Steemit Bandwidth Error And How To Avoid It

in steemit •  10 months ago

I've had several of you ask why you're receiving an error regarding your bandwidth on Steemit. Because I had never experienced this issue myself, I had to do a little research to find the answer. In today's video I'll explain what this error means and how you can avoid it.

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Bandwidth is a very unique Steem mechanic, soon-to-be an EOS mechanic as well

@travellingwomen your every action requires bandwidth here .

Ways to save Bandwidth :

Resteem less posts . Some people resteem 5-10 posts a day as a result face bandwidth problem .

Avoid editing post as that counts as another post , similarly avoid editing comments .

Don't claim rewards frequently , you can claim them once a week if you are facing bandwidth issue .

Don't upvote every single post and comment , limit them to quality contents .

Try to deliver your message in single comment instead of in multi comments .Plan them accordingly .

While posting you may avoid uploading pics if not necessary .

Buy some steem and powerup , you wont face bw issues after 500 SP .

Check your bw on , if your bw is low you should avoid steemit till it recharges to your desired amount .

Darn, if I had waited two more days I could have avoided all the research I’ve done on this over the past couple days.
If you are the enthusiastic Steemit nerd who can’t get enough then put your hand up. 🤚
I have been very active in my 13 days here. I was interested in your “How to avoid” list. I think I have been luckier than some because I somehow naturally avoided several of those things. I have been very selective about who I follow and am still only following 21. I wish there was a way to control followers because many seem to follow me without even knowing what I’m about. I have been very careful with upvoting. My first day I upvoted like a madman and ended up diminishing my vote power to 5%. Ouch!!! It’s now back in the 90% range and I keep it above 80% at all times. What I am guilty of is giving a lot of thought and enthusiasm in my comments. I take the time to read and watch posts and respond with my opinions rather that a “cool”. I learned that this is killing my bandwidth. The bandwidth issue however is also linked to the time of day and how many users are currently online posting. Mornings are tough for me. Not sure why. I’m in the EST time zone.
What I have learned is the power of Steem. I will be careful not to redeem every little reward as I have been doing. I was already powering up every penny and will continue to do so.
Great video and thanks for the help.

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Its a big problem for mee thanks for sharing video i am going to check this
Keep it up God bless you I i ned any Q? i will drop a comment again.


Sounds great, @travellingwomen. I'm glad to help with anything you might have a question about.


Day time I can not face B.W error problem but at Night/evening Time i faced this problem
And every day it occu please explain little bit more


I always read your post but this time your post is very good for me because i faced ir again and again
I hope you will help me whenever i need, about steemit and its related things
Thanks God bless you

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Wow good to know never had this problem ether. Thanks for the video, keep up the good work.👍👏👏👏👏🎉upvoted and resteemed.


You're welcome and thank you. :)

I never knew about this. Why isn't this mentioned in Steemit's FAQ? Maybe it is and I just missed it.


I couldn't find it in the FAQs but I may have overlooked it. 🤔

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I've experienced it yesterday and it took me hours to find out how to solve the problem. No matter what i do the error still occurs "about bandwith saying steem needs to upgrade and stuff. Thanks for this post now i know what to do next time. Steemit is lucky to have you guys spread information like this to help us new users in finding out what to do when we encounter difficult problems. :)


Hey @johnmark23, I'm sorry to hear that you faced this issue yourself. You must have fixed it since you were able to leave a comment. Hopefully that won't happen again.


@brandonfrye yes but it took me few hours to figure things out. I'm just lucky I found some guys posting about this on the internet.

It only happen once for me and I waited a few minutes and I was good to go. But I also power up every time I can so it didn't happen again


Awesome, yeah keep powering up and you shouldn't have much of an issue. Somebody else posted that once you hit 500SP then you no longer have any bandwidth limitations. I haven't seen that anywhere but would make sense.


I'm nowhere near 500SP and I've never encountered this problem. Of course, I'm also not overdoing it on upvoting and commenting so maybe that is why.

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Interesting. Still feeling around, i can say for sure that i like it here.
So, to clarify, this is about actual entries to the blockchain, right? So, for instance, adding a video would just be one entry no matter the filesize of the file linked through the blockchain?
Im assuming this does replenish over time?


I believe the data (posts, videos, upvotes, etc.) are added to the blockchain in blocks. So some things may take up more of the block than others. But that's a simple way to put it. I don't know all of the ins and outs of the Steem blockchain... yet :) But yes, your bandwidth can replenish if it's just low. The fastest way to replenish it is to buy Steem Power.

Hey @brandonfrye,
Thank you for the USD 20 reward,today's video was a great learning experience.I got my faults thanks again.
By the way it's "I am anwaar"😊


You're very welcome! And ahh... thanks I'm terrible with pronunciations lol. :)

This is a problem to new users that haven't invested in steem. I have found that I get a lot more #bandwidth at certain times of the day.

I am Eastern Standard Time and have found that during the day is when the bandwidth is very low. Works great for me because I post at the optimal times of #steemit. Optimal time to post is 10 pm to 2 am which you will have a lot of bandwidth. You seem to get more activity at those times. It correlates with live streaming and youtube videos. It seems that we have more traffic at those times. Thank you for this great informative video. We all appreciate the hard work you do @brandonfrye


Thanks for that info @kbakadave, I would have never thought about that but it makes sense that at certain times you would have more bandwidth... depending on the traffic on Steemit.

Never knew about steemit bandwith until now, quite interesting. hope to see more of your works, because this happens to be very informative for me, i'm heading straight to your channel now, Resteemed!!


Thanks @akiripromise, I'm glad to help. This was an unknown issue to me too until I had a few people ask about it. I'm just glad there are ways to avoid it. :)

Good explanation. I have seen some people complaining about the bandwidth limit and have been wondering what it was.

This happened to me yesterday! I finally got enough bandwidth to make an Etherium to STEEM transfusion and after checking Steemd I had built close to 90% bandwidth. I can't help it....I upvote all my replies and if I find a small mistake in a previous post I have to edit! The most frustrating thing was not being able to power up without bandwidth! This is good stuff, Brandon!!!.....CARRY ON!

bandwidth issue mostly happens to new user and to the users who have less steem. So, if you are stuck at 15 initial steem delegated to you by steemit then this problem will happen to you. First week is always with out problem. Based on this first week's usage steem blockchain assigns a quota of bandwidth for the next week. When the users are more at a given period of time, then steemit puts restrictions on user with low steem power. Some times in negative.

One way to overcome this is to spend 1 steem per week and get delegation of 150 steem power from the minnowbooster. This not only helps in gaining more bandwidth but also helps in earning more curation reward.

The second way of getting around it is to use it when most of the users are not active on steem platform. Any one with 15 steem power will get atleast 19 MB bandwidth at that time.

Also, if some one is uploading photos, then it is better to reduce the resolution of the photo using free softwares like photoscape and all. This allows one to retain bandwidth to use later in the day.

Avoid resteeming completely specially when you have steem power between 15 to 30. Resteeming consumes a lot bandwidth. Concentrate on posting your own content more when you are new.

Editing a comment also consumes bandwidth. So, it is always better to check everything twice before hitting that post button. This has helped me a lot. I hope this helps people reading this post and are having this kind of problem.

Great post for steemit beginner @brandonfrye.

I've already faced the bandwidth issue, when I first started on Steemit due to the commenting and upvoting a lot of Quality contents, but I found solutions to this issue by reading some articles.

You're doing great by helping people in video tutorials. keep it up!

Although I've never witnessed this error on my account (boy, that would have been a terrible experience by what you've read!), I had unanswered questions about bandwidth since the very first few days I joined.

So, thanks for this post, really great research on your part! I upvoted and re-steemed (I'm not in the position to deplete my bandwidth with these actions, lol).

It would still be interesting to know what's the rate at which bandwidth regenerates every day.

@brandonfrye thanks for posting this. This has happened to me on several occasions and it is very frustrating. The even more frustrating thing is the bandwidth isn’t constant one minute i could have MB of data available the next minute i have Kb of data. It is all very inconsistent and annoying. Especially if you have a post you can’t comment on. The even more annoying thing is if you have absolutely no bandwidth you cant even power up steem in your wallet!! Its all quite disappointing but hanks on the advice on how to avoid it. Lets see how it pans out.

It's Like This Video Was For Me! I've Had This Problem Since The Day I Started! THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!

Hey. I wanted to show you this error to see if you know how to fix it. 28034267_10214173194662566_270326326_o.jpg

I am trying to upload a video to dtube and I keep getting that error.

Another thing that can burn through bandwidth fast is if you are viewing a stream on DLive and chatting in the live chat. At least last time I did this a week or two ago every chat you make is cross-posted as a comment on steemit and counts toward your bandwidth (a "feature" that should be removed or adjusted I think). Pretty easy to burn though a bunch of bandwidth when you think you're just chatting with the gamer/steamer.

I have never had the problem with low bandwitdth even tho i post a lot of comments and am pretty active on the site. I do however check the bandwidth a lot on steemd just to be safe. :)

We look forward to your new creativity and sparkle

LOL Killing me man. I didn't even know this was an issue until you did this post. I just checked and I'm at like 99% and I'm just going to play it safe...Power up :)

Makes the most sense. If you 'invest' your time and money in the platform you will be o.k. But thanks for shedding light on this...An issue I didn't even know existed 23 minutes ago LOL


Right, I had several people asking me about this and I was like, "What bandwidth issue!?" lol

Like you said, as long as you continue to power up your account you should never have any issue with this. Glad I could bring it up though just in case somebody asks you what is going on with their account.

Brandon, I love your videos so far but could you please link the source to the articles that you use? I would have loved to read along with the original that you found. Thank you for finding it and sharing it but please link it in the future.


Hey @shwimmy, I always link to the articles I'm referring to on my Steemit post. Please see below...

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 7.54.15 PM.png

Or maybe you mean on dtube. I can start adding them there as well. If that's what you meant, thanks for the suggestion!

I have had this problem a few times, I haven’t watched your video yet because I’m at work on break. Plan on watching it after work and to learn a few things. I just started following you since it looks like you have a lot of great info for someone like me to learn. Please keep up the good work!

Nice post but pls i need ur help am kinda new here
Pls take time out of ur busy schedule and go over to my blog post and help me with suggestions about what am doing wrong
And i dont need ur upvotes just ur suggestions