How I Went From 25 to 60 Rep in Under 3 Months

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How I Went From 25 to 60 Rep in Under 3 Months

  1. Figured Out What My Following Likes Best
  2. Consistency - Delivered Content Regularly
  3. Engaged With My Followers
  4. Refrained From Posting Spam Comments or Plagiarized Content
  5. Purchased Upvotes From Accounts with High Rep
  6. My Followers Just Rock!

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Great tips about how to increase reputation score. That is important too, along with some SP. About using the bots, I am not quite sure if that's profitable. I think, bots are profitable only when the price of Steem is going up, but when it's declining, then you lose when using the bot.

and lol, after I posted, I saw that those with unique comments will win 20 SBD. I know my comment is not congrats to those in advance who win SBD ;)

hey @brandonfrye, since i'm new here and i remember your older video on "is steemit really decentralized"...i just thought i'd reach out to you here. for what it's worth also....TO DOCUMENT on this blockchain....what has happened to me. apparently there is a civil war going on here on steemit. i upvoted a post by @haejin and innocently made a comment of support and appreciation. i found haejin on youtube a long time ago. i value his work shared here and on i commented. apparently @berniesanders downvoted with 18 accounts comment...and my reputation score dropped from a 37 to 24. being a newbie here...and super stoked to share about this blockchain and the platform steemit, i'm a little apprehensive to continue investing with my time and money. BUT....thanks to YOU....i am reassured that this has happened to you with grumpy cat. i shall continue on....unless this garbage continues...and i will just power down....and pursue other avenues. lol....funny!!! thanks for all you share brandon. you're doing great things here!!!! truly and example of what i've enjoyed seeing here on steemit in my short time. please keep it coming bro!

exyle....discusses the haejin...drama....toward the end of his video. posting this here...for any other newbies...or casualties of this flagging war. stay in JOY...and keep blogging! don't mind the drama!

Don't people frown upon other people paying for up votes via bots.. is that not just cheating the system so you can make more Steem $$ , if I am missing something maybe you can make a video about this topic.

Thanks @reseller, I appreciate the shoutout brother! :)

You do a nice job. Your testimony inspires me 🙌

Hey Brandon I'm fairly new to steemit about a month old I used a lot of your videos to get my foot in the door so I appreciate the tips tricks and instructions. I give you props for a connecting and giving feedback to others that follow and watch your videos.
I have a question on how we should go about getting recognized for our good content when we are new and unseen? There are a lot of individuals like yourself who usually follow and probably upvote a certain amount of other people that are already recognized. I know that there is a lot of good content out there and for somebody new putting out good content it may not get many views or likes so I'm not sure how to get more recognition on the platform thanks for pumping out the videos the clear easy to understand you're doing an awesome job!

Hey @jaredzimmerman, thanks for the support. I truly appreciate it!

I love this question because I too was brand new just 3 months ago. And now, I'm gaining recognition from accounts like @dtube and @thejohalfiles. I truly believe the biggest two factors are quality and consistency. I also created this video on things you can do to reach your goals and I've stuck to this religiously:

I can see from your channel that you're already gaining traction with upvotes, comments, and followers. So now all you need to do is continue pushing out content and tweaking where you feel you need to. If you listen closely to your following, they'll let you know exactly what they want.

thank you for the insight. My schedule was busy and it's hard to post consistently I do have a range of topics so I'm working on narrowing things down and posting more consistently thanks again for the reply!

i was just catching up on your older videos....when i saw you post this new one!!!! eating up your content bro!!!!!! so valuable!!!! priceless!!! congratulations on 60!!!! see you at 100!!! you're worth it! please keep uploading to youtube's how..this newbie... FOUND YOU!

Thanks @rawutah. I appreciate the love! And yes, I need to get a few more videos on YouTube for that very reason. I might actually upload this one from today. Thanks again!

Just discovered you the other day. Added you to my steem voter so I can read your posts daily. Thanks for posting good content and providing tips that will improve how I interact on Steemit.

Het Brandon

Huge congrats to you :-)

You have helped me so much on here without knowing it.

I have watched all of your videos on Youtube in a marathon as I was trying to learn as much as possible about a week ago now.

I have bookmarked some and keep going back to watch if I am uncertain about something.

Your videos are excellent and very easy to follow along with and explained in great detail :-)

If you could do a video on how to upload to DTube that would be great as Its driving me insane!!

Been trying for 5 days and nothing works. Different browsers, compressed videos, even a different computer and still get error :-(

What is your process for it?

Do you upload video and then the snip after it has uploaded or both at the same time?

Many thanks and congrats again.

You're one of the reasons i joined Dtube/Steemit because of the content you put on your YouTube channels in regards to steemit. When my YouTube channel was terminated (Long story but it was for no reason) because of your content i joined steemit i even mentioned you in my second video and tagged you as i was grateful. Now i can bring my music to the steemit/dtube/dsound platform. Keep up the wonderful work i just started afew days ago so i'm still learning but this is such an amazing platform. I see you have made a great achievement of going from 25 to 60 rep in 3 months i'm going to try and achieve this as well. Thanks for the tips Xx

I boosted my alt account from 25 to 50 in a few days. just use multiple high reputation upvote bots (higher the better i use bots that are 70+) on all your posts each day. I boosted from 30 to 38 in one singe vote from jerry banfield who has a rep of 73. Not organic but the purpose of me doing this is to keep the account safe from low rep downvoters.

Interesting information. Always wondered what causes the reputation score to change.

I don't think the $20 giveaway per episode hurts your reputation either :) . Thanks for the win by the way. I might spend it on trying to improve my own reputation using the upvote thingy's.

Lol probably not. It does encourage comments and upvotes for sure. And these comments have helped me SO much. I appreciate all of the feedback I get for sure. And yeah, get you some upvotes from high rep bots. That’ll definitively help. 👍🏻

Thanks. I was using to check what upvote bots have a reputation of over 55, here is the list if anyone is interested:
API, Refund, Steem

API, Refund

Bots with 55 or more reputation

All of the above are over 55, if they are higher on the list they have more features I prefer.

Hey. Brandon thanks for the info. I am still trying to figure out how to get the best bang for the buck w/ upvote bots. Can you please give an example of how much you have given Jerry for upvote and how much you got in return? Also do You delegate power? Will that lower your reputation? If I have 10,000 SP to Jerry how much should I expect in return on monthly basis (as example)?

You are super cool man @brandonfrye, I like how you help others in steemit. I was just wondering. For example you make a videos and of course communicate with followers via comments and it looks easier to gain followers. But my question is what to do if I don't have the talent to make videos, if I'm not the video tip guy, the best I can get out of myself is writing? As we all know many people are lazy to read and choose to watch video. How to cache followers attention just with text? Thanks for your time reading my comment. Congrats on so fast reputation gain. God bless

I really appreciate your efforts, Brandon, in producing and sharing such good guidance and suggestions. Even though I signed up last summer, today really is the first day I've decided to become active here. Your videos are a great help to figuring it out. Thanks again

Your posts deserves to be in trending section .

Lol, thanks @abhicrypto. Thanks to @dtube today it may just get there. :)

@brandonfrye #2 and #3 are not a problem. #1 is what I need to figure out.

Excellent video. Thanks for the info!

My Reputation level went up much faster when I had 400 steam powered up. My update was worth $.10 in higher-level people would comment on my blogs.

Hmm shouldn’t be a correlation with SP and reputation but it’s possible that I’ve missed something. I’ll def look into that though.

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Thanks @bitgeek, that's awesome!

Hi @brandonfrye...
Thanks for explainging the voting bots a little bit here. I've seen posts about them before but it was like trying to read Ancient Egyptian. I didn't understand it at all. I've subscribed to you and looking for a few more of your videos about the upvote bots.

Hey @delilah1taylor, I'm glad this has been helpful. And here's a video I did explaining how to use SteemBotTracker to pick out a profitable upvote bot. Also I've learned that it's best to use one that has a max post age of 3 days.

Been awesome to watch your growth and content man. One of the biggest reasons you are winning at this is that you understand engagement.

That is so important and you answer literally every single person that makes a comment on your blog and your Friday Q&A's are brilliant!

Amazing achievement sir! Keep the content coming, we appreciate you!

You as well my friend. Been really cool growing together here. I look forward to seeing where we're both at come 2019.. 2020? Gonna be awesome!

Very inspiring! As I understand, it becomes exponentially more difficult to boost your reputation score once you've reached a certain point. So going from 25 to 60 in 3 months is impressive. I'll have to look closer at #5 - is that using bidbots?

Correct, with every increase in your reputation it becomes 10x harder to get to the next number/level. And yes, that's using bid bots or upvote bots. You can see a list of the bots and which ones are currenctly profitable at

Thanks for the helpful info. I think it might be time for me to check out those bid bots.

Congrats on your success here on steemit. I've been inviting friends to join the steemit platform, but due to long sign up times and lots of errors in the sign up process almost noone has been able to join. Do you think this is a problem that will affect the big users on this platform as they peak in members/followers? Or does this mean that I have to make new online friends on steemit just to keep up?

Hey @rsc227, I know that there has been an issue with user registration over the last few months. In their last update, Steemit Inc. announced that they're working to streamline this process. So things should get much faster here in the near future. But there's also nothing wrong with making new friends. I've connected with a LOT of new people on Steemit that I didn't know before. :)

Thanks for the info! It's extremely helpful to a new Steemian like me. Your vid is very easy to understand, and now I know why my reputation has been creeping up! (Went from a 25 to a 28 in a matter of weeks). Thanks again! :)

You're very welcome. Keep up the great work. Trust me.. it pays off! :)

How much of your rep would you estimate is from these bots you have used? Really enjoyd the video lots of information to take in! You have a new follower for sure!

I have no idea to be honest with you because I also get upvotes from whales who'm I didn't pay to get an upvote. Also, with every upvote you receive from someone with higher rep than you it increases your rep. And I have a lot of followers who regularly upvote me who have slightly higher rep than me. I wouldn't think that it's that much of a factor.. but it's definitely played a part in building my rep.

Congrats on the success, posting regularly really helps.

Thanks! And yes it really does.

Great post @brandonfrye.

Glad to hear that you shared your success on Steemit and Let us know that how you followed some steps to get a higher reputation score and engaging followers in less than 3 months.

Your this video is quite helpful to me. Thanks Brandon to keep posting regularly and keep educating the Steemians.

Will do! Thanks for your continued support. I appreciate you all! :)

I'm taking your advice to heart. I really want to get to where you're at in 3 months. I'ts been a month for me and I haven't been active in 2 weeks. I was stuck in the mud and you do make a lot of sense. I just need to find my niche and target audience. Obviously I can't do a steemit tutorial as I'm still learning. If I can get to 60 in 2 months, I'll to a back flip for the first time.

Keep up the good work. I (we) are listening.

I look forward to hearing about your backflip. Keep up the work and you’ll get there! 😊

This post has received a 10.11 % upvote from @boomerang.

This is the first video of yours that I've watched and I plan on watching many more. I look forward to learning more about how to bid on upvotes as that seems like a very valuable thing to do. As a new-born Steemian I appreciate you sharing what you've learned with the community. Your videos are great in both audio and video quality, keep up the great work!

Also I was wondering if you still recommend the steemfollowers tool?

@brandonfrye this is great because those who are invested in Steemit long-term need to know how to raise their profile score and gain exposure.

Trust is everything when deciding who to listen to.

It’s good that Steemit gives us the scoring feature to help us filter our content watching decisions and spend more time engaging with quality content creators such as yourself.

You're absolutely right. When I first came to Steemit I didn't understand the importance of the reputation score. That was until someone told me that they are actually more likely to click on an article when they see a score higher than 25 next to the name. Just as with life, reputation is very important here on Steemit.

wow that's very quick! Congrats =). I'm barely approaching 57 and already here since October...

That's great though! 57 is pretty high and I'm sure you'll see 60 very soon. Keep up the great work!

I'm really impressed with the potential of Steem.

Great video again. Congratulations on hitting a high reputation score. Hope you make a video about Voting Power. I increased my STEEM POWER to try and help my friends by upvoting their earlier posts. However, it seems that even if I power up to 20 SP it is not enough to have a 0.01 value for 100% upvote. Hope you can share your input on this.

thank you Brandon. I like how you help people to understand how you increase your popularity. But I get more and more the impression that steemit is so much about money and reputation. The good quality content seems to be rather a vehicle for the goal of big money. It is the same thing without steemit. If you have a business and a website and try to get recognized you pay for google ads etc. Here on Steemit you just pay bots to do the same thing. So basically you invest money in steem power and bots to upvote your content, so people will see your good quality content.

When I see really good content and no votes on it I think something is wrong. In comments I tried to encourage someone. And the articles got much better and with pictures, but still no votes. I don't have too much power yet. So even resteeming didn't help. I think it is really frustrating for people who have to share really interesting things and nobody listens and credits it. Maybe it is because of the used tags. Because if you use just tags that correspond to your article it might not be seen. I think it is sad that you have to use the tags that others are successful with.

Today I stumbled about an article about the future of steemit (sorry, I didn't bookmark it). And later saw an article about the planned Chinese social credit score. Somehow this is exactly what this other article warned about.

Hey @explorer79, that's an interesting viewpoint and I'm sure others have the same concerns or views. I've actually met many people here on Steemit who don't even care about money, following, or reputation. They simply use the site to create blogs that they share with family and friends.. and if somebody else likes it that's great too.

I actually didn't even think about the upvote bots affecting reputation until today. It wasn't my goal to use them in this way but it just came to me. With that said, I've gotten upvotes from some huge accounts here on Steemit that weren't bots, such as @thejohalfiles. These whales have found my posts and decided that they like them. Today is also a great example. @dtube found my video today and gave it a 30% upvote. This didn't require me using upvote bots at all. They found my video prior to any upvotes from bots so it wasn't even in trending or hot. With all that said, I am consistent with my work. So it's really no surprise that over time these accounts will find me. And if they decide the like what I'm doing then they have the opportunity to upvote me. I think this can happen to anyone, no matter the content or reputation they currently have.

But just as with YouTube, Vine (when it was around), FB business page, Twitter, a blog on your own website, etc., you have to put in the work to generate the following, views, Likes, and (with Steemit) reputation. Typically when I see people who are unhappy with Steemit or feel they should have gained more success, they usually aren't posting consistently or they've just gotten started on the platform. It usually has nothing to do with the type of content they're producing, but rather the quality and quantity. What's great is that there are more and more people coming from different niches who are sharing their awesome content here on the platform. This is creating more and more diversity here and will open the doors to more and more people.

And I would recommend that more people should be creating new tags rather than trying to fit their content into one of the more popular ones. We're growing at an exponential rate these days and those who claim a tag/category early on stand to do very well.

Thank you very much for your very long response. I hope you were not offended. It was not my intention to criticize you.
I didn't really start using steemit yet. I only uploaded a few pictures. So I'm still observing how things work here. But I'm planning to do more. But I won't have a consistent topic like you do. I have too many things I'm interested in which I would like to share. But I also know I won't get as many followers if I share a tutorial and later something about politics and another day something about religion etc. and most of it will be in German, because the German community is still pretty small.
I just hope when I'm discussing controversial topics I won't be flagged too much.

No offense taken at all. And you can absolutely write or vlog about different topics. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you want to zero in on a specific audience then you may want to stick to 3 or 4 topics at most. But it really depends on what you're trying to do on Steemit. There are many people who are very successful who simply vlog about whatever is on their mind. So please don't think that you have to narrow it down. And no, I don't think you'll be flagged for controversial topics. The main reasons people get flagged is for trying to game the system here, plagiarizing, or because they've gotten themselves into a flagging war with somebody lol. I just try and stay away from all of those things. :)

Thanks @brandonfrye for the advice. You're really interacting with your followers. Very good work. :)

Though I am around 200+ days old in Steemit I just became active at the start of 2018. I'm also interested in a lot of things and would like to post them here rather than another platform due to the fact that this platform is decentralized. Good luck. I will follow you and wait for your next great post.

I agree on this. Consistency seems to be the biggest factor. It should not matter if your first ten posts did not have the big upvotes as long as your next post is of great quality, you will catch a whale sooner or later. Using the bots will help as I have learned (and tried) from one of your videos.

Hello Brandon, I've done all of the things you advise but I haven't purchased upvotes, which accounts do you recommend buying upvotes from?

Thank you very much in advance :D

Hey @elpoliglota, I recommend following this video for finding profitable bots. But also you can check the bot's reputation by going to their Steemit page. Also be sure to use an upvote bot that has a maximum post age of 3 days.

I feel that I am on track as I just got to 45 since starting in December. I don't have a lot of time to post my own content but I try to engage in discussions with the people I follow daily. Looking forward to continuing growing on the platform.

This is my second day here. I am already at Level 38. I am trying to reach level 60 in 30 days. Wish me luck.

Great advice. I think you do a great job with your blog giving relevant information that really helps us new Steemians. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks @bowentroyer, I appreciate the feedback. I'll keep dishing out everything I'm learning here. There seems to be an opportunity for learning every day here on Steemit lol. :)

Your six commandments are so true...consistency i think is the key takeaway. - Upvoted you big fella!!

I follow you for your straight-forward advice and no-nonsense approach when it comes to tutorials and I think many others do also. Your reputation is well earned. Keep it up.

Guess I should take a look at some of your previous posts to learn from! Thanks for this info...

My recent posts:

Crypto-currency and Government Control…

Go Rogue…Change of Plans!!

Thanks for the great info! I've been on Steemit for 37 days and I think I have all of the steps figured out except #5. I've seen how that is possible but I haven't looked into actually doing it. Going to dive into right now...

Alright, SteemBotTracker is way easier than I thought it was going to be. I'll be using it on my next post that deserves the boost. Thank you again for motivating me to check it out!

many congrats to u ..achieve this task in few days ... I am new in steemit and me also try to achieve this goal...

Great content, thanks for posting!
Right now I am trying to establish a blog about 3D-Design and crypto and I always wonder if it's really worth it to pay for upvotes..
I am also not sure if I should buy more steem power?

Other from that, it is pretty clear to me that quality content gets the best votes, not necessarily the most tho.

do you think purchasing upvotes really works?

I love that you talked about how you found your niche. The hole video was really valuable, thank you!

Thanks for this! I am a newbie and I am serious about making this work for me :D

Your steem bot tip is I should be looking forward to get some reputation get going. and I won't be using any bot under my reputation.

Great idea. And yeah that just occurred to me today really. I had never considered my boy useage increasing my rep.

Actually I thought usage of bot is like bearing loss,because sometime the ROI is unexpected and resulting in losses.

I've actually never lost money using an upvote bot. Of course, I look at the long-term return from using them. Keep in mind that you get both SBD and Steem Power from the upvotes you receive.. not just SBD which you used to pay for the upvote. Plus.. from using the upvote bots you may hit the Hot or Trending sections on STeemit which gets you more viewers which means more natural upvotes and more followers who will upvote you in the future.

You had not being downvoted from 54 to 39.999 reputation level bcz one big whale did not like my progress in 3 months joining stemmit and makung so many friends...

I was going to reach level 60 in 3 mo ths but one big whale assinged downviting bot to down vote ne ftom 54 to 39.9 and he lost 17000 USD voting value at that time to fuck my acoount...
I wish from god that both of them will burn in hell.
لعنهما الله

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@brandonfrye Posts like yours are invaluable to a newbie like myself. I've been waiting about a week for my account to be approved but did not waste that week. I have spent almost 100 hours reading posts, taking notes (not to copy). I want to get it right, very inspirational so thank you for writing it :)

The reputation score is a really nice feature to help us know who adds value to the system and who is just in tow. We need to apply the methods that have been proven to work. We also need to be innovative and try out new concepts. We are not going to reinvent the wheel, but who says we cant make somethinh better than the wheel. Nothing is beyond our achieving it. Today is exactly my 19days on Steemit and am rocking a reputation of 39. I applied a lot of what @brandonfrye suggested. And oh - i was creative too!

You're absolutely right; we have to keep being creative and innovative with the ways we generate content and promote it to others. I couldn't agree more! Congrats on 19 days and already reaching 39. You're already on your way to 60 in 90 days. Keep up the great work!

That is great! Day 18 for me and I am hoping to get to 42 from 25. Not too shabby if I may say so.
All the best!


I love how your post is concise and informative. I will go through your articles and attempt to learn from them to the extent that is possible for me to mimic. Thanks @brandonfrye

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Thanks for this. A few good tips I'll be trying to implement. Consistency is defo key. Figuring out this new platform. Cheers T

This is only my second day here and I'm so in love, thanks to people like you, this platform has quickly become my new favorite place to spend my time. I look forward to all the discussions and debates I will have on steemit. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this information, I feel like I've spent a month in college after only watching videos for a couple hours.

AWESOME!! Thank's For The Amazing Meaningful Helpful and just all around great content daily!

You're welcome and thank you for watching! :)

Very helpful for me as one of the newbies, thanks for your great contant.

Number 2 should have the key word 'valuable' in it because that's exactly what this post is.

Thanks for the great tips @brandonfrye I really appreciate you giving us your tips to reach 60 in 3 months.
I joined Steemit in June of 2017 but didn't start posting until recent because I didn't think people would find my content valuable.

I was making comedy vlogs and videos and back then Steemit was all crypto and blockchain discussions which is great. But now that Dtube and Dlive are up I've been posting my Comedy Bits on here. Feel free to check them out on my channel.

Also if you know of any good comedians on Dtube, please let me know.

Thanks again for the great insight. Keep it up :)

I’m definitely going to have to check you out. Who doesn’t like comedy!? Glad to hear that you’re posting more now. I don’t know any other comedians on dtube but I hope that more will follow your lead!

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