Comparing Bitcoin (2009) and Steem (2018)

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

I've been thinking about today's topic for over a month now and I finally decided to draw the comparison between Bitcoin mining and Steem Blogging. One of our top witnesses (and somebody I follow regularly for behind the scenes information on Steemit/Steem) is @exyle and he mirrored my thoughts in today's vlog. So I thought I would share my thoughts as well in hopes to encourage you guys to see the long-term value of Steem and the Steemit social platform.

See @exyle's vlog here for the complete comparison

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I have both and will never sell! lol Ill pass it down to the next generation when I pass


steem go to moon yeah !!


HODL all the way !

really insightful! thanks for sharing!

Thanks for information good luck and good job bro.


I don't like making predictions on coins because you really never know but I see STEEM being worth at least $100 by this time next year. It's the only coin of its kind and its what we need as a globalization. A decentralized social media network! This is an incredible concept. Sure a competitor could come along and do a better job, but as of right now theres nothing on this horizon and the sky is the limit for STEEM.


What if Steem gets competition? What if Facebook launches a vertical to counter Steem? What if EOS's social media portal is a hit...hard to say. it's going to be an exciting year for sure.


Well, more platform and competition means more choice for the users and more pressure for these blockchains to innovate. Plus then it means more source for content creators.. Whats not to love!!!


YES I have the same opinion STEEM is good !!!


I sure hope you are right.


Thanks @hercojlebroe34, and I see you're new to Steemit. So welcome to the platform! Glad to have you here :)


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol


A perfect picture of showing Steem power LOL


“The most urgent necessity is, not that the State should teach, but that it should allow education. All monopolies are detestable, but the worst of all is the monopoly of education.”
― Frédéric Bastiat, What Is Money?

The condition of Steem will same as the condition of Bitcoin in 2009

Awesome video!! It kind of puts into perspective the type of gains we could see down the road. I’m invested in other cryptos and am hodling for the long haul. I found Steemit by just being curious when I was searching for another altcoin to dive into.
But I fell in love with the platform and the community as a whole. While it’s not a perfect by any means as far as wealth distribution...I like to believe that honest, hardworking steamians will prosper in the future.
This is the only crypto that I know of where you can get into the game without investing any money of your own and build a stack of a worthy crypto. I feel a little better after watching this. : )
And yes. That’s a horrible tragedy in Florida. I feel for the parents and families of those injured and killed. : (


Thanks @tinylayla, I actually found Steemit the same way you did. One of the channels that I followed on YouTube was talking about Steem and Steemit and it got me interested. I decided to look into it and the rest is history, lol. I'm not heavily invested in Steem/Steemit both financially and with my time and feel this is the most undervalued crypto and blockchain out there.


We can get into without investing and apart from that you get a Blog without paying for hosting or domain where you can publish your content.

Steem has a very bright future indeed!

thanks for the info but steemit is the way forward


great video. I firmly believe that patterns tend to repeat themselves more and more the further you zoom out to look at something from a big picture perspective - so I found this very insightful.

Also, I think @aggroed is a chick.

Nice video!
Let's hope the best for steem :)

Thanks for the info! it's time to buy and hold forrver!

I think the School Shootings are a sign for EVERYONE to STOP sending their children to schools. Schools are Out-dated and do NOT serve the children of 2018 and beyond. The people who make the most money are the ones who drop out of school to pursue their dreams. Like every child should and every parent should support!



I get criticized a lot when I tell people that my kids are unschooled and in charge of their own learning. Many people don't realize the power of a child with the desire to learn what they want, when they want, and how they want. I can't wait to see the fruit from that tree


This is actually something that my girlfriend mentioned the other night. Homeschooling might be a better option these days or make certain grades available online. Oh, and I'm also not a huge fan of school either. The school system in the U.S. is not setup for entrepreneurs and leaves them wanting more. I'm one of those people and have really blossomed in my business since quitting college a few years back. Anyways, thanks for your comments and I completely agree with you.


I never liked school at all... I was popular and great in sports and that is what I lived for. But I did NOT find a passion in school, nor do I know anyone that does. It is all about seeking out one's own personal love for whatever it is.

I cant believe there arent more people on this platform. Paying creators for their content instead of some billionaire boy-king, whats not to like? Aside from the spammers and botpumpers I think this platform has great potential.

Great video, I have been telling everyone arround me that they should hold and just see it as a long term investment like 2 a 3 years. I started about a year ago with crypto's and when in december the hype started, complete mania. Then all my friends who I never heard talking about it now had crypto. I was like.. ow no shits about to get real.

But no I hear no one talk about it anymore. They all quit and have a little bit of it left rest sold and they dont see the value in it anymore wich is sad. Because they will be annoying in a few years that they didn't invest more and more into crypto.

Thanks for the video I liked it. Keep it up.

This is your good and charming anylasis about steem

I saw that post this morning from @exyle and thought along the exact same lines as you just did man.

The similarities are eerily similar but such a different beast.

Huge opportunity right now for people to roll up their sleeves and crush it with some great content.

Can't wait to see where we all are 24 months from now....Exciting times!


No doubt, those who begin building now on Steemit stand to have a very bright future. The hardest part for most people is they want to see the immediate payoff. But as you and I know you really have to have that long-term mindset. Anyways, I'm glad we're here to the party early my friend! :)


Looking forward to 24 months from now too. I'll come back to you and compare.

I followed @exyle. I agree with you that he is a very knowledgeable person. In addition to that, he is very consistent with more than 200 blogs to his name.

I believed that STEEM will rise in value as more and more people get into the platform. The most optimistic of all people here, @taskmaster4450 believe that STEEM will go to $100 per token at the end of the year.

I agree with you that we must take a long-term approach to this platform because we can take heed from Bitcoin miners who hold their coins up till this day and become successful. Great video there, Brandon. Upvoted!


You're right, @exyle is a great guy and full of information when it comes to programming and blockchain technology. Glad you're following him too. And $100? That would be awesome! That might not be too farfetched to see in the future. :)

I agree with all you said in the video. We have to value the fact that we are still here on Steemit while it still is in beta, because we are improving day by day in blogging and building a community. It only takes patience and being constant to build a good future for us.


You're absolutely right. We are the pioneers of this incredible community! :)

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The root issue with customary cash is all the assume that is required to influence it to work. The national bank must be trusted not to spoil the money, but rather the historical backdrop of fiat monetary standards is brimming with ruptures of that trust. Banks must be trusted to hold our cash and exchange it electronically, yet they loan it out in influxes of acknowledge rises for scarcely a portion for possible later use. We need to believe them with our protection, believe them not to let personality criminals deplete our records.
Thank you @brandonfrye

your video has updated me on what is happaning in the crypto market reguarding bitcoin and steem , thank you @brandonfrye

Thanks for information good luck and good job bro.

This is great. :)

I have accounts on both bitcoin and steemit ans looking for some answers on which one is better to put your money into. In my opinion steemit provides more opportunities for author, while bitcoin is for some business minded persons.

thanks for the information @brandonfrye now I have an idea which one is better. :)

Great info Brandon!

A well drafted video to showcase the strong propective of steem in coming days. The more u get into steemit, the more you gather steem ...which make quite a billionaire in coming years.
You predicted the future perfectly... Happy steeming 👍 @brandonfrye

Thanks for information and good job bro

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nice work

It is amazing and has a fantastic ability. Honestly enjoying the challenge, we will try to do the best of the best right now and make a wonderful moment together build with this extraordinary opportunity.

I am very bullish on Steem since I have found it, now I am interested in the effect of competition with EOS and the battle between @dan & @ben. @brandonfrye Will Steem remain the #1 as BTC has for so long now?
I personally will try to use both platforms and see if either has an edge in anyway, try cater to that platforms edge while still remaining equally active on the other platform as most do with facebook/twitter.
With a 2 year Steemopolis I hope it stays on top!



I'm most bullish on steem too, I mean, social media es now, almost, a basic need, many ppl live and feed on this, and being able to be paid for it... directly... over a blockchain technology... If this isn't the new Facebook I'll rename myself to Karen.


I call it the new Reddit, still very curious about the Eos Competitor


I'm gonna take a look on it, haven't seen it yet :o

I started to invest in bitcoin at the end of December 2017. Ever since then the price for bitcoin has dropped. I hope it goes up again. Thanks for sharing the post, was able to make a nice comparison.

Hace poco me registré en Steemit, y estoy leyendo blogs para comprender mejor cómo funciona todo esto. Muchas gracias por tu aporte!

Steemit has a bright future ahead. :)

Love the video. Please forgive the length of my response.

First, I will admit I was skeptical about crypto, even one month ago. I knew a bubble when I saw one, and honestly for the average person like myself there doesn't appear to be much value in most of these coins (including Bitcoin). You cant spend them like currency for the most part. But I kept researching and it led me to Steemit.

I saw the potential immediately. A social platform where you are still the product, but instead of some guy in a mansion profiting from you as a product, you profit from yourself as a product. It allows for the possibility of profiting while building an audience and relationships.

This must be approached as a long term investment. But it allows for so many facets of this, not solely relegated to the value of coin and Steem Power. I am a self published author, and as such I have spent many years studying branding, search placement etc. If people will just have patience as they develop, it will pick up steam.

One example of this is Google search. I have only checked one of my blog posts, but the title comes up first in Google search. This will allow organic traffic (which of course is dependent on how many people may search that phrase) who now may be swayed to follow if they are a member, or better yet join Steemit so they can follow. Helping me build my tribe as it strengthens the site.

The idea of Steemit is genius, and the smart token is yet another idea to get excited about. If it is seen through, it will help increase awareness of the site (and coin of course) helping growth. Notice my first excitement was over the site, not the coin. I added that in as I read over this editing for mistakes. This platform will introduce many like myself who never would have considered crypto for any other reason. Crypto is foreign for most, blogging and social platforms are not.

I see so much potential here that I bit the bullet and am going to try my hand with other alt coins, my plans to invest a portion of any profits into Steem to increase my long term position and influence here.

To sum this up bluntly, if not for Steem I doubt I would ever have jumped into crypto. I just didn't see it as anything other than a bunch of hype. Certainly nothing that I had a use for.


I am attached to your answer.

Really never thought about it this way. Also didn't know about that smart token!

Makes sense -- if the platform takes off, we early users will get the most benefit. BUT it will also get a lot harder for our content to rise to prominence (so much content to compete with). And those .02 SBD posts will mean a whole lot more over the next few years. How does the smart media token improve the value of Steem? Is that why Steemit dropped "beta" from its logo?

Hey Brandon! Awesome! I am learning so much from these videos on Dtube. I am new to crypto and all of this!

Upvote & Resteem

That is a very interesting comparison. I think steemit is so unique because anyone can mine it. You do not need a fancy computer or a ton of electricity. All you need is an idea and a smart phone.


Exactly, I've always been fascinated by the "proof of brain" concept.

Agreed, Steem is a long-term play. Can't expect Steem to go from $4 to $40 overnight. I think the important point is that Steem is a platform, not just a social network or a cryptocurrency. It's what people will build on top of Steem that will matter.

haha this was tight!

Added Feb 15th?! This mans living in the future!

i read some coments but i cant see the videos if you can show me how i will be so grateful

Yes, steem is not a overnight hit game, but bright future and safe. Before that, I only look up to bitcoin, but now I spend most of my business time to steem. I think all who knew about steem love it more than bitcoin, do you agree?

I'm positive it will reach 50$ maybe this year? That drives me

I'm kicking myself for not investing in bitcoin 4 years ago when I learned about it. I just didn't understand the whole process and was scared to invest in something I didn't understand. Just like you said in your video if we don't want to miss the boat we need to be blogging on Steemit. I think its awesome that it can be earned in the beginning without investing so that minnows can learn how it works without losing money. I feel like any entrepreneurial endeavor is a long term investment and sometimes people feel like giving up too soon. I love that your helping to inspire people to keep believing in steem, steemit and dtube. Everything you said makes total sense. I'm already starting to tell people I know about these platforms because its such a brilliant idea. Thanks for the video!

Great topic and information as well sir, I would like to say that steemit is a great oppertunity to value your free time.
A good comparison for beginners @brandonfrye.
May God bless you and you achieve more success. 😊

Hi thanks for this.. I learned a lot especially that I am just new at steemit. I am not a bitcoin miner before but I can say that I like the steemit more.. For me, here on steemit, I'm not just earning money but also learning. Also this widens my circle of friends, with the positive help from others I am now gaining more friends. I do watch only the first part of the video because I'm only using my mobile. Later I will watch the full coz I'm learning alot and I need time to listen carefully on this video.. hope to see more of this kind of post in the future.. more power bro.

Hi @brandonfrye I like your strategy to include your Recent Posts at the bottom of your post. It does seem like a good idea. I might try it myself!

So what I m hearing is jump ship from bitcoin and invest it all in steem! Ok I’ll do it 😊

Interesting article! Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

Can't wait till Steem 2025 another 7 years apart. Either extremely high or crypto died. Both scary thoughts.

Hey thanks for the info! I’m still trying to get this whole Steemit down, there is a learning curve. I have learned quite a bit though. One of the first things I did learn is that is is not a get rich quick thing. You gotta hodl long term. I’ve also learn that even though I seem to be learning and grow at it slower than most, it’s not a race. But at least I’m having fun as I earn while I learn.

If we can expect youtube and twitter to keep censoring content creators. Then invest in STEEM and ask your favorite content creators to move to this platform.

bitcoin is litcoin


জীবনে অনেক গান সুনিছি কিন্তু এত সুন্দর গান আর সুনিনাই বাংলা গান আশা করি সবাই সুনবেন গানটা

Just to add a simple chart i got my hands on you provided great info thanks alot

📉 - 94% June-November 2011 from $32 to $2

📉 - 36% June 2012 from $7 to $4

📉 - 79% April 2013 from $266 to $54

📉 - 87% from $1166 to $170 Nov 2013 to Jan 2015

📉 - 49% Feb 2014

📉 - 40% Sept 2017 from $5k to $2972

📉 - 55% Jan 2018 from $19000 to 8500


I think last drop was from 20k$ to 5,9k$ in only like 14 days longer frame.

Just something i got my hands on to show your followers and weak hands so they can HODL
📉 - 94% June-November 2011 from $32 to $2

📉 - 36% June 2012 from $7 to $4

📉 - 79% April 2013 from $266 to $54

📉 - 87% from $1166 to $170 Nov 2013 to Jan 2015

📉 - 49% Feb 2014

📉 - 40% Sept 2017 from $5k to $2972

📉 - 55% Jan 2018 from $19000 to 8500

Thank you...more valuable info that I can use!

@brandonfrye a very nice comparison of Bitcoin miners and Steem Blogging. And yes I agree that Steem, SBD, and SP are still in its infancy and I hope it will grow like Bitcoin. I would argue that the Bitcoin miners (which btw the majority are controlled by 4 major companies) is more analogus to the "Witnesses" on Steemit. This is because the Bitcoin miners have more control on what happens to the future of Bitcoin i.e. hard forks and the Steemit witnesses have control over the future of Steemit. Please correct me if I am wrong. I loved that in your vlog you used the term "missed the boat" @3:31 as I just made a meme "Did I miss the Bitcoin boat?" You can check it out here. Very new at this and enjoying your volg. Cheers!


Those are some great points, @rcebike. I honestly have more understanding of Steem than I do Bitcoin, so I'm not sure how much control the miners really have over the future of the blockchain. I don't believe that BTC blockchain changes that much unless there's a fork. And with Steem there really are no forks but rather changes that can be made to make things better which requires a large consensus of the top Steem witnesses. But again, I'm not as informed about the inner workings of BTC as I probably am with Steem. But you're absolutely right; there are only a handful of companies now that can actually compete (or afford) to participate in the mining of BTC. Great points you've made and things to consider. I appreciate it!

Very informative. I bet the year 2018 will be very good for Steem.

Very good points @brandonfrye and I echo your points on the terrible shooting in Florida. I believe there has been over 4000 gun deaths since the start of the year.

Yes if you look at coinmarket cap and look at the total supply of steem being at 266,388,915 and the circulating supply 249,414,821. It isn’t foing to be long before we reach that total supply. Which can only mean one thing the demand and price will go up, unless they are going to put more coins into the system. ( i can’t remember of the too of my head how many the plan to introduce yearly) so yes i could envision a massive rise in the not to diatant future.

Steem is better than bitcoin in transaction speed and no fees. I love both and hold both as I see a value in each coin. Great post!

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Dang, I feel like such a noob...Good video. What do you think will be more valuable SBD or Steem?

Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck

A bright thought and a language that we can easily understand. It is difficult to decide between two options related to the future. Now I better understand where we should go...

Really good information..... for newbie like me.It really motivate me to grow more in steemit...

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Nice infp

I like your attitude! Just loving what you do without any expectations works great! Everything else comes with waves when you are on the right frequency, going your own way!

Thanks for sharing! Keep on rocking!

iyi yazı teşekkürler


Good article man, keep up the good work!

a very good post. let me follow you @brandonfrye ... please support how to generate good post and get upvote

Steem & Steemit are pure brilliant innovation!
When i first researched about it, it really blew my mind.

As long as humans are being born, they will need to communicate.

So, there will always be demand for this platform, and its coin!

Converting people's time and thoughts to money is genius!

Back in the year 2011 i had heard about bitcoin mining. People were mining with their graphics card back then. I had decided to mine. It was one dollar back then. I tried researching how to mine but some youtube video put me off saying that it depends on luck and they would usually say that you are getting paid for the mathematical calculations your computer was doing for them. Basically what they were saying was turn your computer on and get paid. Instead of this it would have been great if some one made the effort to explain what bitcoin actually was.

If only i have had done a little more research in this then i would have made a lot of money by now. Sadly, i did not but never mind things happens.

With Steemit something different happened to with me. When i came to know about it the price of steem was just around dollar. I delayed joining in by 15 days. By this time the price of steem just doubled. By the time i was approved on the platform the price went even further up. This made it difficult for me to invest and i decided to not to invest in it but work for it. I decided that i would be making content on steemit and this way i will grow on the platfrom. It doesn't matter how small the growth be.

I had watched the exyle's video yesterday and he is quite right about everything that he said in his video. One steem today could be worth a lot more tomorrow or it could be nothing who knows. Since every year the amount of steem doubles i don't believe that it would one day reach 5000$. I doubt it would even go to 100$. I think this way because the development of steem depends on us the users. Many new users who are joining steemit are joining this platform for instant money. When they don't see any instant money they will leave. Some stay here and blog with patience and their patience also breaks one day seeing that their content is not getting discovered. This is one of the biggest problem that is happening here on steemit.

If everyone's content got discovered on steemit then there is quite a high possibility that the new users will stay and this would add to the development of this platform. And this is also healthy for the steem, as it will help in the increase of its price and all.


thats true...... just the wales have the Power....... more fairness on steemit

wonderful thank you for posting my friends goooooood luck

great post..
help me in steemit to have high upvote power, there may be many ways from you, and maybe i can ask one way of you to get high upvote value


create a new large whales in the internet world

steem value is all way's batter then sbd

Thank you for the comprehensive insight in your thoughts. I joined steemit not to make money. I joined because I like the idea of decentralizing social media platforms. And I am not disappointed; stemmit has a real good feeling to me. It really feels like the beginning of somethig great. Everybody (whale or plankton :-)) is interested to make the system work and therefore gives each other support!

The difficulty to earn steem and mine bitcoin is shown a little out of proportion here, @exyle states that it took a year to make 100 Steem in the beginning, while it took me not even the last two months to make that amount, so it’s much easier now. And nobody mines bitcoins with graphic cards anymore, not even field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), nowadays you need an application-specific integrated circuit or ASIC, specialized hardware which is used since roughly 5 years, so it is way harder now.

What I'd like to know is the comparison, contrasting the rise of what Bitcoin did back in the day versus Steem? It's 2 different technologies no doubt. SteemIT begs quality, which I think has more intrinsic value.

Lots of good point today. Especially to long time investments for example I bought some bitcoin in 2014 just after the crash when everybody was selling haha. And I reinvested them in another project the 15 of dec 17 if you do a quick math the ROI was really good, What made it even better the price drop just after. That part was just luck but I was looking for something to invested in for a while when the rice was going up.


Smart man! Yeah, always buy the dip and sell the highs. I bought BTC back in 2014 but only used it for purchases. Wish I would've just held onto it for sure! #hindsight


I got lucky but this investment as lots of potential I hope it was a good move I will only know for sure in a few years.

Dont really want steem going past $20.

steem bts eos all havingbright future steem will be 500 usd plus till 2019 jst hodl it

That's a sad news I've heard also about the shooting. But your video speaks a good's good we have learned about Steem early and we are riding a good ride for Steem's future.

In 1997 , there was a dot com bubble, the internet started exploding, because everybody believed that this is the next big thing.
Since everyone wanted to make money, people simply started throwing money at every new tech company, thats why new companies emerged every day!

very informativ bro, i could imagine dtube becoming the next youtube

That's exactly How I went through these days😊
My Heart 15022018183038.jpg

Im thinking about investing more in STEEM. Thank you for the information.

very inspiring, stop at account @ftryfitri aids vote yes PhotoGrid_1518701100336[1].jpg


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