How I Went From 25 to 60 Rep in Under 3 Months

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How I Went From 25 to 60 Rep in Under 3 Months

  1. Figured Out What My Following Likes Best
  2. Consistency - Delivered Content Regularly
  3. Engaged With My Followers
  4. Refrained From Posting Spam Comments or Plagiarized Content
  5. Purchased Upvotes From Accounts with High Rep
  6. My Followers Just Rock!

Links Mentioned in Today's Video:

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Great tips about how to increase reputation score. That is important too, along with some SP. About using the bots, I am not quite sure if that's profitable. I think, bots are profitable only when the price of Steem is going up, but when it's declining, then you lose when using the bot.

and lol, after I posted, I saw that those with unique comments will win 20 SBD. I know my comment is not congrats to those in advance who win SBD ;)

hey @brandonfrye, since i'm new here and i remember your older video on "is steemit really decentralized"...i just thought i'd reach out to you here. for what it's worth also....TO DOCUMENT on this blockchain....what has happened to me. apparently there is a civil war going on here on steemit. i upvoted a post by @haejin and innocently made a comment of support and appreciation. i found haejin on youtube a long time ago. i value his work shared here and on i commented. apparently @berniesanders downvoted with 18 accounts comment...and my reputation score dropped from a 37 to 24. being a newbie here...and super stoked to share about this blockchain and the platform steemit, i'm a little apprehensive to continue investing with my time and money. BUT....thanks to YOU....i am reassured that this has happened to you with grumpy cat. i shall continue on....unless this garbage continues...and i will just power down....and pursue other avenues. lol....funny!!! thanks for all you share brandon. you're doing great things here!!!! truly and example of what i've enjoyed seeing here on steemit in my short time. please keep it coming bro!

exyle....discusses the haejin...drama....toward the end of his video. posting this here...for any other newbies...or casualties of this flagging war. stay in JOY...and keep blogging! don't mind the drama!

Don't people frown upon other people paying for up votes via bots.. is that not just cheating the system so you can make more Steem $$ , if I am missing something maybe you can make a video about this topic.

Thanks @reseller, I appreciate the shoutout brother! :)

You do a nice job. Your testimony inspires me 🙌

Hey Brandon I'm fairly new to steemit about a month old I used a lot of your videos to get my foot in the door so I appreciate the tips tricks and instructions. I give you props for a connecting and giving feedback to others that follow and watch your videos.
I have a question on how we should go about getting recognized for our good content when we are new and unseen? There are a lot of individuals like yourself who usually follow and probably upvote a certain amount of other people that are already recognized. I know that there is a lot of good content out there and for somebody new putting out good content it may not get many views or likes so I'm not sure how to get more recognition on the platform thanks for pumping out the videos the clear easy to understand you're doing an awesome job!

Hey @jaredzimmerman, thanks for the support. I truly appreciate it!

I love this question because I too was brand new just 3 months ago. And now, I'm gaining recognition from accounts like @dtube and @thejohalfiles. I truly believe the biggest two factors are quality and consistency. I also created this video on things you can do to reach your goals and I've stuck to this religiously:

I can see from your channel that you're already gaining traction with upvotes, comments, and followers. So now all you need to do is continue pushing out content and tweaking where you feel you need to. If you listen closely to your following, they'll let you know exactly what they want.

thank you for the insight. My schedule was busy and it's hard to post consistently I do have a range of topics so I'm working on narrowing things down and posting more consistently thanks again for the reply!

i was just catching up on your older videos....when i saw you post this new one!!!! eating up your content bro!!!!!! so valuable!!!! priceless!!! congratulations on 60!!!! see you at 100!!! you're worth it! please keep uploading to youtube's how..this newbie... FOUND YOU!

Thanks @rawutah. I appreciate the love! And yes, I need to get a few more videos on YouTube for that very reason. I might actually upload this one from today. Thanks again!

Just discovered you the other day. Added you to my steem voter so I can read your posts daily. Thanks for posting good content and providing tips that will improve how I interact on Steemit.

Het Brandon

Huge congrats to you :-)

You have helped me so much on here without knowing it.

I have watched all of your videos on Youtube in a marathon as I was trying to learn as much as possible about a week ago now.

I have bookmarked some and keep going back to watch if I am uncertain about something.

Your videos are excellent and very easy to follow along with and explained in great detail :-)

If you could do a video on how to upload to DTube that would be great as Its driving me insane!!

Been trying for 5 days and nothing works. Different browsers, compressed videos, even a different computer and still get error :-(

What is your process for it?

Do you upload video and then the snip after it has uploaded or both at the same time?

Many thanks and congrats again.

You're one of the reasons i joined Dtube/Steemit because of the content you put on your YouTube channels in regards to steemit. When my YouTube channel was terminated (Long story but it was for no reason) because of your content i joined steemit i even mentioned you in my second video and tagged you as i was grateful. Now i can bring my music to the steemit/dtube/dsound platform. Keep up the wonderful work i just started afew days ago so i'm still learning but this is such an amazing platform. I see you have made a great achievement of going from 25 to 60 rep in 3 months i'm going to try and achieve this as well. Thanks for the tips Xx

I boosted my alt account from 25 to 50 in a few days. just use multiple high reputation upvote bots (higher the better i use bots that are 70+) on all your posts each day. I boosted from 30 to 38 in one singe vote from jerry banfield who has a rep of 73. Not organic but the purpose of me doing this is to keep the account safe from low rep downvoters.

Interesting information. Always wondered what causes the reputation score to change.

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