power!.png

Delegate Steem power to me today and get payouts in SBD and Steem every day from our voting bot along with funding Steem budget proposals!

In the last 18 days, we collectively have delegated 157,603 Steem Power which has paid out 4627.965 Steem to investors valued at $16,200.37 on January 1, 2018. To calculate the APR, we divide by 18 days which shows delegators collectively have earned 257 Steem a day and multiplied by 365.25 we get nearly 93,909 Steem which is an effective APR of 59.58%. The best part is this is only calculated in Steem meaning when the price goes up in 2018, the returns will get ridiculous!

With these same delegations, we have also provided the same amount of Steem to @budgets to fund projects growing Steem as explained at Our hope with this voting bot and budget proposal system is to provide a way to profit that feels good and does good funding growth in our community. While other voting bots can pay out more, delegating to jerrybanfield funds both profits and projects where the profits provide an incentive to hold Steem power indefinitely while the projects help raise the value of Steem allowing for the maximum return on investment by multipying profits by a higher price.

All of this is possible because of the voting bot by @yabapmatt which allows any of us to accept bids for votes in exchange for SBD and Steem using the list of voting bots here. What we can be excited about with all these voting bots is triggering the desire for any investor to horde Steem, power it up, and delegate to bots like ours here in exchange for daily payouts. Over time this will continuously reduce the supply on exchanges. As a part of all the other good news for Steem in 2018 which @aggroed recently did a great job summarizing, I think we are likely to see a 10x price increase over the next year!

How to Delegate?

Delegating Steem power is simple! First, grab the active key from the permissions tab like so by replacing your username with mine and going to

active key

Login to show and grab the active private key which should start with 5.

Next, use the tool at to create a custom delegation link by entering your username in the first field, jerrybanfield in the second field, and your Steem power to delegate in the third field followed by clicking "delegate via"

If the tool is not working, try customizing the links below by adjusting the username and amount of vests!

1,000 Steem Power

10,000 Steem Power

100,000 Steem Power

If you would like me to make a custom link for all or some of your Steem power that you can just click and delegate with, would you please post a comment saying this exactly "Jerry would you please make me a delegation link" along with the amount of Steem power desired which can be all, a percentage, or amount because this will help me quickly search the comments and find your reply?


  1. Is there any risk with loaning our Steem power? With delegating Steem power, we are only really loaning out our voting power and we can take it back at any time meaning there is no risk of losing the principle when delegating Steem power!
  2. Can we update our delegation at any time? Yes! We can instantly increase the delegation amount at any time and the payouts will automatically reflect the higher amount! When we want to lower or cancel the delegation, Steem requires a 7 day waiting period to prevent double voting.
  3. How long will the payments continue for? Indefinitely! One delegation to me equals payouts as long as my voting bot is running which looks like it may be years! If there are any changes like today where we are now getting automatic payouts instead of manual ones, I will make a post with those changes!
  4. Can you make this simple for a newbie to understand? Yes! When we power up Steem in our wallet, we increase our voting power. We can then lend that voting power through "delegation" which allows another user to effectively vote with our Steem. If we have at least 100 Steem power in our wallet, we can delegate it to jerrybanfield using the links in this post and get automatic payments every day that we can immediately spend in Steem or SBD along with powering up to increase our returns!

Thank You!

This opportunity to work together to grow Steem is awesome and I am honored to be a part of it with you today! When I first started buying Bitcoin, I wish a system like this had existed to allow me to earn just by holding and clicking a link to delegate without risking my capital. I hope this system helps us to earn passive income indefinitely while feeling good about funding entrepreneurs on the Steem blockchain to innovate!

Thank you very much to @freedom who was kind enough to delegate 97593.864 Steem Power within 24 hours of launch! Here is our leaderboard ranked by delegation size!

Delegation Leaderboard!

  1. @freedom 97593.864 Steem Power
  2. @drorion 19805.280 Steem Power
  3. @laurabanfield 14812.593 Steem Power
  4. @jasonclay 6099.035 Steem Power
  5. @joeparys 3130.105 Steem Power
  6. @skenan 3007.005 Steem Power
  7. @gmichelbkk 2195.201 Steem Power
  8. @tomasgeorge 2062.642 Steem Power
  9. @stimp1024 1955.365 Steem Power
  10. @steemvault 1200.110 Steem Power
  11. @dehenne 600.489 Steem Power
  12. @steem4all 550.006 Steem Power
  13. @jerybanfield 525.231 Steem Power
  14. @rsteem 510.250 Steem Power
  15. @wphelpandfix 500.198 Steem Power

Witness Update

This voting bot and budget proposal system is about a quarter of what I am contributing to Steem alongside promoting Steem on Facebook and YouTube, creating tutorials for how to use Steem, and participating in the ongoing discussions and development of Steem. My three servers remain with these original specs:

2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3
2x 240GB SSDs
1Gbit/s connection

Fortunately the servers have ran without issue since my previous update leaving me at 7 total missed blocks in over 6 months with 3 from a hardware failure, 3 from me failing to update the memory in time, and 1 from me updating the witness with the wrong public key. I have a witness, seed, and backup server setup to automatically take over if my primary misses three blocks.

Would you join 2,890 of us that have voted for jerrybanfield as a witness at because all of the witness earnings increase the rewards for delegators and budget proposals?

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope it is useful for you today!

Jerry Banfield


Hi jerrybanfield,
Thanks for sharing

Thank you for your work! and I made an easy to use - delegation tool.

Here is another tool to check who currently delegate to @jerrybanfield

Thank you very much for this! I will edit it into the original post!

Thank you!

Hi ich würde gerne 100SP Delegieren, würdest du mir dabei helfen?
Oder ist es schon zu spät. Bin ab heute Abend so ca 22Uhr online.
Du machst zumiendest mal einen Freundlich eindruck,ziehst mich ja net ab hoffentlich.
Haha MFG

Hi @justyy and @jerrybanfield. Thanks for the tools and the great documentation. I'm trying to undelegate, but I'm running into this:

Meanwhile, the person I delegated to doesn't have my SP delegated anymore; however, I don't have the SP either. It shows still being delegated.


Hi @r351574nc3 you have already undelegated your power but steem needs 7 day cooling down period to return that to you. If you go to you will see:

Yup. I saw that, but it doesn't show up in my wallet, and that concerned me. I was worried that I did it improperly. Thanks for clarifying this. It reassures me.

Hello @r351574nc3 Did the steem ever show back up in your wallet?

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link for 100sp? @jerrybanfield

@jerrybanfield I have sent you 6 SBD with a memo. Now whole day is passed but I didn't get an upvote. Would you please refund it. I'll be very thankful to you.

@taimoorahmad thank you for your patience with the bot not making an upvote! I am not sure what happened and sent you a refund!

What is the bot with the greatest ROI for daily payouts?

Running our own is the highest. I think @boomerang pays out close to the maximum of what is possible!

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link" I like to delegate 500 SP.
Understand i do not have to do anything more, correct.

Is it more profitable to delegate steem power or to hold and self-upvote?

@marc99 delegating is much better because self-upvotes can be downvoted and also starting on the next hardfork will return curation rewards to the blockchain meaning the comments would need to be voted 15 minutes after posting to get the full reward. Comments also require daily effort and posting or obxious automation whereas delegating to me and some other bots is a one time action with automatic payouts. Self-upvoting also puts half of the rewards in Steem power which must be powered down meaning the comment payouts are only 50% liquid while delegating is 100%.

Ok then I'll delegate after the hardfork. Thanks jerry.

Also, how would I receive the money from the bot? Does he upvote my posts?

Jerry, do you have a video explaining how this works in more detail?

@nkkb thank you for asking for a delegation link! You currently have 19,632 Steem power which can be delegated and about 600 Steem which can be powered up, held, or transferred. I made three links for you depending on what you want to do!

500 Steem power link

~50% Steem power link for 10,000 Steem power

100% Steem power delegation link for maximum payout and third place on the leaderboard

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link - I tried to delegate 500 SP.
I used the link for nkkb above, but changed it to read my user name. But I didn't calculate the vests as you described, so I'm not sure I did it correctly.

I can see the new delegate amount on my SP wallet.
Where will I see the daily payments?
Do I have to generate posts and/or comments to receive payments?
Does it matter that I had delegated somewhere else also?
Does delegating to you limit my daily upvote capacity?


Mollie thank you very much for delegating which does reduce the amount of your upvote and instead cashes it into daily payments which is better than self voting!

I really appreciate what you are doing to promote steem, and hope to help others with my off-the-grid health ideas.

Since I got a payment yesterday, I guess it worked. But now I’m intrigued- how do I increase my delegation?


i take the 500 steem power for now Jerry

Its done successfully

Thank you very much! You got your first automated payout last night!

Yes, Thank you in return. My mini token of appreciation. Voted for witness

what's the payout in terms of percentage?

based on current price and current rate of payout it works to about 43 % ATR

How much would I get back per day if I delegate 500 SP to you ? thanks

Yesterday a 500 Steem Power delegation earned the following in 24 hours.

0.319 SBD
0.071 STEEM

With the price increase today's should be higher.

ok thank you

Hi Jerry, I am onboard. Let's see what I get from this adventure. Good day to start this delegation.

@pouchon thank you very much for making your delegation! You got your first payout yesterday for 0.640 SBD and 0.144 STEEM!

Thank you for also voting for me as a witness at because every witness vote increases the earnings available for delegators!

What sort of % commission are you taking?

those are some really sweet payouts Just wish I could have more steem :P

just delegate 500SP to you

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.38.21 PM.png

@fundurian thank you very much! Your first automatic payout should come today!

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link for 100%

John thank you very much for requesting a link for 100% which is available at

After delegating, would you also either make a witness vote for me or set me as a proxy at because every witness vote increases the earnings available for delegators?

Sounds Interesting, need to learn the process.
Hope Steem will prepare a built in option for delegations

thanks @jerrybanfield have delegated 1000sp

Shelly thank you very much for delegating 1,000 Steem power yesterday and voting for me as a witness to help increase the payouts!

No problem.. keep up all the great work you are doing promoting this awesome platform!

Just delegated you 1k steem power Jerry!! I listened to you several months ago when you said the Steem price would go up big time so I'm very glad I listened back then! #IOweYouBigTime

@mes thank you very much for delegating 1K Steem power! You got your first automatic payouts yesterday for 0.640 SBD and 0.144 STEEM!

Sweeet! Thanks Jerry!

Thank you for useful info!

I want delegation my steem power.. But i dont have alot steem power in my wallet.
I hope in next month ago.. I have more steem power and delegation for @jerrybanfield..
Please god..

Delegations may work at smaller amounts! I recommend at least 100 Steem power to delegate!

I hope have more 100 steem power in my wallet.. And can delegate for your @jerrybanfield.

Hi jerry, great post, I haven't got much steem power now but if I traded some coins I could get some. Whats the minimum I would need in steem power (well 100 like you said) and also whats the minimum I can delegate, i.e. if I had 100 steem power could I delegate 50? Thanks :)

@pandasquad it looks like even as low as 20 Steem power is currently working to get daily payouts!

Delegated just under 40 SP. I know its not alot but oh well :D

Thanks Jerry, your awesome.

Hi @jerrybanfield,
I am very new to all this but have managed my way here. Please may I possibly get a 100% delegation link? Thanks

Screenshot 2018-01-02 22.44.23.png

Just Delegated 100 SP to you! Thank you!

@poyraz thank you very much for delegating 100 Steem power! Would you please either make a witness vote for me or set me as a proxy at because every witness vote increases the earnings available for delegators?

Just made a witness vote! Thanks!

Jerry what is the best bot I can delegate to for max APR? If you help me I will invest in your bot aswell as the one with best APR

That was informative, thanks :D

Way to go! Nice :D

Will delegate soon.

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link to delegate the rest of my SP to you? I have already delegated 1000 SP to you and voted for you to be a witness.

Hey @jerrybanfield I'd like to delegate 750 Steem Power to you. This is a great post and thanks for the help but unfortunately I still cannot figure out how to make this happen. I need some hand holding here on this one, sorry.

Joseph thank you for requesting a delegation link for 750 Steem power and voting for me as a witness! Here is the link!

Thanks for providing me with the link Jerry. It worked. Looking forward to the returns on the investment & supporting great content creators.

very good, keep up the great work!!! :)
many many many happy new year to you!

You are really good at these. Got the impression you are addicted to steemit. As for me , I’m already showing symptoms hahaha.
Been watching yoyr videos, followed your two acct on steemit, reading your posts. Voted you as a witness. Your doing a good job.
Keep it up.
And happy new year, this year will be alot more exciting for our steemit community.

Interesting but is a bit difficult, could you explain the process some other way? Step 2, I can´t do it ...

Thank You Jerry ... so in the Steem Connect account I log in with the my Steem Privite Key? Is secure?

I was able to do it ... thank U Jerry ... I delegated 600SP to the project... how long does it take for the payments?

Thank you very much Luis! Payments are sent out automatically once daily!

@jerrybanfield I have joined the pool party and delegated 25,000 please ad me to the leader board and thank you for the opportunity. With the funds i hope to help others too. Blessings all around ...happy 2018

Wow Jerry what a great project, with the recent boost in steem value, a comforting long term investment. Upped and resteemed.

I delegated about 5700 SP to you about 12 days. To date, I typically receive about $6 in steem dollars and 0.3 to 1.5 steem per day. That's only about $12 per day or about 14% APR. Why is my payout so much smaller than your post suggests?

Jerry - can you comment on this? My return is only around 14%, far from the 60% APR stated in your article.

@jerrybanfield would you please make me a delegation link for 1000 SP?

I think this is another one of your great ideas/projects -- thanks in advance!!

Its actually a great return, I will give it a try!

I got error during submit ""

error message: "Oops! Something went wrong!"

Thank you very much and congrats on getting the first payment already!

That's true, :D

Can we still delegate SP to you @jerrybanfield? Or was it just a request for one day, 10 days ago?

Great post.! I think I will try delegation.very interesting.also ppl like you are the reason I put faith into steem. Thanks for that because now I actually making money

I just want a confirmation that i did that correctly :) i delegated 100 Sp right ?

Thank you for delegating! It looks like you did 100 first and then did 50 which overrides the first delegation!

ohh that's how it woks :O . noob :P.i thought it adds up. so can you plz make a link for 150 sp delegation because the sp to vest link isnt working anymore and i cant seem to make it work.

Thank you.

delegated 1100 SP
can you please also show how to cancel the delegation.

thanks and happy new year!

Remember that it will take 7 days for the Steem Power to be available for you to use again but if you check steemd you'll see that you have a new undelegate transaction.


I guess, you can either use Vessel wallet or change delegation with zero in it :D
or use this link


Thanks for doing this.@jerrybanfield

I Will Glade Some One Upvote On My Comment.So Nice Post I Like Your Every Post I Hope Steem Will Take To You To Next Level And I Wish You More Success In Future Thanks

thank you jerrybanfield i'm going to try this!

@coininstant thank you very much for delegating 1,000 Steem power today! Would you please also make a witness vote for me at because every witness vote increases the earnings available for delegators?

Done, thanks!

I have deligated 500 SP to the bot. However, I'm currently only receiving 30% APR.

Each day I get a payout of roughly 0.3 SBD and 0.02 Steem.

That equates to roughly 9 SBD and 0.6 Steem each month.

Which equals roughly 109 SBD and 7 Steem each year.

Depending on the values of SBD and Steem I'm receiving anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of my investment back each year. That's 20 to 30 percent.

Can anyone walk me through how they are making 60%?

Thank you,
Spencer Coffman

What is the expected ROI for this investment?

For 500 Steem power that is around $2500 at the time of posting and from what I'm seeing that is around $5/day in return so in a year will have about $1825 or about 73% APR?

How consistent is this?

Hi Jerry,

I have 100 SP I would like delegate.

Can you make me a link to transfer?

We retain the SP correct? I am just delegating the voting rights to you for them.

Hi @jerrybanfield, I am brand new. Enjoyed your Basic Training videos. Thank you very much for them. Once I have enough Steem built up I am in! Can't wait.

Also, small sidenote - Did you see you were listed in that grumpycat post about flagging bot upvotes?

Thanks for the opportunity!

this is a good question.

Thank you for mentioning you enjoyed the basic training videos! I have not read any posts by grumpycat and there are too many bot votes for any one person to flag.

Yep, I would agree. The only reason I read the post myself was because being new I am trying to take in as much info as I can about how things works around here, and the post caught my eye about an hour after your videos led me to check out the bot site and the Curie site.

Thank you @jerrybanfield for doing this with us and I am excited to see steem RISE in the future and have this amazing asset!


Joe thank you for being one of the top delegators and contributing so much on Steem with your posts!

"Jerry would you please make me a delegation link" 1000 Steem Power from me Please!

Ok , Jerry starting you out with 300 steem power...

If your good and give the returs,
my group will pony up with a few thousand!
That's until such time we will need it for our project....
while your at it please check out my blog! I have info on faucets, dieting and poker coming soon...

I'm pulling my money from delegation and suggest others do the same....

  • 23 days ago I put $360 delegation with you for your claim at over 60 compounded interest.....

At no point have I received over 26% compounded interest on my delegation and it is down to less than 22% a day

You have left these false numbers up and received 10s of thousands of $ to apply to your pet projects by essentially publishing a lie!

@jerrybanfield you are the pillar of Steem community. I am really thankful for all of the things you have done so far for making the community stronger and better. I have delegated 100% SP to your voting bot. Keep it up all the good work.

@jerrybanfield I made the witness vote for you as well.

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link" I like to delegate all my steem power

100% Steem power delegation link for maximum payout and third place on the leaderboard

Great tip for later. I hope the offer stands for a while. I need to save some SP first. Resteemed to inform others.

Hey @jerrybanfield, it is nice to hear that you are still actively supporting Steemit. What kind of projects do you support with @budgets?

@yuriks2000 the @budgets account resteems funded projects and we fund anything that clearly describes how value will be added to Steem along with what the funding is needed for!

That sounds awesome, thank you for your reply!

Thanks for this detailed explanation, so much to take in at once, still trying to understand delegation and powering up. I currently have about 36 Steem Power sitting in my wallet, not sure if this means I can participate for daily payouts.

Yes 20 Steem power is the current minimum for payouts!

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link for 20 Steem power?

I always like your post

Thank you Mr.Banfield for the great effort in

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link" along with the amount of Steem power desired which can be all, a percentage, or amount because this will help me quickly search the comments and find your reply?

hey @jerrybanfield. i cannot understand the way of delegation.

Hi Jerry,
I just delegated you 500 SP :)

Thank you very much!

Nice fantastic post Happy 2018 Contribution comment#

I have voted @jerrybanfield for the witness.
Would you please help me by UPVOTING my comment and following my blog. It will take only 5 sec.
Thanks in Advance and Happy New Year To You And Your Family, Especially​ your cute daughter.

@shubhamsaurav I checked at and it does not show a witness vote currently? With running a voting bot on my account, the big downside is I do not make any manual votes, including for myself, because the bot does every vote and any vote I make messes it up. If I want to vote my own posts, I send SBD just like everyone else now!

Thank you very much now I see the vote!

ok, @jerrybanfield how much I will get steem everyday if I delegate 300 steem power ?

Ya Jerry can you help out too. Vote done

I am also voting for @jerrybanfield as a witness, just to support, I don't really understand how it can be useful, and I hope to understand what is deligation, is there a simple post explaining it ? and can someone with 300 steem power delegate ? and how much he will earn from that, or what is the interest ?

Yes you can with at least 100 SP. You get daily return as I understand from this post. How much rate , need to confirm with Jerry himself. The idea is to support the community and each other . Maybe Jerry can help out on the simple explanation.


I still have so much to learn on Steemit... I have seen your blogs on Youtube before @jerrybanfield and I am pleased to see you are on Steemit too and doing so well!

I will dedicate more time to understand what it is that you are trying to achieve here with the bots. I am a top writer in cryptocurrencies on Quora, so perhaps I can even boost this on my account once I figure this out. I appreciate balanced opportunities to invest and earn and looks like you have the community sharing down here very well.

Wish I had started earlier on Steemit, but as the Chinese say: "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

Happy new year

appreciate this man! :)

Thank you so much Jerry for this post :) Would appreciate as well if you could leave an upvote at our last two post please :)

Great post. thank you for sharing

Jerry you have, since day one, been giving to everyone to help learn as much as possible about steem.
I voted for you as a witness because you actually do care about people and helping.
Going to try to follow you more this year, watch some of your tutorials and will , if I figure it out add myself and voting power to your steemit bot.
After reading many of your articles and stories of life, struggles and overcoming adversaries, your the one I'm putting my trust in.
I would love to join and any help is appreciated as always.

@buster544 thank you for voting for me as a witness! To delegate 100% of your Steem power, here is a link Angel thank you very much for requesting a delegation link which is here for 100%

Thank you for also voting for me as a witness at because every witness vote increases the earnings available for delegators!

If I do that, still in the learning stages here will I be able to continue upvoting on other comments? Kinda lost on that part...thanks😀