Comparing Bitcoin (2009) and Steem (2018)

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I've been thinking about today's topic for over a month now and I finally decided to draw the comparison between Bitcoin mining and Steem Blogging. One of our top witnesses (and somebody I follow regularly for behind the scenes information on Steemit/Steem) is @exyle and he mirrored my thoughts in today's vlog. So I thought I would share my thoughts as well in hopes to encourage you guys to see the long-term value of Steem and the Steemit social platform.

See @exyle's vlog here for the complete comparison

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I have both and will never sell! lol Ill pass it down to the next generation when I pass

steem go to moon yeah !!

HODL all the way !

really insightful! thanks for sharing!

Thanks for information good luck and good job bro.

I don't like making predictions on coins because you really never know but I see STEEM being worth at least $100 by this time next year. It's the only coin of its kind and its what we need as a globalization. A decentralized social media network! This is an incredible concept. Sure a competitor could come along and do a better job, but as of right now theres nothing on this horizon and the sky is the limit for STEEM.

What if Steem gets competition? What if Facebook launches a vertical to counter Steem? What if EOS's social media portal is a hit...hard to say. it's going to be an exciting year for sure.

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Well, more platform and competition means more choice for the users and more pressure for these blockchains to innovate. Plus then it means more source for content creators.. Whats not to love!!!

YES I have the same opinion STEEM is good !!!

I sure hope you are right.


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

A perfect picture of showing Steem power LOL

Thanks @hercojlebroe34, and I see you're new to Steemit. So welcome to the platform! Glad to have you here :)


“The most urgent necessity is, not that the State should teach, but that it should allow education. All monopolies are detestable, but the worst of all is the monopoly of education.”
― Frédéric Bastiat, What Is Money?

The condition of Steem will same as the condition of Bitcoin in 2009

Awesome video!! It kind of puts into perspective the type of gains we could see down the road. I’m invested in other cryptos and am hodling for the long haul. I found Steemit by just being curious when I was searching for another altcoin to dive into.
But I fell in love with the platform and the community as a whole. While it’s not a perfect by any means as far as wealth distribution...I like to believe that honest, hardworking steamians will prosper in the future.
This is the only crypto that I know of where you can get into the game without investing any money of your own and build a stack of a worthy crypto. I feel a little better after watching this. : )
And yes. That’s a horrible tragedy in Florida. I feel for the parents and families of those injured and killed. : (

Thanks @tinylayla, I actually found Steemit the same way you did. One of the channels that I followed on YouTube was talking about Steem and Steemit and it got me interested. I decided to look into it and the rest is history, lol. I'm not heavily invested in Steem/Steemit both financially and with my time and feel this is the most undervalued crypto and blockchain out there.

We can get into without investing and apart from that you get a Blog without paying for hosting or domain where you can publish your content.

Steem has a very bright future indeed!

thanks for the info but steemit is the way forward

great video. I firmly believe that patterns tend to repeat themselves more and more the further you zoom out to look at something from a big picture perspective - so I found this very insightful.

Also, I think @aggroed is a chick.

Nice video!
Let's hope the best for steem :)

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