100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 93 - The Diary Game - Update #7

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We are now entering the home straight.

One more week to go in The 100 Days of Steem. One more week to go in The Diary Game.

Final posts can be made to cover Saturday July 11th.

We hope you have enjoyed The Dairy Game as much as we have.

The total number of participants in the game is just about to pass 300 - which is amazing. Our targets for the game will be well and truly smashed.

Don’t forget Season 2 begins on August 1st. That will be bigger and better, with more resources, the new team competition and at least 8000 STEEM in prizes.

The Dairy Game - Season 1 Finale

Once the final diaries have come in for July 11th we will be finalizing the voting, checking over the points and verifying the final totals before announcing the winners around July 18th.

Remember there is a prize pot of 3000 STEEM to be allocated to the top 35 in the points table.

So it is definitely worth putting out your very best diary posts in these final days to see if you can make it into the top 35.

With the large numbers of entries we are behind on the voting so don’t expect your posts to be voted on straightaway. There are 7 days for posts to be voted on.

We are tracking all entries by the #thediarygame tag - so please make sure you include that (spelt correctly) as one of your first five tags. Please also ensure you include the date of the diary in the title of the post.

Please only put links to your posts in the comments of the 100 Days posts if they have reached day 6 without being voted. That helps us manage the comments better.

We are particularly keen to get to vote on any new players as quickly as possible to encourage them to keep going. Therefore we will introduce on our remaining 100 Days posts a special ‘First Post’ comment. If you, or someone you spot, has just made their first entry on The Diary Game please add a link on our ‘First Post / New Player’ comment. Thank you for your help with this.

The Dairy Game - Season 2

We hope you are all looking forward to Season 2 as much as we are.

That starts on August 1st and will run for 50 days.

The prize pool has already been increased to 8000 STEEM...

We are continually working on ways to improve season 2 so look out for announcements over the next few weeks.

The big new feature, with its own prize pool, is Teams.

We are really looking forward to seeing what teams are formed. Teams should consist of 5 players all living in the same country.

There will be no limit on how many teams can come from each country.

Teams can be announced at any time, but no changes to team members will be allowed once Season 2 starts on August 1st.

Diary Game Assistants

Thank you to everyone who applied to become a Diary Game Assistant.

Unfortunately as we race towards the end of Season 1 of The Diary Game there just has not been enough time to set up any new systems to use Game Assistants effectively.

We will be looking at this more carefully now to plan better for Season 2.

In the next few days we will be making an announcement of a major restructuring of the STEEM POD, of which the Diary Assistants would be part.

We have a new plan for the POD that will give POD members more delegation and more focus.

Season 1 - Still Time to Join

There is still time to join The Diary Game.

You are unlikely now to be amongst the prize winners, but you can still earn votes for every eligible diary entry. You will also be able to get in some training before Season 2 - and you might even get invited to join a Team for your country.

To maximise your points from your diary posts please make sure you read our Top Tips post from Wednesday…

These Top Tips will also be useful for anyone already in the game and hoping to get among the top 35 winning places.

Remember also there are still a few days to earn some final Recruitment Points. As long as anyone you recruit posts 3 qualifying diary posts before the end you will earn 2 points.

The Leaderboard & The Diary Allstars

These are the people currently in the top 50 positions in order…

@vipnata @cmp2020 @rishabh99946 @anasuleidy @atyh @oppongk @openmindedtravel @randulakoralage @vict0r @daybook @ernaerningsih @anroja @genomil @auleo @theatrorve @olesia @franyeligonzalez @yurilaya @lavanyalakshman @tocho2 @blurrain @hykwf678233 @vickyli @alexmove @mariela53 @helengutier2 @ir3k @liuzg @sumit10698 @sampraise @ekatirina @nishika @simonjay @yethui @sachin08 @zhanavic69 @p3d1 @sapwood @davidke20 @maksina @batishta @rajan1995 @mikitaly @ayushikumari @yanhan @greatness96 @imagen @stephenkendal @lovelemon @alexcarlos

There will be prizes for the top 35 in the final rankings. For reference only 12 points separates positions #35 to #50.

So for a chance to get amongst the prize winners post every day, check out the Top Tips and see if you can recruit anyone in the next few days.

We would also like to highlight a few Diary Allstars that have produced exceptionally good posts this past week...

Lucky 10s - Free (almost) $10 Votes!

We hope you are enjoying the Lucky 10s game.

So far 46 $10 upvotes have been shared between 34 people.

It is easy money! Just comment on Diary Game posts before @steemcurator01 arrives to vote and you could be selected to get a $10 upvote.

If people think the Lucky 10s is worthwhile we will look at continuing it in Season 2.

What do you think?

The Diary Game has been an amazing journey. It has far exceeded our expectations.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in.

We hope you are all looking forward to Season 2.

The Steemit Team

Please note...

The posts must be your own original work and not published elsewhere. All images used must be either your own, or copyright free with sources quoted.

Anyone that is found to be abusing or cheating the game will be excluded from the prizes and upvotes.

We may include links to the best diary posts in our ‘Look What’s On Steem’ newsletters.

Notes from the Community...

SPUD4STEEM July Winners

Event organizer @kiwiscanfly has announced the winners of this month’s record breaking #SPUD4STEEM event.

Congratulations to @ayushikumari, @sumit10698, @randulakoralage, @nishika and @akash314...

All the rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.



As you will have noticed the comments are getting a bit 'crowded' on the 100 Days of Steem posts.

This makes it difficult for us to deal with all the comments, and particularly to spot those comments most relevant to the daily post.

Please therefore do not post links to your latest Diary Game posts - we find them through the #thediarygame tag (make sure you include that spelt correctly as one your first five tags).

Only drop links to diary posts if we have not voted on them by Day 6, or if it is your first post.

Please also do not include links or screenshots to Twitter or other social media - they should be in comments on the diary post itself.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

[Please do not add any sub-comments on this comment. Thank you]

The number of the diary game participants is increasing at a rapid speed. The season 2 will be more packed.
The strategies in place is cool. I Iove every big of action taken to make sure m things work well. Welll done.

Thank you for your support.

What a joke this is!

hi, i guess the game has stopped? i have post that are at day 7 & 6 and are not uprooted yet...



Sorry for the delay, now upvoted.


If you have just joined The Diary Game and made your first post please add a link to this comment.

Please add links to your first post ONLY. Do not include any images or social media links.

We will prioritize voting on new players and encourage others to visit and vote on their posts to welcome them to The Diary Game.

If anyone abuses this special facility they will risk not getting voted.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

[If anyone else spots a new player that has not yet been voted on please feel free to add a link to their first post as well. Thank you.]

Hello @steemcurator01 here is the link to my friend's first post whom i invited yesterday to join the platform and diary game thank you.

Thank you - now voted.

this is my first post and it already posted >6 days
I also had post other Diary Game for every day

Your posts need to have more information about your daily life activities to qualify.

Thank you - now upvoted.

This person needs to mention you in their post to qualify for your recruitment points.

Hi @steemcurator01 i think you didn't see it. That person have already mentioned me in the first diary post and introduction post please check it again.

Got it now thanks, just needs one more post to qualify for the points.

He will make it tonight and will follow till season 1 lasts.

Hello, not sure if am the only Kenyan who's in this but hopeful we'll crowd on the game next season.

My first post goes here https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@murathe/the-diary-game-or-or-2nd-july-2020-or-or-my-no-1-entry-or-or-growing-my-steempower.

Looking forward to your support. Thanks.

Thank you for joining The Diary Game - but see the comment on your second diary post.

The number is increasing tremendously, I till have new persons to sign them up to join my team in Ghana. Yesterday I tried one with the recent sign up app posted here and it couldn't work. So can anyone help me. Since the Guy is eager and always giving me pressure. Massive sign up are expected in season 2..... So watch out!

Look forward to seeing more Steemians in Ghana.

Sorry to hear the signup didn't work - what went wrong?

The Steemit Team

It has finally worked, he has even made his first post right now, he is called @elliamor1. Thanks for your immense support for my Team!

Thank you for the update. #thediarygame is a great program for all to participate, easily entered by newusers too, we in steem greeters team/POD will encourage those newusers to join #thediarygame alongside their assignment for Pro Minnow Program. On the second week of Pro Minnow Program has received a lot of entry about 56 of them already verified/completed their first task. We didn't expect the participants flowing so fast into the program and we actually still structuring the program. We will try finishing up all the tasks by this week/next week so that we can focus on searching and greeting them into the program and also into #thediarygame and other programs/contests that the community currently doing.

We will be waiting for the update for POD members and am happy to be in Asia team for Community Curators next month. Hey, Asian steemian lets team up, I'm on @steemingcurators discord as kannon[EC]#4733 or just comments on my latest post and mention me and let's talk. Memo works too 😊
Lucky 10's is a great addition to encourage steemian participants or not to get maybe surprised lucky upvote on their comments, hope that will continue in the next season 😃
Steem On! Keep steeming!

That is excellent progress with the Pro Minnow Program. Thank you to all of you for your work on that.

That will be great if you want to be on the Community Curators Asia team.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

I would be glad to join you in community curator for asia @cryptokannon!

Hi @steemcurator01

I ask you to encourage my recruit @soroka74! The author is very interesting and unusual.
Her post there
Friday July 3 (my 9th day) >>> link
BIRDS THURSDAY 2 July (My 8th day) >>> link



Thanks , now all upvoted.

Thank you!!!

I'm waiting for the new steem pod announcement because with more delegation i would be able to support my new invited friends on The platform in their initial days.

I'll be inviting many of my friends in diary game season 2 as well! Hope you will like it @steemcurator01

Hello thanks for the support!!

I have a diary about to expire I would like if you can take a look.


Muy buena iniciativa, cada vez realizan más estrategias para mantener a la comunidad activa. Eso es genial.

Por cierto hace poco pregunte si aun había chance de participar en los asistentes del diario pero no recibí respuesta?? Gracias de ante mano.

Espero que lucky me tome en cuenta jejeje...Saludos!!

Those who have worked for 100 days. Are they on the top list? @steemcurator01

Hey @steemcurator01 I have #thediarygame post which I going to expire soon but I not get upvote please look on it.
Here's link of post

28th June 2020

Thank you

There are 7 days for posts to be voted on.

Technically you can vote for 7 days, but you must also take into account that after 6 days and 12 hrs the vote worth decreases.

For instance if you are voting at 6 days 12 hours with a upvote weight of 10% then its value is $7.5 or so, but the same upvote weight if at 6 day 18 hrs(for example) will be 50% of $7.5. Put simply, the vote value decreases linearly from 6 day 12 hrs to zero at 7 days.

I noticed you voted someone at 6 days 23 hrs with 9% upvote but the upvote value was only $0.5 or so.

#thediarygame campaign indeed has worked best and it gives an opportunity for all. It should continue beyond season 2 in my honest opinion.

Thank you.

Steem on.

Hi ! I want to appreciate steemit blog for their continuous encouragement . I think we've come a long way and the effects of the dairy game goes beyond likes and upvotes. It has made me appreciate the culture and also learn alot about people from all over the world so I consider it a unifying idea.

The lucky10s has been awesome and I think it should continue in season 2.

Congrats to all the winners of spud4steem !!

Mi último día de diario; Primera etapa
11 de julio.
Thank you for this nice experience

Hey @steemcurator01 my diary post is now 6 days old and a total of 6 diaries are now in pending please check it out,sorry for the inconvenience.


I am glad to hear this good news, as a new participant I look forward to the beginning of August.

However ... 2 of my posts that have entered day 5 are still empty of curation by @steemcurator01, I hope you glance at them for my motivation




Thank you so much

Sorry for the delay, now all voted.

Fortunately I am still in top 5, hopefully i can keep this rank until the end of season 1, I will try my best to write a good contents of my diary in the rest of season 1, thanks for your support during this periods

Looking forward to reading the rest of your diary posts. Good luck!

Sure, just curious to know do you prefer I write my diary in long or short? Will the long one too redundant?

Hard to say - depends on the content - but generally long.

Mixing the text inbetween the photos would be good too.

understood, I just wrote a new diary, it's simple, just showing my breakfast and telling the other i am reading the philosophy book, and I raise some philosophy question there (but they are in Chinese language, hope it won't make you struggle), you can feel free to take a look when you are less busy, no rush, the post has 7 days to end

Sorry for the delay, now all voted up to date.

Thanks a lot sir @steemcurator01

You are inspiration for all of the diary post.

Best of luck sir...

Selamat bagi nominator diary game yang berasal dari seluruh dunia, dunia steem akan semakin kuat jika di dukung sepenuhnya oleh para master dari dunia steem, good luck

Saludos a todos. Felicitaciones a todos los participantes, en especial a los que están dentro del cuadro de los primeros lugares. Tengo una publicación que está en el sexto día; de igual manera dejaré los demás. Gracias.

En fundacorazon estamos ansiosos por la segunda temporada del diario y contar nuestras historias

En fundacorazón estamos ansiosos por la segunda temporada del diario y contar nuestras historias

Hey @steemcurator01

Hindi translation is ready:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 93 - The Diary Game - Update #7

There are 7 beneficiaries of the post 3 charities and 4 post promoters.

The legendary 100 days of steem about to end, it makes me sad but on the other hand we know steem is growing faster than ever.

To make it more visible I also joined Twitter to promote steem. :- Joined Twitter to promote steem, Why Twitter is important
By this post I also want to give an idea to @steemitblog to start an campaign to make steemians join Twitter.

Felicitaciones a los que van en los primeros 50 lugares, mantienen su constancia en sus publicaciones @steemitblog
Congratulations. These are the people currently in the top 50 positions in order

hey @steemcurator01 my this post is going to expire in 12 hrs but still i not receive upvote. i hope i get upvote before the post expire.


Thank you

Hola @steemitblog estoy confundida creo que anteriormente mencionaron que no importaba de qué país fueran, ahora si? Por ejemplo, yo soy venezolana pero actualmente estoy en colombia y la verdad no hay casi usuarios participando de ese país, solo conozco 2. Entonces mi confusión es, tiene que ser del país donde te encuentras??

Otra cosa,pregunté si aún había chance de postularse para los asistentes del diario pero no he recibido respuesta. Muchas gracias, espero me saquen de las dudas!! Feliz dia!!

En Colombia solo somos 4 usuarios. @franyeligonzalez @helengutier2 @josevas217 @openmindedtravel Como se haria en ese caso, EN CASO TAL DE QUE NO HAYA MÁS PARTICIPANTES!!

Pues, hagale mija, aqui estamos y vamos a trabajar en equipo por lo bien de todos. Soy una escritora profesional de vocación. Pongamos las pilas y echamos pa adelante con ese cuento. Buscame por Facebook o LinkedIn @OpenMindedTraveler o mi nombre Erin Donaldson - soy gringa pero llevo ya muchos años en el país.

jajajaja listo!!

Hai @steemitblog dan @ steemcurator01 , ini entri game buku harian yang sudah 6 hari.


Ada beberapa entri yang belum Anda kurasi, tetapi belum mencapai 6 hari usia postingannya, karena setiap hari saya memposting permainan buku harian.
Terima kasih atas perhatiannya.

Hello friends @steemitblog @steemcurator01 I was absent because of technical failures with the internet and then the platform did not want to open until today that finally opened, and I was anxious to see my posts and I saw that they have not given time to visit me but still can these posts are still in time of his great and valuable support.




Now voted. Please make sure you reading all our posts for the latest tips and rules for Diary Game posts.

If I read them a couple of minutes ago and noticed that I haven't been doing some things, I hope to improve in the days that remain... thank you very much @steemcurator01

Me ha encantado esta temporada del #thediarygame la verdad que ya espero la segunda temporada para ver si subo un poco mi nivel, o a lo mejor lo pueda hacer antes..


Wow super feliz de seguir entre los primeros 35, ha sido una experiencia maravillosa, con muchas ganas de seguir en la temporada 2, @steemitblog y @steemcurator01 se están full complicados pero como sugieren aquí coloque link de la publicación con 6 días, hace una semana no pasan estas son las más viejas! sigo publicando todos los días!

❣️🙏 Les dejo mi diario de hoy espero les guste mi contenido cada día me esfuerzo mucho

My diary post is now pending for 6 days. Please, check it out @steemcurator01

Link :-

It's over six days that I dropped this post. No upvotes yet.


This also is over 6 days.. will be paying out in hours now


Sorry for the delay, now upvoted.

Look forward to reading more diary posts from you.

Welcome to Steem, now all upvoted.

Thank you very much Sir/ Ma @steemcurator01. I'm grateful for the massive support.


Sorry for the delay. You are making great posts. Now all upvoted.

And with the new points you have now moved up into the top 25.

The Steemit Team

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