Steemit Games? Yes, And Today We Test Out Steemgar!

in steemit •  8 months ago

I've always believed that the possibilities with Steem/Steemit were endless. But I never really imagined I would be playing video games that rewarded me in Steem. That was until I came across Steemgar last week. This is a rendition of the popular online video game But instead of winning bragging rights... you win Steem! How Cool!? Today I test out Steemgar which was developed (and maintained) by @igster and @steemplayroom to see what all the fuss is about.

Steemgar Introduction Post
See When The Next Game Starts
Play The Game

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Create an application pedometer for android where the winner will be the one who will pass more for the day!

Do you have a commodore 64? Or an atari?
19-0.57 21"


i had a commadore vic 20 lol!!! loved it! "ready player one!"


Lol, I used to have an Atari but no the Commodore. :)


brandon....i can't wait for your posts!!! my favorite content provider in all of steem land! thank you!


Thanks @rawutah I really appreciate that! 😊

This is great as it demonstrates the flexibility and possibilities of the platform. It is also away to engage with the community as well. It reminds of the way Facebook started integrating games like FarmVille and other on their platform but this time we monetize the community and platform not advertisers.


Absolutely! Power to the people 🙌🏻

hi Brandon whats going on today how are you doing.


Doing awesome man! Hope you're having a nice start to the week :)


no right now now I am dealing with the flu and it is miserable


Oh man, I'm sorry. I know a LOT of people have been hit with that this year. Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Hopefully you'll be feeling brand new soon!

The truth is, Steemit has such great potential. Fast-forward two years and I think we'll be saying, "I didn't know I could do that on Steemit!" The amazing possibilities begin Here



Right!? Who knows what will be next? But I'm continually amazed by everything coming to the Steem blockchain.

I think it's great to have different things to do with Steem to make it popular with different people for different reasons. Not everyone is a writer or a video maker, so introducing them to the currency with gaming... That's pretty cool.


Very good point. It's an introduction to blockchain technology and crypto currency for many people. And what better way to get introduced than through gaming? :)


Yup! When a kid's mom yells at them for gaming, he or she can simply answer with "I'm paying some bills, Mom. Be right there...". lol Also, time is a valuable commodity. Why not kill 2 birds with one stone.

"" now it's guaranteed steemit will moon.😁


Wow this is so cool! Now I'm not much of a gamer, but the never ending possibilities of Steem never stop! Can't to wait and see what the future holds. Thanks for sharing! @journeyfreedom


You're welcome. And yes, so much to look forward to here with Steem/Steemit. The possibilities truly are endless! 😁

Who would've thought that it'd be possible to make money playing video games? This is just one way in which that's possible. It's crazy / awesome that people are doing things like that instead of working 9-5 jobs. Granted, this game might not make anyone a fortune, but it's still easy money. Is the game fun at least?


I'm looking forward to more game developers coming to the Steem blockchain. I really think this is just the beginning! :)

10 years from now....

Mother to her child, "What did I tell you about playing those games? We need a new car. Now get back online and earn us some Steem!"


LOL, funny how the world is changing. 🤣

In so many ways we are just unsurfacing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Steemit.... I’m just thankful that I’m getting in now rather than later when all the real hype starts.


Same here! We'll be saying, "Remember when they first started adding games to Steemit?" lol

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Cool I'll Try It!


It's pretty fun. Just wish there were more games per hour. But let me know what you think!


I like it!

This is crazy, I cannot believe the possibilities that #Steemit is bringing to the table. I am 100% going to check these games out and try out my luck! Thanks for sharing. How much have you made so far?


I lost today's game lol. So I haven't made anything gaming on Steemit yet. But check it out and let me know what you think. If you win you have to let us know! :)

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@brandonfrye Cool! This is fun with the motivating incentive of steem. making crypto playing games..that sounds grand to me.
Excellent post!


Yeah this is incredible and sheds light on the future of Steemit and the amazing things to come.

I already tried it the last round and was close to win the round, that's a gift really


I’m definitely gonna have to practice some myself lol.

I think that's the best way to get some free money here


It’s definitely the funnest way for sure! 😀

This is nuts. Steem is unstoppable. I agree with @jongolson, this will be attractive to a lot of the FB gamers :-)


Yes I definitely hope so!


I do as well. Attracting the masses is what this platform really needs.

I will never miss the chance to build my account SP using this easy tip game


It’s a pretty cool way to earn some extra coins. 😁

Oooh man.. I'm going to try this right now! ^^

Speaking of games, I've had my eye on something called UnicornGo[dot]io for the past week. I'm not sure about them though... Could you check them out, see if they're legit? (They're like KryptoKitties, but better, or so they say).


Yeah I'll have to take a look at it. Thanks for the suggestion!


Sure =) Apparently in the presale, if you buy a certain amount, they give you a Gen0 unicorn. But the amount is 1Eth, lol. I wish I had the guts to do it. Gen0 Kitties are worth a lot these days.

Pretty sweet.

Thanks for showing it to the masses. Their steem power already increased. I tried it, but died too early, haha.
There are also other ideas how to earn crypto-money, like getting payed for listening to the radio, unfortunately not (yet) in steemit. It is called Bitradio and they have their own crypto currency called BRO. But it takes like almost a week of constant streaming until you earn one BRO, which is still not worth much, just something like US $ 0.21. I also don't see a chance for it to increase since it is probably just based on advertisement in those radio streams. But at least the idea is out there.


Awesome, I'm sure Steemgar will continue to receive more and more delegation as time goes on.. making the game more monetarily rewarding. And radio sounds interesting for a blockchain. I'm not sure if it's similar to Dsound or only streaming. But it's always interesting to hear about the different things being created.

One of my favourite movies is The Blob (the original AND the remake) so I think I will give this a try. It looks fun. Thanks for showing it to us.


Lol, the Blob! I really couldn't think of any way else to describe it. It IS pretty fun and I hope that they'll have games every 20 minutes in the future. They've already got a good amount of people lining up every hour to play but I think it would be great to have 3 games every hour instead of 1. I'm going to have to practice some more... I really need it. 🙃🎮


I think your description was an accurate one.

I just gave it a try and the game froze after 30 seconds. Now I have to wait another hour to try again.


Yeah, I heard that they were having problems currently (or.. yesterday). I'd like to take credit for the overload but I'm not sure that's accurate lol. They'll need to keep updating the servers as time goes on and the game gets more and more popular.

Woah! Now that's awesome. I remember days when my parents would get mad at me for playing video games. Now that you could earn something as you play a game it levels up. This platform indeed is making some waves, everyday I learn something new and It totally blows me away.

Alright, this is definitely cool! I'd like to see a space shooter, or maybe even an FPS game where we could earn Steem, that would be really cool!
Or, maybe a Steemit rail shooter! House of the Dead Steemit!

genius and even better that you brought it up to all your followers who are alot of people, your youtube vidoes are amazing. the blob remind me of games i use to play in 90s eating others to piss people off lol. steem has it all steem just got more fun thanks to you my man

thanks for posting this steemit guru @brandonfrye keep posting stuff like this and keep educating newbies like us hope to see more informative stuff from you thanks again.

It's going to be interesting to see all the new things 2018 has in store for the steem blockchain.
No matter what interest's you there should be some online activity that you can move to steem and start earning from!

What a nice gift man . Thank you very much .

Can you tell me which key should we submit while login to agar game using steemconnect ?

brandon please teach me how to make video like that ...


Hi @nabilah48, thanks for reaching out. I recently did an overview of all the software and products that I use to create my videos. It might be helpful for you. You can check it out here:

This is really neat. I had no idea that games existed on this platform. It is incredible the type of technology we have at our fingertips. I'm a big gamer and can't wait to check these out more. Thank you @brandonfrye

It is a good new innovation on the Steem blockchain, I already have familiarity with it. Thanks to @cryptoctopus that he helps this project to grow and He also reward the winner of the game by upvoting.

@brandonfrye, Is the game will show the result on Steemit, Like the other steem blockchain apps posts show?

Ha ha ha ha ha Who needs Twitch or Dlive when you have Steemgar LOL

Good try man and thanks for the coverage of this. Pretty awesome to see things like this being developed. This has the potential to attract a lot of new type of gamers....The Facebook-Web based gamers that is lol


Lol, the possibilities of Steem truly are endless!! I think this is just the beginning of Steem-based games. In fact, Steemgar may get game development her on Steem really started!


You could play this game and record yourself on DLive and do a little double dipping.


LOL True true! Might have to give that a go this week.

It is great to see how endless the possibilitys are on steemit
there is nearly any kind of application able to be used with this blockchain crazy but nice :D

This is so awesome, can anyone tell me if there is a risk signing into 3rd party sites like that with your steemconnect?

I always follow the post ,, hope we can exchange knowledge ,, do not forget to visit my steemit

...i'm already waiting for a cryptocurrency/blockchain based MMORPG :D

Visited your blog after few weeks amazing post as before , new platform and opportunities you post every time ... have you any chat group like discord or any other i have to talk with you on some project

Have you seen the Poker Room? Pac Man? I think it's super cool.