Steemit Games? Yes, And Today We Test Out Steemgar!

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I've always believed that the possibilities with Steem/Steemit were endless. But I never really imagined I would be playing video games that rewarded me in Steem. That was until I came across Steemgar last week. This is a rendition of the popular online video game But instead of winning bragging rights... you win Steem! How Cool!? Today I test out Steemgar which was developed (and maintained) by @igster and @steemplayroom to see what all the fuss is about.

Steemgar Introduction Post
See When The Next Game Starts
Play The Game

If you're interested in more videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

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Create an application pedometer for android where the winner will be the one who will pass more for the day!

Do you have a commodore 64? Or an atari?
19-0.57 21"

i had a commadore vic 20 lol!!! loved it! "ready player one!"

Lol, I used to have an Atari but no the Commodore. :)

brandon....i can't wait for your posts!!! my favorite content provider in all of steem land! thank you!

Thanks @rawutah I really appreciate that! 😊

Who would've thought that it'd be possible to make money playing video games? This is just one way in which that's possible. It's crazy / awesome that people are doing things like that instead of working 9-5 jobs. Granted, this game might not make anyone a fortune, but it's still easy money. Is the game fun at least?

I'm looking forward to more game developers coming to the Steem blockchain. I really think this is just the beginning! :)

brandon please teach me how to make video like that ...

Hi @nabilah48, thanks for reaching out. I recently did an overview of all the software and products that I use to create my videos. It might be helpful for you. You can check it out here:

...i'm already waiting for a cryptocurrency/blockchain based MMORPG :D

10 years from now....

Mother to her child, "What did I tell you about playing those games? We need a new car. Now get back online and earn us some Steem!"

LOL, funny how the world is changing. 🤣

genius and even better that you brought it up to all your followers who are alot of people, your youtube vidoes are amazing. the blob remind me of games i use to play in 90s eating others to piss people off lol. steem has it all steem just got more fun thanks to you my man

hi Brandon whats going on today how are you doing.

Doing awesome man! Hope you're having a nice start to the week :)

no right now now I am dealing with the flu and it is miserable

Oh man, I'm sorry. I know a LOT of people have been hit with that this year. Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Hopefully you'll be feeling brand new soon!

Ha ha ha ha ha Who needs Twitch or Dlive when you have Steemgar LOL

Good try man and thanks for the coverage of this. Pretty awesome to see things like this being developed. This has the potential to attract a lot of new type of gamers....The Facebook-Web based gamers that is lol

Lol, the possibilities of Steem truly are endless!! I think this is just the beginning of Steem-based games. In fact, Steemgar may get game development her on Steem really started!

You could play this game and record yourself on DLive and do a little double dipping.

LOL True true! Might have to give that a go this week.

Have you seen the Poker Room? Pac Man? I think it's super cool.

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