Steemit Registration: How To Speed Up The Process

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Steemit Registration: How To Speed Up The Process

Over the last few weeks I've received numerous complaints from people about the wait time for creating a new Steemit account. Some users are claiming that the process now takes between 7-10 days. While this isn't necessarily a good thing, it does show that Steemit is onboarding more members than they ever have before... and that's good! But in today's video I will explain the lag time, plus I'll share two services you can use to onboard your friends and family faster.

Links mentioned in today's video:

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Really? What a SUPRISE! to find just now, a hidden treasure, in my Wallet!
I am simply astounded by your gereorous Deposit.
I was just thinking of allocating my SBDs for a small investment in Minnowbooster, when i looked in my wallet and there was almost 3 times the SBD as what I had before.
Then i saw it was you!
I send massive apprication to you and all youve done, and all your doing and being as a really cool Tutor, and Steemian. Your example is giving me, and down the road, other Plankton's and minnows a way to swim upwards and powering up onwards to dolphin hood and beyond ~*
So encouraging it means alot.
Oh .. I haven't watched the vid, will thou, your are a
rare Gem that makes this place Golden.


Thanks Lynn for all of your nice comments. I really appreciate people like yourself who make Steemit a great place to share content and information. :)

nice!! its nice idea to promote
help and support to we new members upvote and us thanks
take care

Absolutely, I’m here to try and make the process of building on Steemit easier. Glad to help!

steeminvite sounds really cool. I think I will use it for my brother.

Perfect, yeah that will speed things up a lot for him.

Found you through your video on curation rewards! I really like your page, and I just followed. Thank you for helping out newbies like myself :)

You're very welcome. Thank you and welcome to Steemit!

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Hey Brandon great videos. Glad to see you on here. I am in Phoenix to so let me know if you ever want to collaborate. I've been on here since October 2017.

Thanks Steve, I appreciate it! And it's good to meet a fellow Arizonian here on Steemit. Gotta love this winter weather we're having :) I am looking to collaborate with some folks soon so I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for offering that!

I wasnt aware of steeminvite at all, thanks thats actually helpfull as my wife wants to join :)

Awesome, yeah this might be a way to speed up the process for her! :)

Am still trying to grow on Steemit.

Same here bro. Same here!

Hi @brandonfrye. I found you on your YouTube channel.
Thanks for giving back to the community.
Yes it's true it's been taking a lot longer than before to get on Steemit. One of my colleagues at work took about a week or so.
For me it was less than three days.

Thanks for sharing the tips.

Thanks for the comment @joooks. Hopefully these services will help people get on-boarded faster. I would also like to see some sort of way to incentivize people to bring on new members. I know it benefits us all when we do, but would be cool to earn some Steem Power for sharing a link to Steemit.

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