Steemit Reputation: How It Works and How to Gain More of It

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Steemit Reputation: How It Works and How to Gain More of It

Have you ever wondered what that little number on your Steemit profile by your name means? It's a calculation of your reputation on the Steem blockchain and plays an important role in how other users on Steemit perceive you. Moreover, it can also have an affect on the visibility of your posts on Steemit, Dtube, and any other website built on the Steem blockchain. So in today's video I will cover the basics of reputation and ways you can increase your reputation here on Steemit naturally.

Links mentioned in today's video:

What is Steemit Reputation and How Does It Work?
How Reputation Scores are Calculated with Simple Math
Steemit FAQ: Reputation
What Are Steem Witnesses?

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I was wondering what gets my reputation up, and had little cue. Thanks for clarifying these things . I really enjoying your videos . This is not flirting this is reality.
But I have a question : does reputation influence the Monstary income? I ve seen people with( minus 7 reputation) but still featuring in the “trending” posts on steemit


Great question! And no not necessarily. You can have a low reputation but still have people who are following you who have big accounts (money). The money you earn for your posts is solely determined by that. Also, if you have, say a $1million account, and you upvote your own post then you will earn a lot from your own upvote.

That's true. I saw someone with a -18 score rake in over $800 on a single post.

Thanks for clarifying. I personally worry to follow people under the starting reputation score (25) .. it feels something wrong over there ! However, now I think I shouldn’t judge the same again, maybe someone else ( big account) just did a mistake and flagged them. It’s worth to help them as we can then.

Although my style is to put it out there and leave it to the four winds to decide its merit, it was interesting to learn how those type of things are decided.

I like your ( four winds) expression :)

Thanks for the video man.

You're very welcome, I'm glad it helped! :)

I watched your video on YouTube. But upvoting on this platform. I am new to Steemit and have been doing some of the suggestions you have expounded on. I am finding that some people engage in meaningful conversation in response to my posts and give commendable suggestions or identify that they like it for one reason or another. Others may only have time to browse and upvote. I feel blessed for all of the interaction I have attained since utilizing this platform, as i chosen it over YouTube. I find that many Steemians with significant reputation levels and followers that are actively participating on their blogs present information similar to what your focus is. Do you feel that Steemit participants are also interested in everyday posts. In using everyday to describe posts, I mean, in posts that relate to activities of daily living? I am certain that you have many to respond to but, if you have the opportunity, please elaborate on my question. I appreciate your suggestions and hope that we all achieve Steemit success. Thanks

Finally somebody to brake it down for us the newbies , i've watched many videos that confused me even more, this one made it clear , reputation - reputation - reputation !!thanks Brandon

Are Steemit And D-TUbe Connected?

They're both user interfaces built on the Steem blockchain, so yes. They're just different websites/interfaces attached to the same data.

Ok Thank's!!

Thanks for the informative video, learned a lot. I like how the reputation system here on STEEM is similar to reputation in real life like you said. "It takes a long time to build reputation, but it can be lost with one mistake". This rule will motivate individuals to create more quality content which in turn will make STEEM's content even more valuable. The future is bright.

(49) reputation its good?

Yep, as I mention in today's video "If you're above a 25 reputation then you're doing the right things". Keep on organically building your reputation by posting content and commenting on posts.

yes that what i'm doing in your post but you forget to support me my dear @brandonfrye can you resteem one post of my blog

Your post resteemed

Thank you for this great reminder :)

I have seen reputations of like 73 as the highest. I'm assuming it doesn't get much higher than that. But I like what you said in the comment above...Organically!

Grow it without trying to game the system and we should do good.

I'll tell you what though, logging in and seeing your rep increase is pretty special. 50 is next for me....Life goals! lol

Yeah, I'm not sure what the current highest reputation is. I believe it can go as high as 80 but I've never seen one myself. I imagined, like you said, it could take a bit of work to get that high. Congrats on the upcoming rep. You do an awesome job of posting AND commenting which makes Steemit a much better place.

Appreciate it man. Slow and steady for me. Learning everyday. Been a blast so far!

Thank you for taking the time to explain this, as a new member, I was wondering how to get that little number up. Keep up the good work. :)

Thanks @tony67, glad that helped.

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