100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 82 - The Diary Game - Season 2 Preview

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The Diary Game has become rather popular.

More popular than we had anticipated. Which is great!

We are delighted that it has caught the imagination and interest of so many people around the world.

The current Diary Game will come to an end on July 11th - the final day of the 100 Days of Steem project.

There has been way too much support to even consider not continuing it.

The Diary Game Season 2

We are now thinking and planning how The Diary Game can be improved and expanded for a second season.

Nothing is finalized but here are some of our current ideas for the next season.

Start Date and Duration

We will need a short break after the current game finishes to finalize and verify all the points scoring before awarding the prizes.

August 1st is therefore the likely start date for season two of The Diary Game.

The game would then run for 50 days to allow plenty of time to join in along the way.

Don’t worry about the three week gap. We have a number of special challenges planned to keep everyone busy and engaged.

QUESTION : What do you think of the 50 day duration - too long, too short or about right?

Points and Prizes

We are planning on dropping the separate points for social media promotion.

They have proved very ineffective and discriminate heavily against people who don’t use other social media.

Instead there will be one score out of 10 points for every diary post.

Participants will still be free to promote their diary posts on other social media, and evidence of such will be taken into account when points are awarded.

We consider that The Diary Game has great potential for recruiting new people to Steem, as well as reactivating otherwise dormant accounts.

We are therefore looking at ways to boost the importance of the rewards for recruitment.

The prize pool for the second season of The Diary Game will be at least doubled to 6000 STEEM.

The largest portion of this will go to individual diary authors.

The rest will be allocated to separate prizes for the top recruiters - and for a new section for Teams.

Thank you to @rishabh99946 for the idea of having specific prizes for top recruiters.

QUESTION : What do you think about dropping the Social Promotion Points and increasing the Recruitment Points?


This is a major new element of The Diary Game #2.

As well as competing individually people will be invited to form teams which will pool the points of all members to compete for the separate team prizes.

We are currently looking at teams of up to 5 people, and we would really like them to be based around countries but there are some issues and limitations on that still to be worked out.

The idea is that team members will work together to build retention in the game and to improve overall post quality.

QUESTION : Do you think Teams will be a good idea for the game? Would you join a team? Who would be in your ‘Dream Team’?

The Diary Team Assistants

It is planned to recruit at least two people to assist with the running of the game.

Their roles have not been fully defined yet but will likely involve checking posts, looking out for abuse and plagiarism, and promotion.

The positions would be paid, but would not be open to anyone participating in the game.

QUESTION : Will anyone be interested in becoming Assistants if they are not allowed to compete in the game?

Targets and Promotion

It is always difficult to set targets but we are wondering if 1000 participants will be much too ambitious.

There are now 210 players in the current game and it is growing by about 10 per day.

We would like to target that at least 10% of the players in game will be newcomers to Steem, and maybe another 30% will be returning and reactivating Steem account holders,

Opportunities for promoting the game will be many as it scales up.

We are looking at the best options with the resources available.

QUESTION : Do you have any easy to implement ideas for promoting The Diary Game? Would you be interested in promoting The Diary Game in your country? How would you go about it?

This is where we are so far in planning Series 2 of The Diary Game.

We welcome further ideas and input on how to make it bigger and better.

We are getting really excited about this second series of the game.

Hope you are too!

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Steem Development Notice : Instant Signups

A new instant signup system has now been introduced at https://signup.steemit.com/

There is no fee to sign up. A mobile phone number and email address are required for verification.

Account creation is then instant.

Notes from the Community...

Music For Steem

The @steemingcurators have announced the winners of the second week of the Music For Steem contest. Congratulations to @futuremind, @esouthern3 & @cmp2020, and @elisonr13.

And congratulations to @steemingcurators for organizing such a great contest with entries reaching 24 in only the second week…

ChainLegends Launching Soon

ChainLegends, a new blockchain MMORPG, is launching exclusively on Steem in a few days...

Steem Marketing Gifs Contest

@stephenkendal is running a competition to create marketing gifs to promote Steem. He is offering 25 SBD in prizes...

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

Check out the Steem Charity Day post for more details.


I love the concept of teams! Perhaps I will be able to get a USA team together (@jmor, @rasmuffin, @esouthern3. . .)

I wonder if there might also be a way to have top promotion prizes?

The diary game is definitely one of Steemit's greatest ideas for marketing. I hope it will continue to grow (especially with the additional prizes, and the addition of teams)!

Glad you like the Teams idea. We believe they could add a whole new dimension to the game.

Tell us more about how you see the top promotion prizes working... We are open to suggestions.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

I was thinking perhaps you could track users' promotion to outside social media, and reserve some prizes for those who promote best?

I can imagine that a lot of people might come up with some clever promotion ideas if that were done.

Good idea, but the administration would be very difficult.

And, as we have found with the Social Promotion Points on The Diary Game so far it is extremely difficult to give fair rewards without spending considerable time looking at follower numbers, engagement rates etc.

But we are open to ideas on this...

The Steemit Team

You well thought up to remove points for a social network. For example, I have few subscriptions. It’s a good idea to add points for invitees, not for reposts.
Now Anyone can invite to the game as he is comfortable and receive a reward in fact for those who join the game

That is a good point that recruitment kind of includes promotion.

Have you considered having people include screenshots of their followers, and the number followers of people who retweet (or share)? That might make it easier. @vict0r made a good point, though.

  1. I think 50 days is too long, but I am probably just biased because late August marks the beginning of my freshman year in college, meaning I don't know if I'd have the time to participate every day. I think 30 days is appropriate as that's the number of days in a typical calendar year month.

  2. I do like the idea of teams. @cmp2020 would be the captain of my 'Dream Team' most definitely.

Hi @steemitblog, my diary

Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at 7:00 am, went to a coffee shop owned by Nek Syeh... https://steempeak.com/knitrias-project/@f21steem/my-diary-wednesday-june-24-2020-idm-data-input

Thank you, @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

I think 50 days are fine. As we have time until August 1, there is enough time to promote the new phase. May be it's better to set as 60 days to round it up as 2 months.

I think dropping social media points will be a big drawback to participants who don't have much steemians from their countries.(like me) It may be discourage participants who don't have recruitment ability. The team concept is the same.

I really love to assist participants towards good diaries but also I like to involve the in-game same time. Maybe you can think of a separate challenge to reward the best diary promoter and assistance. :)

For promoting, may be we can simply display a banner under each diary post, or @steemcurator01's comment. Or can initiate a short time event to design a banner, sticker or something by promoting the game.

Further, I would like to suggest to give an additional for novelty, creativity, and social value of the diaries. This will improve quality of content in steemit.

Thank you

Unfortunately we have found it too difficult to make fair assessments of social media promotion without spending large amounts of time checking on numbers of followers, engagement rates.

Tweets are only effective if they get engagement.

And many people have very low numbers of followers on Twitter for example.

Recruitment by word of mouth is by far the most useful thing that can be done. Anyone can be recruited - friends, family, neighbours, fellow students, work colleagues...

Teams are an optional extra.

The Steemit Team

A new instant signup system has now been introduced at https://signup.steemit.com/

Very good news!

That's a great idea to put the recruiting team with points. We in steem pod/steem greeters will help spread #thediarygame and encourage newcomers to join too.

Hi, Steemit team are the new 3 steem POD members are to curate with steemcurator03 too? I will pass the posting key to them if so. Thank you. @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

Do you have any easy to implement ideas for promoting The Diary Game? Would you be interested in promoting The Diary Game in your country? How would you go about it?

I think at a wider range, promoting Steem on social media has been the best and workable. But I see it also best for each Country Steemian promoting Steem in his Country is one way to get a huge response and people joining. I have much interest in promoting Steem in my Country by gathering my coworkers sharing what Steem can change their lives. Informing Individuals that we are found in the same association and many things that will create awareness. I think in this way, if they join gradually, they will also spread the news of Steem to their friends. I think one think that will keep new Steem users is motivation, engagement and support. Shortly if they come and aren't receive any words of encouragement, they quit on the way easily, because they see that they can't thrive. I have decided to work on those that I have recruited. The ability to keep and retain members is very paramount. Now Steem is better than before and is possible everybody here getting his share from the Steemit Team. Thank you!

What do you think of the 50 day duration - too long, too short or about right?

I think with the 50 days Duration of Diary Game is Ok, because if the Duration is too long as active players would anticipating their points as well as their chances of winning becomes boring. But 50 days will help to assess or evaluate quickly and arrange for new season and continue in that way.

In my opinion, it is very important to change the rules of the game. It is equally important to change leaders and winners. I propose to exclude the winners of the stage from the game for the next season. This will provide ample opportunities and a powerful incentive to other participants. Otherwise, everything can turn into a game for a limited circle of people. What is already visible now. One person receives a reward for 60$. Other participants of the game await attention like a sip of water on a hot day in the desert. Think about it! Everyone should have a chance and opportunity!

Otherwise, it will be like in the picture, one is overweight, the other one is dead


пока жир.jpg

We will DEFINITELY NOT be excluding the winners of the first Diary Game from the second season.

Everyone currently participating will have the chance to start from the beginning of season 2.

Consistency and quality are key elements for earning most points. Everyone can achieve both if they put in the effort.

Vote rewards are based purely on quality of each post. Your assessment is completely incorrect.

The Steemit Team


Thanks for promoting #gifs4steem.

Glad to hear that the #thediarygame challenge is going to be a permanent fixture on #Steem.

Personally I think you have come up with a genius way to promote #Steem at the same time making if fun for people to participate.

This is a great campaign and I am excited to see it continue to grow.

A Massive Shout-out to everyone who has taken part in the #thediarygame challenge and making it a success that it is.


Hola amigos, aca mi opinion acerca de los temas propuestos:
Los 50 dias pudieran convertirse en dos meses, y asi como dices ir integrando progresivamente nuevos jugadores. Con respecto a los puntos por redes sociales, no soy muy objetiva pues te respondo en base a que yo no uso ni facebook ni twitter, pero estas personas que si lo tienen estan haciendo un mayor trabajo de promocion y deben ser valoradas.
Para los equipos hay que establecer reglas, normas y objetivos de los mismos para poder tomar una decision de participar en un equipo o no, cuales son las ventajas y los beneficios.
Con respecto a ser asistente, pero sin participar en el juego, lo tendria que considerar como una oferta laboral, donde usted me indicaria cuales serian los alcances de mis funciones y cuales mis beneficios; para asi poder decidir. De todos es muy bien conocido nuestra situacion pais (Venezuela) y que muchos hemos encontrado en steemit y particularmente en el juego del diario una ayuda que nos hace la situacion mas llevadera, y que a pesar de que me gusta interactuar, leer, opinar, apoyar, tambien debo generar un ingreso, por esa razon tendria que valorar su oferta.
Comparto la idea de otro usuario, de que a medida que el numero de participantes sea mayor no se debe descuidar la valoracion de las publicaciones, ya que la mayoria estamos aquí en steemit trabajando, la diferencia es que actualmente a mi me gusta el trabajo y lo mejor es que puedo desarrollarlo en el tiempo que yo decida.
Creo que la mejor promocion del diario es la atencion y valoracion de cada participante, que a pesar del numero mayor o menor, ninguno sea descuidado, hay que motivar, hacer recomendaciones personalizadas, que cada participante sienta que esta siendo apoyado, es como cuando en el negocio dices “un cliente satisfecho es tu mejor publicidad”. Pues de que sirve abarcar mas de lo que se puede atender.
La pregunta a que si 1000 es demasiado, deberia ser respondida por su equipo y ver el cambio del juego en atencion y valoracion a medida que hemos ido aumentando hasta llegar hoy a 220 participantes.
Creo que sumando las ideas, se puede seguir logrando todo un plan de actividades, ademas del juego del diario, que nos mantengan activos, atentos, y sumamente contentos y satisfechos de estar nuevamente aquí en steemit.
Disculpen lo largo, pero no pidieron un post para estas respuestas jajaja.
Les deseo mucho éxito en todos sus proyectos.

The idea of ​​the diary is good and also the duration of 50/60 days allows a good planning of the topics by all the participants.
However, I would keep themes to be indicated by the team in order to also promote a sort of challenge in the diary. At least 3 times a week the theme must be indicated. It can be an additional way to evaluate which posts to reward the most. But at the same time, within the week, there would also be freedom for topics to be dealt with. I would not neglect to reward those who emphasize steemit in other social networks, this is very important for the social image. Maybe promote special days of flash mob, where those who can send their posts massively on social networks. You can do it even outside the diary!

On the other hand, I don't like the idea of ​​bringing together the players of the diary.
I hope I have been helpful.

As the number of participants grow the reward in the diary post gets lower and to an extent that it is dust only the diary posts are being voted in cents(I am not talking about quality here, quality-wise it is way better than those posts earning more than $5).

So this is one area, suppose in the next season we have 500 posts daily, and u have limited resources then the rewards despite good diary post will start degrading, not a good thing for the people to keep up the energy for the diary posts and it may die out. I personally have always voiced that this #thediarygame could change the course of engagement in Steem dramatically and it could be the game-changer for Steem. I Still stand by that.

I am not even saying by taking into account my own personal case. I am talking in general.

Thank you.

Steem on.

Hello Steemitblog team, here is the entry of my Jun 24 diary game, thank you.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

hi @steemitblog I have recommended steemit to my friends, but the numbers 05xxx and 03xxx are not approved, the country phone numbers I have changed are different from before.

Please check

What a thrill, I am very excited that you announce a second season for this diary game.

Honestly, I have seen many people activated thanks to this 100 days Steemit event, accounts that had months without posting.

It seems to me that 50 days duration of the second season is very good. I would love that it is not only 100 days of Steem, I would love for them to do 200 days of steem, of course it is a great effort and exhausting but recruiting the necessary people and placing them in various roles can be achieved.

Respect the prizes, support the idea of ​​lowering the top 10, 15, or 20 prizes with such power of power even a small part of that prize to most participants. (Reduce the prize for the best just a little bit, I don't mean taking a big chunk out of the prize either).

An idea that occurs to me is that you (steemit team) make some initiative of delegating Steem Power to several communities, that these communities make a publication explaining: why you should choose them. These communities will be in charge of voting the diaries of all the participants (as long as they deserve it).

Sorry for my english, I'm from Venezuela and I'm learning english!

Hi curators, here's my diary for thediarygame dated 2020/06/24 Thank you.

복잡 복잡~!

좀 더 단순화
그래야 더욱 더 활성화

우리 스티미 가즈앙~! ♨♨♨

@steemitblog , @steemcurator01
The Diary Game (6/24/20): Promote my few friends on Steemit and The daily diary game by steemit


The Diary Game (6/24/20) Twitter:

The Diary Game (6/24/20) Facebook:

Hello Steemitblog team here are the entries that haven't been counted yet as there are no votes.






Glad to hear there will be another season of the Diary Game I think 50 days is great, teams sound complicated but I'm sure there will be people who can work together to make better posts rather than doing it alone and benefit, as for the scoring system I'm not sure how it works as I have seen people with small posts like one image or 2 and perhaps less than 100 words get big payouts while some others who put more effort get a tiny vote so perhaps a recruitment system would be better? I don't know.

Hi steemit team @steemcurator01☕️☕️

This is the link of my diary for the last six days. You have not reviewed my diary for many days.
Please check it as soon as possible. thanks💗💗

The Diary Game 6月23日熊孩子被留校https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1592915883145-s

The Diary Game 6月22日乌云滚滚了解下https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1592841301819-s

The Diary Game 6月21日爸爸我爱你(ღ♡‿♡ღ)https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1592755132768-s

The Diary Game 6月20日周六重温《芈月传》之秦王与芈月之恋情https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1592668730395-s

The Diary Game 6月19日玉带河绿道路遇菜农https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1592582235001-s

The Diary Game 6月18日 杨梅over https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1592495924322-s

The Diary Game「二妞哭的好伤心」24/06/2020

hello @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

my article about extra challenge who is in my country
which has been 3 days, but hasn't received any reward


my article about "why now is the best time to join steemit which has been 4 days, but hasn't received any reward


@steemitblog @steemcurator01

Thank you very much for the great mood that you give every day to our participants in your daily posts! I would agree to be an assistant for the second season of the diaries game. My post is here:

Your idea is really super, I loved it. I trying my self to rejoin all steemians again. Hope I get success too soon.

Thanks for your running contests, it's helping me a lot in this pandemic situation.

hi, this post is 4 days and not yet upvoted. can you pls help to check it out? thanks

Hey @steemitboard & @steemcurator01

Hindi translation is ready:- 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 82 - The Diary Game - Season 2 Preview

Beneficiaries of the post includes charities( @littledisciples & @thegreens) & post promoters are also beneficiary of the post.

Hope you will upvote as one upvote is doing so many great things

Hi, friends and community! It is my third day of diary https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@aivaryamal/day-3-the-diary-game-24-06-2020, please read and support! Good day to all)

Dear steemit,this is entry my diary game on JUN 24.Thanks!


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Thanks for this major improvement, I hope to continue in it.

Sangat menyenangkan mengetahui bahwa The Diary Game akan dilanjutkan pada musim kedua nanti mulai 1 Agustus. Tapi pertanyaan saya, apakah jumlah reward yang kami terima akan semakin berkurang seiring bertambahnya Steemian yang mengikuti tantangan ini?. Akan lebih adil apabila postingan yang memiliki kejujuran dan kualitas yang baik dalam penulisan buku hariannya mendapatkan reward yang layak. Sehingga tidak menurunkan minat kami untuk selalu berusaha menulis dan memposting tulisan yang berkualitas.

Saat ini tantangan The Diary Game terbukti dapat meningkatkan antusias para Steemian untuk kembali aktif karena menghadirkan reward yang layak. Jangan sampai karena menurunnya penerimaan reward akan menggerus minat mereka untuk kembali aktif.
Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada @steemitblog dan @steemcurator01 atas dukungan anda selama ini. Semoga ke depan kami tetap diperhatikan seperti saat ini.

Hello, @steemitblog and @steemcurator01!
Payout for my post " Day 16, June 18th " will be tomorrow, but curator has not voted for this post yet. Posts for Day 17, June 19th and Day 18, June 20th were also not voted.

Hola paa todos para ustedes también @steemitblog @steemitcurator01 un nuevo día mi nuevo post del diario, gracias por los anteriores apoyos espero en este también


Me parece genial Una segunda temporada, podri ser de 60 dias.. dos meses Agosto y Septiembre!"En cambio, habrá un puntaje de 10 puntos por cada publicación en el diario. " estoy de acuerdo con esta idea no todos comparten en otras redes sociales... La idea de reclutar personas hace crecer la comunidad!

hi @steemitblog greetings from me.
Regarding the Assistant Team of the Diary I strongly agree with that, given the increasing number of days the contest participants need to be made an assistant to manage running the contest.

My suggestion is that the Assistant should be recruited from every country participating in the contest, this might be more effective than recruiting 2 assistants, if the assistant is spread out in each country, the contest will be easier to control in running the game.

If permitted I am ready to be your Assistant and I only control and not participate in the contest.
thank you
Yours sincerely @muftii

@steemcurator01 Please check my post
My thediarygame steemit post link
My thediarygame Twitter post link



Aquí dejo mi Diario y respuestas acerca de las preguntas en esta publicación


Hi Steemitblog

Great Work!


I think the Dairy Game has been a great program!

I am happy to hear that the #thediarygame challenge is going to continue on #Steem.
I think its a genius way to promote #Steem and for people to have fun!

This is great!
I am excited to see it grow.

I say Great Job to all workers on the #thediarygame challenge



For me, recruitment is difficult. This isn't a culture that takes naturally to digital concepts - yet, there IS interest. Also, would be fun to do a "hard-core" 100 day championship or even 90 day - to make it more round = 3 months. Then, do a 50 day for people who can't meet that intensity level so more people can participate. Do it as trading off - maybe 50 days, 90 days, 50 days. That way you can gauge different levels of participation AND avoid dividing up the STEEM too much.

@steemcurator01 Thanks for your work!
For 3 days I have not looked at your upvote on my blog.
Therefore, I leave a link to my post in the comments.


Thank You!

One of the people I invited @juliavolkova - also wrote a post, and 4 days have passed, but upvote still does not.

I want to help a person get comfortable in our community, so I also publish her post:


Thank you!

Hola me encanta esa dinámicas de propuestas son muy interesantes la idea del diario es excelente a mi me gusta me relaja y me ha hecho reflexionar varias cosas en mi vida, por aquí dejo mi enlace: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@rosanita/mi-diario-del-dia-24-06-2020-un-dia-de-relax

Me parece excelente la idea de una segunda temporada, debería ser para terminar el próximo semestre. Me encanta compartir el diario en el Facebook, Twitter, tratando de atraer nuevos usuarios. Somos muchos venezolanos lo veo por el informe. Me alegra que muchos tomaron mi idea de colocar el país desde donde escribimos para facilitar la ubicación.
Hacer crecer la comunidad.

Un maravilloso equipo venezolano @yurilaya, @marybellrg, @genomil, @franyeligonzalez, @zhanavic69, @rosanita, @belkisa758,@charjaim, @angelik-a, @adeljose, @mllg, @antoniarhuiz, @mafalda2018, @mariela53, @anasuleidy, @jadnven, @rosz, @elisonr13 esperando que se unan @rypo01, @dali13, @mamidalia, @kimbi09 al juego del diario, @edgargonzalez, @suanky, @luiyi-22, @blessed-girl, @manuelgil64, @josevas217, @zhanavic69, @sughey, @leticiapereira, @theatrorve, @rypo01 el equipo Venezuela listo para la segunda temporada.

I think the idea of ​​a second season is excellent, it should be to finish the next semester. I love to share the newspaper on Facebook, Twitter, trying to attract new users. We are many Venezuelans, I see it from the report. I am glad that many took my idea to place the country from where we write to facilitate the location.
Grow the community. #thediarygame

@steemitblog, @steemcurator01

Hi friends, I think the second part of The Diary Game will be great, This has been a complete success, 50 days to the second part would be fine.
And, here is my entry today: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@tocho2/the-100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-no-es-facil-24-06-20

Wow there is less than a month left then to take advantage of the remaining days, it was never late but it has gone very well, looking forward to the second season.

It's true that you deserve a break, it's not easy for you to do that work, as it is for us the creativity of creating original content.

There are still things I don't understand but I will learn on the way.

I don't like the game of Diary. I respect and read some posts but I don't participate. Good luck to everyone!

Hello Steemitblog team, here is my diary game of Jun 25th, thank you.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Hi curators, here's my diary for thediarygame dated 2020/06/25 Thank you.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)


Particularmente me ha gustado mucho, creo que este tipo de actividades hace que las personas se sientan a gusto y que ademas se compenetren mas con los otros usuarios, los VENEZOLANOS hemos participado mucho en este diario, yo estoy en colombia lo sé pero soy VENEZOLANA, y pude notar que somos la mayoría participando en el diario. ESO ME ALEGRA!!

Por otro lado respondiendo sus preguntas:

  1. El tiempo me parece bien por supuesto me gustaria que sea mas amplio jejeje unos 100 días!!

  2. Con respecto a los puntos creo que debería haber un equilibrio entre ambas actividades, el promocionarlo por otras redes considero que también tiene su importancia.

  3. Lo de los equipos la verdad no me llama mucho la atención, pero seria interesante ver que pasa al respecto.

  4. Sí, me gustaría ser asistente, además soy muy activa en la plataforma y me gusta comentar mucho!! Pero no concuerdo con no poder realizar el diario. Si me pudieran enviar información sobre el trabajo se los agradeceria!! :)


How cool that they will continue with the diary game, I have only a few days start, I like it.
I did not understand much the proposal to create groups, but when the time comes they will explain it better.
This is my entry:


Little comment on following question:

QUESTION : What do you think of the 50 day duration - too long, too short or about right?

30 day duration might much appropriate as people might loss their passion if we keep them waiting too long, but the duration shouldn't shorter than 30 day thought, people might need time to take a rest, to refresh their mind in order to keep publishing the good quality diary.