Vlog 238: Steem price back to $3. Markets looking for direction and I'm waiting.

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I woke up this morning with $3 STEEM and an SBD worth $3.20.

But it's red across the whole crypto space.

These markets are still looking for direction.

And I'm waiting.

To make me feel better I did a round of statistics and it looks good.

Around 40k accounts created this week.

200.000 less liquid STEEM on the market in the last 4 days and even more powered up.

And around 64K active users on the blockchain yesterday alone.

Good numbers and that is what I focus on from an investor point of view.

So I continue my current plan, selling SBD's and using some of them to buy more STEEM.

I also talk a little bit about the trending page which looks very interesting this morning.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

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"and I'm waiting"
That's exactly the problem when everybody keeps waiting.


That's a good point!

crypto trying to find direction right on!! I think a few more days and then we start a new bull trend! Also in a crazy pump steem backed dollars goes north of $30 this year. I know it is supposed to be pegged to $1 usd but that does not factor in PUMPS!! Also the supply of sbd is low ??? Do you know the circulating supply!!?

@exyle I tend to listen to you Mark and I have been wanting to deploy more new funds into some fresh crypto buys. I am being patient since we may go just a little bit lower............SBD into STEEM is probably a good thing..........


I'm also waiting. I have some fiat on the sideline in case it goes much lower. But my baseline is really low (around BTC $6000).


Me too, everyday I watch his videos. I´m in the same situation as you are, I´m waiting just a little bit longer to see if BTC goes down again and all the other coins follow, so I can buy for prices even cheaper, that way there is more potential money to be made. (obviously, I want to buy a lot of STEEM)

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I'm also selling all my SBD that I earn and buy Steem Power. But my decision is simplified by the fact that I'm new and I have really small amount of SP so it's not like I could have anything better to do with the SBD that I earn.

I definitely think Steemit and STEEM will have a great year ahead. It's just that the crypto market as a whole had a pretty rough start of the year like it happens most time. It will pick up the pace tough in my opinion.

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In the long run, it will be fine. I checked out your steempower and noticed you use blocktrades to get SP. It's a great service to convert to other crypto. But you might want to try the internal market here if you want SP. It gives a slightly better deal at the moment. 0.96SBD = 1 STEEM.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ha. Thanks for the tip. Will look into it. I Used Blocktrades since the beginning and haven't looked into any alternatives.

As for "it will be fine in the long run". Sure it will, but "long run" is not the favourite word of people who are into crypto lol. 1 month in crypto = 10 years in real life.:D

But I agree, good things come to those who wait.


Yeah, long-term investing is not everyone's game :)

is now the right time to buy SBD? I myself want to start investing SBD when the exchange rate is below $ 3.00.
because I am sure, SBD will be above $4.00 in april

  ·  last year (edited)

Personally, I would only buy SBD when it's below a $1.

The market is cyclical and no one can call the bottom with absolute precision. The only real way is to dollar cost average on the way down.


I agree that's how I have bought most of my crypto. But at the moment it's still too high for me to start this process.

no worries about the downfall we have seen top highs so this phase will be going away too like you say go outside and relax hahah that's the thing i like to do now but stat's look good from steem point of view and trending page is just and open letter nowadays hahah

at this moment I am not selling my SBD, I will start selling it after it exceeds $ 5.00 dollars, I intend to recompose my voting power, a few months ago due to personal problems I had to perform power dow, note that in doing so my Offsets decreased a lot.
Thank you very much for sharing your experience and point of view
I wish you a great day dear friend @exyle


Seeing that this is coming from someone of your reputation, my hopes have increased. Im also waiting for sbd to cross the 5 dollar line before I consider selling but before it gets to that point I might have powered up even.

Nice videos!
I think over time steem will establish as soon as the majority of the people understands the advantages of a soical media plattform on a blockchain.

So I think you can be optimstic with your investment, patience is the key for most things in life ;)

Thank you!

I´m pretty new here and would like to connect to other people here any advice? :)

I agree with you that it is important to have fun and enjoy oneself on this platform and focus on one's blog to "mine" content and not be distracted on what is going on the Trending segment.

Wow! $31,000 on a single post. That's insane! Anyway's great video. Upvoted!

if it keeps this level for the next 2-3 weeks I may have incentive to put some fiat into it. But I'm still not sure that Steem has the potential to reach over 15$/SBD in the short/medium term, sometimes I think it lacks a certain market hype, which can be a good thing because nobody likes when a price bubble bursts.

Markets are coming down, with this correction of BTC price, after failing to break the $12k peak.
I´m loving my experience in the Steemit community and I don´t mind the price at all, because I´m holding for the next years. The only problem for me with STEEM being so low, It´s such a good price to buy more that I´am always controlling my impulse to avoid making a crazy move.

Perfect start of the day for me too, except I overslept a couple more hours and was walking like a zombie :(
Ah, I don't care anymore about the price changes. Let's just have fun.


good point of view

Another great vlog @exyle. You are right about why it is better for anyone to focus on his own blog rather than other's decision to use voting bots. I am for real personal upvotes and interactions. It has to be supported on Steemit someway, in my opinion but it's totally fine if anyone uses bots. It is decentralized and free space where anyone can choose their own strategy.

That's a lot of accounts created in a week, imagine the flood after faster sign ups are implemented.
All we have to do now is work on retention :)

Nice video friend and yes steem is at the bottom now and it is a great chance to buy more steem at this rate because we might not able to see 3$ again in future, i will surely buy more steem soon because i think steem from there will only go upwards, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts with us friend and wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors! Stay blessed

people seem to lost hope in Teem lately...but there are great hopes for the future..thanks for this @exyle

I'm not that good in the trading sytem behind Steemit, but with your blogposts I learned a lot more. Thank you very much for that! @exyle

I came here to find a platform for my teachings after all the Youtube BS and became a real Steemit believer on the way. I'm educating myself, one day at a time and I just wanted to thank you for your help with this! Still don't know how to ad money to a post to give you as a thanks though.

it's been a long while it's been hanging on $3 we are waiting it to get pull back woth the value of $10 all we can do is wait and hope for good @exyle


I hope SBD will be above $10 in near time.. :-)

i'm new your to blog..my dear friend @exyle..
SBD into STEEM is probably a good thing..........
thank you for sharing with us.

But one day i sleep $4 and woke up with &3.5
Haha very big problem

wow,this is a wonderfull plans of future success.you selling sbd and use some of them to buy steem.its really important of steemit future success.your idea always super come down of success in your life.buy and selling it is 2 things very important of steemit for good result.i hope that,this idea perfectly doing apply all people very soon of her future settle.i don,t know this important matter.but your everyday post to see your good information i am clear of this valuable matter. my wishes your best future in the steemit platform this good direction method.thank u very much for your good post sharing.everything is perfect sir... @exyle

The progress is racing, I'm happy

all of a sudden it came back down well hopefully it will be back up soon

Yeah good post

thanks buddy for your information. this information helpful to us.

i think its bad news i am waiting to rates go high

thank you so much for share with us

éxito en todas sus publicaciones, te sigo

There is such a huge demand at the moment for new accounts on steemit but I guess the currency itself is stuck in the same pattern as bitcoin, however the channel is certainly getting narrower so I would suspect a price breakout to occur at some point this month!

Great work there. Sbd will have a better place in crypto world.

I also awaiting and during this period of time I started collecting more SP! I feel SP will become the most precious investment soon!


well as a platform steemit is going well, rather I would say spreading crazily,
but steem and sbd's are not growing as I think they would grow. but always hope for the good <3

Thanks for the post. I'm hopeful for Steemit. I'm powering up as I go but only starting with about 50SP that I invested in, to begin with. STEEM & SBD have dropped a lot since I purchased though but I believe in this platform and am in it for the long-term. It's reassuring to know that you're still selling your sbd and powering up. Thanks for sharing your insights

Steem under $3 seems like a pretty good deal to me if coming from fiat, but what the heck do I know.

I still naively wait for one of them little SBD pumps to exchange it for Steem then. At least they both move together so I won’t really miss an opportunity to exchange it a bit later. And I hope the market’s direction finally points up again. It’s about time!

I have been a bit lazy to change my SBD to steem, not sure why.... Seems now will be the best time for that.

2$.. and 3$ it is the new bottom... we must be patient...
And I think next big rise is 10 or 15 $ steem .
and then it come back 6..7 $ a steem and then it go up 20$ . This what I think.


I would like to see STEEM and SBD to go up in price much more....Why does it not move up faster with so many Steemians signing up to use the plateform?

Another good time to purchase some cryptos
Apparently, we might still need fiat to co-exist along side cryptos.
Purchasing via fiat as it is now is much more beneficial.
With your analysis I feel Steem might want to take a big move upwards sooner

Thanks for your thoughts on the Haeijn situation @exyle. I agree with you, it's not worth getting upset about. When I first came to Steemit I used to read a lot of those posts but just found them demotivating so I stopped doing so. If I'm not having fun I can't see much point in being here, 😊

I'm also selling all my SBD that I earn and buy Steem Power. But my decision is simplified by the fact that I'm new and I have really small amount of SP so it's not like I could have anything better to do with the SBD that I earn.

I definitely think Steemit and STEEM will have a great year ahead. It's just that the crypto market as a whole had a pretty rough start of the year like it happens most time. It will pick up the pace tough in my opinion.

I'm waiting"
That's exactly the problem when everybody keeps waiting.SBD into STEEM is probably a good thing..........

That's exactly the problem when everybody keeps waiting.

-7 Damn fam! i hope your not talking about Fahrenheit in USA that's cold doggie

Waiting for SBD to rise. I need to power-up my account. Need to convert approx 17 SBD to Steem.

We wait. What else can you do.. I dont expect a big movement until SMTs are announced. We could see a nice peak then for a while

I am waiting to more down fall of steem price ,so that i could power up steem by selling sbds.


Waiting for the exact same thing. Hope it happens soon. 0.75 SBD for a Steem sounds like a good deal.

The way the crypto market has been red since the begining of the year.. it's really heartbreaking but i feel this is the best time to buy more steem and power up..
If only i had enough money😂😂😂😂


This has been my thought brother. I wish i can get access to a 2m naira loan lol.

inspiring channel!

Well some goo d& bad news all together :)

Hope the market gets stable in the coming time !

what a creativity!!

Selling SBD and using some of them to buy STEEM. That's a good plan

  ·  last year (edited)

It appears to be profit taking time again for some large whales. Ok, we wait again, and then watch everything go back up.

Actually waiting might not be a good thing. Throwing $100 or $200 of fiat into crypto might be a good idea

I think long-run.
It is not important when to buy, it is important when to sell, and I don't plan to sell in the near future so the present price is not an issue for me.