Top 3 Ways to Grab Your Followers' Attention ⚠️

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Top 3 Ways to Get Followers to Read Your Posts

1. Catchy Headlines/Titles
Learn to create irresistible headlines that your followers will not be able to passup. This is the single most important element of a great article and will assist your reader in deciding whether your post is worthy of clicking on to read more.

2. Use Attention-Catching Images
Be sure to use images that correlate with the subject matter of your article. Sites like Canva can assist you with creating professional thumbnails and graphics for your posts and articles. Pixabay is a great place to get royalty-free graphics to use in your images.

3. Engage With Your Following
The biggest mistake I see people make on Steemit is that they're not taking the time to engage with their following. It's as if they see Steemit as a secondary means of sharing their articles and videos. Don't post your content and run! If your following takes the time to comment on your posts then you should take the time to comment back.

If you're interested in more videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

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thanks. Most of it I already know. But canva is new to me. I'll have a look at it.


Cool. Yeah it’s a good tool for creating graphics. I’ve used it numerous times.

Can we add a 4th? - encourage the use of Steemify! That's how I found this post so fast . . .


Awesome! That's a great point. You did find it quick! 😁

Those were some key suggestion in making blog more creative,I personally used pixabay and Google images under reuse and modification tool in the past,and yes it gives an edge to the post to be attractive.


Absolutely. I really think the best way I've learned to create both catchy headlines and images is to follow other people (and news sources) to see how they're doing it. If they can get me to click through then they're doing something right. :)

Nice Great Information! Stuff Like This is A Good Example! lol

Can you tell me which key should we submit while login to agar game using steemconnect ?


Hey @abhicrypto, great question. You should be using your private posting key to log into any application that utilizes SteemConnect.

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Hi, I just started following you and I just listent to some of your videos. I must say they are really clear.
I will follow your advices in order to increase my followers.


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback @grendelorr. :)

Great point given the amount of inactive followers on the platform. I would also add the need to learn some edited skills for a more readable look. I’m still trying different things as I am still new to blogging in general but love to share my thoughts and get perspective from the community.


Great points, @newageinv. I created a markdown cheatsheet for people to use. This will help with editing your articles to look nice and organized if you want to check it out:


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You're starting to look like a whale but will you be a good whale 🤔


Lol well I hope so.


love your videos and keep them coming.

You explained every point in details which I loved the most . I have a suggestion for your next video please make a video on ginabot.i think it is very useful tool to engage with followers.


Interesting. It’s the first I’ve heard of it but I will definitely look it up and consider doing a review on it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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This is very true. I'd say the thing I have issues with is creating a good image that stands out. I'm getting better at it though! Practice makes perfect.


Yep.. practice, practice, practice! And what's interesting is.. images that used to work may become less effective over time. So we need to continually monitor how our headlines and graphics are working. I know mine will change a lot over the years.

Very good advice! :) I am planning to reach out to all my followers lil by lil so they know that I look out for them too and hopefully they will check my posts as well :)


That's a great plan. Feed them into Steemit over time and get them acquainted with the awesomeness we have going on here. :)


Yeah man! Little by little! :)

Thanks @brandonfrye for the great post.

I like your third point because most of the people perform the first two steps, but they don't follow the third step mean engage with your following and that is the bad habit because If users respect the quality contents with the comments and upvotes, then the Content creator should give value to the comments of the users by responding back that they receive.

The best part is that you give respect to your followers and I like your this habit. You deserve every comment and upvote that you get from all the users on the Steemit, Brandon.

best of luck.


Exactly, that's why it's my biggest pet peeve. We don't create posts and video just for our own amusement or simply for rewards. We should be doing them for our following. And the best way to find out what your following is wanting is to reach out to them and speak with them in the comments.

Thanks for your kind compliments. I strive to get back to as many people as possible. And those I miss throughout the week I usually get to in the Comment Catch-Up each week. I really appreciate you as well as everyone else who gives me great feedback and comments. Thank you!

Canva is an absolute life saver! Especially for our blogging, such a valuable resource.

The big thing you mentioned though man...Engagement.

I can't believe how simple that is to do, engaging with your audience yet so few do...What a wasted opportunity!

Great video and post man, more must read information for all Steemians!


Right, it's so simple but so many people still overlook it. Or they just think that "they have better things to do" I guess. It's sad because like you said they're really wasting an opportunity to connect with their following.

To me #3 is the easiest to do. There are some that have no interaction with people who comment and they are losing out on the best part of the Steem platform, the relationship building.

#1 is where I really struggle. Trying to come up with a title that attracts attention is just something that seems hard for me. Not sure why, but I guess it comes with practice.


Exactly, just like with writing a traditional blog you should be wanting to build a relationship with your readers. And it's so easy to do. And yes, creating headlines is something you'll get better with over time. Once I started understanding the importance of headlines then I began really paying attention to other headlines out there. By seeing how headlines affect me (or get me to click) I have learned how to create headlines and titles myself.

Thanks Brandon, #1 is key, if I think of how fast I scroll through posts, the headline is critical.


You're absolutely right. I think we all do this, too. In today's society (and in this Internet/Social Media era), it's become harder and harder to grab people's attention. So we have to do all we can do.

If anyone is looking for creative commons images for their posts, you can also check out @creative-commons

Amidst all the growth, I think the Steemit backlash has started. Many many new users coming here to make a buck and frustrated that their posts are not making much, and then start using bots and resteem services willy nilly and thus putting more "junk" into the "steemspace" as I call it. Also I've seen many blatant "upvote me and i'll upvote you comments", as well as upvoting their own worthless comments, etc. I would flag them but I really dont want to be in a police role; thats not why I joined and I'd rather create content with my time rather than policing. I still believe in Steemit for now, but unfortunately its a little shaky today.

Good general advice that holds true for content creation on pretty much any platform.
One thing that can be added is to encourage engagement by asking the reader a question or create a post that is somewhat controversial. I don't mean pure clickbait but by speaking your mind and being unique.

You got my attention through your unique contents .

There is always that fine line between catchy and flat out clickbait headlines though isn't there :) .

Your youtube video brought me here. It's so nice to learn a lot from you. Thank you for the informative articles.

When you're a star, they let you do it. Grab them by the attention.

Thank you @brandonfrye. Those are three really great points. I think with Feeds getting clogged up ( I know for me I Follow so many people), it is paramount to have a Title that really draws people in like a Magnet !

just upvote bunny.gif