Steemit Security: How to Protect and Recover Your Account

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Steemit Account Security and Recovery

Preventive Measures:

  • Don’t keep a lot of SBD in your account
  • Use your Private Posting Key to log into your account
    • Active Key is used for transfers, power ups, etc.
    • Master Password is only needed for account changes
  • Keep your Master Password offline (cold storage) and keep it secure
    • Note that your keys are case-sensitive
  • Update your Master Password from time to time (recommended every 30 days)
  • NEVER share your Private Keys with anyone... Especially your Master Key!

Recovering Your Account:

  • Go to Stolen Account Recovery from the Main Menu
  • Supply most recent Master Password (used in the last 30 days), your username, and email
  • Without your keys you cannot recovery your account at all
  • If you have just your posting and active keys you can still recover your funds but not your original account
  • Account Recovery must be completed within the first 30 days of your account being compromised

Further reading on Account Security:

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Thank you for providing good information! Watching some of your videos on YouTube was what made me take the step and join Steemit.

Because you know I'm all about them keys...bout them trouble.

When you make over $70 for saying "Fuck Youtube". :)

When you say f you youtube.png


LOL, that is awesome my friend!! Welcome to the world of decentralized social media. :)

another priceless post!!!! learning so dang much over here!!!! thank you brandon!!!!!


Awesome glad this was helpful @rawutah!

Nice to see people trying to help out others, I always say that about the private key never show anyone it not even your mother. I hope nobody has to go through the part of account recovery. Thanks for sharing and caring.


I'm hoping I don't hear that this has happened to any of my followers. It sounds like a long process to recover your account. Good thing is there are measures we can take to prevent it. Glad this was helpful and thanks for the comments. :)


I hope so to, I never want to go through that and your welcome

Congrats to you for following your dreams no matter what! This platform is indeed a fantastic instrument to help you achieve your financial independence and other goals. Glad that you see Steem for what it is.


Absolutely, we've got something special here. :)


Thank you for providing good information!

"Keep your Master Password offline (cold storage)"

How about we keep it in our brain :)

Let's make memorization great again!!!


I'm definitely not opposed to that idea. However, I know that I personally couldn't remember such a random string of numbers and letters. But to those who can.. go for it. :)


Trust in yourself. Start by pairing them in 3's.

On Day 1 remember the first 3 letters/numbers.

Add another 3 each day. Try to visualize them in your mind and also write them down.

Eventually you'll make it to the end.

In fact go do it for the challenge. I dare you.

And if you succeed in this you'll feel really good.

I really appreciate your information, I'll keep in mind all the preventive measures. Thank-you


Excellent, glad to hear this was helpful for keeping your account secure. :)

You don't have to manually write it on paper. Printing it, maybe even including QR-Codes also does the job. Just don't leave it accessible for everyone in the house. I had someone break into my home once. They just took Money. They didn't steal any laptop or external HDD, nor any USB-Stick. But because USB-Sticks can easily get lost or stolen I'm not a friend of storing important data on it, at least not as the only place. I think it is better to store important data only in an encrypted container in several places, maybe even also in the cloud for you to be able to access it even if your house and all your technical equipment burns down.


Great points. I remembered after creating this video that I have an encrypted image storing service where I could easily take a snap shot of my keys and store them there. So there are a lot of options. I really like the idea of using QR codes too. Thanks for the tips!

When you're changing your master password every day, it helps to use something like Keepassx to create a random password string every time.


Thanks for the tip @daan. I had never heard of that service so I appreciate it!


it is a password program. It stores the passwords in an encrypted database file.

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Thanks for the knowledge !


You're welcome. I think this is something we can all probably take more steps to prevent.

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Thank you @brandonfrye for sharing a lot I did not know about security issues. Your content is very valuable indeed.
Kudos to you


I appreciate that @kuttlefishx... anything I can do to help everyone be more successful and stay secure for the long-term is what I aim for. :)

This post has received gratitude of 2.45 % from @appreciator thanks to: @brandonfrye.

great postgood job.


please checK my profile.

Great points man. Guilty too for not changing it. I did print out the master key and even laminate it....I know right!!!! Hardcore security ;)

But jokes aside, this is such an important post. Great info man and hopefully it helps people avoid some pain and heartache.


Now that is hardcore but not a bad idea. Baby proof, dog proof, beer-spilling proof, etc. LOL :)

I was confused what those keys were meant for before i came to your blog .


Glad that helped understand them and congrats again on winning the comment reward! :)

Thank you for this post. I am guiding some relatives of mine that I invited into Steemit and have always reminded them about account security. This post will further help remind them about account security.


Excellent, always best to be prepared for the worst. I hope that none of us have to deal with this issue but at least we'll be ready if something happens. :)

Valuable post for spreading awareness about the steemit account security. I really appreciate your effort to help others to keep their account safe.


I'm glad you took the time to read/watch it. I think it's something we should all be aware of.. just in case. :)

I saw this post from her and was terrified at first. Definitely looking at how to put this in practice as I hope for my hard earned position remains safe. Thanks for providing these links.

Thank you Brandon for the security tips.


You're welcome Lynn. I'm writing down all of my keys now as we speak. I hope more will do the same. :)

I saved my Master Key using Paper RAID 5:

  1. splitting the Key into 3 Parts
  2. Write 3 Papers: one with part I and II, one with part I and III and one with part II and III
  3. Store these papers at different, secure locations

It has two benefits compared to the normal cold storage:
-If somebody finds one of these papers he can't log into your account
-If one of the papers gets lost or destroyed your password is still save

thanks bro for info my bro loss it password .but i recommend to this trick...and i watch your all you tube and dtube video very good work for new steemer..keep it up and best of luck

Great post @brandonfrye.

First, I think every beginner Steemians should know about the different keys and their functions on the Steemit, So that they can use it on a proper way.

By the way, You've also explained about recovering account and that's great.

I appreciate you for helping steemians.

Every time i see your videos I learn something new and valuable. Thanks for sharing quality content .

Diggin' your tutorials brotha, glad I found your page. Cheers!

Great Stuff To Know!

Thank you for your Informations

you give us very useful informations,
thanks for all what you are doing for us :)

Thanks for this post. I never really knew why it was necessary to have all those different keys. Your post really helped explain it to me. Thanks again.

Very good informative posts as usual, I've used a few of your guides and they have been really helpful. Thank you.

Thanks wonderful information, and i don't even know about this, I have been trying to login to my account with my master key instead of my private key.. Thanks a lot for acknowledging me bradonfrye and am following you too!...