- The Future of Steemit Stats?

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I've been nerding out for the last few days because I've found a new steem-based website that shows an incredible amount of relevant Steem account data in an incredibly user-friendly layout. Could this be a killer? Let's take a closer look at @steemchiller's brand new user interface for dissecting your Steem account data in today's video.

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wow indeed...i'm on there right now...and loving it!!!! game changer!!!! thank you once again brandon!!!!!

Sure thing.. I love this new site. It'll be my go-to for stats from now on.

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you! is the only analytic tool I use these days. Exactly, it's "an incredible amount of relevant Steem account data in an incredibly user-friendly layout".

The main advantage for me is that I don't need to register and I immediately see the most important information. For me it's STEEM Power (minnow or whale), reputation and details about voting.

To conclude my post - it's a perfect tool especially for newcomers because you won't lose your time learning something know when you need some quick information.

holy shit that is awsome

Absolutely, game-changer for me!

what an incredible tool!. I have just had a quick look around, and this will be my daily go to for everything. It is very responsive with little to no lag, very impressed and thanks for posting

You're welcome. When I was trying to compare it to steemd it took about 30-45 seconds for steemd to even come up. I'm glad we have options. :)

yes the lag is very noticeable on steemd

I've been using this since it was first launched.

Nice info ... this can be really useful for people with many followers ... for small channels like mine , it may be too much (for now)

It should not be the case @rfjardim. I am a little over 200days old here on the platform but I found it helpful in tracking my posts, comments and followers.

i just have one question and sorry i am asking you on this post which has nothing to do with this post but i am not sure how to ask you, why some of my posts are grayed out not sure if i did something wrong or what but i am new to this platform dont want to make too many mistakes wanted to know if you can help thanks in advance.why.png

When you visit or view a post, afterwards it will be shown to you as greyed-out which gives an indication that you have visited this post before. You have done nothing wrong. Don't panic my friend.... :))

I love stats so I will love this page.

I liked steemworld interface . So easy to understand . They have compiled everything on a single place . It is very helpful for newbies to understand how steemit works .

Absolutely I agree 100%

Wow, that's quite a comprehensive analytics tool. It's probably something I would use once I gained a little more (OK, a lot more) Steem power.

its is great tool to calculate amount and game changer ..thank u brandonfrye... regularly post this type we improve our ranking

You’re welcome @jooley! :)

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