100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 90 - Top Tips for The Diary Game

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With The Diary Game drawing to a close we thought it might be useful to give some of our top tips for making the best possible diary posts.

This should help you get maximum points from your final 10 diary posts, and prepare you for Season 2 starting on August 1st.

We are really looking forward to the second season and are particularly excited to see what teams are formed.

Remember there are going to be big extra prizes to be won for those who compete in a team as well as individually. Get teaming up now!

The Diary Game - Top Tips for Maximum Points

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the main ways you can make your Diary Game posts earn more points…

  • Be consistent - try to post every day. If you don’t post you can’t earn any points!

  • Write in your own language unless you are proficient in English or want to practise English.
    We use Google Translate and DeepL Translator to read all language posts that we don’t know ourselves.

  • Make the posts at least 100 words long - ideally longer.
    A photo and one sentence is not a valid Diary Game post.

  • Write about your daily life activities - what has happened to you that day.
    A post about your holiday at the beach two years ago, or a review of a film you watched in January, or a set of photographs of flowers you took last summer is not what is needed. It’s your life, right now that we want to read about.

  • Say where in the world you are.
    At the very least the country, and ideally the state, city, town etc.

  • Include facts, details, names, places, prices… they all make a diary post more interesting.
    If you got a meal from a takeaway say what takeaway it was, what you ordered, how much it cost and whether it was good. If you had an online lesson from school or university, what was the lesson about, what system was used, and was the teacher good!

  • Include photographs - ideally your own. The more the better!
    They haven’t got to be works of art, they just need to show what you are writing about. Make them as big as possible on the post - full page width wherever possible. Include captions for photos to say what they show and where it was.

  • Remember to include the date of the diary in the title of the diary post.
    Ideally use a title format like…
    THE DIARY GAME : Date (including year) : Your Personal Title.

  • If you did a ‘This Is Me’ post include a link to it at the bottom of every diary post.

  • If you include any prices in your local currency try to include a conversion to STEEM or US dollars as well for easier comparison.

  • Remember to include the tag #thediarygame (correctly spelt) as one of the first five tags of your post.

Here are a few things you should not include…

  • Referral or recruitment links to other cryptocurrency schemes or social networks.

  • Copy / pasted detailed recipes.

  • Long and extensive acounts of the plot of a film or TV show - a brief summary paragraph will be enough. The Diary Game is not a film review site.

  • Multiple screenshots from an online game - one will usually be enough to make a point.

More generally, we consider the best diary posts to be ones that interest us, entertain, educate or inform us.

We want to learn about you and your daily life. We want to get involved. We want to know what happens next.

Finally, the biggest pro tip we can give is to read other people’s diary posts - particularly the ones from the people towards the top of the leaderboard and those selected as Diary Allstars.

See what they have done different to you to get bigger votes, and more points.

Please remember also - your posts are unlikely to be voted on straightaway.

That isn’t because we are ignoring you or don’t like you.

It is because there are a lot of posts coming in, we have to manage and optimise the voting power to ensure more even voting, we give you a chance to get in front of our vote to get better curation rewards, and because we are only human with just 24 hours in each of our days!

We do get to read every post.

Please only put links to your posts in the comments of the 100 Days posts if your post has reached Day 6 without a vote, or if it is your first Diary Game post. And do not include social media links or make your comment excessively large, or tag it on to our top comment.

The Diary Game Assistants

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our call for Game Assistants.

We are still considering how best to work this in the limited time remaining of this season.
There should be an announcement on this in the next day or two.

So far we have had applications from…

@adeljose, @agodaniel32, @anasuleidy, @beautychicks, @crypsteem, @dolphinscute, @iu1314, @lourdeshd6, @randulakoralage, @rishabh99946, @sampraise, @sumit10698, @sumit71428, @vipnata

If you have applied and are not on this list please comment below.

We hope you find these Top Tips useful to improve your Diary Game posts and to earn more points.

Do comment below if you think we have missed any top tips.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

And don’t forget to join in with the Lucky 10s game.

The first 10 x $10 votes have already gone to @anasuleidy, @genomil, @hokulor, @jmor, @oppongk, @rosanita, @sapwood, @tolustx, @ulialitva1991 and @yurilaya.

Join in by making comments on Diary Game posts and get lucky!

Notes from the Community...

A Few Hours Left for SPUD4STEEM

Depending where you are in the world there may still be a few hours left to join in the SPUD4STEEM fun and power up to grab a prize…

Winners of the #ilovesteem campaign

@stephenkendal has announced the winners of the #ilovesteem promotional campaign he sponsored with @wherein.

Congratulations to @vickyli, @sampraise, @hykwf678233, @yohan2on and @atyh...

The Arab Community

Community Curator @acostaeladio is looking to embrace the Arab community on Steem...

All the rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.



As you will have noticed the comments are getting a bit 'crowded' on the 100 Days of Steem posts.

This makes it difficult for us to deal with all the comments, and particularly to spot those comments most relevant to the daily post.

Please therefore do not post links to your latest Diary Game posts - we find them through the #thediarygame tag (make sure you include that spelt correctly as one your first five tags).

Only drop links to diary posts if we have not voted on them by Day 6, or if it is your first post.

Please also do not include links or screenshots to Twitter or other social media - they should be in comments on the diary post itself.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

[Please do not add any sub-comments on this comment. Thank you]

Hello team, I hope my arrival within the diary game isn't a bad timing. Anyway, here is my first post https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@murathe/the-diary-game-or-or-2nd-july-2020-or-or-my-no-1-entry-or-or-growing-my-steempower
, first saw the game via Yohan(Ug) post and am really looking forward towards more Kenyans (Africans as well ) into the game.

Lie, cheat, steal! The steemit way!!

These are nice helpful tips. Hopefully, we'll see a better presentation on #thediarygame from now onwards. Steem on! 😊

Looking forward for August 1st and i hope i will start the Season very strong and make up for the fact that this season i did not participate.
The tips are straight to the point and i think the message that are you trying to send is that we need quality as well in the posts!
Now i would like to make a small recommendation... I think you should increase the length of the post to about 200 - 250 words.... at the end of the day it's a resume of a full day, so there loads of things to be mention and the more details in the post the more interesting they will be.
As well one question that i think everybody will want to know... How long Season 2 will be, same amount of days as Season 1 or are you trying to hosted for a longer period of time?
Steem On!

Our ideal target length for a diary post would be at least 300 words, but not everyone has the facility to write so much easily on certain apps and devices. And we want to keep The Diary Game open to as many people as possible.

Season 2 will run from August 1st for 50 days. That will leave 10 days or so to wrap up before Season 3 is scheduled then to start on October 1st.

The Steemit Team

Buenas noches... Aca les dejo el link de una piblicacion que no a sido curada
Lamentablemente e imagino por lo atariado que estan... la publicacion del jueves 25 no fue curada y se cumplio el tiempo para ello.
en verdad que los admiro, con toda necesidad, imagino que el trabajo debe ser bastante y de paso duro...
pero con toda sinceridad. GRACIAS POR LO QUE NOS BRINDAN
Hasta la próxima...

Hi, I apologize for the trouble, but my article from 6 days ago still hasn't been curated.

Here is the link

Again, sorry for the trouble.

Sorry for the delay, now all voted up to date.

Hi @vipnata - you should have received an initial message from us yesterday. Did you get any message?

Can we check which is the best means of contact for you?

@steemcurator01, Yes, I received your email and sent my confirmation email.

@steemcurator01, thank you so much for your support

Hello, @steemcurator01 I'm sorry, but I didn't get the keys. My telegram nickname is @felicita11 or email [email protected]

Great @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, I think I keep adding points to go up in the leaderboard, however I notice that it will beat me in 13 hours because the newspapers did not vote for me 7 days ago 😭😭😭😭😭

Hey @steemcurator01,

Hindi translation is ready:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 90 - Top Tips for The Diary Game




post promoters

one more promoter join the list with over 1350 followers which will make the translation more reaching to Indian post promoters have more than 3k followers

List of promoters:-
@rajan1995 &

These are the list of beneficiaries which are increasing day by day

Now one upvote Ian more valuable hope my work will get somebody upvote

Felicitaciones @anasuleidy, @genomil, @hokulor, @jmor, @oppongk, @rosanita, @sapwood, @tolustx, @ulialitva1991 y @yurilaya, su constancia en el juego del diario los ha hecho ganadores.

Muchas Gracias!!

Muchas Gracias @sacra97 los votos Lucky son buenas recompensas! ;)

Muchas Gracias!❤️

@steemitblog as i read from the polite
request made ,that the first post link made by an individual is permitted to be posted here ,this is my first post entry, i am a newbie and i had to join yesterday after i have heard of the game. I am sorry for my late engagement on the game. thank you as it doesnt get you weird...


oh I really hope to be chosen to work on this great initiative🤗

Anda telah melakukan terobosan besar untuk menarik kembali para Steemians dengan kontes The Diary Game. Kontes ini sangat mudah untuk mengajak manarik minat orang, karena merupakan aktivitas nyata sehari-hari.

Anda tidak perlu berpikir keras untuk melakukan hal-hal luar biasa, cukup menjalani apa adanya dan tulislah buku harian anda. Selamat untuk @steemitblog atas terobosan dahsyat ini.

Hola como están, muy buenos consejos para lo del diario, muy agradecida por el apoyo a fundacorazón esperar continuar con esta grandiosa aventura del diario que me ha encantado.

Hi, @steemcurator01 @steemitblog! Here are the entries that haven't been counted yet as there are no votes

TheDiaryGame #7 https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@batishta/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-my-7th-day-june-26 (June 26th 2020)

Ты чё творишь, отредактирую комментарий. Правила нужно читать. Ссылки на свой дневник, если записи есть уже шесть дней.

Steemitblog hi, I applied last week, but My name it not on the list.

Thank you for this thorough explanation on what the diary game means. Some people seems not to understand the indepth, and when we try to explain, they take it up as an insult or dislike. I think this is extensive enough, and well explained. Well done.

Great suggestions for the diary game..!

Thank you very much for the support in all this time. I've been tagging them on all the donations given. thank you very much god bless you @steemitblog

I live in Bangladesh. And I talked about the steemit of the big, small siblings in my area. I also told my relatives.

I was able to get 5 people to join the daily diary game in the last 1 week. I am very happy for this. Thanks @sohanurrahman, @jahid1971, @sajibmolla17, @lipon and @arshed join the daily diary game.

I'm working. Very soon, I will be able to join a few more people in the daily diary game.

I want to form a community in Bangladesh. That is why I am working day and night. Couldn't do much in this 1st season. Hopefully in the second season, I will be able to do better and join my other friends.

#steem on 👍

I must admit that diary game is best initiative so far because of this I'm able bring to lots of new user to platform and they are quite satisfied because they are getting upvotes on every diary post Thank you for this me and my friends are happy!

This guideline for #thediarygame will definitely improve this initiative and particularly the new users are joining in every day.

Thank you. Steem on.

Hola muy buenas noches, excelentes recomendaciones, es importante tener muy claro cuales son los puntos más importantes cuando hacemos nuestro diario. Gracias por darnos esa guia.!!

Por otro lado quería mencionar que hace días realice mi publicación de "THI IS ME" y no ha sido verificada no se si no lo vieron en los comentarios, de todas maneras por aqui dejo mi enlace, la publicación fue hecha antes del dia limite. GRACIAS!!


A very good suggestion, to make a post about the daily activities of the steemians who of course just joined here, success is always for everyone

Thanks very @steemitblog for this updates tips on the Diary Game. I think this will go a long way for us to improve on our Diary Game posts. We are much impressed for your support so far. We are therefore motivating our members we recruited to posts daily so that the team work can be strong.

Hi, I'm sorry this message is not relevant for publication.
Yesterday I created a post and today @steemcurator01 has given me a negative vote without telling me the reason. because?...this has really discouraged me in the old steemit they sent little warnings when you did something wrong and gave you a little negative vote.

I am investing little by little by buying steem to support the Latino community since I am Venezuelan but to see this act the desire to continue investing has disappeared.

Before I withdraw my investment from steemit I'd like to know why I was given the "no" vote?
I don't see any point in voting negative without saying why.

Disagreement of rewards, and excessive use of bidbots.

ok .. but don't you think it was easier to give me a warning in my first publication not to use bidbot instead of giving me a negative vote I am not a child I understand, I have been away from steemit for a long time and I don't know what the new rules and this negative vote was not necessary.

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